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Fun in the Shower
by Jenna

The year I turned eighteen I had a crush on the quarterback of our high school football team. One day I was out running when I saw John was on the field practicing. Up till now John hadn't noticed I existed but I was determined to change that.

As I headed in a plan came to me. The girls shower's were broken and if I could arrange a way for John to find me in the boy's shower's I was sure to get his attention so I went looking for the coach to try and get permission. The coach at our high-school was new and since he was young I thought I could talk him into bending a few rules for me. At first he refused as I knew he would but I was highly motivated to change his mind. I lied and said that all the guys had already left for the day and nobody would catch me. I finally wore him down and he agreed but only if we kept it a secret as he didn't want to get in trouble. I agreed and headed for the showers.

I had to hurry as on my way in I caught sight of John packing up and knew he'd soon be headed my way. Once in the locker room I started to strip leaving a trail of clothing leading to the showers. Naked I turned on the water and began to wash. I was soon rewarded with the sound of the main door banging shut. I knew my fantasies were about to come true so I closed my eye's and began to soap my firm breasts. My nipples hardened as I stroked my hands around them teasing myself. This went on for a minute or two and I was getting unbelievably turned on. I slowly began to run my hands down my stomach heading for my wet cunt when I opened my eye's and was surprised to see John standing at the doorway. He was standing their naked just staring at my hot body. I ran my eye's hungrily over his hard body and decided that since his huge cock was standing straight up it was fair to say John had finally noticed me.

"Care to join me," I asked in a husky voice. I was salivating at the sight of his hard dick.

"Aren"t you a hot little thing," he replied as he began to pull on the head of his pile-driver. "What's your name?" he asked as he entered the showers the rest of the way.

"Jenna," I whispered.

"Well Jenna, I think I have just what your looking for. Is this what you need?" He was now shaking his hot dick at me and I couldn't wait to taste that prime piece of tube-steak.

I sank to my knees before him. He was still a couple of feet away from me and I began to crawl towards his rock hard cock. At the sight of my hard body crawling towards him his eye's blazed into mine and his dick began to twitch. I knew it was turning him on to see me on my knees desperate to taste his meat.

I slowly looked up his body till our eye's met and ran my tongue along my lips silently telling him how much I wanted to taste his cum. I then turned my attention to his cock. I began by running my nails up his hard thighs. I raised my head till his balls were before my mouth and held still just letting him feel my hot breath caressing him. When I couldn't stand this any more I began to flick my tongue of his sacks tasting his sweat. I lightly began to suck his balls till I heard him suck in his breath and moan. I knew it was time to move on so I began to flick my tongue up the underside of his dick till I reached the head and could taste his pre-cum oozing out the head. With one hand I started to fondle his balls while I took his dick into my mouth. I would take as much of his dick into my mouth as I could fit and began to suck and fuck him with my mouth. I knew he wasn't going to last long this first time so I wasn't surprised when I felt his balls start to tighten and his dick begin to blast off in my mouth.

"Come on Jenna swallow it all." he yelled as I did just that.

When I sat back and looked up at him he had a dazed and slightly unfocused look on his face. Finally he looked down at me and smiled.

"Well Jenna I guess you deserve something special for being such a good cocksucker," he said. John then sank to his knees and pushed me back to the floor. He spread my legs and lowered his mouth to my dripping pussy. Sucking on John's cock had gotten me so horny that just the sight of him their between my thighs almost made me cum.

With his tongue he began to part my pussy lips and lightly touched my clit causing my hips to buck up off the floor. He shoved one finger up my tight hole and began to suck my clit into his mouth. As he fucked me with his finger and sucked on my clit I grabbed my tit's and began to twist my hard nibs. I began to shake and I opened my eye's to look at John when I noticed the coach Mr. Steward standing at the door. The shocking thing was he was naked.

"Is this a game three can play?" he asked. John lifted his head and smiled at Mr. Steward. He then dropped his head and returned to sucking me with renewed vigor. Coach waked over to us and dropped to his knees beside me. He leaned over to kiss me and shoved his tongue down my throat. I was going crazy and knew I was never going to forget this day as long as I lived. At this point I couldn't hold back any longer as the most intense orgasm I had ever felt ripped through my body spraying John in pussy juice. John looked up at me showing me his incredibly wet face and then dove back down for some more.

Mr. Steward moved in behind John and reached between his legs to find his cock rock hard again. As he stroked John's cock he knelt behind him and slowly began to insert his dick into John's ass. John stopped eating my pussy and I waited to see what he'd do. His face was tight with the intense pleasure and pain he must have been feeling. When Mr. Stewart was all the way up John's ass he held still while he jacked on John's throbbing meat. After a minute he began to slowly pull out and then shove his hard cock back up John's tight ass. Finally John went back to sucking my clit and this time the orgasm came faster.

Now I wanted to be fucked. Watching Mr. Stewart fuck John's ass made my pussy ache for a hard cock and I wanted it now.

"Fuck me," I begged. "Please someone fuck me."

"I'll fuck you," John said. "I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked before."

Mr. Stewart pulled his dick out of John's ass so he could climb between my spread thighs. He began to kiss me and grind his hips into my dripping snatch setting my blood to boil. Suddenly he rolled over taking me with him so that I was now on top and lifted my hips enough so he could settle my pussy over the broad head of his pole. John took a deep breath and drove my hips toward him impaling me on his cock. He felt so good stretching my pussy to the limits that I began to rotate my hips. I had forgotten that Mr. Stewart was even there when John grabbed my arms and pulled me forward over his chest.

Mr. Stewart," he said as his cock made short jabs into my pussy, "do you see anything you like?" John then spread his legs wide causing my legs to spread even more. Leaning over John like I was spread my ass wide open and ground my clit into John's pubic bone. I moaned in delight but when Mr. Stewart knelt between our legs and began to lubricate my virgin ass I became scared.

"No," I pleaded. "I've never done this before."

"A virgin," Mr. Stewart groaned as he began to probe my hole with his finger. It hurt and every time his finger entered my hole my hips moved forward trying to escape. This caused my clit to grind even harder into John and my pussy would spasm.

"You better hurry, If this keeps up I won't last long." John moaned.

Mr. Stewart then replaced his finger with his dick. He spread my ass cheeks as far apart as he could and worked the head past the tight band of my asshole. I screamed but Mr. Stewart just held still with only the head lodged into my back passage.

"Work it in Jenna," he demanded. "We don't stop till you've taken it all. I want to feel myself buried inside."

I began to move a little at a time. It still hurt but not as much as before and my clit was getting quite a work out. I was getting more and more turned on by the thought of taking two dicks at once. Finally I felt his stomach against my ass and knew he was all the way inside. I was so full I was terrified of moving too fast and ripping open. I just lay their holding my breath wondering what to do next when the men took over. Mr. Stewart would pull out of my ass while John drove into my hungry pussy, then when John pulled out Mr. Stewart would drive that pole inside. I don't know how long this went on but soon I couldn't hold back any longer.

"I'm cumming." I sobbed. John moaned and buried his cock up my spasming pussy as far as it would go and began to blast my womb with his cum. Mr. Stewart was fucking my ass hard when he growled and emptied his balls deep in my bowels. We all collapsed in a heap breathing hard. Finally Mr. Stewart turned to me and said, "You can the boys shower room any time you want as long as I'm invited." I plan on doing just that.


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