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First Night Chapter IV
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

As Teri helped her into the high tub, really a whirlpool bath, Sue asked, "Can you help me wash off...I don't want to get water down in these things." Sue held up her hands.

"Sure," said Teri, " but I've got a better idea." Teri quickly stripped off her clothes and climbed in the tub behind Sue. "This tub is designed for two people, and it'll be a lot easier to bathe you," said Teri, as she sat down slipping her legs down and around Sue so that Sue's back was pressed against her breasts when she circled Sue's waist with her arms and pulled her back. "Just lay back against me and soak for a bit, you feel tense, like you're all wound up," said Teri softly.

Sue relaxed and leaned back against her, she could feel Teri's nipples pressing into her back. "I'm glad I came, Teri. I thought you might have changed, it's been several years since I was here....that can be long time for a teenager." Sue slid a little to one side and turned her head to Teri, "You haven't really change though. You've gotten older, bigger, and prettier, but you're still the one I always felt the closest to....not my brother, or even my parents."

"I know," said Teri, hugging her gently and kissing her cheek. "I always felt like you were my big sister, someone I could go to on anything. I've missed you," said Teri softly, hugging her again, kissing her gently behind the ear. As Teri hugged Sue, her hands slipped up Sue's body until they were just under Sue's breasts, Teri could feel the weight of Sue's breasts against her hands. Teri moved her hands up cupping Sue's breasts in her hands, feeling Sue's nipples growing stiff and erect against the palm of her hands. Teri hugged her, gently running her hands over Sue's body, pausing now and then to gently knead Sue's breasts, tweaking her stiff, erect nipples as they talked of old times..

After about 15 minutes, Teri took the soap in her hand and began to wash Sue gently, wary of the bruises on her body. As her hands rubbed the lather over Sue's breasts, Teri could feel the nipples responding to her fingers, growing even harder. As Teri ran her hand through Sue's pubic hair and soaped up her stomach and then between Sue's thighs, Teri could feel her own nipples becoming so hard and erect that it was almost painful. Teri could feel her own pussy tingling as she ran her hand between Sue's thighs and bathed the outside of Sue's pussy.

Teri got out and quickly dried off, and then helped Sue out and began to towel her dry. As she finished, they were standing face to face, naked. Sue looked at Teri's eyes and then gently raised her hand to Teri's breast and rubbed her nipple with her fingers. Teri moaned softly and then pulled Sue to her, kissing her, probing Sue's lips with her tongue.

Sue wrapped her arms around Traci and kissed her back, their tongues teasing one another. Traci pulled Sue's hips against her and rubbed her pussy against Sue's pussy.

Sue broke the kiss and looked at Traci, "Are you sure you want to do this, honey?"

Teri smiled at Sue and kissed her quickly, "Yes. I'm very sure. I was sure when I held you in my arms at the rest stop."

"Oh Teri....God, I want you so much. On the flight, all I could think about was how we loved each other that last great it felt to be really loved by someone," Sue kissed her gently. "I didn't know if you would feel the might have changed."

"I know, Sue," murmured Teri, as she helped Sue toward the bed. "I wondered about you, you hadn't written for over a year.... but not any more. I just know I still love you."

"What about Tony and Traci?" asked Sue.

"They won't be home for another four or five hours," whispered Teri, Sue lay back on the bed as Teri stretched out beside her and began to suck and tongue her tits.

Teri let her hand slide down over Sue's stomach and through the moist pussy hair to Sue's pussy. Cupping Sue's vulva in her hand, Teri stroking the swollen pussy lips with her fingers, then slipped one finger between Sue's pussy lips and deep into the moist pussy. Teri felt Sue's body jerk as her finger probed deep into Sue's wet, hot tunnel and felt Sue begin to push her pussy against the invading finger, wanting it even deeper.

Teri began to kiss her way down Sue's body, carefully avoiding the bruises, until her tongue was tracing the outline of Sue's pussy hair, she could feel the stubble where Sue had been unable to trim her bush lately. Teri crawled between Sue's legs, spreading them as wide as she could as she ran her tongue down the crease between Sue's upper thigh and her stomach and down to her pussy. Teri gently licked at the glistening wet pussy lips in front of her face, savoring the taste of Sue's pussy juices as she still pumped her finger in and out Sue's pussy.

Teri glanced up at Sue's face when Sue moaned softly, "Oh God, Teri.....that feels so good. It's been so long."

Teri spread Sue's pussy with her fingers and pressing her mouth to it began to run her tongue as deep into Sue's pussy as she could. Teri could see Sue's clitoris peeking out from its hood and gently stroked it with her tongue. Sue's reaction was immediate.

"Oh My God, Teri......that's it....suck me.....suck me hard...there....right there," moaned Sue.

Teri backed off tonguing Sue's clit and resumed tonguing her pussy hole, fucking her with her tongue. Teri could feel Sue squirming, trying to push her pussy against the tongue probing her pussy. Teri pressed hard and slid her tongue up to Sue's clit, sucking it between her lips and flicking it with her tongue.

"Teri....Teri....suck it harder....harder. Don't stop....please don't stop," Sue cried out as she pushed her hips against Teri. "Oh God, make me cum....make me"

Teri gently wrapped her arms around Sue's thighs and pull her pussy hard against her probing tongue. Teri held Sue's pussy trapped against her mouth, as she began to tongue Sue's swollen and engorged clit as hard as she could, sucking it between her lips and massaging it while her tongue rapidly flicked back and forth over it, probed it and stroked it.

"OOHHHhh......OOHHhhh....THAT'S IT......THAT'S IT," Sue moaned loudly as she writhed in Teri's grasp, trying to push her pussy even harder against Teri's ravaging tongue. "OH MY GOD.....OH....OH....I'M GOING TO CUM...NOW...NOW," screamed Sue. "OH GOD, I'M CUMMING.....CUMMING. OH..DON'T STOP...DON'T STOP," yelled Sue. "Ohhhh....Teri....Teri," Sue moaned softly as the tremors quieted in her body.

Teri had buried her tongue as deep as possible in Sue's pussy and she could feel it contracting around her tongue as Sue reached her climax. As the spasms in Sue's pussy lessen, Teri gently kissed Sue's clit, felt her body jerk one more time and heard Sue moan softly, "Enough...Oh God, Teri....enough."

Teri crawled up, laid down and gently took Sue in her arms. Teri gently kissed Sue, letting Sue taste her own pussy juices on Teri's lips. "Hmmm, Sue," whispered Teri, "you still taste wonderful.....just like I remember."

"Oh God, Teri," whispered Sue as she kissed Teri's ear, "that was great....I haven't cum like that in a long time. I'd forgotten how good it could be."

"You guys put on quite a show," said Tony as he sat down on the bed, startling both Teri and Sue.

Sue let out a loud "Oh no," and started to sit up.

Teri grasped her shoulders and said, "It's okay's okay." Turning to Tony, she said, "Dammit, you didn't have to startle us like that. You aren't even suppose to be home yet. Where's Traci?"

Tony leaned across Sue's breasts and kissed Teri on the lips. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean two just looked so sexy, I had to say something. I'm really sorry if I scared you. I dropped Traci off at Ron's place, he'll bring her home later."

Teri chuckled softly, "How long were you watching us?"

"Long enough to see you take aunt Sue over the edge and give me a terrific hard-on."

Sue was looking back and forth between the two and then with a sparkle in her eyes, Sue said, "You two have something going between you....don't you?"

Teri laughed, "Tony, why don't you take off those shorts and show your aunt Sue what we have going between us." Tony didn't wait for a second invitation, he immediately began removing his clothes.

Sue laughed, "You two are fucking each other, aren't you?"

Teri gave Sue a quick kiss while Tony climbed onto the bed. "Yeah. He's much better than a dildo," said Teri chuckling. Glancing at Tony, Teri cautioned, "Be careful. She's still pretty sore from the accident."

Sue turned her head to Tony and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. Then, as her fingertips brushed over his erect prick, she said, "God, Tony, you have really more ways than one."

Tony laughed, "It's good to see you aunt see all of you. I use to think you were the sexiest girl in the world."

"Use to feelings are hurt," said Sue pretending to pout.

"No, I meant...I thought you....Oh Shit," muttered Tony.

Both girls laughed at Tony's stumbling response.

"That's okay, Tony. I know what you meant," Sue said. Chuckling, she said, "I can still remember you trying to peek in the bedroom when I was changing clothes." She kissed him again, this time letting her tongue tease his lips. "Now you can look all you want. Even feel me up, if you want to," she whispered as she brushed her fingers tips up and down his rigid prick.

"Oh I want to aunt Sue....I really want to. I want to do a lot more than that though," murmured Tony, as he slid his hand over her stomach and down between her thighs, while Teri gently sucked on one of Sue's nipples.

As Tony slipped one, then two fingers, into her wet sensitive pussy, Sue whispered, "You keep doing that and you can do anything you want to, Tony." Sue moaned softly, "Just looking at that beautiful prick is turning me on.....damn these casts....I can't even hold it in my hand."

Tony rose and knelt by her head. "Here, hold it in your mouth...that's even better."

With her fingertips, Sue guided his prick to her mouth and licked it gently, probing the slit for any pre-cum, then slipping the huge head into her mouth. Sue slipped her lips down the shaft until she felt the head of his prick pressing against her throat, almost gagging her. She pulled back, tonguing his prick furiously as she let it slip from her mouth.

"Oh Tony, put that where it belongs," said Sue huskily. "I want to feel it in my pussy. It's been so long since a man's made love to me....too long," murmured Sue.

Tony crawled over between Sue's spread legs and taking his prick in his hand, rubbed the head of his prick up and down her moist slit, pressing against her clit when he reached the top of her pussy lips. Sue moaned softly as he pushed the large head into her, parting her pussy lips as his rigid shaft sought her pussy hole.

Sue tried to raise her hips to meet his prick thrusting into her, then cried, "Oh Damn...Dammit. Oh..."

"What's the matter?" asked Teri, as Tony quickly withdrew his prick from Sue's pussy.

"It's my leg. When I try to move my hips, it hurts too much," said Sue.

"Teri, hand me the pillow," said Tony. Taking the pillow, Tony folded it and then pressed it down into the bed and slid it under Sue's ass, elevating her hips some four or five inches. "There, see if that isn't won't have to move as much," Tony whispered as he began to rub his prick up and down Sue's pussy once again, rubbing the head of his prick tightly against her engorged clit, before beginning to slip it into her wet, hot pussy hole.

With her hips elevated and the moistness of her pussy, Tony's prick slid easily into her throbbing pussy, triggering an immediate response.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming.....I'm cumming," moaned Sue, as she tried to grip Tony's arms with her cast covered hands. When Tony paused, Sue urged, "Don't stop....don't stop. Oh Tony, fuck me....fuck me good." Sue gasped for breath, "Oh, that feels good. God, it feels good," murmured Sue.

Teri leaned in and kissed her, probing Sue's mouth with her tongue. As Teri broke the kiss, Sue whispered, "Lord, I've never cum that fast before...never."

"You just want it so badly," said Teri chuckling, "and Tony's prick does stretch your pussy some." Teri licked at Sue's nipples, whispering, "Cum as many times and as hard as you want to."

When Teri sat up to watch them, Sue looked down her body and watched Tony's prick slipping in and out her pussy. The pillow under her ass elevated her hips enough that she could see he was withdrawing to the head of his prick and then plunging back down into the depths of her pussy. She could see the shaft of his prick glistening with her pussy juices as he withdrew it, then watch as he rammed it back in her pussy. Just watching his large prick, shiny with her juices, plunging into her pussy was arousing her even more.

Sue moaned softly, "Oh Tony, you feel so big......God, it feels good." Sue tried to grasp his arms but could only hold on to them with the tips of her fingers. "Oh, that's it, fuck me deep....get it as deep as you can." Sue pulled on him, "Lay on me Tony, lay on me and fuck me as hard as you can."


This is a 4 part story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 4 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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