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First Night Chapter IV
by AnonSky

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[ This is the continuation of the story of Teri, Traci, and Tony begun in, First Night . Their parents left on a second honeymoon cruise, leaving the three alone at home. The story picks up with the morning of the third day, Teri is picking her aunt up at the airport.]

Teri stood at the large window of the terminal and watched the planes. She was early, her aunt's plane wasn't due to land for another 15 minutes, if it was on time. Teri liked her aunt Sue. Aunt Sue was her father's sister, but only five years older that Teri, since Sue had been a late child for her grandparents, born when Teri's father was almost 18 years old.

Teri's grandparents had died when Sue started college, her grandmother first and then her grandfather 5 months later. Sue had lived with them each summer between school terms, and since Teri was the oldest kid, with the largest bedroom, aunt Sue had roomed with her each summer for three years from the time Teri was 13, to the last summer when she was 16. They had become very close. Teri smiled to herself as she remembered how her aunt Sue had become her main confidant for many an adolescent crisis, sort of an older sister that she never had. The one she turned to when she was troubled.

Teri sat down in the lounge and smiled to herself as she recalled that last summer just after she turned 16. The boy she was dating the most was David, she really had a crush on him. Teri remembered the night that she and David had met in the park near her house and how devastated she had been when David told her he wouldn't take her to the dance, she was too tall...they would look silly together. She remembered how it had been that night, the first time.

As Teri entered the house, her mother called out, "Is that you, Teri?"

"Yes ma'am," replied Teri. She had told her mother she was going over to Kathy's house, but would be home before 10, it was only 9:30. "I'm going to get my shower and go on to bed....I'm kinda tired." Teri didn't want to go in the den, they would be able to tell that she had been crying...she was sure her eyes were red and puffy, and her blouse was soiled.

"Okay, honey....night," her mother replied.

Teri was in bed, still awake when Sue came in almost two hours later. Sue didn't turn on the light, the night light was enough for her to change into her nightgown. Through half closed eyelids, Teri watched Sue get out of her clothes, admiring Sue's beautiful body and remembering what David had said about her's.

Sue was standing there in just her bikini panties getting ready to put on her gown when she heard a choked sobbing, quiet but audible, from Teri's bed. "Teri, is that you? Are you crying?" asked Sue, walking over to Teri's bed.

Teri didn't answer, she just sobbed a little louder and hid her face in her pillow as Sue sat down on the side of the bed. "Oh honey, what is it?" asked Sue stroking Teri's hair, as the sobbing increased.

Sue lifted the sheet and slid into the bed taking Teri gently in her arms, hugging her, and whispering, "Teri, tell your aunt Sue about can't be that bad."

"Oh Sue, why can't I be pretty like you," sobbed Teri. "You're tall, but you're pretty....I'm just tall," cried Teri.

"That's not true, honey," whispered Sue. "You're pretty, and you're going to be a lot prettier than me when you get all filled out. You just grew up so fast that the rest of your body just needs to catch up." Teri had her face buried between Sue's naked breasts and was cupping one breast in her hand, almost like an infant. "Okay, now tell me what happened," said Sue.

Bit by bit Sue heard the story. Teri had met David in the park and they had gone to a secluded area by the old carousel ride and started necking. Teri had let him unbutton her blouse and unsnap her bra, then she had removed her panties, and let him put his finger in her pussy. David and had unzipped his pants and taken his prick out so Teri could play with it, it was the first time she had ever held a boy's prick in her hand.

David kept trying to get her to let him put his prick in her pussy, but she wouldn't do it. Finally he asked her to suck his prick if she wasn't going to let him screw her. She refused at first, but finally agreed to do it and sucked him off, letting him cum in her mouth, choking her and getting cum all over her blouse. After she had let him cum in her mouth, David wouldn't kiss her anymore.

When she raised the subject of going to the school dance with David, he told her he wouldn't go with her, she was too tall. They would look silly dancing together.

As Teri continued to sob quietly against her bare breasts, Sue muttered, "Men or boys, they can be real bastards at times, honey."

"I know," moaned Teri. "But, I feel so ugly sometimes." Taking Sue's hand Teri placed it on her breast. "Here feel my breast, my tits are so small compared to yours," said Teri as she gently groped Sue's naked tit, catching the nipple between her fingers.

Sue caught her breath with a gasp as Teri lightly massaged her nipple. Teri could feel Sue's nipples get stiff and erect. Teri raised her head slightly and kissed the hollow of Sue's neck, letting her tongue trace patterns on Sue's skin as she pushed her hips and body against Sue.

Sue pulled back and cupping her hand under Teri's chin raised her head and looked in her eyes. "Christ, Teri, do you know what you're doing to me?" whispered Sue huskily.

"Sue, don't be mad at me...I just want some one to love me...really love me," murmured Teri. Teri hesitated and then leaned forward and kissed Sue on the lips, "Please, love me Sue, please," whispered Teri softly, as she slid her hand over Sue's stomach and into her panties, cupping Sue's vulva in her hand, lightly stroking the lips of Sue's pussy. "Oh Sue, please love me...please."

Teri smiled to herself, she was amazed, even now, that she had been so bold that night with aunt Sue. She had so desperately needed to feel loved, to be wanted by someone, and her aunt Sue had responded to that need.

Sue pulled Teri to her, kissing her hard, teasing Teri's lips with her tongue. Teri opened her lips and sucked Sue's tongue into her mouth, sucking and tonguing Sue's tongue the way she had done with David's prick. Teri slipped her finger, and then two fingers, between the moist lips of Sue's pussy and began to finger fuck her. Teri could feel Sue pushing her pussy, which was rapidly get wetter and wetter, against her fingers, wanting Teri's fingers even deeper into her hot, throbbing pussy tunnel.

Sue moaned softly, "Oh God,Teri, we shouldn't be doing this....we shouldn't."

"Sue, I want you....I want you to make love to me. I want to be loved," pleaded Teri. "I love you, Sue. Really I do.....I want you to love me."

"I do honey, I do," moaned Sue, as she began to kiss Teri passionately, slipping her hand into Teri's panties and fingering her wet pussy. "My Lord, Teri," whispered Sue, "you're soaking wet, even your panties are wet."

Teri sat up and quickly stripped off her nightie top and then her panties, then, kicking the sheet off the bed Teri grabbed Sue's panties and slipped them down to her knees and then off. In doing so Teri's head was just over Sue's pussy and she could see the wet pussy lips glistening in the dim light. Lowering her head, Teri kissed Sue's pussy and then began to run her tongue between Sue's pussy lips, tasting the juices coating them. Teri probed her tongue into Sue's pussy, trying to get as deep into the warm moist pussy hole as she could.

Sue moaned softly as Teri's tongue probed her throbbing pussy, then gripping Teri hips, Sue pulled Teri over on top of her, spreading Teri's legs on each side of her head so that she could get to Teri's pussy. Teri moaned softly as she felt Sue's tongue probing her pussy, Sue's lips pulling at the engorged pussy lips, and then squeezing her clit.

Teri's tongue found Sue's clit, sticking out from under its hood, stiff as a small penis, and began to stroke it with her tongue. Teri felt Sue's body jerk as her tongue massaged Sue's clit and then Teri sucked it and the surrounding tissue into her mouth, still flicking her tongue rapidly over the engorged clit. Teri could feel, as well as hear, Sue's moans as Sue pressed her face into Teri's pussy to muffle her cries.


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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