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Friday Night and Videos
by Firesprite

I woke up, my hair tousled from a long night's sleep. I had been dreaming of him sitting beside me on the bed as I slept. In my dream I saw him slowly draw down the covers, running his hand up my thigh. Gently, oh so gently sliding his hands up my body. He cupped my breasts, gently kneading my nipples, moving stealthily under my nightclothes. I turned provocatively, lying my hands on the pillow beside my head, revealing my cleavage to him from my loose satin camisole. I heard him draw his breath in a sigh of desire.

Cautiously he leaned forward, took the left nipple into his mouth and sucked gently whilst still kneading the other in his hand. I stirred, and my hand came down upon his head, caressing him. Quickly and silently he got up, rearranged my camisole and pulled up the covers. Still silent, he left.

I had been dreaming of him more and more often, and in incredible detail. I could almost believe it was really happening, except that it was my Father! I put the whole matter to the back of my mind, discarding it as just fantasies - however nice they made me feel. I had moved home about a month ago - just after my 21st birthday, which had been a total disaster. My boyfriend, Grant, had stood me up and when I called him he told me he had found someone else. I was devastated. I decided to move out of the apartment and went to find my father. He was where I thought he would be, sitting in the lounge in his house looking through the photo albums at pictures of my mother. He looked up when I entered, a look of hope on his face, revealing sadness as he was again reminded of his loss, in the face he saw now. I knew I reminded him of my mother, I saw it every morning in the mirror. I always wished there were something I was able to do to relieve his pain, but nothing could bring her back.

When I told him what had happened between Grant and myself, he invited me to stay for as long as I wished. I was grateful then, as I am grateful now. My father was delighted to be able to look after someone else; he waited on me hand and foot. I hadn't realized how lonely he had become. It made me almost embarrassed sometimes. In the mornings when I woke up he would have laid out a fresh towel in the bathroom for my shower, brewed up a fresh pot of coffee, and fetched the paper from letter box for me. It was heavenly.

I was working long hours at the office trying to get a promotion, and upon arriving home I was dead tired. I would flop down onto the couch and put my feet up on the coffee table. One evening after a particularly hard day he came and slipped my shoes off my hot tired feet, sat on the coffee table, placed on my foot on his crotch, and proceeded to give me a foot massage. I sighed, wriggling my toes, guiding his strong fingers to the most painful places. His fingers probed into the gaps between my toes through my stocking fabric. I begin to feel turned on by this, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was my father doing this to me. Reluctantly I pulled my feet from his lap, and headed to my room to prepare for a bath. As I was undressing I could hear the bath running, I smiled at myself and thought, it's dad again. Pulling on my robe I walked to the bathroom and peered in. There he was sitting on the side of tub, one hand dangling in the water continually testing its heat, a strange happy smile on his face.

I walked over to him exclaiming, "Thank you Daddy," and gave him a big hug.

He held me tightly, and replied, "You're welcome precious, you are so like your mother." Turning off the tap he left the room, calling over his shoulder, "just sing out if you want me to come and wash your back."

Stepping into the bath was a delight, the temperature was perfect and my dad had added soothing oils that made my skin tingle. I decided I would have an early night and go to bed right after supper. Falling asleep quickly, I dreamt of him again.

He pulled down the covers on the bed, tickling his fingers up my thighs. I parted my legs to get away from the tickle, revealing my white panties and wet crotch to my admirer. He ran a finger lightly along the wet spot, and I moved again. Leaning down he pressed his nose against the spot, breathing in deeply of my aroma. Gently again his fingers pulled the edge of my panties to one side revealing my naked mound to his eyes. My freshly shaven pussy glowed in the pale moonlight. Slowly and with supreme delicacy he tasted me, his tongue making slow sweeps from bottom to top. He penetrated me with his hot tongue only slightly. When I began to moan he stopped, adjusted my panties, and covered me again then left the room.

As time passed I realized that when I went out with other men I felt like I was cheating on someone, but I had no idea why. Every day at home with my father treating me like a princess, he gradually became more and more physical. He gave me back and foot massages more and more often. When he kissed me goodnight, he lingered longer than he ever used to do.

Every morning when I woke up, I felt like I was just on the edge of orgasm. And every morning I fingered myself until I came. One Friday night we went out to rent a video. We decided to choose one each and as I walked around the video store I tried to think of what he would like to watch. I ended up getting a horror movie; I didn't know what my father had chosen. Paying for the videos I was still unable to see the title of his selection. I asked him on the way home what he had chosen, but he was evasive and just told me it was a surprise.

I went into the kitchen once we arrived back home and started cooking up a batch of popcorn. Dropping the popcorn and the drinks off in the lounge I went back to the bedroom to get changed into my teddy and robe. When I got back to the lounge I found that my father had done the same. We watched the horror movie first as I snuggled against his side, hiding my face in his shoulder when the scary bits come on. He gathered me into his lap with his hand resting on my thigh as we watched the rest of the movie.

Once the horror movie ended we both got up to relieve ourselves and get more supplies before the second movie. Settling back down onto the couch I quickly snuggled up again against my father; he pulled my legs up then rested them on his lap.

As he pressed play on video machine, he turned to me and said, "I hope you like this one honey, because I would like to do this." I looked up at him strangely wondering what it was that he would like to do.

The movie starts and the screen shows a well-dressed good-looking woman, just arriving home from work. She walks in and closes the door behind her, leaning on it as a man walks in. The man slowly runs his hands up her chest to her shoulders pulling her jacket off, giving her a gentle kiss. As she leans on the door he slowly begins unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her deep red lacy bra. Dropping her blouse off of her shoulders, he drops down to his knees and begins to unbutton her skirt allowing her to step out of it. He buries his face in her crotch and we can see him breathing in the aroma of her through her matching g-string panties. She brings one leg up and rests her thigh on his shoulder, pulling him closer into her.

I began to squirm a little, feeling a bit uncomfortable about watching this sort of movie with my father. Dad placed his hand on my thigh keeping me still. I took a quick glance at his face and saw him lick his lips, obviously enjoying the show before him.

The man in the movie slowly slides his hand up the woman's thigh, hooking his fingers into the crotch of her panties and pulling them aside. He buries his nose in her glistening pussy. The camera zooms in and we can clearly see his tongue probing between her lips. She sighs, pushes him away, and walks slowly down the hall. The man turns and follows her. She enters the bathroom and directs him to run her a bath. Surprisingly, she announces that she has to urinate. The man again kneels before her and pulls down her panties and she steps out of them. The man raises her panties to his nose, tenderly stroking the flimsy scrap. She sits on the toilet, now only in her bra and high heel shoes, her legs parted. The man watches between her thighs at her golden stream. The woman exclaims "Oh Dear, we are out of toilet tissues! Mark, you are going to have to clean me too!"

I gasp as the obviously excited Mark leans forward as the woman raises herself off the seat. Mark yet again buries his nose in her pussy and licks avidly and with enjoyment, her panties still clutched in his hand. The woman moans as he completes his ministrations. She stands up and turns around for Mark to unfasten her bra. She turns back to him and it falls into his hands. He places both the bra and panties carefully aside his gaze fixes upon her breasts. His hands come up and start to gently stroke them.

I notice his hands, his fingers smooth and long, his nails perfectly manicured. I smile with approval and think to myself that they look like artists' hands. As he touches her body it seems as if he is bringing out the woman's beauty and sensuality with the care that a sculptor takes with his finest piece. Glancing down I see my father's hand still on my thigh, as my legs rest on his. I realise that he, too has an artist's hands

Mark's mouth descends upon one of her nipples and he begins to suck. The woman strokes his hair as he lavishes both of her breasts with kisses. She steps out of her shoes and into the bath. Leaning back she relaxes and closes her eyes. Mark is doing everything for her. He takes a soft washcloth and begins soaping up her legs, rubbing in the moisturizing soap, touching every inch of her legs, and pushing the soap between her toes. Quickly Mark removes his own shirt and undoes his trousers, pulling them off until he is as naked as she is. His cock stands out pressing against the cold hard side of the bath. A close up reveals he is wearing a cock-ring, his member straining against its restriction, his head a bulging, glistening plum. He leans over the side; picking up one of her feet he begins to suck each of her toes one at a time his tongue probing between each, his hands giving her gentle caresses. He continues to wash her body, worshipping every part of it.

I was feeling very excited in response to the movie I was watching. My slight shifting had opened my robe a little, but I was so engrossed in the movie I was not aware of it. I may not have noticed but my father had. As the movie progressed his hand slowly moved further and further up my thigh. The movie continued along the same vein, everything the woman wanted, the man provided. They did everything except for intercourse. She treated Mark like a slave. I became very turned on as more and more of the movie progressed. Every now and again I glanced at my father, his eyes glued to the screen. I could feel my leg pressing against his growing erection. I remembered his words earlier, this is how I wish it could be. I remembered the dreams of my father coming into my bedroom and began to wonder if they were really real.

The movie finished as the woman turned to her subservient partner and thanked him after a long and intensive orgasm. He had inserted fingers into both her cavities, sustaining her orgasm with sweeps of his tongue on her clearly visible clit as she bucked against him.

I just sat looking at the credits as they rolled up the screen, my mind in turmoil. My father began to stroke my thigh up and down softly and said, "So honey, what do you think about it? I would really love to have you as my mistress." I turned and looked wonderingly at him as his hand drifted along to my crotch. His hand slid inside the leg of my teddy and his fingers snaked their way around and slowly began to stroke me through the thin silk of my panties. He could feel my growing wetness, and he could see the urge in my eyes. I nodded, just barely; he almost missed it as closely as he was watching. He knew that he had to go very slowly and carefully with me. He turned off the TV with the remote control and then, turning back to me, he caressed my cheek gently with a sensuous touch.

He guided me to lie back on the couch, and he slowly began to remove my robe. He moved his hands up and down my body over my teddy, getting me used to his touch. His hands trembling with excitement he ran his fingers along the low neckline of my camisole. Slipping the straps down my shoulders to reveal my breasts, his knuckles grazing over my prominent nipples. He gazed at them for a few moments before leaning forward and taking one nipple in his mouth while his beautiful hands busied themselves on the other breast. I moaned and arched my back pressing my breasts towards his face. He turned his attentions to the other breast licking, nibbling, and sucking them as if he were savoring a succulent fruit.

His hands began to roam along my body with more urgency. I lifted my hips from the couch as he began to slide his hands down, his fingers hooked into my teddy and panties pulling them down. Changing his position on the couch he moved my knees so that my legs were on either side of him. He stroked his fingers gently along my outer pussy lips causing me to shudder in anticipation. He touched me so softly, his eyes drinking in the sight of me as his fingertips began to stroke my inner lips. Slowly parting my lips, gliding lightly around my clit.

He leaned forward to kiss me and run his tongue around my navel teasing me. His fingers still playing along my folds, but not penetrating, yet. My writhing on the couch was becoming more and more urgent and I parted my legs even wider for him, pressing my pelvis upwards so that he could see all I had to offer. He was not going any further than light fondling and I was becoming more and more frantic, pleading with him in moans and sighs. He stopped all his ministrations and looked at me.

Quietly he asked, "tell me honey, you have to tell me, what do you want me to do?"

Without hesitation I replied, "Lick me Daddy, Eat me out now please! Please!" That delivered all of the permission that he required. Immediately he buried in his face in my mound breathing in my aroma, knowing that it wasn't just a stolen moment when I was asleep. He licked slowly from the bottom of my lips to top of my slit tasting the juices from within me. He licked me again and again like a thirsty dog searching for water; his tongue began to penetrate deeper and deeper with each stroke.

His hands traveled up my thighs and pulled my pussy lips apart revealing my hot inner core. All he could do for a moment was stare at the beauty I had offered him; all his dreams were coming true. He could see the juices leaking from my sweet little hole and my clit peeking out from under its hood. He suckled and feasted on me, learning my body, my smell, my distinctive feel and he reveled in it.

I was beginning to rise on the couch pushing myself harder and harder into his face, holding his head so that he could not move out from between my thighs, moaning as he was eating me. He began to penetrate deeply with his tongue thrusting in and out of me. I begin to come holding my pussy against his face, my thighs clamped around his head. He could feel me trembling in ecstasy as my whole body shuddered. He tasted my come in his mouth, my juices filling it as he licked them all out. Delighting in the taste. He couldn't hold back any longer, and he came in his own pants; I had not told him he could pleasure himself. As my body relaxed and my thighs started to release him he could see little orgasms shake my body like aftershocks after a big earthquake. Delicately he licked my sweet folds as more of my love juices leaked out.

Lifting my naked spent body in his arms he carried me back to my bedroom and laid me on my bed. He kissed me softly on the lips, each nipple with tiny sucks, my navel, and finally my pussy, with a little lick then he took the blanket and covered me. Returning to his room he quickly gathered his pillow and a couple of blankets, taking them into my room, and making himself a little nest on the floor at the foot of my bed.

The next day was a Saturday, and I slept in. When I awoke I could smell the coffee drifting up the stairs, so I knew my father was about. I wondered if it was all just a dream like all the others, but I realized I was naked, and there was a pile of blankets at the foot of the bed. I smiled contentedly my to myself and decided I needed a bath. I got up and walked to the kitchen naked.

To Be Continued...


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