The Best Erotic Stories.

First Day of Summer Part V
by Nelson Branco

Julie's bathroom was huge by most standards but the shower was rather plain, however, just the typical bath tub with curtain. Julie grabbed us some towels and started the water going before jumping in. Amanda and I immediately followed suit. The water was warm, and being nearest to the shower-head, I enjoyed it as much as possible before enjoying the girls for one final time.

I grabbed the soap and began to trace circles around Amanda's tits, slowly spiralling in towards her nipple. Amanda moaned with pleasure and anticipation while at the same time stroking my dick. This went on for about a couple of minute before we both turned our attentions to Julie who was actually using the bath to wash herself. I never could get enough of her big tits so I immediately started to suck on one of them while soaping up her cunt. Amanda, squeezed out for the moment, contented herself with soaping up her own tits. Julie replied to my tongue lashing by pulling me up and attacking my mouth with her tongue. Breaking off the kiss, I knelt down and teasingly began to lick around Julie's slit before plunging my tongue in her vaginal hole. Julie screamed with ecstasy as I probed her treasures. Unfortunately for me, the tongue lashing was yielding a lot of wet hairs on my tongue. The hairs did, however, give me an idea for a finale to this adventure.

Bringing Julie to a semi-orgasm, the girls were by now tiring out and I was simply exhausted, we simply proceeded to wash ourselves clean and call it a wrap. Before finishing up I asked the girls if they would put on one final show for me. They agreed readily enough, provided that this would the final act of the evening. Julie knelt down in front of Amanda and, without warning, furiously attacked Amanda's pussy. It was a beautiful thing to watch. Amanda was forced to lean back against the wall for support as she opened her legs wider for Julie. Julie, meanwhile was rapidly darting her tongue in and out of Amanda's slit. To change things up a little, Julie pulled at Amanda's labia with her lips while using her fingers to pull at Amanda's swollen clit. Amanda did not survive this onslaught for very long and within minutes let out a cry of ecstatic pleasure and nearly collapsed on Julie.

After the girls had washed up and left the shower to towel off, I asked Julie where the razors were kept. Thinking I wanted to shave, she handed me one.

"Have you girls ever, you know, shaved down there?"

"Well yeah. We have to shave our bikini zone whenever we go to the pool." It was obvious that Amanda hadn't yet grasped what I was getting at, but that was to be expected. The look in Julie's eyes, one of mischief, indicated that she understood where I was going with this.

"I understand that Amanda, but have you ever shaved it off completely?"

"No. Why would I? It's not like you shave off your pubic hair either."

"Well I'm not looking forward to becoming an eunuch. But do you know that there are certain advantages to shaving off your pubic hair? It prevents you from catching VD's not that that applies to you right now, I hope. It also makes burn more calories as you walk and it should feel and look better under any type of clothing." The girls laughed at that one but, more importantly they agreed to another one of my wacky schemes. This time Amanda took the lead, with Julie the more hesitant one.

I shaved Amanda first, carefully avoiding the many folds and lips of her pussy. After finishing up the job on her I slapped on some after-shave on her hairless mound and laughed out loud as she nearly shrieked with pain. I'm a bastard, I know. Turning next to Julie next I had to snip at her curlier hairs with scissors first before I could shave off the whole thing. We all then admired the handiwork in the mirror and I must say if I wasn't so tired I would've proposed another group shower. Neither of the girls cared much for their do's, since it made them look pre-pubescent or so they claimed. I would find out much later that both girls had decided to keep their pussies beardless since their respective boyfriends liked the way it looked.

After the shower and shave we all took a final break. It was then that I realized how badly messed up the living room really was. The room stank of liquor and bodily fluids, of which much had permeated the carpet. We tiredly but quickly cleaned and sprayed the room. Julie and Amanda did the best the they could brushing their teeth so as to remove the stench of liquor and other, less sinister fluids from their mouths. I had achieved all that I had wanted to achieve and then some. So with a little less than an hour left before Julie's parents would arrive I left in the car with Amanda. I took the Twister board, pack of cards, and all the bottles of booze, full and empty, with me. The board and cards would find a place in my personal drawer of fame as well as a special place in my heart, the erogenous zone, presumably. It was the liquor, however, which truly deserved the MVP award.


As I believe I have said before that July day was the greatest day of my life. I am now a bitter disillusioned twenty-two year old who has now had to settle for a girlfriend who has no pretensions about saving it for marriage, that is unless little Jimmy was actually a virgin birth. can be made to disappear. Well it could be worse, at least Jimmy's dad is almost regular with the child-support payments. Anyways, after that day I of course saw a lot of Amanda throughout the summer but everything else changed. Julie apparently thought of me as scum when I saw her a week later and instead of saying hi, asked if she wanted to go back to my place for another game of Twister. Apparently both Amanda and Julie felt "a little weird" about what happened that day and refused to do anything like that again.

They even stopped talking to each other, though this was termed a mutual breakup. Julie got a boyfriend like two weeks later anyways, which I guess is what she had wanted the whole time. Me and Amanda, meanwhile, had reverted to our near puritan relationship. I remember considering it an achievement if we would French-kiss. She was adamant about keeping her clothes on at all times when around me.

After I left for university our relationship went to shit. Luckily for me getting some isn't a problem anymore. All I have to do is get Cindy drunk (funny how alcohol is the one common denominator in my sex-life) and tell her that I love her more than "life itself." Of course, paying her tuition and Jimmy's food and diaper bills helps out too. Oh well, at least I'll always have that July 12th day in 1995. Still, I hate myself for not bringing along a camcorder.
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