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First Day of Summer Part IV
by Nelson Branco

I saw that time was getting short, we had a little over three hours left before Julie's parents arrived and we still had to try out the Twister game. In addition to Twister there was the condition of the living room. It was a mess and not just because of the raunchy nature of our activities, food and beer had both been spilled or dropped everywhere. I wanted to leave at least forty-five minutes for cleaning up the house. In the back of my mind I kept seeing a familiar sitcom scenario where the parents would arrive at the house two hours earlier than they were supposed to. The difference between the sitcom version and what would really happen was that Julie's parents would find her daughter doing more than just drinking alcohol.

Surprisingly enough, the girls' enthusiasm for my various schemes remained unwavering. Their eyes still glittered with mischievous anticipation. I quickly unfurled the Twister pad, and only having a superficial understanding of how to play the game, was forced to waste precious minutes reading the instructions. The girls, meanwhile lost their focus and started commenting on how slutty Brittney Spears was.

"Okay, I guess everything's ready. Host goes first as is usual but first, girls may I recommend you re-apply some hot oil to your delectable bodies and after we finish with Twister we'll head to the shower. Afterwards we'll clean up this mess." As we lost more time my tone of voice became more and more business-like which nearly threatened the casual atmosphere I had worked so hard to build up.

The girls, I assume to conserve more time, just poured some oil on each of their bodies before Julie went on top Amanda and began to rub the oil over both of their bodies. I couldn't help but forget about the Twister game, for the time being, to appreciate the scene and get in touch with my personal growth once again. Julie, hearing the beat of the beating of my meat smiled saucily and made things even more interesting for me.

"Hey Nate would you like me to rub some oil on you for the game?"

I was thinking of asking to be placed between a Julie-Amanda sandwich before I realized that 180 lbs. of me would not be overly comfortable sprawled on top of a girl of 120 lbs. "Well, sure, but only if you want to."

"Oh, I want to."

If God decided to end my life now with everything that has happened before I still would be upset, the look on Julie's face alone was enough for make me crazy with anticipation. I reiterated my plea to God to let me live through this amazing experience.

Taking his silence for an affirmation I plodded ahead.

Julie, having poured more oil onto her lovely torso and tits, slowly crawled towards me on her hands and knees. I laid prostate on my back nervously counting the ceiling tiles while my penis was doing its best to float up to the ceiling. Slowly and teasingly Julie arrived at my feet and instead of proceeding further, stopped and began to suck one of my big toes. Not an easy task as anyone who has seen my feet will tell you, many a day I have cursed the hair on my toes. I couldn't help but croon with pleasure as Julie began to suck and lick my toes and make the mandatory slurping sounds that came along with it. After dwelling on my digits she proceeding to the part of my body with the larger numbers. She at first teased my member with small kisses before beginning to lick and punish the tip. When I began to scream for her to get it over with she finally engulfed the head and started the rhythmic bobbing motion that all men enjoy enormously no matter what ear they wear their earring on.

Spending my load in another pitifully small amount of time I had the unnerving sensation of my penis retreating back into my pubic cavity, completely spent. Moving up my torso, Julie began to squirm her body all over mine. I couldn't get enough of the feeling of her giant puppies roaming around my chest.

As Julie's head began to creep up towards my (actual) head I was presented with a serious quandary: She was going to try to kiss me with her mouth full of my cum. Feeling that being exposed to my own seed was tantamount to cannibalism, and more importantly, would make me a homo, I lowered myself to Julie's pussy, which was by now soaked with oil and her own juices, and began to eat her out. Julie's soft thighs spread themselves to facilitate my efforts and it wasn't long before she was crying out in ecstasy and squirting yet more fluid in my face and in my eyes.

Breaking off the contact, Julie and I decided to hurry with the Twister game. Amanda had been watching us and masturbating the whole time and so was still primed to play the game. I spun the spinner and Julie set a foot on the wrong spot, I didn't bother to correct her, thinking that this would be the general pattern of the game. I wasn't mistaken, within five minutes Amanda, losing her balance fell, despite the fact that her position consisted of her standing on her two legs. Julie laughing uncontrollably, jumped on my back and took me down easily enough. We proceeded to roll around each other but soon enough I was making out with Amanda while Julie sucked on her pussy. As enjoyable as this was, and it was sublime, I noticed that we only had two hours left before Julie's parents showed up. I got the girls attention and leaving Twister behind, we headed to the bathroom for that promised group shower.
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