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Fantasy Fulfilled
by Vegas Neon

It had been a long drive. He'd been on the road all week. He'd spent every night sleeping in his car at rest stops along the highway. Tonight was going to be different. Tonight, he was going to use a crow bar, pry open his wallet, and spend the money it took to get a hotel room.

It was getting late. His eyelids were getting heavy. 'OK,' he thought, 'it's time to find a place to bed down for the night.'

He found a hotel a little further down the road. He got all checked in at the reception desk, got his key, and boarded the lobby elevator on the way to his room.

As the elevator doors closed, he looked at the key chain attached to his room key. 4D. He pushed the button for the fourth floor, and he was on his way. The elevator stopped as it reached the fourth floor, he stepped off, and made his way down the hall to his room.

Reading off the room numbers to himself as he made his way down the hall, he knew the bed he'd paid for the night was only four doors away. He passed the first two doors with no thought, but when he reached the third, his attention was slapped, shaken and stirred.

He heard a voice. A woman's voice. Was she crying? Maybe someone was hurting her. Maybe he should bust in and make sure she was safe and alright. No, wait...What if she was just sad and crying? Him busting in like Superman, with a chip on his shoulder sure wouldn't help her situation.

Then he heard some actual words being spoken. "Oh yesssssss, right there!" He knew that tone in which she spoke, and, boy was he glad he didn't kick the door down like Elliot Ness and his Untouchables raiding one of Al Capone's speakeasies.

Someone in there was enjoying herself. He leaned closer to the door to hear better. As long as he'd been on the road, it's been even longer since he'd heard someone he was with say those words, and in that tone of voice.

He was hoping no one would step off the elevator, or out of their rooms. He knew he could always pretend he was looking for his room, but come on, let's get serious. Anyone who had reached puberty, and had half a brain would know what he was doing with his ear pressed up against the door of room 4C.

As he pressed his ear harder against the door to better hear what was going on inside the room, the door silently came ajar, and opened oh so slightly. He froze, his heart stopped, he quit breathing, his blood ran cold, butterflies burst from their hidden cocoons in his stomach and started fluttering, and about three gallons of sweat droplets formed on his forehead.

He knew one of two things was about to happen. One: Everyone on the floor was going to come running out of their rooms, while the elevator doors simultaneously opened and everyone, from his mother to his old Sunday school teacher, were all going to step off and begin to laugh at him. Or, Two: (And the more plausible choice) Whoever was in there, giving her reason to speak in that tone, was going to come out, and beat him worse than a high school chess club geek, who just told the captain of the football team, that he just fucked his sister.

But, what he wasn't expecting was hidden choice Three. And that was that absolutely nothing was going to happen.

No one heard the door open. Not even him, and he was right on top of it. So now he was faced with a new choice. Does he go straight to his room, go to sleep, and leave in the morning, pretending none of this had happened, or, does he explore that voyeuristic side of himself he discovered back when he was 15, and found his dad's hidden stash of porno videos?

Hmmm, porno videos? Now there's an intriguing thought. What would he do if this were a porno video? And as he posed that question to himself... the answer became pretty damn clear of what to do with this situation.

He pushed the door open a bit more and stared through the crack. All he could see was red light. As he got the door a little more open, he noticed why. Someone placed a red scarf over the lampshade, casting a red hue over everything in the room. But as he realized why the room was all red, he also noticed he was practically standing in the room. All he needed to do was get the door open just a little more and he'd finally get to see what he was taking all this risk for.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened the door just as much as he needed. And there was the goal. But, he was more than a bit surprised. The big guy he was expecting to come out and pummel him for listening... didn't exist.

She was alone.

'This just keeps getting better and better.' he thought. It had always been a fantasy of his to watch a girl pleasure herself. Oh sure, he'd seen it plenty of times on video, but he was always too shy to ask his girlfriends to do it for him. What would they think of him for asking? Could he deal with the rejection if they got mad at him and left? No, he couldn't. Plain and simple. So, he just never asked. It just remained a fantasy. Well... till now that is.

She was lying on her back, with her legs spread just enough. Her left leg bent slightly at the knee. Her right leg stretched straight out. And, her head thrown back in ecstasy.

She was wearing a white satin and lace teddy, that hugged her body tighter than a hand in a form-fitting glove. White thigh high stockings, that rolled down at the top, safely attached to the garter belt clips on the teddy. White lacey fingerless gloves. And a pair of white french cut panties, which at the moment happened to be slightly pulled to the side, completed her ensemble.

He could smell her excitement more and more the further he ventured into the room. As the sweet odor of her musk filled his nose, his heart rate doubled, his mouth dried, and he felt his manhood stir and take notice.

His eyes locked on her slender fingers. More precisely, her right index and middle fingers: one on either side of her engorged clitoris. Rubbing both sides simultaneously. Up and down. Her breathing matching the speed of her fingers. He knew she was getting close to orgasm.

A slight whimper escaped her throat as she slipped her index and middle fingers between her puffy and swollen lips. Sliding them in and out, coating them with her juices, in which she brought back out, and rubbed into her clit, in tight little circles. The thumb of her left hand was gently rubbing and circling her more than erect nipple of her left breast

He licked his lips, tasting the salt from the sweat dripping down from his upper lip, when he noticed, his own left hand was unconsciously rubbing his fully aroused cock, over his jeans.

After a few more seconds, enveloped in his own pleasure, he returned his attention back to the beautiful brunette, lying on the bed. Her fingers buried deep in her pussy with her thumb rubbing against her clit.

"Oohhhhhhh please please, eat me." He heard her whispering. He began to wonder if she was fantasizing? Or, if she knew that he was there in the room with her, and was requesting his services. His thoughts drifted back to those porno videos once again. If this were a video, he'd do exactly what she was begging for. Well, he thought, that reasoning got him this far hadn't it? So, why stop now?

He crept silently up to the foot of her bed. "Ooooohh, please lick it there!" She moaned as she spread her lips with her right hand and the fingers of her left slamming in and out of them like a well oiled piston.

He held his breath. This was it. Now or never. He leaned on the bed, and ran his tongue up her inner thigh. Her head snapped up off the pillow in shock and surprise, and her eyes locked with his. Then after a couple of seconds of uncomfortable silence, a smile came across her lips, and she whispered, "Please, don't stop." He smiled back, and returned to the task requested of him.

He ran his tongue up the left side of her lips and down the right side, still watching her fingers as they danced on her clit. Playing it like a musical instrument only she knew how to play. He was studying them, so as to reproduce the motions when it was his turn to strum her strings. Then running his tongue right up the middle of her slit, he gently parted her lips, dipping his tongue deeper. Seeking out her honey.

She took her fingers from her lust button, and started to run them thru his thick black hair, as he continued to slide his tongue in and out of her pussy, tasting every bit of her womanhood. Both her hands grabbing fistfuls of hair, and pulling him closer and closer, grinding against his face all the while.

"HHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!" She gasped as her back arched, when his tongue snaked it's way from between her lips, up around her stiff clitoris, and sucked it in a bit between his teeth, licking it like a Tic-Tac as he did so.

He ran his tongue back over to her inner thigh and kissed it a few times, as he slid two fingers of his own into her hot, wet pussy. He looked up into her eyes as his fingers glided in and out. Her eyes were half closed and fully glazed over with lust, but didn't break contact with his.

Her fingers found her clit once more, and she went right back to making those tight little circles. Her lips grabbing and holding his fingers every time he slid them in and pulled them out. He leaned down and started kissing her fingers as they strummed her little instrument, noticing how much the sound of his fingers inside of her was turning him on more and more.

He also began to notice her lips were clutching and grasping his fingers tighter and tighter. Her breathing was so shallow, he almost couldn't hear it at all. She was close, and it wouldn't be long. Her juices were flowing freely now, like a river of lust running down her thighs. He tried in vein to lap up every drop, but it was just too much, but he wasn't giving up.

"NNNNN0NNNNNN... IIIII'MMMMMMM CUUMMMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNN !!!!" she moaned, as every muscle in her body tensed up. Her breath held. His fingers kept the steady pace that brought her this far. "DON'T STOP....OH PLEEEEEAASSSSSEEEEE DON'T STOP!!" she begged, as her body slowly tightened up under him.

She didn't have to worry about him stopping. On the contrary. As a matter of fact, his oral attack intensified. He laid his tongue flat against her clit, as she just pressed, ground, and wiggled heavily against it. Her hands grabbing the back of head, pulling him into her, and her thighs locking around his neck. "OOOOOHHHH YYYEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!" she cried out, then fell silent.

He felt the grip her womanhood had on his fingers lessen and her breathing slowed and became more normal. Her thighs unlocked from around his neck. Her fists unclenched, but she still let her fingers run through his locks slowly. She finally broke the silence with a long, contented sigh.

He slowly pulled his fingers from her now drained pussy. He put one finger in his mouth and cleaned it with his tongue. "Mmmmmmmmmm. Sweeter than honey." He complimented her. He then offered her the other one. She took the finger into her mouth and tasted herself. Slowly sliding her tongue up and down his finger. "Mmmmmmmm. Sure is." She replied.

She then took him by the wrist and pulled him up to her, so they were face to face. She proceeded to kiss him and lick her juices from his lips and chin.

"Thank you so much....I needed that." She said as she was licking his ear lobe.

He smiled at her and responded "Oh, believe me. It was all my pleasure."

She then hugged him tightly, and contently sighed once again. Then suddenly pulling back and looking him in the eyes and asked, "By the way....what's your name?"


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