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First Meeting
by Selias

I stood at the airport waiting for her. We'd met online and I'd only known her for a very short time, but we both knew that we were in love. Every night we'd both sleep, in our own beds, dreaming of the other, we'd both wake up and rush to the computer to beat the other online. Well, finally, we didn't need to type anymore....

I looked up from my thoughts and saw her, rushing towards me. Just seeing her was even more incredible that I could have ever imagined. She was wearing a light spring dress, the fabric flowing about her like a cape as she ran. She folded her arms around me in a tight embrace, as if we were old friends separated for years. Before I could even say hello, I found her lips pressed to mine, and I eagerly returned her kiss, and knew that our agreement to take things slow was pointless when this madly in love. We walked out to my car and got in. As I started the car and pulled away, headed to my house, we held hands, my thumb caressing over her silken skin, my eyes leaving the road occasionally to glance deeply into hers.

After a five minute trip that seemed to take an eternity, we got to my house and got out of the car. We went inside and I offered her a shower after her long trip. She nodded and I directed her upstairs to my room and the bathroom while I went back outside to get her bags from the car. Once all the bags were inside, I heard her calling me upstairs. Expecting to see her looking for the bathroom, I was surprised to see her waiting for me wearing only a sheer robe. My arms folded around her and I kissed her slowly, tongues dancing sensually as my heart raced in my chest... She led me into my own room and to my bed, where she slowly started to undress me. I couldn't have stopped her if I wanted to, my hands instead moved to caress her sides and stomach, occasionally moving up to tease the underside of her soft white breasts. Before I realized it, I was totally naked on the bed, and we were sliding back up, her lying in my arms, rubbing herself against me as we kissed hungrily, my hands caressing her back and rear, pressing her even tighter against me. I heard a faint moan slip from my lips as she started kissing and teasing my neck with her lips, her tongue caressing it sensually as I arched and writhed under her.

Then I slowly roll her onto her back, kissing her full on the lips, and then slowly work my way down her body, smiling as she arches her back right off the bed as my lips and tongue attack her nipple, sucking gently, flicking over it before moving to the other nipple, repeating his teasing... Then he slowly starts to move his kisses lower, until he reaches just above her shaven, sexy entrance... he snakes his tongue out and ever so lightly slips it across her sex, carefully avoiding her clit, watching her arch and writhe. He savors this sweet taste of the woman he loves so dearly, then leans forward, pressing just slightly harder, still not entering her with his tongue... Her hands move to press the back of my head closer, but I resist, still barely teasing her... Then suddenly, without warning, I slip two fingers deep into her sex, curling them forward to caress her insides as I flick my tongue wildly over her clit, rewarded by my love's body shaking and shuddering in pleasure.

A few minutes later I finish cleaning her sex and crawl up to kiss her softly on the lips, when she rolls me onto my back this time, her kisses tracing lower as mine had a moment before... I feel her running her kisses and tongue down my body until she reaches my VERY hard length, licking around it and carefully barely touching it as she kisses the inside of my thighs, then leans to lick my balls softly, causing a moan to slip from my lips, my back arching. Then she slowly runs her tongue up the sensitive underside of my shaft and takes the head into her mouth, her tongue swirling around it, licking up my precum, and causing more, as I shudder, my hands on the back of her head this time. I look down and look deep into her eyes, she looking back into mine, as I see my hardness disappear into her mouth. Her lips tight around me, sucking as I moan softly, my hips rocking up against her. She starts to bob her head, her tongue flicking and teasing around me as I feel my own orgasm nearing, my length swelling and throbbing in her mouth.. Then I gasp, warning her that I'm about to cum, which only makes her move faster as my length leaps inside her mouth, thick, hot jets of my cum flooding into her mouth as I arch my head back, pleasure washing over my body... After what feels like an eternity, my body relaxes and she licks me clean this time, then crawls up and we kiss slowly. We slip under the covers, embracing each other with gentle, loving caresses as we drift off to sleep in each other's arms, and I can tell that this is only the beginning...

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