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Flight Instruction Pt. III
by Wanli Chen

Junko stepped into the room and rebolted the door. "How is my disgusting little pervert doing, Mayumi?"

"His ass is one hot little fuckhole."

"Oh yes it is." And then they switched to Japanese- I knew that the customs officer was relating the tale of my humiliation and that Junko was laughing along as she told Mayumi of her encounter with me on the plane. They finished laughing and started to prod me and slap at my ass and pull on my still unsatisfied dick. A few words, some giggling. Mayumi's fingers still fucking my ass. With a plop they came out. "Ewww, he is a dirty little boy", came Junko's disgust.

"Well, we can clean out his ugly little white ass."

With that, they loosened the cuffs holding my wrists. I stood up, naked and ashamed. Junko turned me around and forced me onto my back on the table.

"Arms above your head". Once more the cuffs went on. She forced a pillow under my neck so I could see Mayumi attaching leg supports with stirrups to the base of the table. She then took my legs, and strapped them into the stirrups and started to crank a handle underneath the table. My legs stretched wide, exposing my ass to their whims. Junko stripped down to her garters and stockings while Mayumi busied herself in the corner by the sink. My stewardess domina was beautiful and she knew it. She massaged her breasts and then naughtily slid a finger along her slit and rubbed it under my nose- "Did you miss me". My cock hardened in response to her scent. "Oh no, we won't be having any of that". She slapped my dick. Once, twice, three times. The angry purple head just stood higher. "Oh, it is so cute". With that she bent down and took me quickly into her mouth, squeezing tightly at the base to keep me from blasting my cum into her. "Just a taste of your little dick," she said as she stood up and smiled at me. I could have fainted from desire.

Then I noticed that Mayumi stood at the base of the table, a long tube in hand and an enema bag hanging from a rack next to her. She lubed up the probe and stuck it into my ass, thrusting it deeply. My cock jumped and Junko said something in Japanese that made Mayumi laugh. I could feel the tube sliding all the way along my rectum up into my colon. Mayumi then stopped, raised an eyebrow at me and started to inflate the probe. It got bigger and bigger, filling my ass like it had never been filled, my two gorgeous tormentors watching my panicked expression. Finally the pumping stopped and my relief was clear. Junko smiled at my response and then opened the valve beneath the enema bag.

The water was hot and it flowed quickly into my ass. I started to shout through the panties but my captors just laughed. The water kept flowing and I started to feel cramps in my stomach. At that point Junko hopped up on the table, straddling my face. She undid the stockings and took out the panties. "If you're going to scream, scream into this". With that she lowered herself onto my face and just started grinding. "Get me off hard and fast, my sweet little tongue machine". I guess the one good thing about suffocating beneath Junko was it made me forget the distention in my ass.

She just kept fucking my face and squealing in orgasm, covering my mouth and cheeks with her juices. And then she paused, lifting herself off my face and got off the table.

My ass was full. Very full. Mayumi jiggled the probe around, "How does that feel, hmmm?" Junko took over the jiggling and the laughing at me while Mayumi picked up a very large bedpan and placed it beneath my ass. "Do you want to take a poo-poo, little bitch?" asked Mayumi. I murmured yes, to which Junko said, "What? We can't hear you." I repeated yes, my urgency increased by the tremendous pressure in my bowels.

"What do you want? Say it", came the melodious voice of Mayumi.

"I want to poo-poo", I said through clenched teeth. "Oh, isn't that cute - can't you hold it?" Junko was certainly cruel. They jiggled the probe a while longer, chatting in Japanese and slapping at my prick.

Finally they turned and Mayumi asked, "What would you do to poo-poo right now?"

"Anything, anything you say", I begged.

"Oh we know that, but what will do for us."

"Whatever you tell me to do. Please".

Mayumi said, "Well, he sounds sincere. Shall we?" Junko nodded. Mayumi released the valve and removed the deflating probe. The water rushed out of me, splashing into the pan. "Eww, gross", came the comment from Junko.

Though I had been constantly abused used and humiliated for all this time, I still turned red with embarrassment at being forced to perform such an intimate activity in front of these two women. "Keep going, enema boy", Mayumi said. I kept pushing and Junko just laughed at me.

They refilled the enema bag and administered two more consecutively larger enemas before they were satisfied that I was clean. With that they gave me a small enema of some kind of oil which was cooling and soothing at first. And then it started itching. Bad. I began squirming on the table, struggling to relieve the itch which could not be scratched. Junko and Mayumi couldn't contain their mirth, laughing and pointing at me and cracking jokes about my condition in their native tongue. "Does it itch, my pet?" asked Junko.

"Oh god, please make it stop" I begged. I looked down the table at Mayumi, who was adjusting a harness around her waist. She smiled. "I have something to scratch that itch if you would like."

"Oh please, anything."

"Okay, but you have to ask nicely". She turned and out of the desk pulled three dildos, one of about six inches, another eight and the third a solid ten inch monster that was much wider than the others. "Which one?"

"The biggest one. Please." My ass was on fire.

They smiled at each other. "My, my, aren't you a greedy little whore", queried Junko.

"Yes, and to think that earlier today she was an innocent virgin," laughed Mayumi.

Junko's face turned serious, "She should beg for it". I needed no further prodding, all possibilities of dignity gone with the extreme discomfort, "Please fuck my butt. Please stick your huge cock into my greedy whore ass. I know I'm not worthy, but I need your hard dick."

Junko smiled and asked, "Well, my good friend gets to rape your little white ass- what about me?"

"Whatever you want, anything" I was practically crying. "Well, since you are so cute, I want your tongue in my ass while you get yours reamed". I've never even considered licking ass before, but I was ready with my tongue immediately, waving it in the air. Fortunately Junko needed no further invitation- she hopped back up on the table and settled backwards towards my face.

She was straddling my face, her ass inches from my tongue, her tight little brown hole winking at me. "Please." A word I was getting used to saying. The discomfort in my ass intensified. From between Junko's thighs I could see Mayumi stroking her 10" plastic dick, coating it in oil. And then she stepped forward and placed the tip of her cock right at my ass.

The itching was reaching epic proportions-never have I felt such discomfort. Junko's ass still waved in front of me; I could see her mons glistening with wetness and her finger was sliding along the lips. I was mesmerized by the red fingernail's motion. I could hear her breathing get heavier.

Mayumi's cockhead pressed against my ass. I tried to thrust downwards, to impale myself on her cock, but my bonds kept me in place. She just laughed at me and slowly pushed her way in, accentuating my agony. And then, with a quick push of the hips, Mayumi buried her dick all the way into my ass. Fireworks exploded, stars floated through my vision, my body suddenly limp. "Now lick my ass well, bitch." Junko lowered herself entirely onto my face as Mayumi started to thrust slowly in and out of my ass. Junko's dank hole settled right onto my tongue and I tried my best to spear it. The slight duskiness of her ass filled my nostrils as I rimmed her.

"Deeper." Her cheeks pressing hard against mine, trapping my mouth and nose in her most intimate of places. I knew what was next if I did not perform up to her expectations. My breath was cut off, my fate in her hands.

Mayumi picked up the pace of her thrusting. In and out. In and out.

And then she started long dicking me- pulling her plastic phallus to the edge of my hole and then slamming it all the way in with one violent motion. The itching was completely gone, replaced by a warmth and a desire for more. My tongue was pushing up against Junko's sphincter, which I am sure she tightening up just to make it more difficult for me. But in my desperation for breath I persevered and finally speared my tongue into her ass. She relented, allowing me a moment's breath and then settled back on my face, cutting off oxygen once again. Mayumi had found her pace- one long hard thrust, followed by three slow in and outs and then two quick jabs. I could hear her growing excitement as the thrusts pushed the dildo against her clit.

Junko was now masturbating with one hand and pinching Mayumi's nipples with the other. Mayumi had her hands all over Junko's body- massaging her breasts, diddling her clit, slapping at her nipples. My world was one of ass: Junko alternately cutting off oxygen with her weight and allowing me brief respites as long as I pleased her, Mayumi jamming my butt deeply with her cock. Both women were starting to cum. Junko leaned forward to kiss Mayumi, whose thrusting was intensifying as she sought her peak. I could hear their moans and they made my dick harden to the point of bursting. I knew that if either woman even brushed against my dick I would blow an epic load.

But they didn't have any interest in me. Junko started to bounce a little on my face, using my tongue like a little dildo in her ass while she played with herself. Mayumi was now gripping me around the thighs to increase her leverage on my ass. They were both breathing hard, grunting with the effort. It was all a blur to me. I was their fucktoy, there to serve no other purpose than to please them. Junko and Mayumi peaked at the same time, their cries of ecstasy commingling in the air. Their motions slowed as they wound down, still panting and sighing with pleasure. Junko lifted her ass from my face and got off the table to kiss Mayumi deeply.

Mayumi slowly pulled her cock out of my ass with a final pop. I moaned with disappointment, my purple cockhead dripping its desire. She then removed the harness and smiled at her partner in crime. "He is not a half bad piece of ass - should we keep him?"

Junko returned the smile and looked over at me. "Maybe so..."

to be continued...

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