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Forbidden Feelings
by Shintani

Dan found himself wishing that he had been paying attention over the last few days. Mentally, he chided himself for not noticing the sweet young thing that had been visiting and realized that he could only blame himself for the oversight. Nervously, he looked around to see if anyone was watching him, but there was no one around. Breathing a sigh of relief, he allowed his gaze to return to the window.

The girl's name was Cathleen. She was Dan's niece and once again would be spending the summer months visiting. While she had done so every year as a child, now she was grown up. Still, Dan's wife and her sister thought that if their two girls spent the summers together, it just might help keep them out of trouble. After all, both were leggy blondes, and were blessed with the family trait of being rather well endowed as well. Therefore, it was decided that even though Dan's daughter was a couple of years older than Cathleen, the two could still be companions over the summer. The more attention they paid to each other, the less attention they would be spending on boys. It was a good idea, in theory, until Dan's daughter developed a nasty case of kidney stones. While the case was not serious enough to merit hospitalization, it was enough to keep her in bed. Which meant that Dan and his wife would have to find ways to entertain Cathleen until the situation had passed. Today that meant that Dan's wife had taken their niece out for a bike ride. That was what had captured his attention, for because their house was secluded in the woods, Cathleen had neglected to close the curtains in the ground floor room that she was using.

Dan happened to be walking by when he spied her. The young blonde was just emerging from a much-needed shower, a towel wrapped around her hair and another one around her body. As Dan watched, Cathleen removed her towel to finish drying herself off. What he saw amazed him. When this visit began, like all others, Dan hadn't really paid much attention to her. Now he was realizing his mistake. Cathleen had obviously grown up, as she removed her towel, Dan was treated to the sight of her nicely developed breasts, which were so young and perky looking. He stood transfixed by the vision before him as Cathleen stretched the towel out to dry her back, inadvertently jutting her chest out at him. Dan felt a familiar sensation rising between his legs, that girl was hot. Suddenly, she turned and bent over. He couldn't have asked for a nicer view. Cathleen's ass was so firm and tight!

His gaze traveled down his young niece's body, cataloging every inch of her smooth, shapely legs and delightfully developing curves. Cathleen went on, providing Dan with several minutes worth of illicit entertainment before she got dressed. Even as she finished pulling the last articles of clothing on, Dan couldn't help but to admire her sexy young body. The tank top and shorts she chose to wear were still quite revealing, although not as blatantly obvious when she was nude, her blossoming figure was still there. Eventually, she did leave her room, and Dan went about his business in the yard. Mentally, he made a note to try and have as much contact with the girl as possible. After all, what man wouldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy such a nubile young specimen, even if it was just to look.

Over the next few days, Dan played quite the voyeur. He now fully understood why there were always boys hanging out near the two girls when they went out in public, for their objective viewpoint was that Cathleen and her cousin were a pair of hotties. He just didn't realize it because he only saw them as family. Before the window incident, Dan had never really considered either one as a sexual object but the raging hard on he was left with that day certainly was a wake up call to him. He had to wonder to himself if it was just for the view that the girls always got so much attention, or if there was something more. Whenever he could, he would strategically place himself outside her window when she was changing, or outside the bathroom, peeking in as she showered. Even when she was just spending time with the family, he found his eyes wandering over towards her, his mind projecting the image of her naked young body to him. It was quite a thrill, to be a secret voyeur like this.

The rest of the week was primarily occupied with his work, but still, when the opportunity to grab a quick peek presented itself, he gladly took it. All of that pent up desire couldn't be contained, and Friday night, he reached the boiling point. Once both girls were safely in bed, Dan and his wife retired as well. Before long, he was all over her. While she was still an attractive woman in her own right, that night, Dan's mind was elsewhere. As he slid his cock into her waiting cunt, he fantasized about how good it would feel if that were his niece's pussy instead. Oh, sure, his wife's lovemaking techniques would have the benefit of years of experience, but how wonderful it must feel, to have a young, relatively inexperienced young girl to be the object of his desires. With those thoughts in his head, he slammed his cock into his wife with great zeal. As his hands and mouth enveloped her tits, he imagined his niece's perky little breasts instead. He wished he could feel her smooth young skin beneath his touch, how great her thighs must feel. Although he thoroughly enjoyed his wife's wet, waiting cunt, he knew how delightful it would be to take his niece's hot little fuck-hole for himself.

A small part of his mind reprimanded him for having such impure thoughts, but he couldn't help himself as he brought his wife to her usual orgasm. That's what would be different, he rationalized, he knew his wife's body, knew her intimately well. But to take that young girl, the intensity she must have, to match her inexperience with his skills, what an incredible fucking that would be. With a few final thrusts, his cock spewed forth its load inside his wife, she smiled lovingly at him. For her, this evening had been incredibly intense, and she didn't know the reason why. Still, after getting (and giving) such a wonderful fucking, now would be the time to ask Dan for a favor. As he rolled off of her, and she felt his cock slipping out of her cunt, she positioned herself up on an elbow to look over towards him. He noticed her gaze, and inquired as to what was on her mind. That's when he knew he had hit the jackpot.

She asked him if he would be so kind as to take Cathleen with him on the boat in the morning. It was his usual morning to himself, to enjoy a day on the lake, fishing, and usually he went alone. But, she rationalized, Cathleen didn't have all that much to do over the past week, and until their own daughter was well enough, they had to do something with her. Much to her surprise, Dan readily agreed to her suggestion. She had no way of knowing, as she drifted off to sleep, that spending some time alone with Cathleen was what he had craved all week long. Attributing his lack of resistance of her suggestion to the quality of the fucking that she had just given him, she settled into a deep sleep. Dan couldn't believe his luck at his wife's suggestion. As he too drifted off to sleep next to her, his mind was filled with images of Cathleen's sexy young body, and how good it would be to have a complete day to spend in close proximity to her. While he may fantasize about what he'd really love to do that day, his conscious mind knew that would be too much to ask.

Saturday dawned, bright and clear and hot. What a perfect day it would be to spend out on the lake. Dan rose early, and crept into Cathleen's room to rouse her as well. When he got there, the images that had been formed in his mind overnight were reinforced. The young girl had chosen to sleep in only a T-shirt, and was laying on her stomach. Dan stood in the doorway for a few minutes, watching his niece sleep. Rather, he was watching her ass as she slept. So firm, so tender it appeared to him, and only a few feet away, tantalizingly out of reach. Yes, this was a good idea, spending the day with her so he could admire that sexy body all day long. How wonderful it would feel, just to grab onto those firm buttocks, Dan felt a twinge of jealousy at whatever boyfriends that she may have entertained. Averting his eyes, he knocked gently on her door, and told her to get ready to go. This time, he was too busy getting everything set up to take the boat out to watch her dress, but he knew that he had all day to fantasize about her.

Soon enough, she came outside to join him. Cathleen was wearing a short T-shirt top but Dan could see the bright green straps of her bikini beneath it. A wraparound formed a short skirt, pity he wouldn't be able to enjoy watching her ass all day, but he knew the wraparound would come off soon enough. Besides, it was quite a treat to see her tender young legs as she hopped into his truck for the drive to the lake. Getting there and getting the boat launched was relatively uneventful. Sure, she had gotten several admiring looks from the men present and several more from Dan. Soon enough, they were motoring off to find a secluded spot to spend the morning.

Cathleen lost no time in removing her T-shirt and wraparound, Dan was in fact surprised at how quickly she had done so. He had no complaints, of course, Cathleen's skimpy little bikini left little to the imagination. Thin green triangles barely covered her budding breasts, and the bikini bottoms were form fitting. So form fitting, in fact, that as she sat on the seat behind Dan, he could glance back and just barely make out the vague outline of her cunt lips beneath the material. She explained that when her stepfather had bought it for her, the swimsuit fit very well, but it was now a bit too small and tight. Dan laughed at her explanation, and told her she looked fine in it, and even complimented her on how nicely she filled it out.

That was as far as he dared to go, until they found a hidden cove. Once he got the motorboat anchored, he set out to prepare his fishing tackle, when Cathleen interrupted him. She asked him if he would be so kind as to help her apply some sun tanning lotion on her back. Dan heartily agreed. Her skin felt so soft, so supple beneath his touch as his hands roamed across her back. Eagerly, he allowed his hands to coat her back liberally with the slippery concoction, then slid them over her sides and down onto the backs of those succulent thighs. Cathleen's legs felt sinfully good in his hands as he rubbed them up and down, ostensibly to protect them from the sun. In a rather bold move, he let his hands cup that gorgeous ass when he finished, and he marveled at the young beauty's perfection. Taking Cathleen by the hand, he helped her forward onto the deck where she had her towel already spread out. She elected to start sunbathing on her back, and Dan commented that her cousin often would undo her top to avoid getting tan lines. He then went on to say that they were in a sheltered location, and if she wanted to do so too, it would be OK.

His young niece was very open to that suggestion, and quickly undid her top. To Dan's surprise, she took it off completely, and placed it in her backpack. While she did attempt to cover herself up as she did so, she wasn't completely successful, and he got quite an eyeful of those gorgeous tits. She also went as far as to adjust her skimpy bikini bottoms, allowing the material to gather between the cheeks of her ass, effectively giving herself a thong bottom. With that laying in the bow of his boat, Dan got very little fishing done. The best part of it was that she faced away from him, and he could admire her ass for as long as he wanted to without attracting attention to himself. Roughly an hour had passed like that, all too quickly for his tastes, until he saw what was in store for him next.

Cathleen sat upright, yawned and stretched. Dan's cock stiffened as he say her tits thrust out towards him. Her little pink nipples were so inviting, how he wished he could suck on them for an hour or two. The young girl smiled sweetly at him as she lay on her back, sunbathing topless in front of him. If little fishing had gotten done when the view was of her fine ass, even less got done with her perky tits staring up at him. All sorts of fantasies flowed through Dan's mind as he tried hard not to stare too much at the sexy young lady before him. There she was, just a few feet away, so close he imagined that he could smell the sweet scent of her pussy. The day passed so quickly as he watched her napping there, nearly nude, yet he could not come up with one idea that would allow him to sample her sweetness and get away with it. Fortunately for him, as the morning stretched into the afternoon, events occurred that made his plotting completely unnecessary.

As the noon hour approached, Cathleen got up from her sunbathing. The morning in the sun had slightly darkened her skin, but she still retained much of the fairness that only heightened her innocent appearance. Unashamedly, she sat down next to her uncle on the boat's back seat. As she asked him how the fishing was going, Dan couldn't help but gawk at those tits that were so close to him, awkwardly, he got up to put a little distance between them. However, with his concentration centered on his niece's tits, he stumbled backwards onto the deck. Cathleen scrambled after him, to see if he was all right. As she knelt down next to him, her hand brushed against the front of his shorts. What she felt through the material was unmistakable.

"Oh, Uncle Dan, I'm sorry," she stammered.

"I didn't realize..."

"No, it's OK," he said, embarrassed by his reaction to her. Then again, he thought, why should he be? After all, here she was, a healthy young girl who exuded sexual attractiveness, why shouldn't he have the reaction that he did to her?

"No, it's my fault, I didn't realized you were like that," she continued. "It's OK, I understand how it hurts when it's like that, a couple of boys we've been hanging out with told us."

Dan looked at her amazed. Had a couple of the local youths been using the old 'blue balls' excuse with the girls? And it worked?

"You've been so good to me all during my trip, let me take care of that for you."

With that, Cathleen gently eased Dan's cock out of his shorts. She was astonished at it's size, her uncle was well over six feet tall, and built proportionately. Although she had only recently given up her virginity, she knew that his massive cock was quite impressive, a sight for her to behold. No wonder why her aunt was always so happy, she got to have this every night! Before her uncle could say a word, Cathleen lowered her head into his lap, and slowly began to suck on his rigid member. Dan closed his eyes and sighed at the incredible feeling. He had fantasized all week about something like this happening, but couldn't seem to figure out just how to seduce this young vixen. Now the need for that was gone. She was apparently quite willing to give it up to him, a lesson learned, no doubt, in the company of his own daughter.

While neither of the girls had a well known reputation as a tramp, it was obvious from the constant male attention they got that there was something there worth having. And if the blowjob his innocent little niece was giving him was any indication, it was well worth it, indeed. As she sucked down as much of his cock as she could, and stroked his shaft with her soft hand, Dan maneuvered her body around. With a quick tug, her bikini bottoms were gone, and he had complete access to her firm ass and inviting pussy. That's what he really wanted, and he slowly probed her with his fingers. As expected, her hot little cunt was tight, once he managed to get two fingers inside her. Her downy pubic hairs were slicked down by her pussy juices, her grip super tight against his fingers. Dan expertly manipulated her hardening little clit with his thumb, and he used his free hand to caress her ass.

Cathleen moaned and whimpered as he touched her, but still she continued to suck on him. Dan brought his fingers out of her cunt, up to his lips, where he got his first taste of Cathleen's sweet young cunt. It was heavenly. From the skill she showed in sucking his cock, he knew that while she was no virgin, she still wasn't all that experienced. He inserted his fingers inside her once again, probing her cunt to see how tight that opening was. Satisfied with what he found, he gingerly picked his niece up off of his lap, and laid her down on the deck. Cathleen smiled up at him as she seductively licked a few sticky strands of his precum off of her lips.

"Mmm. Uncle Dan, you were fucking last night, weren't you? I know what another pussy tastes like off a cock, trust me. I bet you want to fuck me now too, don't you?" she asked with an impish grin on her face.

"If you want to, sweetie," he answered. "I just have to cum, somehow."

"Then do it to me, shove that big, sexy cock into my tight little cunt. I'll show you as good a time as your wife does."

With that, the young girl spread her legs, fully exposing her pussy. Her cunt lips glistened with her secreted juices, and she braced herself for her uncle's cock. Dan gently positioned himself on top of his petite niece, and slowly eased the tip of his cock inside her. The fit was amazingly tight. The closest he had experienced recently that was this tight was fucking his wife's ass from time to time. This was better. Cathleen moaned softly as she felt the thick cock spreading her pussy open. If she hadn't been so wet from him finger fucking her, if she hadn't sucked on him first, he might have hurt her. As it was, feeling her uncle sliding inside her gave the barest hint of discomfort, but it felt so good to have such a massive cock inside her. Dan thrust himself into the young girl slowly, gently allowing himself to build up speed and depth.

After all, how good this girl treated him, he didn't want to hurt her. Still, as he continued to drive his cock inside her, her juices flowed, allowing him deeper and deeper inside her. Cathleen screamed as his big cock brought her to orgasm quickly, for no other lover that she had ever had did it for her this intensely. Dan supported himself on his arms, pistoning his hips up and down, driving his cock into her cunt repeatedly. How long it had been since he had taken such a tight cunt; he wanted to enjoy every moment of it. His thrusts slowly grew, faster and faster, the girl's facial contortions and screams telling him that he was pleasuring her as much as she was doing to him. He felt a very familiar feeling in his loins as his tempo increased, until the pleasure was unbearable to hold back.

Accompanied by a short gasp from him, and an outright scream from her, Dan's cock exploded inside her cunt. His wad of cum filled her tight little hole, one that had never been taken so well before, but would certainly do so again in the future. Dan pressed his body tight against hers as he spasmed, shooting his entire load deep inside his niece's sweet little pussy. No matter where his life would take him, he was extremely contented that he had the pleasure of being among the first to fuck this hot little cunt. Now spent, his cock slowly began to soften and the full tightness of the young girl's cunt wrapped around him was apparent. Slowly, she was squeezing every last drop of cum out of him that she could. Withdrawing his spent cock from her tightness was an agonizingly slow process, but he savored every moment he had the girl wrapped around him. Awkwardly, he bent down over his breathless niece to kiss her gently on the lips by way of thanking her for the afternoon, Cathleen simple smiled back at him, and asked if he would mind accompanying her on a hike through the woods the next day. Dan immediately accepted.


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