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Fishin' Night Out
by Lodi

This night sticks out in my mind as every day on the way home from work I see this dock from my car.

At work Friday morning Len asked me if I wanted to go fishing that night for bluefish. He said he and Angela were going and wanted company. I knew what he meant so told him "sure" and he said to drop by his place at 8:00PM.

I went home, had dinner, showered and grabbed my fishing gear. Len and Angie lived 45 min from my house and I got there about 8.When Angie opened the door I knew it was going to be a good night. She was wearing a dark knit miniskirt and a almost see-through white blouse. She looked hot!!! I kidded her and said something about a nice fishing outfit and she laughed and said she was fishing for something else tonight.

She explained that Len was called into work and we would have to wait till Midnight to go fishing. Len bartended part time at this dive downtown. After offering me a beer Angie said Len wanted us to come to the bar till he got off. Looking at her the thought of leaving was not what I wanted to do and told her so...She laughed and told me her husband had told her specifically not to fuck me until we all got together as he figured he would never see us at the bar.. HE WAS RIGHT !!!

Instead she uncrossed her legs and let me know she had no panties on under her skirt...smiling at me over her glass as she sipped her brandy her hand began to rub her breast slowly. Something had to be done and done quickly...I got up and sat down on the couch next to her sliding my hand up her smooth leg till it was just below her sweet crotch. I told her I wanted to lick her clit till she came before we left....that wouldn't be fucking so Len would be ok with The last words left my mouth I let my finger make contact with her moist lips and watched her squirm as she decided.

Without saying a word she reached down and puled her skirt up letting me know it was ok as I watched her clit poke out from between her lips...stiff and swollen. I got down on the floor between her legs, placing one on each shoulder and trailed my tongue along the insides of her thighs. First one then the other...teasing her, making her anticipate my hands reached under her ass and cupped each cheek pulling her closer to my face. I could smell her scent, sweet and soft...the only thing that I thought was better than her scent was her taste...and that was soon to come...

I stiffened my tongue and tickled her lips on each side gently, her hips jerked at the touch...looking up at her I could see her head laying back, hands massaging her breasts...she could cum quickly

I could not resist any longer. I needed to drink from my dear friend's sweet cup. I laid my tongue flat against her pussy lips and slid it up and down ...parting them ...feeling her hot juices flow into my mouth. My lips found her ridged clit and wrapped around it and began to suck it. She loved having her clit sucked and I loved the feel of it in my mouth. My tongue flicking the tip sending shocks through her whole body. In a 69 position we could lay for hours when we were alone. But I wanted her to cum for me soon... A moan escaped her as I pressed the tip into her...her hands left her breasts and she held each side of my head gently....guiding me...telling me she wanted more...curling my tongue into sort of a tube I slipped more into her heaving pussy, pressing in till my face was against her tightly. She pulled my head against her hard and began humping my face wildly. My lips racked across her clit every time her hips bucked against me. I grabbed her around the hips and pulled her to me tighter still giving her the roughness she desired. "OHH OHHHH OHHH GODDD" I could hear her scream despite the tightness of her thighs against my ears...suddenly the pressure increased as the first wave of her orgasm hit her hard, her body stiffened and began to quiver and twitch against my face. She jerked up and arched her back completely off the couch as she bathed my face in her sweet pussy cumm. Stroking her legs and stomach with my hands I brought her down easy, letting her enjoy the warm cozy feeling a while longer. I looked up at her smiling face and said we had better be getting ready before the phone rang. No sooner than I had said that it did ring and It was Len asking if I had come yet? Angie said no but she had and we were on the way over.....

After she had put herself back together we jumped into my car for the ride over to the bar. Angie reached over as I pulled from the curb and placed her hand on my still stiff cock under my jeans. The ride would only take 10 minutes but she pulled down my zipper and reached in to stroke me. Pulling my prick form my jeans she bowed her head under the steering wheel and swallowed my cock deep in her mouth. It was hard to pun intended....I reached over and slipped my free hand over her ass to slide my finger into her pussy. I wanted sooo much to drive the long way but in no time I was pulling up to the front of the bar. Watching her head in the neon lights bob up and down on my cock I wanted to sit there forever. I looked up and saw Len looking out through the front window and smiling he waved me to come in....I wanted just TO CUMMM!!!!! I told Angie we had to go in and she reluctantly put my cock back in my pants promising to finish me good later. I had no doubts about that !!

As we entered the bar we found two stools close to the end where we liked to sit. Len brought over some drinks as he came down to us and said he wondered what was taking us so long.. I held my fingers under his nose in answer...He laughed saying at first he though I was alone when I pulled up...Angie giggled and told Len to look over the bar he did she lifted her skirt slightly to show him her hairless pussy....He cursed saying he wished he didn't offer to work tonight as her would be balls deep in that right now...

Looking around the bar I could see a few regulars and a group of new people at the other end of the bar...A woman about 40, shapely, brunette,36D but no match for Angie who was also 40 but slim and busty, Blonde, with that come fuck me look. Angie also noticed her and said to Len in a loud enough voice to be heard that she was so mad her husband was working and couldn't play with her that she would just have to play with me till he was free. With that she turned to me sitting next to her and stuck her tongue down my throat for a few moments. I thought the broad at the end would just shit!!!! Her companions were eyeing her to get a reaction as she just sat in amazement.....

During the next few hours of drinking she played me like a harp, stroking me all over, cuddling up at the pool table, and making the new crowd gasp in awe as she bent over to shoot.

Len called me over and asked me to step in for him behind the bar for a while and with that walked into the empty dinning room soon to be followed by His wife as the new folks wondered what was going on. I was busting a gut at the looks on their faces.

I set up drinks for everyone and when I had a second stepped over to the doorway to the dinning room to see Len and Angie siting in a booth with Angie on his lap fucking his brains out. I returned to the barroom to wait till he was cock stiff still making the new broad start to look good in Angie's absence. But I held in sense pissing the guys she was with off....not when I had Angie to play with .... After about 15 minutes they walked back in smiling and it was about 11;30 by then and we only had a half hour before Len's relief man showed up. As soon as he did we hit the streets running to get back to Len and Angie's house. No sooner were we in the door did Angie start to strip for us ..which took all of 1 or two minutes... Len said we Should go fishing but we needed to relax some before we did...I agreed and as we both shed our clothes Angie reached for a bottle of baby oil and proceeded to pour it over our cocks lubing us up ...stroking us with each hand as we stood in front of her kneeling form. Her lips went from his cockhead to mine in turn till she was sure that we were as stiff as we could get....she said since Len had fucked her once already it was my turn.

Len said that I had gotten a blowjob before him so we compromised....Angie got down on all fours...Len laid down in front of her...I came up from behind and slid my cock into her in one stroke. She turned to look over her shoulder and smiled then bent down and sucked Len's cock deep into her warm hot mouth. Remember I was the only one so far who had not dropped a load anywhere....I had a raging hardon and started to pummel her ass with it shaking her thin frame with each thrust...I had held a hard too long and was eager to relieve myself for the first time that night. I grabbed her hips to steady her and fucked Hard and long...soon her voice could be heard coming from around Len's cock as she sucked him harder and moaned louder giving him a great hum job. I was close to cumming and Len was too.

I now Angie would follow when we did so I started slapping her asscheecks with my hand hearing her grunt every time. She was close too...she brought us off together...humping back on my cock She opened her throat and buried Lens dick into her face till nothing was showing...he bucked and flooded her throat with his cum till her cheeks bulged and it overflowed down her lips and chin. I let loose with my own torrent of jism deep into her hot pussy and felt it clutch my cock and begin milking it for every drop as her ass shook signaling her orgasm was washing over her time and time again. I knew that motion, she came harder knowing she was there with me feeling my hot jism splashing inside her...My knees got shaky as I finally stop cumming into her. When the room stopped rocking and we caught our breath we agreed to get dressed and head for the dock to go fishing.....the night was still young!!!!

To Be Continued...


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