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First Day of Summer Part I
by Nelson Branco

July 12th, a day that I won't soon forget. The day was warm, the breeze gentle, and the sky cloudless; but it was what was going on indoors that I had myself immersed in. My girlfriend had just finished summer-school that day and called me to come over to her best friend's place where she was at. Having nothing better to do I put down Nancy Friday's latest masterpiece and with impure thoughts running through my mind, I got in the car and drove off to the greatest experience in my life.

Me and my girlfriend had been together for only about two months at this time. She wasn't too bright, hence the summer-school, but she was good-looking and, more importantly, she was genuinely crazy about me. I, on the other hand, was eighteen, going into university. I considered myself relatively bright although I have been told otherwise (that one's for you Dad, you cunt). At the time I honestly believed that I loved Amanda, it wasn't until after we broke up a year later that I realized that what I really had loved about her was her worshipping me. Unfortunately, this puppy love had a tendency to wander when her beloved boyfriend was busy studying for his university exams.

Amanda's friend, Julie, was also good looking and had attracted my attention the many times I met her. Amanda's body was tanned and kind of slender with really long legs and beautiful feet. Her face was flawless and looked like Katie Holmes. She also had pretty hazel eyes. Julie, on the other hand, had a more voluptuous figure which I was, and still am, crazy about. Her ass and tits were both the kind that were noticeable under any type of clothing and since this was the middle of summer I suspected that much of her layers should have been peeled off. Julie's last name was Moriarity so she was of Irish ancestry and it showed in her looks. Her skin was as pale as ivory but her hair color was jet black. This contrast in colors made her look only more beautiful, especially since her brilliant grey eyes only accentuated the look.

I was feeling incredibly randy that day and I desperately wanted to get some action. Amanda was an avowed virgin, the "saving it for marriage" type. She took if for granted that we were going to be married someday so sex could wait. I, however, was hurting badly for some action, the internet can only do so much. My plan for the afternoon was to seduce the girls into having a little party among us. With Julie's family gone on a fishing trip or something we would have the whole house to ourselves for the whole day. Using my knowledge of pornography plots I first went to the mall to purchase a few vitals: two four-packs of Mike's Hard Lemonade for the girls, a six pack of beer for myself, the not so innocent game of Twister, and some baby oil (all purchases were made at different stores to minimize possible embarrassment). With these tools of persuasion and titillation I set off on my merry way to Julie's house.

I arrived at Julie's place and knocked on the front-door to have the door opened by a knockout in itself. Julie answered the door wearing a pair of torn denim shorts which were short enough to accentuate her creamy thighs. She was also wearing a halter top, the kind that stopped just short of the navel, her voluminous breasts were struggling to break free at the top. With luck, skill, and a compassionate God I would succeed in freeing them. There was an uncomfortable silence which I broke by lamely saying "hey" which she returned. She then called Amanda who ran up and gave me a hug and a kiss, closed mouth unfortunately. She was also wearing short shorts but she was wearing a T-shirt that looked several sizes too small for her. Yes, I was in heaven but my goal was to turn this place into an smut-filled inferno.

"So what have you girls been doing here?" (I bit my tongue hard before I could say something stupid like "Kissing?" No need to freak them out in advance).

"We were just talking about school and what we were going to do during the summer. I told Julie that my summer plans were going to involve spending a lot of time with you." I had to smile at that one. She still had that air of being nothing more than a Nathan groupie but I knew I still wouldn't be getting any action during the summer, such were the ways of teenage love, lust, and infatuation.

"Are you planning to come in or are you going to stand in the doorway all day?" asked Julie with a sarcastic tone. This was the turning point, I could turn back now and have a more or less regular evening watching a video with my girlfriend and her friend or I could try to direct my own porno movie. I chose the latter.

"Well the thing is I parked my car out back and I have a few things in it that would help celebrate your guys' finishing of summer-school in a proper fashion. However, the items in question would best be transported under the cover of your back yard and for that I need the back door open."

"What are you talking about? What kind of items are they?" Amanda asked cautiously.

"I believe they are known as beer and liquor, the infamous agents of social lubrication. Now do you want them or not?" After I got the affirmative I quickly walked out the door so they wouldn't see either my now full erection or my rippling flesh in the +25 Celsius weather. I grabbed the booze in the one bag and put the Twister game and baby oil in my back-pack. I scooted back inside and put the booze on the table but left my back-pack by the door, hoping it wouldn't get noticed.

"What's in your knap-sack, and why are you trying to hide it? asked Julie with a saucy grin on her face.

"Nothing, just some homework I plan to do later. Now let's all get drunk. I'll have the beer for myself and you ladies will be introduced to the world of alcohol through Mike's Hard Lemonade, a good beginner's drink."

"Sorry to disappoint you bud by I've already had beer." I didn't know if Julie was lying or not but beer or no beer Mike's never failed in knocking me into a stupor and I was in liver transplant territory.

Julie put on some music, it was one of those shitty boy groups, 5ive or N'Sync or something, I vowed to get Funkdoobiest on later. Anyways, Amanda was more than a little apprehensive but rather than chickening out she opened her bottle. God bless peer pressure. I, meanwhile, was pretending to watch the TV and flipping through the channels randomly. I was trying to control the butterflies fluttering in my stomach but the anticipation in me was excruciating. The tension was palatable, and every minute seemed like an hour. Luckily it didn't take either of them long to get drunk. Not knowing the art of moderation they plowed through their first bottle in a matter of ten minutes and immediately started on their second, I kept pace can-wise with my beer. After about a half-hour of us drinking and the girls getting progressively more drunk and silly I decided to go for broke.

"God, television is so boring. There's got to be something more exciting than TV to do around here. What do you girls do together besides staring at the box?"

"Well, mostly just talking and listening to music." replied Amanda, who was by now totally shit-faced and leaning on me for support, "Are you supposed to feel this dizzy?"

"Yeah, it's a normal side-effect, so what do you talk about?"

"Boys mostly," Amanda began giggling madly, "Do you want to talk about boys with us?"

"Not really. When I think of girls by themselves I get the picture of them playing truth or dare. You ladies want to try that?" The girls' eyes glinted with a newfound excitement and they sat up and came to as full an attention as their drunkenness would allow them.

"Yeah, that sounds like fun, as long as it doesn't get crazy. I don't want my parents to find the house trashed." Julie cautioned. I had no idea what she was talking about, what the hell do she and her friends do during truth or dare?

"That shouldn't be a problem. Hostess gets to go first as a courtesy. Pick truth or dare" Julie chose truth and so, trying to be cautious, I asked her if she ever kissed a boy.

She responded affirmatively though she qualified that the last time this happened was in junior high. I could see on her face an expression of intense longing. She then raised her eyes to mine and they locked together for what seemed to me to be an eternity though it must have been only for a few seconds.

Amanda went next and Julie got to ask the question. Amanda picked truth and then Julie kicked things wide open by asking her if she ever went down on me. Instead of merely blushing or gasping Amanda and Julie broke out in hysterical laughter. Once she regained her composure, Amanda answered in the negative, which was, unfortunately, the truth. However, after responding Amanda gave me a lustful gaze and then started flicking her tongue in my direction. A hastily constructed tent was built in my crotch which both girls noticed, pointed and laughed at, though neither of them would take their eyes off it.

It was my turn next and Amanda got to ask me the question. I chose truth but she then stated loudly that I had to pick dare, since those "were the rules." Not wanting to spoil the momentum that had already been built up and eager to see them continue to drink I agreed, already knowing in advance what Amanda would ask me.

"You have to show us your dick," Wild laughter erupted from the two girls, they didn't really think I would go through with it but at the same time they wouldn't take their eyes off me. With a superior smile I stood up, undid my belt, unzipped my jeans and pushed them and my boxers down at the same time. The girls' laughter immediately stopped and there was an audible intake of air as they gasped. They stared at it raptly, never having seen a live one most likely. I now knew that the stakes had been raised successfully and there would be no going back for any of us. I quickly pulled up my boxers and jeans and sat back down with my face fully flushed from embarrassment. The girls were now grinning and giggling and they now had a high blush on their cheeks but from excitement not embarrassment. I was relishing the opportunity to ask my question for Julie. If she asked for truth I would pop the "ever kiss another girl" question, if she chose dare my plan would, hopefully, go into full effect.

"Truth or Dare and nothing in-between." I asked. Julie with a wicked gleam in her eyes responded with a dare and my heart skipped a beat.

"I dare you, me and Amanda to play spin the bottle right now." I was sweating profusely and I stopped breathing waiting for her response. I didn't have a clue on what to do if she refused and so I waited breathlessly.

"I accept, if you and Amanda accept."

"Well... I guess I'm in." I chuckled.

"I'm in too." Amanda responded and once again I thanked God for peer pressure although by now I think peer pressure and drunkenness were running neck and neck as the leading persuasive factor.

I couldn't believe it. I only half-believed my plan would get this far and that accounts for my natural tendency to be optimistic. We gathered in a semi-circle and Julie would again start the game. I said that there would only be one rule: kisses must be of the French or open mouth variety, neither girl said anything and so, in near ecstasy, I brought an empty bottle into the center. Julie spun the bottle and it eventually settled in my general direction. This was the best possible beginning for not only would the game start out normally (i.e. boy-girl) and slowly, but I would get to tongue-kiss and probably fondly the breasts of the girl I wanted to for so long. We looked at each other and the room was silent, I glanced at Amanda but she was looking between us not in anger but in mutual anticipation. I leaned towards Julie and she gave a nervous titter, I thought she might pull back and everything would be lost but she kept coming. Our lips met, awkwardly at first, but then our mouths opened and I pressed my lips hard against hers and darted my tongue in her mouth at the same time I grabbed her ass and pressed her body tight against mine, squishing her big tits against my chest. I played cat and mouse with our tongues and pressed my lips even harder against hers, moving our mouths slowly. At the same time I moved my right hand from the back of Julie's head to between our bodies and I began to rub her crotch area rhythmically. With this added feature she began to moan loudly and I began to quicken the pace of the rubbing, by now her crotch was beginning to soak with her juices. She began to move her hips rhythmically against my hand while still Frenching me. I moved my left hand from her ass to her right tit and began to squeeze and caress it, Julie began to moan louder now and her hands were now gripping my ass but good. I spared a quick glance at Amanda to see if she was pissed off which she wasn't, instead she had a hand between her legs and was moving it up and down while staring intently at us.

With Julie out of control bucking against my hand I pulled away, thinking of the larger plan and hurting big time from painfully big-time erection which had twisted sideways in my crotch.

"That was fucking amazing. I can't believe how horny you were, or I was, for that matter." I confessed.

"That was the best kiss ever for me, ever. Oh God that was incredible. I feel like I'm going to explode."

"How come you never kiss me like that?" asked Amanda who looked genuinely angry but still titillated at the same time.

"Because I thought you were a puritan but if you want it hard-core, I'd be more than willing to reciprocate. Anyways are we having fun yet or what?"

Amanda responded by attacking my mouth with hers and wrapping her arms tightly around me. Obliging her libido, I nevertheless felt more than a little annoyed, after all this was delaying my plan, I could kiss her any time I wanted to. For Amanda, I pushed the envelope even further, pressed up against her, I switched from kissing her to necking her which, I assume, she approved of since she moaned emphatically. Feeling particularly courageous, I began to unzip her jeans with my right hand and then I plunged it into her moistness. Not being really knowledgeable of female anatomy, I just let my hand wander around in there until Amanda's moans became cries of ecstasy. She ground her pussy against my hand and climaxed within two minutes of this teasing. I pulled my now soaking hand out and Amanda collapsed forwards. I looked over at Julie and saw that she had one hand down her pants and the other one fondling a still fully clothed breast. It occurred to me then that if I wanted to I could fuck both of them that day but, discretion being the better part of valour, I decided against it. The last thing I wanted was to be hunted down by two homicidal fathers and become the father of two separate children.

After a period of recuperation I reminded a now distracted Amanda that it was her turn to spin the bottle. She distractedly spun it and low and behold it ended its revolutions squarely on Julie. Time stood still, no one breathed, no one moved. I was about to shoot my load right there in my pants if I wasn't careful, this was my dream come true and the anticipation was heaven and hell rolled into one. Amanda and Julie made eye contact briefly, looked away, then looked back at each other and then away again. The thick tension was cut by Amanda who managed to throw up a weak resistance before she would give in fully.

"I guess I better spin again, this one's void."

"Whoa there. Rules are rules and the only rule made was that only French kissing was allowed, there's nothing there about only kissing members of the opposite sex that would be pretty much pointless in a three-way spin the bottle. I bent the rules for you by kissing you out of turn so you owe me this much. And anyway what's the difference between you kissing me and you kissing Julie our mouths are both shaped the same way. Besides girls are supposed to better kissers than guys. Now let's put aside our puritan inhibitions and get to the kissing, remember it has to be open-mouthed too."

The two girls looked at each other hesitantly and then Amanda began to shuffle towards Julie, slowly but surely. Amanda was extremely anxious as could be noticed on her face while Julie too looked nervous but at the same time seemed excited. Finally, they met face to face and closing their eyes, kissed. At first their lips were closed but then their lips spread open and the characteristic smacking and sucking noises of French kisses began. Amanda lost whatever hesitancy she had and actively began to dominate the kissing only to have Julie take over the dominant role soon after. They had kept their bodies at a distance from each other but then they encircled their arms around each other and drew themselves together. Julie moved her hands from the small of Amanda's back to her buttocks and began to imitate what I had done earlier on her. The two girls became reckless in abandon and they fell to the ground in a heap. Their kissing became almost violent with lip biting and sucking taking place. The two girls soon began to moan and cry out in ecstasy. They rose back up from the ground and Julie, with eager anticipation, shoved her hand down into Amanda's crotch, which was still easily accessible as Amanda had not zipped her jeans back up. Amanda, for her part, began to caress Julie's gargantuan titties and then slipped her hand underneath Julie's halter top to fondle Julie's tits in earnest. She then, with her other hand, opened up Julie's shorts and then pulled them and the panties down, leaving Julie's pussy in full view. She then began to rub her friend's pussy and clit frantically. Within five minutes of this overheated exchange beginning the two friends collapsed on the ground exhausted and in ecstasy.

This time I was the one who had his hand down his pants and this time Mount Vesuvius did erupt, luckily I brought another pair of boxers with me in my backpack.

Being the forward-thinking guy I am, I raced to the back door and retrieved my back-pack with the Twister game and baby oil inside it. The foundation was set, now it was time to build the home and bring it all there
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