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First Encounter: Part II
by caramel girl

Your body falls next to me on the bed and you watch as I raise one of my full, dark brown nippled breasts towards my mouth and tease my nipple with my own tongue. I squeeze them and rub my fingers into the cum puddle you left on my belly. Raising my fingers to my mouth, I look at you with my big brown eyes as I suck your cum from my fingers. You gaze at me with wonder as I put on a show for you, gyrating my hips off the bed as I play with my tits and rub my hands all over my body. I sink two fingers into my cunt and moan. You can hear how wet I am, the juices making smacking and suction sounds. Your cock is regaining its power and starts to twitch as it rises slowly but surely from your crotch.

I raise myself up from the bed and hover over your face and descend slowly until my pussy lips are touching your lips of your mouth. Your tongue flicks at my clit briefly, but you want more. Your hands grab my round ass firmly and press my pussy against your mouth until your tongue digs deeply inside my soft inner muscles. Juices flow like gentle rivers around your tongue and ooze from my tight opening spreading glistening rivulets over your chin. I grind against your mouth slowly, my brown body stretching backward, arched gracefully as I fuck your thick tongue. I feel your gravelly taste buds rubbing roughly against my pussy walls and groan loudly, body shuddering spasmodically.

"Ohh...Ohhh...Oooooooohhhhhhhhhh." My cum rushes down over your chin and mouth and you drink in deeply the tangy sweetness of my fluids.

As my orgasm subsides, you pull me down to your hard , white cock. The purple head of cock prods back and forth until I guide it to the hot cavern it longs for. I feel my tight slit strain to spread over the tip of your rod and let my juices run down on it.

"Will you fit inside me?" I ask you, feeling the resistance of my cunt .

"I'll make it fit baby," you growl, "have a seat".

With that, your hands, full with my ass cheeks, pull me down forcefully on your cock . You groan as you feel my cunt clench your staff. My head flies back and I moan softly as I throw caution to the wind and push my body down hard onto the entire length of your dick, filling my pussy to the root.

"Yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh," you grumble, holding my ass tightly to prevent me from moving any further. Your prick is so deep inside me that I can feel the tip rubbing against my tender cervix.

"Ride me, baby," you whisper in a strained but firm voice.

Gathering my senses, I grab my firm tits in my hands and mold them, and begin to ride you, not letting a single inch of your cock out of me, but gyrating my hips and pulsing the muscles of my cunt on it, massaging your dick. I can feel every vein in your cock and the tip of your dick continues to tease my cervix, causing me to clasp your cock even tighter inside my cunt. Your eyes widen, watching me fuck you, watching me squeeze my large breasts, feeling my tight black cunt contract and brace your thick, white cock.


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