The Best Erotic Stories.

First Day of Summer Part III
by Nelson Branco

Despite the fact that she won the strip blackjack match, Amanda needed no persuasion in removing her panties and becoming naked like the rest of us. Grabbing the baby oil, I poured it onto Julie's prone body.

"Alright Amanda, here's what you have to do. You have to go on top of Julie and rub as much of the oil onto yourself without using your hands. Best of luck to the both of you and don't try to cheat as I'll be watching."

The formerly shy Amanda casually sauntered over To Julie and promptly laid herself onto Julie. The two girls began to writhe madly, tossing and turning as the oil between to slicken their motions. It wasn't long before they began to French kiss again and once again their love cries began to permeate the room. Breaking from the kissing, Amanda began to suck Julie's tits, lapping up some baby oil in the process, though this did not slow her down in the slightest. Julie, crying out with pleasure, wrapped her legs around Amanda's body and began to feel out Amanda's tits. Julie then turned over and gained the top position and immediately went down on Amanda and began to eat Amanda out. Amanda, totally surprised, writhed with pleasure and ecstasy as Julie ate her pussy out and sucked on her clit. Amanda climaxed within five minutes and the two began kissing furiously once more.

I broke up the passionate kissing by proposing that the two oily girls grind their cunts against each other to see who had the greater sexual staying power. Without hesitation the two girls aligned themselves and began to grind their mounds together.

They were sitting up and needing leverage, wrapped their arms around each other. As they ground away they soon began to start kissing each other again and they rubbed their tits against each others' as well, with Julie's tits engulfing Amanda's smaller but perkier ones. This hot girl on girl sex lasted a full ten minutes before Amanda began to shake uncontrollably as she experienced yet another orgasm. Julie collapsed on Amanda and the two girls were utterly exhausted from all the sex play they had performed on each other.

Another one of my erotic fantasies had been fulfilled right before my eyes. As I devoured the sight with my eyes I became dimly aware that I could only feel a tingling sensation in my legs. It took a menage a trois experience to drive home the point that I was an out of shape slob. I mean I didn't even go whole hog with the girls and my jimmy already was asking for a breather. Feeling that I needed intervention, I pleaded with God that if He let me live through this I would forever more live the life of a celibate priest.

The sad part of it is I kept my end of the bargain for four years.

I was by now feeling a little left out of the action and so I proposed a game of Twister. This time the girls were adamant about taking a breather but it wasn't long before Julie and me were fooling around and soon enough we began to sixty-nine each other. The feeling was exquisite as I received a dick-servicing from the heavenly mouth of Julie while at the same time letting my tongue venture across the many folds of her pussy. Amazingly enough we orgasmed at nearly the same. This time it was I who demanded a break.
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