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First Night
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh God," moaned Tony, "suck it.... suck it hard." Traci was moaning and thrashing about in the midst of her own orgasm as Tony's prick erupted spilling spurt after spurt of his cum into her mouth. She tried to swallow it, but most was escaping out the sides of her mouth and down her chin and neck. Tony fell back pulling his prick out Traci's mouth with an audible wet plop as the suction was broken.

Teri was still massaging Traci's clit with her lips and tongue, and taking one of her fingers coated with Traci's pussy juices, she began to probe at Traci's tight little asshole, already well lubricated by the juices running down the crack of Traci's ass. When Teri got the first knuckle of her finger into Traci's ass, she withdrew it slightly and then rammed it as deep into Traci's virgin asshole as she could as Traci's moans mounted to almost a scream.

"OOHHHH...OOHHHH MY GOD...MY GOD. I'M CUMMING.... I'M CUMMING AGAIN," screamed Traci as she arched her back, pushing her pussy against Teri's mouth and her ass against Teri's invading finger. "OH TERIII...TERIIIIIII.... OOHhhhhh...," moaned Traci. Ohhhhhhh......enough.......enough. I can't........I can't take anymore," cried Traci, as she collapsed back onto the bed, her body still trembling from the intensity of her orgasm.

Teri gave Traci's pussy a gentle kiss and then crawled up and laid down between Traci and Tony. Teri put her arm around Traci and hugged her, gently kissing her cum covered mouth. Tony snuggled up against Teri and draped his arm over both of them.

"You know, I thought this was going to be a boring four or five days, but I've changed my mind," said Tony.

Teri laughed, "This is just the first night." She pushed her ass back against his limp prick and said, "And, it's not even over yet." She hugged Traci and gave her a quick kiss, "Are you okay, honey?"

Traci hugged her back. "Oh Teri, I'm fine. Lord knows, I never had an orgasm like that one...I thought I would pass out," whispered Traci weakly. "Oh-Oh, I'm getting cum all over you."

Teri laughed, "Why not on the outside too....I think Tony's already pumped about a quart in me." She turned her head and smiled at Tony and gave him a slow gentle kiss, "And I may be able to get some more before the night is over," she said seductively.

Tony kissed her back, "You can have all you want. You and Traci both." Tony tried to hug both of them at once. "Damn, I can't believe this is really happening....I'm afraid I'm going to wake up and find it was just one gigantic wet dream."

Teri and Traci both laughed, then Teri said, "Look let's take a break....we can get in the hot tub and relax, recharge our batteries. Okay?"


Teri and Traci were both in the hot tub, soaking. They left all the lights off, no sense making the neighbors wonder why the lights were on in the Florida room at 2 a.m., everyone knew their parents were out of town. The full moon gave them plenty of light since the sunroom had large skylights in the ceiling.

"Where's Tony?" asked Traci.

"He said he was going to get something....he'll be here in a minute," replied Teri.

"Teri, can I kiss you?" whispered Traci.

Teri chuckled as she put her arm around Traci, "Of course you can don't even have to ask."

Traci kissed Teri gently pushing her tongue between Teri's lips and caressing Teri's breast with her hand. "Oh Teri, I'd never done it with a girl before....never even really kissed one till tonight. But, I loved it....I never imagined it could be like that."

"Tonight was my first time...the first time with Tony and the first time with you," whispered Teri. "I wasn't even sure if I remembered what to do when I was making love to's been a long time since I made love with another girl," Teri laughed softly. "In fact, since I was your age....I just did what I know feels good to me." Teri gave Traci a quick kiss, "I think it helps when you really love the person you're making love to, the way I love you and makes it better."

Traci kissed Teri more passionately, then pulled back. "I want to make love to you like that, Teri. Make you feel the way I felt, it was wonderful."

Teri hugged her, "We will, honey. We have the next four days to ourselves." Teri looked at Traci, "Are you still a virgin?"

Traci gave a short derisive laugh and said, "Not really. I let Jimmy screw me last Christmas. When he pushed his prick in and broke my hymen, I yelled and he pulled it out. He saw the blood on his prick and wouldn't try again."

Teri laughed, "Did you two ever do it?"

"We tried. Once, he started to cum when I was trying to put the rubber on him....he got cum in my hair, on my face and all over my blouse. Another time, I got the rubber on him and he got it in me, but after about four strokes he was cumming." Traci shook her head, "After that he just wanted me to suck him off all the time....that's why we broke up."

Teri laughed, "Oh you poor thing, we'll have to find some rubbers and get you properly screwed."

"We won't need any rubbers, I'm taking the pill. I started taking them, back then, with Jimmy."

"How did you get a prescription for the pill?" asked Teri.

"Don't get angry, Teri. I borrowed your driver's license and went to the Family Planning Clinic." Traci was watching Teri to see if it bothered her. "They didn't question it. The doctor gave me all kinds of lectures about sex, but prescribed the pills."

Teri hugged her and kissed her gently, "Silly, I'm not angry....that showed good sense. If you had talked to me, I would have given you the ID and recommended the same thing."

Teri looked up and laughed as Tony approached. "I might have known," said Teri, "Tony needed something to eat."

Tony sat the tray of cheese and crackers down by the hot tub and then brought in two bottles of wine and some glasses. "I didn't know which wine you would rather have, so I got one white and one red," said Tony. "Which do you want?"

Teri laughed, "If Dad misses those, he'll be after you, but give me a glass of white."

"White for me too," said Traci.

Tony poured their wine and then a glass of red for himself and got into the hot tub. "Oh, that feels good," said Tony, as he lowered himself into the water beside Teri.

They relaxed and chatted about everything that had happened tonight. Traci learned about Tony's story on the computer and how Teri had found it; Traci told about the fiasco of losing her cherry to Jimmy and the aborted attempts later. Tony told about Jenny and Ron, and Teri shared some tales about David. They sipped the wine and felt a closeness that they had never felt before. It was the post-coital chitchat, pillow talk, that lovers engage in after love making, but it seemed to bond them even closer than they had ever been.

"I don't want to be a party pooper, but it's almost 3 a.m....we've been in here an nearly an hour," said Teri. "Thank goodness, tomorrow is Saturday." Teri gave Tony a quick kiss, then Traci. "Why don't we all sleep in mom and dad's's king size." Teri laughed, "Tony's bed is a mess....I think I soaked the sheets, and Traci's bed isn't much better......mine is too small to sleep three."


Teri and Traci put Tony in the middle, between them. All three of them had decided to sleep naked. The room was much darker now, the full moon had set, but there was still enough light for Traci to see Tony's prick sticking straight up in the air as hard as ever. Traci started giggling as she thought how difficult it would be for Tony to sleep on his stomach. The more she tried to stop, the harder she giggled.

"What is it Traci?" asked Tony and Teri at almost the same time.

"Tony's prick....imagine trying to sleep on your stomach with that sticking out."

Teri laughed, "Poor thing," she said, grasping his prick in her hand and stroking the head with her fingers, smearing the pre-cum over the large head. "Maybe, we ought to do something to help him, Traci......I don't think he can get to sleep like this," she said chuckling.

Tony put an arm around each of them, pulling them to him. "I'm sure as hell not sleepy," murmured Tony. "Not when I've got two beautiful, naked, hot girls in bed with me."

Teri kissed the head of his prick licking the pre-cum off it and looked up at Traci, "Do you want to get that screwing you've been missing out on?" said Teri with a twinkle in her eyes. "I can personally guarantee satisfaction," she said laughing.

"I thought wouldn't mind?" asked Traci hesitantly.

"Oh honey, no....if you want to, I'd love to see you screw Tony. But, he is your brother, so don't do it unless you really want to."

"Oh yes....yes....I'm getting wet just talking about it," whispered Traci.

"Here get in the middle," said Teri, "so we can both work on you. Tony, you get her breasts and I'll get her pussy ready....I love the taste of her pussy." Teri laughed, "I'll bet it will taste even better with your cum in it."

With Traci in the middle, Tony began to suck and tongue her tits, teasing the already stiff, erect nipples, while Teri crawled between Traci's legs, spreading them so that her pussy was totally exposed. When Teri's tongue ran up between Traci's pussy lips and lapped at the growing clit, Traci's body jerked. Teri looked up at the two of them, "This won't take very long, she's putting out pussy juice like she's sprung a leak."

Teri continued to lick and suck Traci's wet pussy and when Traci started pushing her pussy against Teri's mouth and tongue, Teri gave the wet, hot pussy one last kiss and rolled from between Traci's legs. "Okay Tony, she's ready and willing. Put that big prick where it belongs," said Teri. "Go slow, as far as being fucked before, technically, she's almost a virgin."

As Tony got between Traci's legs, Teri reached between them and grasping Tony's prick guided it between Traci's pussy lips, rubbing it up and down her slit to get it well coated with Traci's pussy juices. She placed the tip of his prick in Traci's pussy hole and said, "Push it in.....easy....go slow. Let her get use to it."

Tony slowly thrust his prick into Traci's tight cunt and felt her pussy squeeze the head of his prick as he entered her. "Jesus, she's tight. Damn, you were tight, Teri, but she's squeezing the daylights out of my prick."

Teri laughed, "Push it in and out with short strokes....get it wet with her juices...go in a little deeper each time. Honey, put your legs up around Tony's hips....that'll open your pussy even wider."

Traci wrapped her legs around Tony just above his hips, forcing her legs open even wider and allowing Tony to thrust his prick more downward into her throbbing pussy. Traci moaned softly, "Oh....Oh, it feels so good.....I want you all the way in me. I want to feel it fill my pussy up," moaned Traci as she pushed her hips up against his prick, helping him get even deeper into her moist, hot tunnel.

Teri moved up beside Traci and gently kissed her, probing her mouth and teasing Traci's tongue with her's. Teri trailed kisses down Traci's neck to her breasts and began to suck and tease her stiff nipples, opening her mouth wide, trying to take as much of Traci's tit into her mouth as possible. She felt Traci's body jerk and heard Traci moan loudly as Tony pushed his prick all the way in and began to slowly stroke it in and out Traci's tight pussy.

"Oh God, Traci," murmured Tony, "you're so damn tight, it feels like you're trying to suck me back in when I draw back."

Traci pushed her pussy up against his prick, grinding her hips against him. "OH...OH, I didn't know it would feel so good. Oh Tony, fuck me....fuck me hard," cried Traci as she thrust her hips against him, trying to get his prick even deeper into her throbbing pussy. Her legs slipped down from his hips to his thighs, and Traci grabbed his buttocks in her hands, pulling him against her, wanting him in her, deeper and deeper.

After a few minutes of stroking his rigid prick in and out the tight pussy, Tony began to pump his prick into her even faster, his balls slapping against her crack below her pussy as her drove his prick deep into her pussy, harder and harder.

"YES.....YES," Traci cried out loudly. "OH YES....SCREW ME HARD.....HARDER.....OH GOD, AS HARD AS YOU CAN." Traci gripped his buttocks even tighter, pulling him into her pussy. "OH...OH....DON'T STOP.....DON'T STOP!!!"

Teri sucked and nibbled on Traci's nipple as she slid her hand down over Traci's stomach to her pussy. Teri's finger searched and found Traci's engorged clit, sticking out from its hood like a tiny prick, and began to massage it with the tips of her fingers, rolling the stiff clit between them and squeezing it. The effect on Traci was immediate.

"OH TONY....TONY.....I'M GOING TO CUM. OH...OH...I'M CUMMING. OH GOD, I'M CUMMING," yelled Traci. OHHHHh....OOOHHhhhhhhh," moaned Traci as she pushed her pussy against his prick pounding into her pussy.

The tightness of her pussy, the frantic throes of her orgasm, pushed Tony over the edge as well. With a loud moan he pushed his prick as deep into her throbbing pussy as possible and held it there, feeling the contractions of her pussy over the whole length of his prick, then his prick erupted, spewing his cum into her convulsing pussy.

"Oh Lord, Traci," moaned Tony, "Oh, that was terrific....really terrific." He began to slowly stroke his prick in and out her cum drenched pussy, trying to milk the last drops of cum from his prick. Teri had rolled out the way as Tony collapsed on top of Traci, hugging Traci to him as he slowly pumped his prick into her still throbbing pussy.

Traci wrapped her arms around him, murmuring, "It was terrific. Damn, I didn't know it could be that good....that intense." Traci laughed softly and looked at Teri, "I'll never be satisfied with my vibrator again."

Teri leaned in and kissed Traci gently, "I told you....I personally guaranteed satisfaction."

Traci laughed and kissed Teri back, then kissed Tony quickly on the lips, "You're right....I'm satisfied...more than satisfied. I feel so weak, I'm not sure I could stand up now. But, I love the way I feel...the way his prick feels in me, even now."

At that moment Tony's semi-hard prick was squeezed out by Traci's tight pussy. With a soft moan he rolled off her and lay beside her and gently kissed her. "You were great, Traci," whispered Tony. "You were really great." Tony laughed, "If I wake up in the morning and find out that this has been just another wet dream about you two, I'm going to be really pissed off."

Teri and Traci both laughed. Teri slid her hand down to Traci's pussy and ran her fingers into Traci's cum drenched pussy hole. She heard Traci gasp softly as she did so. Teri brought her cum cover fingers up to mouth and licked some of the cum and pussy juice off her fingers. "I wanted to see what you two tasted like," said Teri as she looked at Traci.

Traci grasped Teri's arm and pulled Teri's finger to her mouth and began to lick Tony's cum and her own pussy juices off Teri's fingers. "Hmmm, I think it tastes pretty good, don't you?" whispered Traci.

Teri laughed as she gently kiss Traci, "I think it tastes wonderful....if I weren't so tired I'd try to suck it all out you."

They lay there quietly, exhausted, not even talking. In a few moments, Tony's even breathing told them he was asleep. Without speaking Traci cuddled up to Teri, letting Teri hold her and in a few seconds was also sound asleep. Teri reviewed the night in her mind, God, she was tired, but more physically and sexually sated than she had ever been in her life. She kissed Traci lightly on the forehead and then closed her eyes with the thought that this was just the first night, they had four more nights to enjoy.

This is a 3 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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