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Fantasy Lived
by Adalefin

By the time that my wife Laura and I had been married for 10 years we had pushed our sex life to the limit. Not only were we eager participants in oral sex but often used sex toys and masturbated for each other. My wife is a beautiful woman about 5'6" tall with a very thin sensuous figure. Her brown eyes match her brown shoulder length hair. She has the most gorgeous mouth with full pink lips. It wasn't unusual for us to use X rated videos to enhance our enjoyment. We were comfortable enough with each other to share our darkest fantasies. One of our favorite scenarios was for me to describe an encounter with another woman or man joining us. While I spun my tale Laura would fuck herself with her favorite vibrator. Watching her work that beautiful pussy of hers never failed to turn me on. I did notice however that stories involving another woman really got her juices going.

Although we had discussed various candidates to realize our fantasy with, we could never seem to come up with a workable approach. One of the top candidates was Laura's friend Marie. Marie was about 5'7", brown hair and green eyes with a killer body. Her C cup tits were a real turn on for a guy whose wife could only fill an A cup. Don't get me wrong, Laura has the most sensitive nipples I have ever known on a woman and I loved her beautiful little tits. But we always want what we don't have. Marie is one of the wildest friends Laura has, fucking and sucking her way through half the town.

One weekend we sent the kids to my Mother's house down the Cape so we could have some private time. Friday night we went out for a great dinner, much wine and a full night of hot sex. The next morning we decided to spend a relaxing day by the pool sipping drinks and indulging in an occasional fuck session. Laura was already in her swimsuit and soaking up rays on the deck when I headed out to the liquor store for beer and wine coolers.

When I returned I was surprised to find Marie there, wearing a skimpy bikini and laying in a lounge chair next to Laura. They both welcomed me with sweet smiles and a request for a cold drink. I pulled out a beer and wine coolers for the ladies and served them by the pool. I positioned a lounge chair next to Laura with Marie on the other side of my wife. The sight of my brunette wife's slim figure and Marie's scantily clad full chested body certainly had no trouble keeping me interested. For the next few hours we talked, drank and took an occasional dip in the pool. By early afternoon we were all showing signs of a definite buzz.

Of course the topic eventually turned to sex. I listened to my wife tell Marie how we had made our own sex video. She giggled as she described the scene that we had worked out where she was sucking on a life like dildo, with the body end just out of the picture frame, while I fucked her very hot pussy. On the video it looked like Laura was servicing two men. Marie couldn't believe that it would look that realistic so Laura invited her into the house to see for herself! I stood behind the sofa as Marie sat on it and Laura loaded the video into the VCR. The tape had a lot of different scenes of us fucking, sucking and masturbating for each other. I was a little embarrassed to have Marie see me naked so I resorted to technical jargon. I explained that the biggest problem that we had was that the camera had to stay in a fixed position and we had to be careful to keep the action within the set frame. There was also no way to zoom in on the action. "What we really need " I said " is a camera man." About this time the scene with the dildo, Laura and I came on and we were all quiet as we watched Laura appear to fuck and suck two dicks at the same time.

When the video was over we were all kind of embarrassed but also turned on. I could see both Laura and Marie's nipples hardened against their bathing suit tops. I knew that if I felt Laura's pussy she would be soaking wet. We wandered back out to the deck and I brought fresh drinks. After a few more drinks I was startled to hear Laura ask Marie if she would be willing to be our cameraman. Marie didn't waste a minute replying that she would be happy to. After all she reasoned, she had already seen us naked having sex. Laura asked if this afternoon would be OK. Marie told her that would be fine but she needed to go home, shower off the suntan lotion and get changed. With that she got up and headed to her car, pausing to turn around look at us, smile and wink.

Laura and I headed to the bathroom to shower and get prepared. When we were naked under the water we were all over each other. As I expected I found my wife's pussy to be soaking wet (but she always has had the wettest pussy I've ever seen.) I rubbed her clit and fingered her as she pumped my cock slowly and expertly. I asked her if she had thought about what would happen if Marie joined us and she replied that she was hoping that this was the time that we would finally have our threesome. She fell to her knees, looked up into my eyes and began to suck my hard cock. Between sucks she would tell me how much she hoped that she would have a chance to lick Marie's sweet pussy. I asked her what she thought would be a sure sign that Marie was willing to join us and she guessed that if Marie had sexy lingerie on, she was hoping for action. We finished teasing each other in the shower and got out to dry off.

In the bedroom I watched as Laura put my favorite sex suit on. It was a red lace bodysuit. The lace was sheer enough that you could see all of her assets. I slipped on a pair of tiger striped briefs that Laura had bought for me and we heard the doorbell ring. We looked at each other and smiled, grabbed our robes and headed downstairs. Marie greeted us at the front door in a short skirt and a sheer blouse. You could just see the lace of her teddy through the top of the blouse. Laura and I looked at each other and smiled. I instructed the ladies to head up to the bedroom and I would be up soon with drinks.

When I got to the bedroom Laura was lying on our king sized waterbed, still with her robe on watching Marie fiddle with the video camera. I gave Laura her wine and walked over to Marie. She took her glass and I took the camera. I showed her how everything worked and had her try a few test shots. Confident that she could handle the equipment I headed for the bed.

Laura and I began to kiss and caress each other, slowly loosening the belts on the robes, exposing more of our bodies. Out of the corner of my eye I sensed Marie filming us. I stopped and turned to Marie and told her that I would be a lot more comfortable if Laura and I weren't the only ones without our clothes. Marie climbed onto the bed, set the camera down and sipped her wine while expressing some nervousness about taking her clothes off. She turned to Laura and asked her what she thought. Laura looked her right in the eyes and told her that it would turn her on. I reached over to Marie and pulled her head toward me as I gave her a very hot tongue kiss. She returned the kisses and was obviously becoming turned on. I unbuttoned her blouse and reached into her teddy and pulled out her right breast, still kissing her. She moaned in my mouth as I rolled the nipple between my fingers. I treated myself to a glance of her exposed breast and was excited to see that she had really big nipples with aureole at least three inches in diameter. I sensed movement on the other side and saw Laura's hand reach into the teddy and pull Marie's other breast out. Suddenly Marie and I moved off the bed and I began to completely undress her. I soon had her stripped down to total naked and glanced over to see Laura catching it all on the video camera.

Marie looked down to see my hard cock straining against my briefs, the head squeezing out of the top. She looked over to Laura and asked if it was OK to touch it. Laura laughed and said that she hoped that Marie would touch it, suck it and fuck it! With that Marie reached inside my briefs, wrapped her hand around my cock and began to pump me as we kissed. She finally fell to her knees, looked at my cock and began to softly lick the head. She looked up into my eyes just as she sucked the head into her mouth. I was enjoying not only the sight of her sexy mouth sucking my cock but had reached down and was playing with her gorgeous tits. After a while I suggested that we get up on the bed. Marie saw that Laura had been filming us the whole time and insisted that she wanted to capture the two of us in action for awhile.

I gladly moved up and lay next to Laura. Her kisses were frantic, sucking on my lips and tongue. I played with her nipples through the bodysuit and got a squirm and a moan in response. I began to move down her body leaving wet kisses in my wake. I stopped to lovingly suck her nipples and continued my journey down. When I had reached her hips I reached over and pulled the crotch of the bodysuit aside to find her wet swollen pussy. I breathed in her sexy aroma and began to lightly touch her pussy lips and clit. Her hips were churning with pleasure. Finally I slipped a finger into her steaming hot cunt and began to finger fuck her. I was surprised as Marie's hand covered mine and she slipped a finger into Laura, alongside mine. I looked up to see Marie straddled on her knees, one hand operating the camera and the other in my wife's crotch.

I realized that Marie's pussy was reachable for my other hand and slipped it over to feel her swollen and wet pussy lips. This was heaven as I had a pussy in each hand! I played with them both. It was especially fun when Marie took her finger out of her girlfriend's pussy and began to stroke my wife's clit while I continued to finger fuck her. It didn't take long before Laura was cumming her brains out, the pussy juice just gushing out of her hot cunt. As she began to calm back down I shifted my attention to Marie. As I played with her pussy Marie found it impossible to concentrate on the video camera. She lay it aside on the bed and leaned down to kiss me as I explored her luscious cunt with my fingers.

Gently I brought Marie onto her back as I kissed her and continued to play with her pussy. I was aware of movement to my left and looked down to see Laura moving over between Marie's legs. I removed my hand and reached for the camera as I realized that Laura was getting ready to taste her first pussy. I watched as she looked up at Marie and then lightly began to lick her pussy. She moved her tongue all over Marie's pussy and I could see Marie's juice spread all over Laura's face. Marie's hands moved down to pull Laura's head deeper into her pussy. I kept taping the action as I moved up onto my knees by Marie's head. I felt her hot breath and then her mouth on my cock. She began to suck me while my wife licked her.

Marie's mouth sucked me harder and harder and I could see Laura's tongue going faster and faster over Marie's clit. I felt and heard Marie start to moan around my cock and watched as she began to cum. I looked down to see Laura sucking on Marie's clit as she came in spasms again and again. She was so out of it that my cock popped out of her mouth. Laura smiled up from between Marie's legs, her face smeared in pussy juice. I put the camera aside and moved down so I could kiss and lick Marie's juice from her face. She smiled as I told her how proud I was of her. I looked up to see Marie with a blissful look on her face. I moved up to Marie and kissed her, making sure she got a taste of her own juice. I asked her if she would like me to teach her how to eat Laura's pussy and got a husky yes in return.

We removed Laura's bodysuit and directed her to lay on the bed with her head on the pillow. I positioned myself at her side about hip level and Marie moved up between her legs. Marie spread Laura's legs wide and stared at the juicy pussy lips. I leaned over and began to softly flick my tongue around Laura's clit. Marie moved up and we took turns licking at her swollen bud. " Tongue fuck her " I said, and then watched as Marie stiffened her tongue and shoved it up my wife's cunt. I continued to lick the clit and Marie fucked her tongue in and out of that juicy hole. Laura was moaning and moving like she was going crazy. Suddenly Marie reached up and pushed my head away from Laura's pussy. She told me that this pussy was hers now and began to eat Laura's whole pussy. I moved up next to Laura's head. Her eyes were half closed and she was moaning like I had never heard her before. I moved my cock up to her lips and she opened up to take my cock into her hot mouth. I reached down to play with my wife's hot nipples while she sucked me. From where I was I could watch Marie devouring Laura's pussy while she sucked my cock. I told Marie to open her eyes and look at how good Laura sucked cock. She continued to suck cunt but looked up at my cock sliding in and out of Laura's mouth. I would occasionally take my cock out of my wife's mouth and smear it all around her face.

Marie did such a good job eating Laura's pussy that she started to cum within a few short minutes. While Laura calmed down Marie lay between my outstretched legs softly sucking my cock. I still wasn't ready to cum, just wanted to enjoy the sensation. I stopped her after a few minutes and ran downstairs to freshen our wine. When I returned the girls were laying next to each other on the bed. I sat up on the bed and handed them their wine. We talked about what a great idea this was. I told the women that there were a few fantasies that I wanted fulfilled before we called it a day and asked them if they had any too. Laura said that she had always wanted to have someone lick her clit while being fucked. Marie's eyebrows went up and she said that she thought that sounded really good. She also mentioned that she wanted to be in a 69 with a woman. They looked at me and I told them that I wanted to eat 2 pussies at the same time and have one of them on my face while the other fucked me. Since they were laying there together I suggested that I start with eating 2 pussies at once.

I moved up between Marie's legs, lying on my stomach. I spread her legs and noticed how red her cunt was. Her juices glistened on her pussy lips. Laura lay next to her watching. I began to lick and suck Marie's cunt. When I sensed that she was getting really aroused I stopped and pulled her right leg over me and moved over to Laura's familiar pussy. I looked up into her eyes as I lovingly tasted her hot, wet cunt. I smiled to myself as I saw Marie move closer and start to suck on one of Laura's nipples. I felt the juice just gush from her pussy. When I felt that she was getting out of control I stopped and moved back to Marie. Laura watched and played with Marie's nipples as I slurped at her girlfriend's slit. I stopped long enough to look at Laura and asked why she hadn't kissed Marie yet. She looked into Marie's eyes and then they were sucking at each other's mouths. Their hands were all over each other's tits as they moaned in each other's mouths. I quickened my licking of Marie and was soon rewarded with her gushing juices as she came. Quickly I moved over to Laura, they were still locked in their French kissing, and began to suck her cunt. It only took a few minutes before she came as well.

We all took a break, sampling our wine. The ladies congratulated me on such a fine fantasy. After our brief rest Laura looked at me and said that it was her turn to have her fantasy. I moved up behind her on the bed, spoon fashion. I caressed those cute little tits as I ground my cock into her ass cheeks. She turned her head and began to passionately kiss me. I felt her legs part and Marie's hand on my cock. I looked down to see Marie in between Laura's legs. She was rubbing my cock on Laura's pussy. I watched as she stuck the head of my cock into Laura and then took it out and sucked the juices off of my cock head. I noticed that Laura was watching too as Marie stuck my cock back into my wife's pussy and began to lick her clit. I started to fuck my cock in and out of Laura's slit as Marie sucked her clit. Marie stopped and looked up at Laura, she smiled and then moved up on the bed. I continued to fuck Laura as Marie fed her nipple into my wife's mouth. She then offered the nipple to me. I could see that her hand was rubbing Laura's clit. Marie stood on the bed and straddled our heads, her pussy right there. Laura and I took turns licking Marie'' pussy as I continued to fuck my wife. Marie moved back down between Laura's legs, took my soaking wet cock out of her pussy, sucked all of the juice off and shoved it back in. She looked up at Laura and told her "I want you to cum in my mouth." and then started to lick and suck her clit. I pumped my cock in and out faster and faster. Occasionally I felt Marie's tongue licking at the shaft of my cock as she ministered to Laura's hot pussy. Laura started to moan and then let loose with an awesome orgasm. The twitching pussy around my cock caused me to start to cum and as I groaned and said I was cumming I felt Marie pull my cock out of Laura's pussy and suck my juices out of my cock. It was one of the strongest orgasms I ever had.

Again we rested and refreshed ourselves. I saw Marie begin to caress Laura's thigh and she ask if she was ready for more. Laura said she was ready when she was and leaned over to indulge in a juicy kiss. I looked around and found the video camera. As the women began to feast on each other's mouths, I moved off of the bed so that I would be able to move around when needed. I started to videotape the two women as their hands began to explore each other's body. It was such a sexy sight to see Marie bend her head down to suck on one of Laura's nipples. After a few minutes she continued to kiss her way slowly downward. I watched as Marie moved over my wife, straddling her head and pulling Laura's legs apart. She looked at that hot pussy and then moved her head down. I watched as she took Laura's pussy lips into her mouth softly sucking each one. She eased a finger into my wife's juicy cunt and began to softly lick her clit. I zoomed in with the camera to catch a close up of this sexy pussy eating and then began to move sideways to see what Laura was up to. As I moved around I could see my wife's hands wrapped around Marie's thighs, grasping her luscious ass cheeks and pulling them apart to expose her pussy. As I continued around I saw Laura's head going up and down as she licked the full length of Marie's pussy. She stopped just long enough to shove her tongue up her wet hole and shake her head back and forth. Both women were urgently sucking at the each other, oblivious to my presence. I realized that my cock was as hard as a rock. After capturing a few more minutes of the action I set the camera down and got back up on the bed. I worked my way behind Marie, straddling Laura's head. She sensed my presence and opened her eyes to see my hard cock ready to sink into Marie's pussy. This would be the first time that I felt strange pussy in 10 years. She smiled up at me, reached to grasp my cock and lovingly guided me into Marie's pussy, all the while continuing to lick at her girlfriend's clit.

I sank my cock into that hot pussy all the way to the hilt. Marie's cunt wasn't as tight or wet as Laura's but it sure felt good. Marie began to moan as I slowly fucked her cunt while Laura licked her clit. It seemed that she got wetter and wetter as we picked up the pace. I heard Marie cry out and her pussy began to spasm around my cock. It felt incredible. After Marie came I stated to pull out but she told me not to. She told Laura that her clit was really oversensitive but she wanted to be fucked some more. Laura crawled out from under Marie and moved around so that she was lying on her back in front of Marie. I was excited to watch my wife as she slowly spread her legs in front of Marie's mouth. I continued to fuck Marie's pussy as she licked and sucked at Laura's cunt. Before long I was slamming my cock in and out of Marie's pussy. Laura had grabbed Marie's hair in both hands and was pulling her head deeper into her crotch. I felt Marie's pussy begin to spasm again, Laura was crying out with another orgasm and I couldn't help but shoot a hot load into Marie's pussy. We all collapsed in exhaustion on the bed in total bliss.

I headed downstairs to get more wine and also to hook up the VCR and review some of the tape we had taken that day. The ladies soon followed into the living room and I handed them their wine coolers before heading to the VCR. I rewound and started the tape and hurried to sit on the couch between the two women (we were all still naked.)

When we got to the part where the women were in 69 I felt Laura start to rub my leg. Her hand worked it's way to my cock and I felt Marie reach down to cup my balls. I commented that I was going to need some help if we were going to go at it again. Laura bent her head and took my cock into her mouth. I let her suck at me for a few minutes and then got a naughty idea.

I stood up, pulled the girls closer and then pushed my crotch into their faces. They got the idea and started to take turns sucking my cock. I especially liked it when they would sloppily french kiss each other with my cock in between. I realized that I had not yet had my fantasy of one woman on my face and one on my cock. I had the ladies stand up, then I lay down on the couch. I motioned for my wife to straddle my face and Marie straddled my crotch. Laura's pussy was soaking wet, her thighs were smeared with her juices. I felt a hand grab my cock and guide it into Marie's wet pussy. They began to ride me like a carnival attraction. At one point Marie leaned back and Laura leaned forward to lick Marie's clit as I fucked her. It only took a few minutes until Marie came. I felt her juices smeared all over my cock and balls as she continued to ride me. Looking up I could see Marie sucking on Laura's nipples as I ate her. It didn't take much longer before Laura flooded my face with her juices. I had cum so much that I was having trouble cumming again. Don't get me wrong I was in seventh heaven.

Laura moved off my face and whispered into Marie's ear. Marie smiled and lifted herself off of my cock. They motioned me to get up off the couch. I did so but with an obvious perplexed look on my face. The women positioned themselves on their knees on the sofa with their upper body supported by the back of the couch. This essentially left their pussies exposed for my pleasure. I stepped up and rubbed my cock up and down her soaking slit before I slid it all the way into my wife's pussy. She pushed back to meet my thrusts as I aggressively fucked her. With my left hand I was playing with Marie's hot pussy. After a while I pulled out of Laura's pussy, moved to my left and stuck my cock into Marie's pussy. My right hand was at Laura's clit keeping her interested. I could see that Laura was playing with Marie's tits while I fucked her.

I continued to alternate between the two women. They both came several times. Finally I felt the sperm building in my balls as I was fucking Marie's pussy. I groaned that I was going to cum soon and Laura moved down to position her face just over Marie's ass. As I started to cum my wife saw the usual signs and I felt her pull my cock out of Marie's pussy and stick it into her sucking mouth. I saw more stars then I thought possible as I shot my load into my wife's sucking mouth.

Shortly we went upstairs to shower and dress. We were all feeling a little awkward. I grabbed both women and hugged them. I thanked them for an adventure that I knew I would remember all my life. They smiled and seemed more at ease.

Although we were to have future adventures with Marie (the next week I returned from a business trip to find Laura eating Marie in front of the fireplace) there was never a time as exciting as this first time.


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