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Forced Foursome
by Bruce Swain

Many years back I had a mate (Mike) who was a professional photographer - he hadn't planned on being one, but things turned out that way.

He started out by doing a favour for his girlfriend - by taking some sexy shots of her and sending them off to the editor of one of the lower-class "girlie" magazines. She - the girlfriend - wanted to be a model, but was pragmatic enough to realise that she'd have to start at the bottom and work her way up.

The irony was that the magazine didn't want the photographs, but the editor liked Mike's work so much he employed him! So, the girlfriend didn't get to be a model, but Mike got to be a photographer!

And he really enjoyed his work - who wouldn't? Photographing naked girls every day, most of whom thought that screwing the photographer would further their "careers". And Mike didn't disillusion them...

He'd been working for the magazine for almost a year when he received a phone call offering him some very lucrative freelance work. When he asked what type of work, he was simply told that the photos he would be taking wouldn't be appearing in the magazine he was working for...

Of course, the "freelance work" turned out to be hard-core porn. He was asked to do only about one shoot per week - but he made more from that one shoot than he made in a month at the magazine.

So...He ended up doing porn full-time, and when the word got around about the high quality of his work he had more offers than he could handle. It also played hell with his social life, and I didn't see him for quite a while.

When I eventually caught up with him again we got together for a couple of "quiet beers", and he told me quite a bit about what he had been doing. He had not only been photographing "straight sex", but had also shot a bit of what he called the "rough stuff" - bondage and S&M. He admitted that it disturbed him a bit to see that some of the girls involved weren't exactly willing, and must have needed the money desperately.

Then he said he had a foursome shoot scheduled the following evening, and invited me to come along and watch. I took a "foursome" to mean two men and two women, but he corrected me.

"No - three guys and a girl. And let me tell you," he went on, "I've seen these guys before - and they are big! They make me feel damned inadequate!"

"What about the girl?" I asked.

He shook his head and said,

"She's an unknown quantity. Only about 18 or so - or at least she only looks that. She came around this afternoon for me to do a few shots of her on her own. There's not much of her, but what there is looked bloody nice. Good tits, nice arse, beautiful legs..."

"That's your professional assessment, of course," I chided him.

"No, mate," he said, with a lecherous grin. "That's my personal one. I wouldn't mind a piece of her myself - but instead I've got to watch while three studs do anything to her they want."

"Does she know what she's in for?" I asked.

"She knows that she's got to get it on with three guys - that's all. I hope she doesn't think that it will be just one at a time, otherwise she's in for a nasty surprise!"

"You mean she has to take all three at once?"

Mike nodded and took another swig of his beer. "That's what the boss wants. 'Young girl takes three big cocks in all her holes at the same time' - quote, unquote."

"And you didn't tell her that?"

He shook his head again. "Not my job to, mate. If the guy who's paying her hasn't told her, there's no reason why I should. Anyhow, she'll find out tomorrow. So - do you think you'll drop 'round?"

It sounded like it might be more of a gang-rape than a photo shoot, but I must confess my curiosity - not to mention my lechery! - got the better of me.

"Yeah," I replied. "Probably..."

So Mike gave me the address, and said to get there about 8pm.

The following evening I was at the address Mike had given me just a few minutes before 8. He had an apartment in a converted warehouse - quite the rage in those days - and it was designed on an "open plan" with no internal walls. About one-quarter of the floor space was his "studio", in which there was a double bed, various other items of furniture, thick rugs on the floor and scatter-cushions everywhere. The only part of the place that was screened off to any degree was the bathroom - I guess he had to have privacy somewhere!

The three "studs" were already there when I arrived, and we exchanged "G'days". Mike didn't use any names, introducing me simply as an old mate. (For the sake of this story, I'll call them "Shep", "Larry" and "Moe".) The girl arrived about 10 minutes after me - by which time Mike was beginning to think she had chickened out. (He didn't want the three guys hanging around doing nothing - they'd already gone through one of his 6-packs and were about to start on another when the girl arrived.)

He introduced her as Beverley - or, at least, that's what she said her name was. She was wearing just a very brief mini-skirt and a tank top, and sandals on her feet - obviously, undressing wasn't going to take very long!

And, as Mike had said, she wasn't bad to look at. Blonde hair (natural?) cut short, just a little over 5 feet tall, and the rest just as Mike had described: "good tits, nice arse, beautiful legs".

Trying to be polite, Mike asked her if she wanted a beer or a coffee or...She just shook her head "no" and asked that they get on with it.

The three guys had started getting the gear off as soon as Beverley had walked in the door; now they gathered around her and went to "work". None of them was hard as yet, but I still saw Beverley glance apprehensively at the three slabs of meet hanging down the guys' thighs.

As she stood there, one of the men (let's say Shep) pushed her tank-top up to reveal her small but beautifully-formed tits, then he and "Larry" took one each, kneading with their fingers and bending to kiss and bite. "Moe" meanwhile had dropped to his knees, pushed her short skirt up to her waist, pulled the crotch of her brief panties aside and buried his face in her muff.

Beverley showed absolutely no reaction to the three guys working on her, and Mike had to tell her to at least try to look as if she were enjoying it. He started clicking away with a 35mm camera, getting shots of all four of them, then moving in close to snap each one in action.

The guys' cocks were starting to rise, and Mike instructed Bev to take Shep and Larry in hand and start wanking them. She complied, not very enthusiastically, whereupon Larry removed his mouth from her left breast and said,

"Get on your knees."

Shep disengaged himself from her right tit and Moe from her muff, and Bev dropped to her knees as ordered.

"Now suck!" said Larry, putting his hand on the back of Bev's head and pushing her into his groin.

She took hold of his half-hard cock and began tentatively licking the head.

Still not satisfied, Larry ordered:

"More tongue! More spit!"

So Bev stuck her tongue out as far as she could, and began licking Larry's swelling knob all over. After a few seconds of this she withdrew her tongue, pursed her lips, and let a large drop of saliva fall onto the head. Then out came her tongue again, and the licking resumed. Shep and Moe, meanwhile, had each taken one of Bev's hands and wrapped them around their respective shafts - and even with two guys not yet full erect, Bev could hardly get her fingers all the way around.

Larry had just about reached full erection under Bev's tongue when Mike told Shep to move in for the same treatment; he took it for a few minutes, then Moe had his turn. While Mike's and Shep's hardened a little more, still none of the three was yet sporting a full erection.

Obviously fed up with Bev's lack of oral expertise and/or enthusiasm, Larry said,

"This bird needs a lesson in giving head!" He then took his cock in one hand, pushed Beverley's head back, and prssed his cock hard against her lips.

"Open up, bitch!" he ordered.

Reluctantly, it seemed, Beverley opened her mouth, and Larry shoved a few inches of his cock inside; he was sort of crouched over her now, shoving downwards.

"Open wider!" he growled. "There's a long way to go yet!"

With that he shoved more of his cock into Bev's unreceptive mouth. As he hit the back of her throat she gagged, coughing and spitting around the slab of meat in her mouth.

"Into your throat, bitch!" Larry ordered. "Loosen up!"

Tears were now running from between Beverley's tightly-closed eyelids and running down her cheeks. She was struggling to breathe through her nose, and was obviously in a great deal of distress. This didn't concern Larry at all, who seemed determined to shove his entire cock into her mouth.

Beverley was trying to pull back, but Larry was now holding her head with both hands, keeping it still as he strained to push his cock into her throat. There was still an inch or more of his (I estimated) 8 inches to go when he pulled back, then started slowly fucking her mouth.

"Close your lips," he growled, "and use that tongue!"

Beverley did as she was told, but was having a great deal of trouble breathing. I could see her small nostrils flaring, and the tears were still running down her face. Each time Larry thrust into her throat she winced and choked again, unable to escape the onslaught with Larry holding her head firmly.

"That's better," Larry said. "Now I'm getting hard!"

That could not have been good news for Beverley, who was only just managing to cope with Larry's three-quarters-erect cock. As it reached full hardness Bev's lips were stretched wider, and she was able to take a quick breath only when Larry pulled back - when he forced his way into her throat he must have been blocking off her nasal passages as well.

Mike got all of this, running through a whole film of 36 exposures. The action didn't stop while he put in a new film - Larry just maintained his brutal assault on Beverley's throat.

"That's it, girl," Larry said, with a menacing grin. "Now you're a deep-throat expert!"

"Let me have some o' that!" Moe demanded, shoving Larry out of the way. While I wasn't watching from up close, I could still see that while Moe's cock wasn't as thick as Larry's, it looked longer - and he proceeded to try to work the whole length into Beverley's battered throat.

All she could do was emit a strangled "Aaagghh!" as Moe used one hand on the back of Beverley's head to hold her steady while with the other hand around the base of its cock he forced her to take more and more of him. Eventually he achieved what appeared to be the impossible, and Beverley's nose was pressed hard against his short and curlies. She, too, was using both hands - one on Moe's hip to try to push him back and the other trying to loosen Moe's grip on her head. Neither succeeded, and as Mike moved in to get a close-up of Beverley's face buried in Moe's pubic hair, Moe said delightedly,

"There - she's got it all! And it feels fan-fucking-tastic! Work those throat muscles, baby - yeah!"

Beverley was working her throat muscles all right, but it was probably in an effort to breathe - not to stimulate Moe's cock!

After Mike had taken about half a dozen shots of Moe buried to his balls in Beverley's throat he told the guys that that was enough oral action and to get on with the fucking. With some reluctance Moe withdrew his cock from Beverley's throat, and she stayed on her knees, retching and trying to get her breath back.

The guys weren't about to give her too long to recover, however, and Shep pulled her to her feet and propelled her towards the bed, which was covered with just a cheap quilt. Shep lay down first, his cock sticking straight up, and as he was the only one so far that hadn't had his cock in Beverley's throat he told her to start blowing him.

Beverley, on her knees again, took Shep's cock in both hands and closed her mouth around it. If she thought that she was now in control she was mistaken, as Shep reached out, grabbed her head and shoved it down hard onto his cock, thrusting upwards at the same time.

Beverley's nicely rounded arse was near the edge of the bed, her feet hanging over the side, and Larry moved in to take full advantage of her position. First he spat on his hand, rubbed the saliva around the knob, then positioned it between Beverley's pussy lips. With one shove he rammed half his length inside her, and despite her mouth and throat being full of Shep's cock she was still able to give a yell of pain.

Her pussy must still have been quite dry, as Larry was really struggling to get his length inside her. In the end her withdrew, spat on the shaft some more, then tried again. With a few sharp stabs and then a hard push he finally managed to get as much as of his cock in Beverley as her pussy could take.

Larry then began pounding away at her, his loins meeting Beverley's buttocks with a loud slap each time he thrust forward. At the same time Shep was fucking her mouth, holding her head still while he bucked his hips up and down.

All the time Beverley was making soft whimpering noises - all that she could manage with her mouth and throat full of cock.

Mike was constantly moving around the bed, taking shots from every angle, paying particular attention to Beverley's pained face and the cock fucking her mouth. Whatever abuse her mouth and throat had been subjected to was now also being felt by her pussy, which Larry was pounding away like a man possessed. He obviously wasn't too impressed with her size, as he growled,

"Shit! I was getting more of my cock into her throat than into her cunt!" Then he though of the obvious solution: withdrawing his cock from Beverley's stretched pussy, he placed his enormous knob against the little pink rosebud of her arsehole.

Obviously Beverley was an anal virgin, as she began squirming her hips and tried to crawl forward anything to get away from the meaty pole trying to enter her tight little hole. Larry, however, wasn't going to let her go anywhere, and once he got the tip of his cock past her sphincter he took hold of Beverley's hips, pulling her back to me his forward thrust.

Somehow Beverley managed to get her mouth of Shep's cock, and yelled,

"For Chrissake, no! I don't take it there!"

"There's a first time for everything, bitch!' Larry growled back, and renewed his assault. Mike quickly got into position and began clicking away from a distance of only about 18 inches as Beverley slowly but sure lost her anal cherry as Larry's cock remorselessly battered her sphincter into submission.

"Nooo-Christ! You're killing me!" Beverley shrieked.

"For God's sake, somebody shove a cock into her mouth and shut her up!" Larry said. Shep was about to do so, but Moe complained that he hadn't had any for a while and demanded his turn. Kneeling on the bed at Beverley's head, he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled her mouth onto his cock, slamming his meat into her until his balls slapped her chin.

Beverley was still managing to make moans of pain around the cock in her throat, but she couldn't escape the double assault. Mike moved back to get some shots of all three of them, then homed in on Beverley's ravaged arsehole again.

I must confess that at this stage I, too, moved a little closer to the action, and got a good view of Beverley's pink-rimmed arsehole stretched widely around Larry's thick cock. He was now burying his entire length into her bowels with each thrust, and she must have been just about able to taste it!

Meanwhile, beneath Beverley Shep complained about being left out - or, more precisely, about his cock being left out.

"Well, let's try a sandwich then," Larry suggested. Without withdrawing his cock from Beverley's arse - but forcing Moe to take his from her mouth - Larry wriggled sideways, taking Beverley with him, until his legs were between Shep's. Larry then pushed her forward slightly until her pussy was right above Shep's cock, and with his hands still on her hips pushed her down on it.

These guys had obviously worked together before, and as soon as Shep's organ was firmly lodged in Beverley's cunt they began a well-synchronised double-fuck.

Beverley had stopped shrieking, but instead she was exhaling in one long, pained moan. Moe soon stifled that by again moving around to her head and shoving his cock back into her mouth.

I could now barely see anything of Beverley, her small frame being almost completely hidden by the three guys ravishing her. Mike was everywhere - clicking away from every possible angle.

Larry was now crouching over Beverley's buttocks, a position that gave him the deepest possible penetration into her rectum, and also gave Mike a perfect shot of the two cocks as they plundered Beverley's two orifices. He didn't seem too interested in what was happening at the other end, but concentrated on Beverley being the meat in the sandwich.

Thew girl must have felt a wave of relief when Mike eventually said,

"Okay, guys - enough of that. I need the money shots now."

Meaning he wanted the three guys to come.

"Ah, shit!" Larry grumbled. "I was just starting to enjoy it!"

"And I ain't had any pussy yet!" Moe complained.

"Tough," Mike replied. "I haven't got all night - and I've only got twelve shots left on this reel. So let's see plenty of the white stuff, eh!"

"Yeah, all right," Larry grumbled again. "Where do ya want it?"

"On her face - and in her mouth."

"Okay," Larry replied, the said to his companions. "Get 'er onto 'er back."

Shep wriggled from underneath Beverley, Moe moved from her head, and Larry disengaged himself from her arsehole - but not for long. He then flipped her onto her back, took hold of her ankles, and lifted her legs high and wide, exposing her brutally-stretched arsehole. Without even touching his cock he lowered himself into her, then while Shep and Moe each took hold of one of Beverley's legs Larry began pounding his way to orgasm.

"Aaahhh!" he moaned through gritted teeth. "That's a nice tight arsehole! Bet it could get spunk out of a stone statue!"

"As long as it gets it out of you!" Mike said, moving in for the "money shot".

" it comes!" Larry announced, again through gritted teeth.

Just as he reached the "vinegar stroke", he whipped out his cock while his two mates let go of Beverley's legs and lifted her head off the bed, holding in front of Larry's cock.

"Open up, bitch!" Larry ordered, as he wanked his shaft furiously. Beverley parted her lips just in time to receive Larry's first blast, which came out so strongly it must have hit the back of her throat. He shuffled closer so that the next couple of spurts splattered across her tongue, then finished off with a few white streamers across her face.

As she moved a hand towards her face to wipe some of the jism away, Mike commanded sharply:

"No - leave it there!"

Beverley was then forced down on her back again, and Shep took his place between her legs. Looking down at her two stretched orifices, he muttered,

"Decisions, decisions..."

"Take her arse, mate," Larry advised. "Her cunt ain't deep enough."

Taking the advice, Shep lowered his shaft to Beverley's crudely exposed arsehole, and with a satisfied "Aaahhh!" sank balls-deep into her rectum.

"Geez, mate, you were right," he said to Larry. "Bloody tight!"

As Larry and Moe held Beverley's legs, Shep went to town on her arse. He quickly developed a liking for her sphincter, as he withdrew most of his length and started to just push his knob back and forth in her anus.

I watched as he would draw out until just the very tip was being gripped by her anal ring, then push forward, making her arsehole stretch wider and wider as it yielded to the mushroom head of his cock. The, when it sort of snapped closed around the top of his shaft, he would repeat the process.

"Come on, for chrissake!" Mike said. "You're not here to enjoy yourself!"

"Okay, okay," Shep grumbled, then began to alternate with just stabbing her arsehole with deep, full-length plunges. Just when Mike was about to lose his patience, Shep groaned,

"Ooohh, that's done it! Get her up here, fellers!"

Just as had been done for Larry, Beverley's head was lifted off the bed so that Shep could get at his target - but whereas Larry had shot his load into Beverley's open mouth, Shep shoved his cock into it, then began wanking himself to a climax.

Beverley tried to turn her head and free herself from Shep's cock, covered with her rectal juices, from her mouth, but she was held firmly by Larry and Moe.

"Come on, bitch!" Shep growled. "Use some tongue - and suck!"

I saw Beverley's cheeks hollow as she did as she was told, then she began spluttering around Shep's cock as he spurted into her mouth. Some jism leaked from the corner of her mouth, then Shep pulled his cock from her mouth so that, like Larry, he could send his last spurt splattering across her face.

"At last I'm gonna get some!" Moe said, as he replaced Shep between Beverley's legs. His cock was even thicker than Larry's, and Beverley let out another little gasp of pain as, without any preliminaries, Moe buried his cock in her arse.

"Holy shit!" he exclaimed. "You guys weren't kidding!"

Moe went at her arse savagely, without any concern for her at all. It was his cock that finally split the poor kid's anus, and a little trickle of blood ran down her arse-crack. Beverley was sobbing uncontrollably now, her face streaked with sperm around which her tears flowed.

As he continued his brutal, uncaring assault on her bleeding arsehole, Moe reached forward with both hands and grabbed a breast in each, squeezing tightly and pinching her nipples between forefingers and thumbs.

"This is bloody heaven!" Moe gasped. "Two handfuls of tit and her arse full of my cock!"

But again Mike reminded him that he wasn't there to have fun, and urged him to finish.

In an effort to do so, Moe began fucking Beverley's arse even faster, hitting her so hard with each thrust that she was pushed a few inches up the bed with every stroke. Her head was almost to the wall when Moe cried:


And like the two before him, whipped his cock from Beverley's arse and began wanking it furiously. As she was lifted to a sitting position, Beverley didn't have to be told to open her mouth - she new the drill by now. Moe told her to poke her tongue out, so that it was lying across her bottom lip, then lay his cock on it as he wanked himself into her mouth.

When he had finished, Mike told her,

"Don't swallow - and don't spit. Keep your mouth open!"

She did as she was told, and Mike moved in to get a close-up of the puddle of sperm lying on her tongue. When he finally said, "Okay, that's enough!" Beverley turned her head and spat the jism onto the quilt.

Wiping a hand across her mouth, she looked at Mike and asked,

"Is that it?"

"No," he replied. "Lick 'em clean - I've got three shots left."

With a look of utter disgust on her face, Beverley did as Mike told her - taking each of the three cocks in turn and licking them clean of her own rectal juices.

When Mike had taken his last shot, Beverley said,

"Now I need a drink!"

"Well, go out and buy one," Mike told her gruffly.

I thought he was a bit rough with her, but I guess he knew his business.

All four of them then started getting dressed again, and with only her panties and sandals to put on (the guys hadn't even bothered to remove her rucked-up tank-top and skirt through the whole session) Beverley finished first. Without a word or a backward glance she headed for the door, opened it, and slammed it loudly behind her.

A couple of minutes later the three guys also left, then Mike said to me,

"Well - what did you think?"

I just shook my head and said,

"A helluva way to make a living!"

"What - for the bird?"

"No," I answered. "For you."

Then I, too, left - and I haven't seen Mike since.


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