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Fina's Fantasies
by K

The day was bright and shiny as Fina walked down the path leading into the lush woods. Pleasantly bathed in sunlight she plunged into the thickening woods, closing her eyes in pleasure, watching the sun disappear and re-appeared between the thick branches of the trees through her eyelids. Opening her eyes and walking briskly she spotted a beautiful and grassy clearing conveniently nestled by a small, clear brook. This was her special place, the place where she could commit to herself with no spying eyes ready to gossip to the nearest neighbor. Even in her own house, she was not safe. But here, in the beautiful and well-lit woods, she was free.

Settling down in the soft grass, she slipped off her shoes and dipped her toes into the clear water, then laying back into the softness she hiked up her skirts and dipped her finger into her already wet pussy...

* * * * *

Daff was in a foul mood. His father had caught him in another atrocious act. What was so atrocious about sex any ways? And at least it wasn't the Dukes daughter this time, it was a proper whore, of whom he had paid fully, and was rudely interrupted by his father, never gaining his full money's worth. Well, he would track down that whore and get the rest of what was rightfully his, with or without his father permission.

Daff traversed the thick woods continually running over the past hour in his mind. Bella was so soft, and compliant, and experienced. His father had caught them in the middle of one of her new positions: she would kneel on all fours and he would enter her from behind, a totally odd and wild position that Daff would never had thought of, and it felt good. Pushing the length of his 8-inch rod into the silky depths of Bella's compliant pussy, her buttocks squeezing his shaft with every pulse of his hips. Daff sighed as his cock twitched at the memory.

Daff had been with Bella many times, always she was wild and creative getting the most out of sex, but Daff's true joy in fucking, his ultimate pride, was Rachel, the Dukes daughter.

She was beautiful, voluptuous, utterly innocent, and a true virgin, when he took her. He had met and courted her secretly a month ago, as it was widely known the anger of Rachel's father. The thought of any man touching his daughter angered him to the core. He was recognized as a man who dismiss, even banish a man who had laid a hand upon Rachel's fine breast.

Rachel was unresponsive at first, being all that a finely raised woman should be. But even Rachel's strict up bringing and overbearing father could not stop the natural power of Daff's handsome looks and bountiful charm. On the second week of secret meetings Daff was allowed a kiss, and on the first day of the third week Daff found his hand down the plunging neckline of her bodice, cupping a finely made breast. She had gasped in shock, and had tried to pull away at first, but Daff rubbed his thumb up against the bud-like nipple, gaining its erectness, and drew Rachel into a deep, penetrating kiss, that melted all resistance that Rachel had measly tried to muster.

Yet Daff was unable to take her then, however compliant she became. The sounds of her fathers returning carriage were easily heard on her garden grounds and Daff had to flee swiftly, keeping to the shadows. Fortunately the Duke never suspected, believing that his daughter had only taken an innocent walk through the manor grounds.

The day Daff finally took Rachel was on the last day of the third week. Rachel had met with Daff only to break off their contact, greatly concerned with all that they had already shared. Of what her father would do to Daff and herself. Of the horrible rumors that could spread like wildfire, of the loss of her, and worst of all, her fathers reputation. Standing in a small clearing in the woods, wringing her hands, she had told Daff that they shouldn't see each other anymore. That is was wrong to deceive everyone so. Daff had lowered his head with a sad smile, saying that if that was what Rachel wanted than it was okay. He would leave, and never return, no more rendezvous, no more secretly shared evenings, just the occasional ball or party where he could glimpse Rachel through a thick crowd of sweaty people.

Rachel lowered her head as well, staring at the ground with mixed emotions. What she and Daff had shared was wrong, she believed that a simple kiss, his hand touching her, could ruin her forever. But she had liked it so. When he had touched her breast, kissed her lips... No. It was wrong and she raised her head defiantly, chin raised, to find Daff standing so close, his breath blowing softly on her cheek. She had almost melted right then and there as Daff stepped into an embrace, smoothly bringing his head down to kiss her soft lips.

Rachel had started to breathe faster, her ample breasts pushing up against Daff's muscular chest, and pressed her lips back eagerly. Daff had then moved his hand to her waist, caressing her side though the fabric of her dress. Rachel's soft moan could barely be heard as he brought his hand down and squeezed one cheek of her finely cut button, pushing her pelvic into his growing member.

He had broken of the kiss then, taking a step back, and untied her bodice to free her pert and bouncing breasts. Without a moment of hesitation, he brought his head down and parted his lips, first licking the erect nipple, then taking it into his mouth, sucking and nibbling while caressing the other breast and bringing the nipple to attention. Rachel leaned back and moaned softly over and over, "Yes, Daff please, yes! Yes!" her fingers entwined in his thick hair, pushing his lips onto her breasts harder in gentle encouragement.

Daff's nimble fingers untied the rest of the bodice, all the while continuing his onslaught, suckling, nipping, and licking at Rachel's swollen breast. Her dress dropped to the forests mossy ground and he touched her all over, cupping her breasts, squeezing them, pinching and playing with the hard nipple. Then dropped his hand down below her breast, his eyes intent on his work, and caressed her side, waist, buttocks, thigh, and then in between her lush legs, emitting a sharp gasp and deep moaning sigh from Rachel's lustful and parted lips. Daff flicked at her clit and she shook slightly at the immense pleasure such a simple touch could create. Daff then dipped his middle finger into her silky wet softness, probing her womanhood expertly.

Suddenly he had backed off, Rachel locked into a small daze, shook by the whole experience thus far, and stood stark naked in the middle of the woods, watching Daff undo his trousers as she cupped her own breast, tweaking a nipple, lusting over the feeling. His trousers hit the soft forest floor soundlessly, releasing his hard eight-inch cock, which sprang forward, catching Rachel's exploring eyes, suddenly widened in disbelief.

Discarding his shirt he pulled her in, pushing his hard member against her clit, then dipping the tip into the velvet of her wet lips, then pushing it against the side of her thigh. He pushed her bountiful soft breasts onto his naked chest and she responded passionately, pushing her clit against his hard rod savagely, forcing the tip of his cock into her, and kissed him wildly. Daff spasmodically thrust his cock grunting as she gasped in shock at the pain and pleasure that had suffused her body. Daff had felt her virginity break in that thrust, and she stood, clinging to him, her muscles clenching his cock like an iron fist.

With his cock imbedded in Rachel, he could barely move it, her pussy being so tight. Then with his burning member still inside her he laid them down, again kissing her glorious breasts that bounced as she softly panted and laid on the soft mossy ground. Bracing himself Daff let out a gasp of air as he slowly pulled his cock from the tight clutches of her newly invaded womanhood. Rachel gasped softly wincing as his huge cock pulled at her. Caressing her face lovingly he pushed back in, shaking at the delight he found in her firm and tense pussy.

He pulled out and pushed back in again, gaining a rhythm as Rachel's virgin pain seeded into a craving pleasure. Pulling and pushing in and out he kissed her, then her bouncing breasts, pushing faster as his desire grew. Rachel panted and moaned, passionately pushing against Daff thrusts, hugging him tightly as his balls slapped against her thighs and anus. Then with a sudden tightening of her muscles, clenching Daff's cock insider her, Rachel breached a climax, breaking over the edge with a guttural moan and struggling hugging that sent Daff riveting off into an orgasm, his seed shooting into her with force.

Collapsing together, Daff's soft member still captive of Rachel's tight muscles, she whispered, "I don't want it, stay with me, I don't want you do go away, only to see you in stuffy ball rooms, stay..." the sentence finishing off in her heavy breathing.

Daff met with her many times after that, with only a small break when Daff's father caught them making love in the wine cellar, over taken with a erotic compulsion then and there. But Daff's father did not tell anyone, shook by the scene, and it took only two days before Rachel and Daff met again.


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