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Fun in the Breakdown Lane
by BluesmanII

Maybe it WAS the Ides of March, maybe it was just bad luck, maybe it was my failure to maintain my vehicle in good condition, whatever!

But the moment that it happened, I KNEW from the sound of it, that it was a major engine failure. A bearing, a push-rod, whatever it was, it snapped. Permanently. Irrevocably. This vehicle wasn't going to go another mile without a tow. Naturally, I was thirty miles from the resort, fifteen of them on a back road that I had chosen because "It was the scenic route!" My female companion was not amenable to my choice of route at the time that I detoured. She pointed out that I did not know the road, it was only two hours till dark, and who-the-hell knows what kind of jerks hang out in these remote quarters? I took the detour anyway, assuring her that the gas tank was full, the tires brand new, and that it was a recent model Explorer, so what could possibly go awry? The sound of that "THUNK" made me regret the decision. Not because we had broken down, but because she was proved correct. A circumstance that no male can easily tolerate.

"Well, now what?" she demanded.

I said the only thing that any red blooded American man could say under such circumstances... "We have time, want to fuck?"

"Honestly!" she said... "THAT's all you EVER think about!" ... a moment passed... "OK" she agreed. I reached behind the rear seat to where I always keep a blanket. I ran to her side of the car and helped her out. In the late afternoon sun, the shadows accentuated her lovely breasts and her short skirt made her legs appear even longer. There was a small pond off to the side of the road and removed from it's view. I encircled her waist with my arm and we walked toward it, choosing a clearing to spread the blanket.

The sun was warm this far south and there was practically no breeze. Disrobing was not uncomfortable and I watched as she shrugged off her blouse, her bra, her skirt and panties. She looked much like a wood nymph out for a cavort in the pond. I folded my clothes in a pile near hers and I made what I thought was a gentlemanly proposal--- "I'll eat you first, lie back on the blanket, baby."

"Mmmmmm"...she pondered..."No... I want to see that big gun stiff and hard, then I want you to take me from behind. Come over here..." she said as she knelt on the blanket. I stood in front of her, feet apart, my semi-rigid cock dangling and near twitching with expectation. Her hands flattened against my thighs and her face nuzzled the semi-erect rod, her nose pushing it to the side as she playfully licked my balls. One hand gently reached for, and held, the shaft while the other reached through my legs, and, grabbing my ass, pulled my torso forward as her hungry mouth swallowed my cock. I uttered a four letter word in appreciation of this act. My cock instantly became rock hard and she spent some wonderfully long minutes pulling it in and out of her lovely lips. The head glistened in the diminishing light, her hair radiant as I watched her expertly suck me.

At length, I couldn't bear the impending climax and I gently pushed her away and said: "Your turn! Assume the position". She leaned forward as she was already kneeling and her head rested on her forearms as her ass was pointed up. Kneeling behind her, I ran my hands along her thighs to call their nudity to her attention. My cock brushed slightly against the wet labia of her cunt and I could feel her shudder in anticipation. I held the shaft firmly and fitted the large mushroom head against her wet cunt-lips and I slowly inserted my cock, inching forward one delicious increment at a time.

"Ohhhhh...,baby...." she cried, "That feels SOOOO good!" My hands reached beneath her and I fondled her tits as I slowly fucked her. She was writhing in sweet agony as my cock teased, slowly fucking her in long, deep, strokes. Her nipples were hard and I rolled them in my fingers while I continued the torturous sex-play. "PLEASE, PLEASE, baby...." she whimpered.... "PLEASE fuck me faster!" Her ass (lovely to behold from this vantage point) struggled against my cock urging it to go faster. I held her ass cheeks firmly and began a rhythmic motion that plunged the bad boy in and out of her with greater urgency. Soon, I was banging her ass ferociously with my pubis as my cock slid easily in and out of her wet pussy. Her moaning became a keening, a wild, untamed sound of complete animal emotion. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh......, MMMMmmmmmmmmmmm,......"

I could feel the big prick as it felt out every small place within her. I was exploring, I was testing her, I was testing myself! In a few more moments, I watched as she grabbed handfuls of the blanket, screaming, "That's it!!! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard! That's it! Don't stop!!!!"

I hammered at her, squeezing my shaft at the base to keep from exploding. The added stimulation of my fist balled up against her cunt as I squeezed my cock finally pushed her over the edge. She rocked back and forth violently as she let out a wail and finally settled into a low, passive, motion. Knowing that she had cum, I decided it was time for me to follow. I resumed the slower, more exquisite motion of the beginning of this episode and was rewarded with a hummm of appreciation from her. She was still enjoying this penetration and I was savoring her wetness. Within minutes, I could feel the tension build and I felt the climax as it came upon me. I pulled my cock out of her and let the hot stream of cum splash her ass cheeks and her pussy. "Oh, baby... that's it... cum for me!" she said. I let the waves of ecstasy wash over me and I let my cum wash over her.

Finally, when I was spent, we both relaxed on the blanket enjoying the last of the afternoon sun, and the quiet of the pond setting. "So.... What do we do about the car?" she asked. I smiled and pulled a small cell phone from my pants where they lay.

I hit the memory dial and the desk clerk at the resort answered: "May I help you?"

"Yes..." I responded. "We just checked out this afternoon and I broke down about thirty miles from your hotel on the old main road. It's pretty certain to be a major repair. Can you send for a tow truck?" He said he would. I also asked him to book me another room for two more days. I hung up and looked at my now sated companion. "You know.... WE DO have time while we wait for the towtruck!"


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