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First Night Chapter II
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

[This is the continuation of the story of Teri, Traci, and Tony begun in First Night . Their parents left on a second honeymoon cruise, leaving the three alone at home. The story picks up with the morning after their first night, a night spent in sexual exploration of each other.]

The movement woke Teri and she watched through half opened eyes as Tony got up, evidently headed for the bathroom. Teri smiled to herself when she noticed he had a huge hard-on. She decided the bathroom was a good idea, she needed to pee, and she wanted to brush her teeth. She eased her arm away from Traci and quietly got out of bed, glancing at the clock -- it was 10:10 a.m., they'd had about six hours sleep.

When she returned, Tony was back in bed, waiting for her. She crawled in beside him and snuggled up to him, being careful not to wake Traci. She noticed his prick was just semi-hard, but as her body pressed up against him, it rapidly became fully erect. They turned on their sides so they were facing one another. Teri opened her thighs and let his erect prick slide between them....then closed her thighs, trapping his prick against her pussy.

"I wondered where you were," whispered Tony. "Was that the phone I heard while I was in the john?"

Teri laughed softly, "Yeah, it was Mom. Wanted to know if we had made it through the night safely. She was calling from a dock phone and had to leave because they started boarding the cruise ship." Teri kissed him lightly teasing his lips with her tongue, "I told her we took real good care of each other last night and to not worry."

Tony chuckled quietly, "That's the truth....we did."

Teri kissed him again, this time she ran her tongue deep into his mouth, letting him suck on her tongue. She broke the kiss and pulled back some and looked at him. "I thought I tasted mint on that first used some mouthwash."

"Well, I didn't want to turn you off with morning-breath," whispered Tony.

"Oh, how considerate. Were you planning on doing something this morning? With this hard thing between my legs?"

"I wanted......Well, I mean I hoped....Thought we could," stammered Tony.

Teri chuckled and shut him up with a deep kiss. "Oh Tony, I'm just teasing you. That's why I brushed my teeth.....I thought we could too. Now kiss me like you want to make love to me."

Tony kissed her, and began rubbing the shaft of his prick against her pussy while he massaged her breasts, playing with her nipples. Tony could feel the wetness of her pussy coating his prick.

After a few minutes of this, Teri rolled him over on his back and climbed atop him, and whispered softly, "Put it in me...I want to feel it in my pussy."

Tony rubbed the head of his prick up and down her slit and then eased it in to her wet pussy tunnel. "What about Traci?"

"We'll be quiet," whispered Teri, as she began to move her pussy slowly up and down on Tony's rigid prick. "You know how hard she is to wake up in the morning."

Tony chuckled, "You weren't too quiet last woke her up."

"If I think I'm going to yell, I'll suck this in my mouth and bite on it," whispered Teri, as she sucked some flesh at his neck into her mouth and gently clamped down on it with her teeth.

Tony hugged her tightly and began to thrust his hips up to meet her downward thrusts, driving his prick deep into her pussy. He was using long slow strokes, pressing and grinding their hips against each other each time they made contact, trying not to shake the bed too much. Traci kissed him, sucking his tongue into her mouth, her tongue dueling with his while Tony's hands massaged her breasts, his fingers gently pinching and pulling on her hard, erect nipples.

"Oh Tony, this feels so good......I could get used to this - every night and every morning," moaned Teri huskily. "Damn, it feels're so big...much bigger than David. God, I love the way it feels."

Teri raised herself up, pushing her pussy even harder against his prick and his thrusting hips. She began to speed up her thrusts, pumping her ass up and down on his prick, occasionally pausing, sitting up almost erect to feel his prick deep in her aching pussy. She could feel the huge head of his prick pushing against her cervix as she thrust her pussy all the way down on his rigid prick.

Tony moaned softly, thrusting his prick up into her wet, hot pussy. "Oh Teri, that feels're so damn hot. It feels like your pussy is sucking me your so damn tight.....Oh Jesus."

Teri collapsed forward onto Tony's chest and began to pump her ass up and down more rapidly, sliding her pussy down on his shaft so hard that there a soft slapping sound as flesh met flesh, driving his prick deep into her wet tunnel.

"Oh Teri, I don't think I can last much longer," Tony moaned softly. "God, I'm not going to be able to hold it." Tony gripped her buttocks and began to grind his hips against her as his prick thrust deep into her pussy. Teri began to slam her pussy down even harder and faster on his rigid prick. She could feel her clit being squeezed between their pubic bones as he ground his hips against her. It was creating a growing tension in her body and a sensation building deep in her pussy, pushing her up to that crest, aching for release. When he thrust his prick up into her and then held her there, grinding his hips against her throbbing pussy, she felt Tony's body tremble, and then the eruption of his prick deep within her pussy filling it with his cum. This triggered an eruption of spasms in her pussy as her orgasm swept through her body. She stifled a yell by burying her face against his shoulder and neck, sucking his flesh up into her mouth to bite off a scream.

They lay quietly, almost breathlees, just holding one another. "Oh Teri, damn...that was good. You know, I...I should rewrite my story. What do you think?"

Teri chuckled quietly, "Only if I get to proof read it." She kissed the tip of his nose, "See I told you I could be quiet. Traci hasn't even stirred, she....Uh-Oh, you slipped out," whispered Teri as his softened prick was pushed from her tight pussy. "It amazes me how small it can be, and yet, how large it gets when it's hard."

Tony laughed softly, "Yeah, you didn't yell, but I almost did when you clamped down on my neck. I bet I'm going to have a hell of bruise there."

"That's a 'love bite...anyway, you could have yelled," chuckled Teri. "I think Traci could sleep through a tornado."

"I heard that," said Traci, sitting up. "Who can sleep with you guys using the bed for a trampoline." Traci laughed, "It was funny listening to you two trying to be quiet." She swung her feet out of bed and got up. "I'll be back in a minute."

When Traci came back in a few minutes later, Teri and Tony were lying side by side talking. Traci climbed up on the bed between Tony's legs and looked at his cum covered prick lying limply to one side on his stomach. "It looks like you guys haven't been giving this any attention," she said as she lowered her head and began to gently lick his prick, cleaning it of his cum and Teri's pussy juices.

"I think I wore it out," laughed Teri.

Tony's prick was beginning to respond to Traci's tongue and rapidly growing larger. Traci looked up at them, "No, I think there's some life still left in it."

Teri gave Tony a quick kiss and got out of bed. "I'm going to go get cleaned two have fun. I'll fix us some breakfast, or rather lunch, in about an hour."

Tony's prick was now fully erect, and as Teri left the room, she heard Traci say, "Listening to you guys got me soaking wet. I want to try it on top, the way you fucked Teri."

"Sure, climb on and stick it in. As tight as you are, it'll probably go in easier that way."

Teri watched as Traci straddled Tony's hips and lowered her pussy onto his prick, taking it all the way in her, and started to pump her pussy up and down on Tony's large prick. Teri smiled and left. "Damn, she was worked up from listening to us," Teri muttered to herself, remembering how slow Tony had gone last night when he entered Traci's pussy for the first time.

Traci pumped her pussy up and down on Tony's stiff shaft as he pushed his hips up to meet her. "Oh Tony, I like it this way.....stick your finger in my ass, finger fuck my asshole the way Teri did me last night," she moaned softly.

"You liked that, huh? Okay, turn around and face the other'll be easier," whispered Tony.

Traci reversed her position, trying to keep his prick in her while she did so. Now her ass was fully exposed to Tony. He spread her ass cheeks and rubbed some of her pussy juices on the small rosebud. After getting it well lubricated he began to probe with the tip of his finger, finally slipping it in up to the first knuckle. He started to move his finger in and out going a little deeper into her ass each time until, finally, it was all the way in her tight butt. He was pumping his finger in and out and could feel the tight sphincter muscle begin to relax, as it did, he slipped a second finger into her ass. Now he was finger fucking her ass with both his first and middle finger.

"Oh my God, Tony...Tony," she moaned, as his second finger slid into her ass. "Oh God, that feels good." She moaned even louder as her body shuddered as he probed deep into her asshole. "OOHHHhhhhh......that's good....that's real good."


This is a 2 part (so far) story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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