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First Encounter
by Rimmer

It is cool sunny day, a breeze is blowing through the tree's and the sun shines down onto the back of your neck and your almost naked shoulders. You look down at your watch and you realise that it is only a minutes since your last looked.

You look up, and look down the street at you see a tall figure walking down the road. The figure is wearing a long flowing dark trench coat and small sunglasses. You don't think anything of it, and look at your watch again.

A small shadow is suddenly cast over yourself and you look up but all you can see is a silhouette of the figure against the bright sunlight.

'Hi! Sorry I'm late but the coach was late.' He then removes his sunglasses and replaces them with a pair of normal specs.

You look slightly shocked 'Matt! Is that you?'

I nod and I pull you to your feet.

You smile and your face lights up. I hold your hand and then we suddenly find ourselves hugging each other. 'You seem pleased to see me!' I say and you just hug tighter. Your grip suddenly loosens and then I take a step back but I still keep hold of your hands. I look at your face and into your deep eyes and I smile.

'You look stunning by the way.' As I look up and down your body seeing you in a pair of tight jeans with and a tight black strappy top.

You blush and look at your feet, 'Thanks Matt. You don't look so bad yourself.' As you look at my figure also wearing a pair of tight fitting jeans and a loose fitting white T-shirt.

'Thanks baby. Come on lets go and have a drink and get to know each other a little better.' You nod and we walk down the street to a small café. As we walk down the stet we take hold of each others hand and give each other a little squeeze.

After about half and hours and two cups of coffee you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom and as you walk away it seems as if you are teasing me with having your beautiful body poured into those tight fitting jeans.

A couple of minutes late you return, but there is something different, before I could make out the outline of your bar through your top, but now I can see your hard nipples through your top.

'Matt shall we go back to my place and relax there? I'll make us something to eat and we can chat more.'

'Sure! Let's go.'

We lave the café and walk back to your place, we get into your place and I remove my coat and sit on the sofa while you go off into the bedroom to put on something more comfortable. A couple of minutes later you return wearing a pair of cut-off jeans and a white shirt ties around your midriff. You walk over to me and sit at the other end of the sofa and you lay your legs across the sofa placing them on my own legs. I look over at you and smile as I start to run my hands over your soft legs.

'That feel nice! Perhaps you can use those soft hands over the rest of my body later!'

There is a small devious little smile from your mouth as you look over your shoulder as you get up to get us both a drink. You return soon with two glasses of lemonade and you sit down again a place your legs on me again. 'Rub them again please that felt so good last time. I had to get a drink I was starting to get really hot!'

I reach over and take my glass from your hand and as I do I notice that your shirt is very loosely tied up and I can see you firm breasts. As I sit back I can see your hard nipples through the material again, but this time not just the outline is visible but the whole of your nipples through the thin material.

'I see what you mean by you are really hot!' I nod my head towards your chest.

You blush and try to move the shirt to hide your hard nipples.

'Please baby, don't worry about it. You are so sexy that I like it.'

A smile spreads across your face and you put down your glass and then take mine from my hand and then place them next to the sofa and you move closer to me.

'I have been waiting to see you for so long and when I finally met you I could feel my body saying that it want's you. I have to agree with my body because from that first moment I found out that the figure in the sunlight was you I wanted to bring you back here and slowly strip you down.'

'Oh god baby! You are so beautiful.' I move over and softly kiss your lips. I kiss them again and again and then we become locking in a deep passionate kiss. You move close to me and soon you are sitting on my lap and you are untying you shirt revealing your large, firm breasts. I look into your eyes and I kiss you again and then I slowly kiss your down your neck and down to your hard nipples. I slowly flick my tongue across them as you sit there stroking my head.

I raise my head up and you stand up help me to my feat and then you remove my top and then you lead me to the bedroom. Just as we get in the door you turn and them we lock in another passionate kiss, I move my hands from your waist to your bottom and then I pick you up and you wrap your legs around me as we continue kissing. I slowly start to walk over to the bed I slowly put you down and as I do you pull me onto the bed with you. We both lay there in a heap laughing and then the laughter slowly dies down and we just lay there looking at each other.

You then reach over and you start to stroke you hand across my side. Then a sly grin appears and you move your hand down to the front of my jeans and you look at me and say; 'Well looks like our playing has had a good effect on you!'

'Have a good feel and you'll find out just what sort of effect.'

You hand moves slightly up and then you start to open my jeans. You open the jeans wide and you move your hand inside; 'Mmmmmmm' is all I can hear as I shut my eyes and enjoy the feeling of your warm hands on my hard cock.

'Oh baby that feels so good!' You move onto your knees and you pull my hard cock from my jeans and another sound of 'Mmmmmm' escapes from your lips.

'Hey no fair. Lets see how worked up you are.' I move my hand down and start to slowly rub it between your legs.

'No not like that baby! Like this.' You undo the button on your cut-offs and then you slide them off. You are now sitting there in a small black thong making my cock even harder.

'That's much better now!' I say as I move my hand down to the small piece of cloth that covers your smooth cunt. I ease the piece aside and then I slide my fingers between your lips and start to stroke your clit. Your back suddenly arches as the effect of my stroking start to take effect.

'Push your fingers inside me! I want to finger me now!'

I push two fingers inside you and start to slowly move them in and out; 'Faster baby?'

You dumbly nod as I increase the speed of my fingers pumping in and out of your wet pussy.

'Stop please baby, I want the first time that I cum for you to be from your cock inside me!'

I stand up and take off my remaining pieces of clothing and before I know it you are sucking on my hard cock taking it deep into your mouth.

'Matt screw me now! I want you to make me cum with your hard cock!'

You move up the bed and as you do you remove your thong and then you lay back and spread your legs and your pussy lips for me. I edge my way up the bed and I move my head down and give your cunt a long hard deep lick.

'You taste so sweet. I can't wait to feel your juices all over my knob!'

I put my cock between your legs and slowly slide it into you. I look t your face as I do this and a look of total ecstasy spreads across it.

I start to move my cock in and out of you pushing deeper and harder with every thrust.

'Faster Matt! Pound my baby!'

I push my cock deeper with every thrust, and then I feel your cunt tighten and your juices flood over my cock.

'Oh baby I'm going to cum soon, I can't hold it back!'

'Good! I want to feel your cum flood inside me.'

I push a couple more time and then I can feel my cock twitch and my cum floods into your pussy. I continue pounding as I cum. 'Oh god Matt your cum feels so hot!'

One last trust and then you pull me towards you hugging me and stroking my back as I try to catch my breath.

I slide off of you and you pull a sheet over the two of us and we lay there wrapped in each other arms for the next ten minutes, but it seems like hours.

'If you thought that was good Matt, wait until later!"

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