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Flight Instruction Pt. I
by Wanli Chen

My adventure began on a JAL flight from the old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong to Osaka. The bookstore in the departure lounge had a nice little section of femdom erotica and I purchased a few magazines to bring with me on the flight. As I boarded the plane, I bumped right into this absolutely gorgeous stewardess and a strange thing happened- any other Japanese woman would have immediately apologized for the incident, despite it being my fault. This gorgeous woman looked me right in the eye and said, "You really should watch where you are going"; her voice was absolutely all business.

I felt a little chastised and was looking down at her nametag-Junko-when she asked to see my boarding pass in a fairly sharp tone. And then directed me to my seat with a mere hand gesture, rather than with the typical fawning and diminutive behavior that I associated with Asian women, particularly stewardesses. The flight was fairly empty, being that it was one that had been cancelled the day before and pretty much everyone else from that flight was placed on a different airline yesterday. I had taken the opportunity to stay the extra day and went out carousing all night with friends in Hong Kong. So I was one of only three people in the first class section and the rest of the flight was similarly empty.

I grabbed a few magazines from the rack, sat down, and started to thumb through them. I suddenly felt a sharp tug as the very same stewardess roughly grabbed the seatbelt that was under me and pulled the other end around, clicking them together and tightening it in one quick motion. While she did this I was equally distracted by her perfectly manicured nails (blood red and perfect) and by her gorgeous legs which were covered by sheer black stockings. I felt a little embarrassed that she was had buckled me in-like I wasn't capable of doing that myself. She then tugged the free end even more, making it too tight for me to breathe comfortably. I looked up at her questioningly and practically whispered, "Isn't that a little tight". All I got in response was a tight commanding smile, challenging me to say more. Well, I was too tired to care- I was dead to the world before we were wheels up. The flight took off and I was in another world.

I awoke as horny as I'd ever been- no rhyme or reason, just raging hormones. No one around- I got up and took the femdom magazines down from my bag in the overhead bin. As I sat there reading, a deliciously dirty feeling swept through me, like I was a teenager getting away with something. I didn't notice her until her hair swept down across my face and I smelled her alluring fragrance. I would have jumped, except that the seatbelt was too tight for me to move. Immediately I closed the magazine and looked up at her, blushing with embarrassment. Her hand quickly gripped my jaw and forced my head straight and she whispered, "You know, that kind of filth isn't tolerated in my country".

I could only stammer, "Uh, re-re-really?"

But she was already gone. I sat there for a minute, wondering what the hell to do- what can I say? I was humiliated...I closed my eyes for a second, thinking I am such a tool, when I again felt her warm breath in my ear, "Come with me", she commanded.

I followed her into the bathroom. She pushed me backwards against the toilet and I fell backwards onto the lid. Junko turned and locked the door. She then sat up against the tiny sink and placed her two gorgeous high heels on either side of me on the commode. And stared at me, "You will do everything I tell you to do, yes?" I could only nod. She shimmied up a bit to get her skirt around her hips, revealing the dark bands of the top of her stockings, contrasted by her creamy thighs. Her sheer white panties glowed translucently, perfectly framing her black pubic hair beneath.

"Now eat my pussy, little man", came the command. I was so excited and scared and turned on I couldn't move. But she was impatient. Junko entwined her fingers behind my head and pulled my nose deeply into her scent. And held me there. My mouth pressed up against those perfect panties, feeling her juices beginning to seep through. Nose crushed into her slit, absorbing all there was to smell. But I could not breathe. My entire head was surrounded by her: legs wrapped around my neck, hands pulling me deeper, thighs pressing tightly against my ears. Oxygen was needed- I was suffocating- I started to panic and tried to push away and then I heard the most sinister sound: giggling- she was laughing at my plight and meeting each of my movements with an even tighter grip around my head. And that was the precise moment when I relinquished all control and stopped struggling- I knew then that she had me and her will was mine. She felt me relax and whispered, "Good."

She loosened her hold on me briefly and pulled a tie at the side of her panties, revealing her perfect neatly shaven pussy. She undid a belt on her skirt and pulled the skirt and panties away. "Get to work," she ordered. Desperately wanting to satisfy this demanding woman, I licked, nuzzled, nibbled, sucked, and tongued her for all my worth, her juices flowing steadily, covering my mouth and nose. I could feel her excitement- if I slowed down her thighs and hands clamped down, encouraging me to lick and suck harder. I was breathing and living in her gorgeous womanhood, worshipping her essence. My entire being wanted to please her, to meet her desires. Her orgasms came quickly one after another, the black high heels tattooing the rhythm of her peaks on my back. Then with one final suppressed scream, her thighs fell to the side and she pushed my head away. "You're not bad- given more training, you might even satisfy me sometime". I beamed at the compliment.

"Stand up, face the mirror, and put your hands on the sink." I did as she ordered as she moved behind me. "Don't move." She quickly unbuckled my belt, popped the buttons on my trousers open, and slid them down my legs. My cock was hard, pushing against the cotton of my boxers. My underwear were pushed down too, allowing my dripping penis to spring free. I moaned. She then quickly slid my shoes, pants, and boxers off and stood behind me once more. I could feel her still warm wet crotch push up against my ass as she wrapped her long fingers around my dick and started stroking. "Do you like it?" she whispered.

"More than anything."

"Good. I'm in a generous mood." With that, she knelt down behind me, hand still gently shafting my prick. I sighed in disappointment when she took her hand off. Then I was being pushed forward by her hands as they pulled my ass cheeks apart. Her warm breath on my ass made me whimper. She blew more and I wriggled. "Stop moving, pervert." Her tongue speared me quickly- I bit my lip to keep from screaming. It felt like it was eight inches long; it was everywhere- rimming me, stabbing my hole, exploring deep in my rectum, electrifying each and every nerve ending. I reached down for my prick but she slapped my hand away. She stood up again and I moaned in disappointment. Her hot pussy thrust against my now wet hole.

She looked at me in the mirror, staring deep into my eyes as she placed one perfect slim finger against her plush plum lips and pushed it into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked it in. The finger came out glistening. Her eyes flashed a brief smile and I could feel her fingernail scrape against my asshole. I gulped and then the finger slowly started to slide in. I tensed up- "Relax or I'll fist your ass!" I forced myself to relax. The finger insinuated itself into my virgin ass until I felt the rest of her hand against my butt. My eyes fluttered close with embarrassment. "Look at me!" I opened my eyes and found her drawing me in, challenging me to stop her intrusion of my most private place. And then she started fucking me. Slowly at first, tantalizing me, teasing me. Smiling that evil little grin. I started to involuntarily move to meet her finger, impatient for the pleasure. A second finger joined the first. She smiled, knowing that I loved to be fucked, to be taken by her. The fingers moved faster, as did my hip movements.

"Who's my bitch? Hunh? Who's my little fuck hole?" I knew her hand was a blur between my legs and each time her fingers stabbed against my prostate, I yelped. My eyes fluttered close and she chastised me and demanded they be opened- she was fucking me with her eyes as much as she was with her fingers. The pleasure was building and I could feel this tremendous pressure deep in my balls and gut. The fingering slowed to a stop and she gently pulled her digits from my soundly fucked hole. A little sigh from me- still hard, insanely turned on, not willing to disobey her and start jerking off furiously. She dug briefly through her bag and stood up.

Then I felt this cold hardness press against my ass. I started to jump, but my movement halted when she slapped me hard on the ass. The unknown object started sliding into my hole, her eyes all the while on mine. I'm sure my fear was readily apparent, just as her absolute command of me was clear in her eyes. The cold plastic got thicker and thicker. "Too big", I grunted.

"No one asked you, bitchy," she smiled. My asshole stretched to the limit, and then I felt relief as the narrow end of the plug popped in. She patted my ass. "There, there, that wasn't so bad, was it whiner?" She didn't wait for the response, but twisted a knob, sending the butt plug a vibrating. Ignoring me, she bent down and rummaged through the pile of clothes. Up came her sheer panties, untied at one side, still glistening with her juices. Grinning, she placed them around my hips and knotted them tightly, trapping my hard and dripping cock. Made me step into my pants, pulled them up, efficiently buckled them. Put my underwear into her bag, smoothed her skirt, fixed her make-up and said, "Put your shoes on and return to your seat- we're landing soon." The look of confusion on my face was too much for her- "Oh, I'm not done with you yet." She opened the door. "And no playing with your little dick, either- it's mine now."

To be continued...

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