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Friday Night
by Janis B

We had a week before graduation and were damn festive about it. The weather teased us with hints of the coming summer. My friend Sarah called to tell me they were meeting over at Johnny's in a bit. I quickly ate dinner and told my parents where I'd be. As it was warm on I wore my favorite shorts and white sleeveless tee and Tevas. Less than ten minutes later I walked up the steps to Johnny's and could easily hear the music and voices laughing.

"Janis!" they called as I walked in. Johnny was the first over and offered me a big hug. Sarah waved and with her were Michelle and Eric. They were already drinking so I pounded my first beer. Johnny of course wanted me to drink fast. He'd been trying to get me to kiss him for years. Unfortunately for him I'd always been involved with someone else, though even now, with Paul and I split up, I wasn't really ready to go that route.

We played quarters for a while. Sarah and Johnny were kicking the rest of our asses. Michelle was getting hammered and so was Eric. We then played Duck and another card game which was hard. The rules were difficult and the penalty was that you had to slam a beer. If you wanted to opt out of the beer you had to complete a dare decided by the others. That the dares could not include getting completely naked or sex were the main exceptions.

I lost the first round quickly and slammed my beer. Eric followed twice and then I got hit again.

"Dare." I said, opting out of the beer.

Johnny quickly shot out that I should take off my bra. I thought he was kidding at first, but he had a great grin on his face and looked anxiously towards the others.

"No nudity," I reminded them.

Sarah and the others whispered and told me that it was fair. That I had to take off my bra with my shirt on right there with them watching. I looked in disbelief at them. Eric was suddenly sober, apparently realizing how flimsy my shirt was to begin with. It was generic and oversized. I often allowed a strap to hang off my shoulder and it dawned on me that perhaps this was a way for the others to get back at me for being a tease.

"Come on chicken shit", Michelle offered boldly.

I said alright and took a strong gulp to settle myself. Oddly I was as turned on as I was nervous. I wasn't interested in either Sean or Johnny. I really didn't want to lead them on thinking something further was going to happen here. I reached up behind me trying not to smile. They had big dumb looks on their faces. Kids. Twisting on the chair I inadvertently thrust out my chest so that the fabric of my bra was clear against my shirt. With my fingers on the clasp I stopped to think what the hell was I doing. Take it off, Eric pleaded almost immediately. Alright, I said. And with a nervous ease I unhooked the clasp. It seemed like the loudest noise in the world as I could feel all their eyes burning on me. I twisted a little and the shoulder straps immediately loosened, sagging from my embarrassingly hard nipples.

"Take it off baby," they hooted.

Pulling the strap from my left shoulder and down my arm the shirt stretched against my breast and I caught Eric leaning to get a look at my untanned skin. I quickly freed my arm and pulled the bra out from my right. My chest felt incredibly exposed and cool as they laughed and made cat-calls with my nipples jutting against the fabric. Johnny reached and grabbed my bra, enticing me to lean towards him but I sat with my arms over my chest to end the display.

Come on they sang, laughing through the next few rounds as I grew accustomed and slightly erotic. Johnny and Eric behaved enough that I uncrossed my arms, though I was constantly catching one or the other with straying eyes. For a while, no one opted the dare. Then Eric was made to walk around with his pants down to his ankles. He wore boxers so he didn't seem to mind too much until Michelle pushed him and he almost tripped.

That's war baby, he said, causing the rest of us to laugh so hard we were falling about the place. Unconsciously I looked up and met eyes with Sarah. She blushed a little and smiled. My heart jumped a few beats when I realized my shirt had shifted, falling down my chest to expose the curve of the bottom of my breasts. A hint of one nipple was at the fold of my shirt. I quickly adjusted my self, thankful that it was only Sarah who seemed to have noticed.

Eric played with a vengeance after that. Anytime he won he went after Michelle, making her drink three in a row. We were all laughing hard when Michelle reluctantly accepted a dare and was told to likewise walk around the room with her shorts at her ankles.

For the first minute she was silent under our taunting but finally she stood up and unbuttoned her shorts with nervous fingers. I didn't really think she'd do it, but with a shake of her hips and a tug at her sides, her shorts fell right to her ankles, exposing her red panties. We all hooted and pretended to reach to lift her shirt as she shuffled by. I knew one of the boys probably wanted to trip her but they did not. Instead we all whistled as she returned to her seat and pulled her shorts back up.

The rounds progressed and I had a two more drinks. At the third I accepted dare, but no nudity, dammit, I reminded them.

The three of them conferred. The boys wanted me to also walk around the room with my shorts at my feet but Sarah, who was something of a magician, suggested they tie my hands behind my back against the stairpost. They would use an easy knot, but as we were all buzzing hard, it'd not be too easy to do.

Eric was game but Johnny suggested a time limit. Twenty seconds, he said. One minute, I countered. After a bit of talking, we settled on forty-five seconds. After that I'd have to do something else.

I walked to the stairs where they would tie my hands behind me around a small post. Johnny came into the room with a strap but I said uh-uh. Sarah does the knot. You guys stay there. So Sarah came over with the strap and smiled. I put my hands behind me, hoping she would make this at least a little easy. I glanced unconsciously at my chest and my nipples were like little stones. Both Johnny and Eric had giant grins and Michelle yelled headlights are on.

Fuck you, I slurred, twisting a little to see what Sarah was doing.

Uh-uh cheater, she said.

Come on I laughed and as I twisted some more my shoulder strap dropped. I immediately corrected myself but the strap slipped further to my elbow.

Shit, Sarah. I called as she began to walk away.

What, she laughed, realizing my vunderability.

Come on I said. Fix my strap. Please.

Sarah came right up to me smiling. She took a quick glance behind her as the others pleaded that she leave the strap hanging. The boys were besides themselves at the sight of me tied there against the stairpost with one shoulder bare and the top of my right breast just above my rock-hard nipple totally exposed. She turned her back to them so that they could not see me as she contemplated what to do. I struggled a little with the knot but she said uh-uh, I told you no cheating and she took the strap in her fingers and to my surprise, quickly pulled it towards her and down, freeing my breast completely from the shirt.

Sarah, I almost screamed.

But she only laughed, quickly checking that the others could not see.

Sarah I said again, partially mad but laughing a little at the sight of my heaving breast under the stairwell lights and the others seemingly unaware what was going on.

Sarah still had the strap in her fingers tightly and stretched it more towards her. I thought maybe she was trying to rip it. She stood right close looking down at my chest, down to my belly. Teasing me she pulled it to the side to get a look at my left breast. I was totally exposed as she seemed momentarily lost as if she was weighing whether or not she should just yank the flimsy shirt off me for Eric and Johnny. Come on Sarah, I begged. When I said that she looked at me and feigned that she was about to walk away. I started to panic. Right as she moved to let the others look at me, she pulled the strap back up to my shoulder to cover me and smiled.

Forty-five seconds she sang, stumbling slightly back to the table.

Fucker I swore at her, slightly trembling.

Start Johnny said, and I began twisting my wrists, stretching my fingers to get a grip on the belt. Thity-nine, thirty-eight, thirty-seven, they counted. My mind was still stressed at what had happened and before I knew it I had twenty-five-seconds left and seemingly made little progress. I pulled hard to my right and felt the strap again slip right down to my elbow. The knot loosened enough that I thought I could pull free. At fifteen seconds my foot slipped and I almost fell forward. My left strap immediately came down my arm and I stopped. The room was suddenly quiet as the four of them realized my shirt was resting on my nipples. If I moved any it would fall off my breasts. They just sat there uncertain what to do. My bare shoulders and heaving chest and cleavage must have been a sight for them. No one made any effort to move or talk. I knew I could free myself if I twisted my arm, but to do so would probably cause my shirt to fall off. I started to ask Michelle to pull the straps back up but my adreneline was at a rush. It was so completely erotic that I had to force myself not to laugh or smile.

Slowly I moved my hands, keeping my body as still as I could. My mind was racing with the realization that I was turned on. I wanted the shirt to fall and I wanted someone to come pull down my shorts and rip off my panties with me just tied there under the light and my nipples and pubic hair totally exposed. The thought of them seeing me was wild. Incredible. Only two guys had ever seen me naked before. I could tell Eric and Johnny were horny as hell with them twisting about in their seats but I wouldn't have sex with either of them. That would change too much. Being topless in front of them wouldn't make things awkward. But it had to look accidental. I tried to look focused on getting free, moving slowly.

Michelle asked if I was alright. I kept my eyes glued to the fabric covering my nipples and said that I was almost done. My breasts seemed to grow as the shirt slipped just a hint further as I spoke. I tried to concentrate. I slipped my hand from the strap slowly but I did not want to be done. I had gone this far so I pretended to be still tied and with my eyes looking at my nipples and my heart racing a million miles an hour I nervously sucked in a breath and watched the shirt silently fall to my waist.

Someone gasped. I don't know who. I pretended to struggle a little as my breasts swayed and my nipples became harder than I'd ever seen them. I was fighting the urge of putting my fingers to my waist and pulling down my shorts. I wanted to be naked right then badly. I wanted them to see my pubic hair and my naked legs and nipples all at once. I spread my legs and moved a little more and acted as if I had just freed myself. Reaching around I tried to toss the strap at them. Sarah cheered and then the others joined in as I bowed towards them under the light, letting them all watch my breasts swing and hang in front of them before slipping my shirt back up over my breasts.

Wow, stammered Eric.

I pretended as if nothing had happened. We drank a few more rounds but we were all preoccupied. After a wile I told them I was leaving. I needed to be in my bed and so I collected my bra from them and said goodnight, leaving before either of the guys could try to make a move on me.


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