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Fun in the Sun
by J.G.

This happened when I was staying with my sister in her house in a nice medium sized town in New York. She had invited me over so I could stay a couple of months. We hadn't seen each other in years and she really wanted to make up for the time we lost.

So, come my last paycheck I quit my job at the video store and left to go to my sisters. When I got there I thought, Holy shit! Her house was huge. It had an in ground swimming pool in the back that you could just dive into right off the back deck which was two times the size of my apartment back home. I walked to the front door and rang the bell. Nobody came to the door so I assumed she was out. I didn't hold her at fault seeing how I was three days early anyway.

I found the key taped to the rose bush beside the front deck (again bigger than my apartment) and unlocked the door. When I walked in I was greeted by a German Shepherd who was lazily dreaming away in the massive dining room.

I quietly walked to the living room where I saw the huge TV and VCR on top of it. I thought what the hell and decided to check out what she was watching. I ejected the tape and found it to be of the pornographic genre. After careful thought that lasted thirty seconds I decided to watch it.

I put it in and sat on the couch. Before I hit play I realized that there was a bikini on the couch. Obviously sis had left it out so I just chucked it into the chair and hit the play button.

She had stopped watching it not long after it was started so they were just getting into the sex. Not surprisingly it was a lesbian tape. I had known that my sis was bi-sexual since I was fifteen. I caught her in bed with one of her cheerleader friends once. Now that was a show.

On the screen the two girls were sitting in a reclining lawn chair out of doors on a huge deck. It was a fairly close shot of the one woman with nothing on sitting down facing the camera with her head back. She was moaning loudly and her hands were all over her breasts. The other woman was down on her knees eating her out. Her face was away from the camera. All you could see was her back and her perfect ass.

Now, whenever I watch a porn tape the sounds of the girls moaning and the looks on their faces gets me off more than the actual sex. Call it weird if you want, I don't care. Anyway, she was moaning deeply and pinching her nipples between her thumb and fore-finger.

I had a boner instantly. I looked around and it didn't seem that sis was going to be home anytime soon so I decided to masturbate. I took my cock out of my pants and started rubbing my hand up and down it.

The girl on her knees stood up and kissed the other girl on the lips. "Oh, Tracy, that was the best." She was still breathing heavy. "Now it's your turn." They switched positions yet I still could not see Tracy's face. Finally she sat down with her head all the way back. All that was showing of her face was her mouth. It looked great to kiss and perfect for oral sex.

The woman on her knees started going down on Tracy. "Oh, Jane, suck my clit." Tracy moaned on the screen. I was really getting into it. Jacking-off intensely. I felt the orgasm coming then something clicked in my head. My sister's name was Tracy. And the woman on the tape was wearing the same bikini as my sister had left on the couch.

Then Tracy lifted her head up and looked down at the girl burrowing into her crotch as her moans started coming as fast high whines. My eyes widened and my hand froze on my cock. It was my sister! My hand started moving faster than it had been on my cock.

Her bikini top came off and her beautifully perfect breasts came out. They were perfectly round and firm with pink nipples that were just the right size. She started rubbing her nipples and her whining grew fiercer. She was screaming now, "Jane! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That's it! Ohhhhhhh!" She arched so high and hard I thought she would break her neck on the back of the chair. Just as she came, a shot of semen flew from my cock and hit me in the chin. I continued to shoot for what seemed like and eternity.

When my vision came back I was able to see the two making out on the screen and Tracy licking all of her juices off Jane's face. That almost made me shoot again. They stood up and the camera moved. I realized that they were on the back deck of her very house when they made the tape.

I looked at the bikini. If that was out they either just finished and she was reviewing it or they had or are about to make a follow-up. Or that was the follow-up. So many thoughts and ideas were running through my head. I didn't even hear the door open.

The person who walked into the room was Jane. She just kept walking, then realized the tape was running and turned around. When she saw me surprise washed her face, then it was almost instantaneously changed to seduction.

She walked over and leaned over in front of me. I had a perfect view of her bra-less breasts as she looked at me. She leaned in forward and kissed my on the lips, letting her tongue explore the recesses of my mouth. She broke the kiss and snaked her tongue down to my chin and licked the semen off my face.

"Looks like James got a little happy while watching our little tape," she said to me. Her voice was resonant. Beautifully resonant. She bent her head down and licked my cock and hands clean. She also wiped it off the couch and my clothing and ate it. "I love this taste," she murmured. "I wish I could have more." Her eyes were closed so she couldn't see my cock rising to an erect position. When she looked she just smiled.

Her hand wrapped around my member, they were a little cool as if she had been carrying something frozen, but it was perfect. She stared jerking me off while she blew on my cock. Then she leaned up and pulled me to the floor with me on top. She took off my pants the rest of the way and her shirt. She nestled my cock in her cleavage, pushing her magnificent breasts together. "Fuck me like this, James." It was almost a whimper and it drove my wild. I started fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

My cock slipping in and out of her cleavage, lubricated by the thick spit she left on me when she was licking my cock clean. She was moaning as I fucked her breasts and she even snaked that long, gorgeous tongue out of her mouth and licked the tip of my cock every time I thrust forward.

I could feel her legs squirming together behind her and knew that she wanted her pussy to have attention, so I stood up and pulled up her skirt. Of course, she had no panties on. I took my cock and slowly pushed the whole 8 and 1/2 inches into her cunt. She was moaning loudly now, as I moved in her.

Her face changed to pure lust and she started bucking against my cock. I started rotating my hips and my cock slipped around in her, getting nice and lubricated. Then I pulled out nearly to the head and rammed back in with so much force that we moved an inch. Her eyes were rolled back in her head as I continued to pound her cunt.

She was literally screaming, "James! James! I want you to fuck my mouth. Ram that beautiful cock into my mouth!" as she came.

I took my cock and positioned myself over her face and slid my cock into her throat gently. She deepthroated all of it. All the way to my balls. I started fucking that beautiful little face hers and I felt the sperm welling up in my balls in one firm thrust I shot my load right into her stomach. She pulled it out and pumped more of my seed onto her face and breasts. She even pumped it onto her pussy lips and rubbed it in. She came then a resonant whine from deep within her throat.

"I need to clean up," she said in a breathless voice, still rubbing her cunt. She moved to get up, but I held her down.

"I can help with that," I said with a smile. She looked a little confused. A big drop of my sperm had landed directly on her right nipple. I bent my head down and took it and the nipple into my mouth. I continued to suck on her breast even after it was all gone.

"Ohhh," she moaned. "Lick all off me." So I licked all around her breast, stopping occasionally to swallow. I sucked on her left nipple until she came again and licked down to her slit. "It's really deep in there. You'll have to use your hands to."

I opened her up with my fingers and pushed two fingers inside her hole. Then I stuck my tongue between them and licked her clean. She screamed, "James! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" and came harder than she had the first time. It almost felt like her cunt was going to crush my tongue. I pulled it out of her and smiled.

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