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First Night
by AnonSky

This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Yes, Mom......... OK, Mom.......... Mom, quit worrying, we'll be okay," said Teri into the phone. "Mom, we're old enough to take care of ourselves. You and Daddy enjoy the cruise. We'll be okay, really. Enjoy it, it's your second honeymoon...have fun. We love you," said Teri hanging up the phone.

Teri's mother and father had planned this cruise as their 20th wedding anniversary gift to each other. When Aunt Sue had an accident and was unable to come up and stay with Teri, Tony, and Traci, they had almost called it off. Teri had finally convinced them that with her at 18, Tony, 17, and Traci 16, they were old enough and responsible enough to take care of themselves for five days.

"What did Mom want?" asked Tony. He was online with the computer at the other side of the den.

"The usual stuff. I'm surprised she didn't want to get a babysitter for us," said Teri chuckling at the idea. "Don't break the connection when you get through -- I want to check my email."

"OK, I'm almost through." Tony looked at Teri, "You know it's going to be a boring four days. No partying, no staying out late, in short no fun, and this is Friday night."

"Five days - not four," laughed Teri. "They're just worried something might happen and they wouldn't be here."

"Five...five whole days," muttered Tony as he finished up with the computer, quickly clicking on some items on the monitor screen. "OK, it's all your's.....I'm going to get my shower."

"Thanks," said Teri as she sat down to the computer. She watched her brother as he left the room. Tony walked with the natural grace of an athlete, at 17 he was already six feet tall and well built, his sports were golf, wrestling, and weight lifting. "I wonder what he was clearing out," thought Teri. She had been too far away to see, but she thought it was the temporary Internet file and the history file. "Uh-huh, he doesn't want me to see where he's been on the Internet," she muttered to herself. Chuckling, she said softly, "Probably one of the porn sites."

After checking her email and signing off from the ISP, Teri decided to check the document list in the start program, just out of curiosity, to see if she could tell what Tony had been doing. There were a number of items listed; Tony had forgotten to clear the list. One caught her eye. It was a file with the name of Sisters. She double clicked it and it came up on the was an erotic story.

Teri quickly scanned the story. It was about an older sister seducing her younger brother. As she read the story, Teri could feel her pussy getting damp, the sex scenes were described in explicit detail and were beginning to get her aroused. One scene where the boy was eating his sister's pussy and tonguing her clit was so specific and so well written that Teri slipped her hand under her skirt and rubbed her panty covered pussy to ease the tingling in her pussy.

Teri paused, muttering to herself, "This seems awfully familiar for some reason." Scrolling back to the beginning, she began to read it more carefully. The third paragraph described the older sister in great detail.
She was tall, 5' 10", with beautiful auburn hair with natural reddish hi-lights. Her figure was almost perfect, 36-24-35, with long beautiful legs that any woman would envy, and eyes that had a definite greenish tint to them. She held herself very erect which added to the impression of her height. Although she was close to being red headed, her skin did not have the pasty complexion of so many red heads. She had a beautiful tan with a small mole, almost a beauty mark, on the side of her face, just in front of her left ear lobe.

"Damn, this is me. It sounds like the writer is describing me," muttered Teri. Then it dawned on her -- Tony wrote this. That was why it, the writing, seemed familiar....she had reviewed enough of his schoolwork for her to recognize his writing style, the use of certain words. When she finished reading the story, her panties were soaking wet. Knowing that Tony had written it and he was describing what he probably dreamed about doing with her just made it that much more arousing. The last paragraph of the story really got to her. As she read it, she felt a spasm in her pussy and a rush of juices to her crotch, soaking her panties and even her upper thighs. She read it a second time:

This is my fantasy, my dream. I would give anything for it to happen. I know it's a no-no, a taboo.....but I really don't care. My sister is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen and none I've dated, or screwed can even compare to her. Next year she leaves for college so I know that my dreams will never be fulfilled, but I can still dream can't I...imagine what might have been.

"Damn," thought Teri, "I'm hotter than a cat in heat." Teri chuckled to herself, if Tony is half as good as he is in the story, maybe she should find out. Teri was no prude, she and David, her boyfriend, had started having sex two years ago, but they had broken up over six months ago, and there had been no one else since David. Teri thought about the 'taboo' about incest, and decided it didn't make a lot of sense. Her pussy wouldn't know if it was David's prick or Tony's prick, only that it felt good. She could see where it made some sense in the days before birth control, otherwise guys would be getting their sisters pregnant all the time. She wasn't worried about that, she had been on the pill since she was sixteen.

Turning off the computer, Teri rose and headed for her room and her shower since it was after 11p.m.

Teri looked at herself in the mirror and said to herself, "This ought to make his dreams come true." She had made up her mind during her shower and now had on the sheerest white nightie she had. Her nipples were so hard and stiff that they poked out the nightie like tent poles, clearly visible through the sheer material. She slipped her hand into her panties and down to her pussy, stroking a finger between the swollen lips of her pussy, she thought about how wet she was. She moved her finger up to her swollen clit, gently stroking it. "Oh damn, much more of this and I'll go in and attack him," she muttered to herself. She laughed, "Tony may think he's having a wet dream," she said softly to her image.

Teri peeked into Traci's room.....the heavy, slow breathing told her that Traci was asleep. Teri slipped quietly into Tony's room. She could see him clearly in the moonlight, he had kicked off the covers and was sleeping in the nude, lying on his back. She sat down on the edge of the bed and gently placed one hand on his thigh, and shook it.

"Tony.....Tony," whispered Teri. "Tony, I want to talk to you."

"Wha....what's the matter," mumbled Tony sleepily as he opened his eyes and looked at Teri.

"Ssshh, I don't want to wake Traci," murmured Teri. "I need to talk to you." She could feel her pussy getting wetter and even warmer as she gripped his thigh. She gave his thigh a slight squeeze and stroked the inner side of his thigh with her fingers.

Tony sat up, and suddenly realized he was naked. He tried to grab the sheet but it was at the end of the bed.

Teri laughed quietly, "Don't worry about that...I've seen you naked before."

Propping himself up on his elbows, trying to act cool about it, he whispered, "Well okay...sure sis, but what is it?"

"About us....about you and me, about your fantasy -- your dreams." She felt his leg stiffen when she mentioned his fantasy. She began to stroke his thigh even more, sliding her hand back and forth, letting her finger tips stroke the inner side of his thigh up to his crotch, brushing her knuckles against his balls and limp prick. She felt his prick jerk when her knuckles grazed it. "You know sometimes what we dream about can, and does come true.....if we want it bad enough," murmured Teri. She noticed that Tony's prick had risen up some, not fully erect but getting there.

"Uh....what....I did you?" stammered Tony, visibly squirming now as his growing erection began to be obvious, now almost fully erect.

Teri could clearly see his erect prick in the dim moonlight. She leaned forwarded letting her tits press against his chest and feeling his rigid prick poking into her midsection. She gently kissed him on his lips, teasing his lips with her tongue. Pulling back slightly, she said, "I read your story on the computer....your fantasy. I recognized your writing."

"Teri, was just a story. I'm sorry," mumbled Tony.

"Don't be sorry....I liked it....liked it a lot," whispered Teri as she moved her hand up to cup his balls, gently fondling them. "I wish I had known earlier how you felt" She leaned forward again and kissed him, probing his lips with her tongue until he opened them and she could thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Sliding her hand up from his balls she gently stroked the hard, warm prick sticking up between them. Breaking the passionate kiss, she murmured to him, "I liked your fantasy. I want to make it come true if you really want me. We'll do everything that was in your really turned me on."

She lowered her head and quickly kissed the head of his prick, probing the slit with the tip of her tongue and being rewarded with a taste of pre-cum. His prick was now fully erect, extremely hard. She tried to wrap her hand around it but it was too big. "My God, Tony, it's huge....I can't call you 'Lil brother' any longer," she whispered, chuckling as she massaged the head of his prick with her hand.

Teri let out a soft cry as Tony grabbed her, lifted her up and over him, and laid her on the bed beside him. He pulled her to him and kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth while his hand slipped under her nightie top and cupped her breast, tweaking her nipple with his fingers. Teri pulled back, gave him a quick kiss and then quickly removed her nightie top and her panties.

"Oh Teri," moaned Tony softly, "you don't know how many times I've dreamed about this. How much I've wanted you. Every word I wrote about how I feel is true." He slipped his hand between her thighs, cupping her vulva in the palm of his hand, feeling its heat and moistness as his fingers toyed with her pussy lips. Teri moaned softly as he slipped a finger between her swollen and engorged pussy lips, probing her pussy hole as deep as he could.

"Damn, you're really wet."

"I know....I told you....your story really got me worked up," whispered Teri huskily. "God, I want you so much.....I want to feel that big prick in me. I want you....I want you now," murmured Teri as she pushed her pussy against his probing finger. "Oh Tony, put it in me....I'm ready....ready now. Make love to me...please....God, I want it so much," she moaned.

Tony rolled over between her legs and as Teri lifted her knees, opening them wide for him, he began to rub his prick up and down her slit, getting it soaked with her pussy juices. He inserted the head between the swollen pussy lips and gently pressed forward letting the huge head of his prick part the lips of her pussy, stretching her pussy hole even wider as the crown of his prick slipped into her.

"Oh MY GOD," cried Teri softly. "That feels so good. Oh Tony....go slow....let me get use to it.....God, it's so damn big," moaned Teri as she pushed her hips against him, taking his prick even deeper into her throbbing pussy. Finally with one last push he had his prick totally buried in her hot, wet pussy. "Oh God, it feels great....just hold it there a minute...let me get used to it," murmured Teri as she slowly pumped her hips against him, letting her pussy adjust to his size. She hugged Tony to her, kissing him passionately, and then whispered, "That's the biggest thing I've ever had in me, Tony. It feels wonderful. Lord, it fills me up." She giggled quietly as she peppered his face with kisses, "David's prick never felt this good. Oh Tony, now fuck me, fuck me good."

As Tony began to pump his prick into her, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his thighs, crossing her ankles just below his ass, stretching her pussy even wider as he stroked his prick into the depths of her pussy.

"Oh Teri, that feels so good," moaned Tony softly. He kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth, as he plunged his prick into her throbbing pussy. He was stroking deep and withdrawing to the head of his prick and then plunging it back down into her pussy.

Teri arched her hips, pushing her cunt up to meet his prick as it drove into her, "Oh God, Tony, it feels wonderful.....that's it, fuck me deep....get as deep as you can.....God, it feels so good."

When Teri unwound her legs from around him, he gripped her buttock with his right hand and rolled over, pulling her on top of him, with his prick deep in her pussy. Teri began to raise and lower her ass, plunging her cunt down on his prick.....she was fucking him.


This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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