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Fishin' Night Out Pt. II
by Lodi

Angie stood up, her body moist with sweat and headed for a quick shower before we were to go. I waited till I heard the water running for a few moments before I walked into the bathroom and stepped in with her claiming to be sweaty too. She laughed and told me we would never get out fishing at this rate. I said I didn't mind as I grabbed the soap and began washing her back, feeling the soft curves of her body. She turned and let me soap her breasts and stomach...feeling my way down further I applied the bar slowly to her mound...her hand rested on my shoulder as I enjoyed my task....her legs opened allowing me to soap her sweetness quite easily..

My cock was beginning to stiffen and I wished I could feel her hand on it right now. Len opened the curtain and watched as Angie humped against my hand enjoying the sensation of my slick fingers. I let the soap bar drop and pressed my fingers harder against her tight entrance allowing the tips of all four to slip in. Yeessssss me like that...ooooo yesssssss... Angie whispered as she looked down at me...Give me your hand....all of it!!!! Len had reached over and was pinching Angie's nipples, pulling them out and away from her body...she loved to be done like that and groaned from the shivers it sent through her body...her hand lowered and gripped his cock, stroking him to encourage him to continue abusing her nipples so deliciously.

Feeling her hot lips sliding down my fingers I pressed up and fed her my hand up to the first knuckle...My thumb reached out and made contact with her swollen clit and began to rub along the sides of it making her hips jerk as she closed her eyes to get lost in the sweet sensations Len and I were bestowing on her. OHHHH YESSSSS! Don't stop, she cried. DOO MEEEE! DOO MEEE HARDER! Ohh yesssss... fuck my pussy with you hand ...DO ITTT! BITE MY NIPPLES PLEASE! she begged. Eager to please I rubbed my thumb against her clit hard and heard her gasp at the contact. Unnnhhhh...OHH OHHHH yessssssssss... her voice quivered as moans continued to fill our ears. I looked up and saw Len had clamped his teeth on her left nipple and was punishing it much to Angie's delight....she held his head in her hands and guided him on...BITE ME BABY! she pleaded with him. BITE ME HARD! I felt her legs beginning to shake and knew she was close. I let my thumb rest at the head of her clit and pressed in, rubbing up and down.

That combined with Lens attentions sent her over the edge....OOHHH...OHHHHH I"MMMM CUMMMINNNGGGGGGG! her voice cracked as her body twitched on my hand. MAKE MEEE CUMMM HARD! GIVE IT TOO MEEEEEEEEEE.....OOOHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! she cried as wave after wave swept over her body. I looked up into her eyes as she came seeing a gleam of lust twinkle as she fucked my hand till the orgasm she was riding diminished and she slide down to wrap her arms around me kissing my face. I was happy that she came well.

We dried off and dressed to leave. Well, if you call Angie's outfit dressed - short jean shorts and a cutoff T-shirt that left her navel bare and cute little white sneakers. No bra, no panties - I loved it!!!

I mentioned to Angie that Len and I had hard-ons from the shower as we got into the car to go. She sat between us in the front seat so she said she would help us out as Len drove.

With that she unzipped my pants and fished in and took out my hard cock. Then she applied the same attention to Len. With me in her right hand and Len in her left she began to jerk us off as we made our way to the docks on the inlet. It was GREAT! A warm summer night, driving along the river getting your cock stroked by the hottest gal around. I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of her hand as it did it's work. She knew just when to squeeze and when to let a light touch do it's work as if she had her own cock to practice on. I heard Len saying he was close to cumming and saw Angie lean over and place her lips on the head of his hard-on to let him cum in her mouth.

The car swerved some as he dumped his load into her face and somehow she managed to swallow it all not letting any get away....Len smiled relaxed again as she came up and kissed him full on the mouth letting him taste himself on her....still stroking my cock....I had to let myself go as her hand was hitting just the right spots and shot my load onto the dashboard not caring where it went...

We arrived at the one of the empty docks and parked alongside of was long and there were other docks along this stretch of the river about 100 yards apart. The one we picked was vacant and suited us fine. After we had set up on the end of the dock, lines in the water, beer in hand , we looked around and saw only a few fishermen on the docks up river. As we sat there for about a half hour waiting for something to happen Angie said she was bored and would be right back. She walked back to the car and returned with a bag in her hand. I asked her what was in it thinking she had brought a bottle of brandy and was fooled when she brought out a long white vibrator. She said we had done such a nice job getting her off in the shower that while we were waiting there on the dock she was going to keep us amused. That suited me fine and waited to see what she had planned.

The section we were sitting at was in the corner of the dock so Len sat on one side and I the other with Angie in the corner facing us. I placed my jean jacket on the deck for her to sit on and with her back against the pole took the vibrator in her hands and started to lick it from top to bottom. Placing her lips on the tip she slid it into her mouth slowly till half of it had disappeared into her face. I could see she was starting to get warmed up as when the tip hit the back of her throat I could see her struggle to relax and take it in all the way as if it were a live cock. After a few minutes she withdrew the vibrator all covered with her saliva and lifted her shirt over her breasts. Turning on the switch to a low speed Angie directed the tip to her nipple and circled it over and over again making it harden and swell. When that nipple was hard enough she turned her attention to the other purring as it hardened to match the other. When both nipples were stiff and ready she reached back it the bag and pulled out nipple jewelry and attached it to both nipples with a chain connecting the two. She looked HOT!!!!

Smiling at us she reached between her legs and popped the snap on her shorts crotch exposing her sweet lips to the night air. I didn't even notice the jeans had a snap till now... Angie just stretched out before us, long legs gleaming in the night light. Her breasts tan save for a small area around her nipples which was white had distant lights shining on them and were a delight to behold.

Angie then took her vibrator and started to slid it along the insides of her thighs, caressing herself sensually. She then brought her toy to rest at the opening of her hot tight hole and licked her lips in anticipation. She rubbed it up and down along the swollen lips of her hot pussy teasing the clit till she could no longer hold back and slipped the head into herself slowly as we watched an inch at a time till it was buried up to the hilt deep into her. She then turned the knob on the end to high and started the vibrator humming. Placing both hands on the end of it she pressed urgently to fit the remaining end totally inside her. In a matter of seconds all of her toy was securely tucked away behind her lips and the humming was still audible in the quite night. I was rock hard by now and dying to touch her anywhere. But this was her show for us and it was always understood that when she did a thing for us we had to wait till she wanted us to join.

Angie let her hands play over her body as she relished the vibrations deep within her. She stroked her thighs and caressed her stomach as she wriggled on the deck. Placing the nipple chain between her teeth she was able to pull and give them the attention she wanted as her hands were busy with her pussy by now. Taking both hands she captured her stiff throbbing clit in her fingers and massaged it like it was a small cock. Whimpers escaped her clenched teeth as her lust ran wild. MMMMMMPHHHH ...MMMMMPHHHHH.....the sound coming from deep in her throat....OHHHHHH .....AHHHHH....her cries became louder.....OHHHHHHH I"MMMM SOO CLOSEEEE ....I'M GONNA CUMM FOR YOU......TO GET YOUR COCKS HARD....TO FUCK MEEEEEEEE.... Her voice getting louder as we heard it echo off the far banks....she was almost there and it WAS HOT !!!!! Suddenly her legs stiffened and her back arched, eyes closed she jerked her clit feverishly as we watched her body react to each crash of sensations running rampant through her. I'M CUU.....I'MMMM CUUUU.....I'MMM CUUUUUUUMMM.....she tried to tell us as we watched her body twitch and snap in orgasmic bliss. She came for what seemed to be five minutes and as she stopped moaning she opened her eyes to smile at us sitting there with our cocks in our hand waiting for our signal to join in.

Did you boy's enjoy my show she asked???? Looking at her Laying there mostly naked in the hot evening air I smiled at her and Len told her she had outdone herself tonight.

Then who wants to fuck me first? She asked.....Although my cock was raging hard I told Len to go ahead after all it WAS his wife. Angie got up and went over to Len sitting on the timber surrounding the dock. Opening his belt and zipper she pulled his pants down to his knees and told him to sit back down as she would do all the work. His cock was stiff and ready as she bent over and mouthed him a few minutes to wet him well as she had a plan we were soon to see. She still had the vibrator deep in her pussy, still going strong.

After Len was good and wet ,Angie straddled his lap as he sat there and guided his cock to her waiting ass. He grunted as his head pushed past her sphincter and first felt the vibrations coming from her pussy. Smiling at his enjoyment she slid down his hard cock till it filled her as completely. Angie waited a moment before rising up to start stroking Len's prick with her humming asshole. I saw Len's hands reach up and cup Angie's breasts from behind as she fucked him harder. The look on Angie's face was cock hardening. Her jaw slack, eyes glazed with lust she was beautiful!!!!!

Len took all of about five minutes of this and began moaning as his cock swelled deep in Angie's ass as it started to dump load after load of steaming cumm into her bowels. I could see Angie cumming along with him as she always got off feeling cumm inside her. Giving them a moment to recover I sat stroking my cock enjoying the show. Angie looked over and said she was still ready for me if I was ready. I told her to come over and lay face down on the timber going along the edge of the dock as I wanted her on the bottom to which she quickly agreed. Laying there her arms and legs were free to dangle down on each side of the timber her body supported by the timber from the front.

I straddled the timber behind her placing my hands above her shoulders and lowered my cock to her ass till I felt it slip into her open hole easily...I was horny as hell and asked her if she could stand a good hard fucking. Feeling the vibrator humming against my cock didn't let me wait for too much of an answer. I pushed all of my stiff prick deep into her ass in one stroke. Without wasting time I began pounding her ass when I heard her start a soft moaning...mmmmmmm yesssss baby, she was saying, fuck your Angie's ass...fuck it good...her stiff clit was rubbing against the wooden timber with each stroke. Combined with the vibrator in her pussy and my cock in her ass she was enjoying herself once more. My strokes became faster as I wanted to cumm so bad into her ass. I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass to me an each stroke...We fuck this way for a few minutes when Len positioned himself in front of her and offered his now stiff cock to her mouth. She licked her lips once and swallowed him balls deep. Her grunts and moans brought a vibration to his cock like the one I enjoyed in her ass. My time was running out as I stiffened over her, plunging my prick deep into her as I could and let torrents of cumm loose in her. I was shaking it felt so good....It seemed I came and came her ass clutching my cock tight not wanting to let it go...I laid there after I had stopped cummming and just enjoyed the feeling of getting soft still in her vibrating ass.

Len was close to cumming as I rested. I watched Angie's head bob frantically on his lap trying to get him off till all at once he gripped her and shot his load down her throat as she gulped to contain every drop. I noticed the sky beginning to brighten as Angie's body became more visible and beautiful. But this told us we would have to stop playing and either start fishing or leave for home..... we packed and left....and that is another story..


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