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First Night
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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(This is the continuation of the story of Teri, Traci, and Tony begun in, First Night. Their parents left on a second honeymoon cruise, leaving the three alone at home. The story picks up with the evening of the third day. Jenny, Teri, and Sue have just finished dinner.)

"That's the way I like to do dishes," said Teri as she dropped the containers in the trash. "Disposable plates, disposable knives and forks, we're going to be known as the disposable generation." On the way over, Jenny had picked up three large chef salads with bread sticks at the Italian restaurant in the mall.

"You're right," replied Jenny, "there are disposable diapers, bottles..."

"Disposable husbands," chimed in Sue.

All three laughed, and Jenny asked, "Will it be awkward for you at the university with your husband....I mean ex-husband still there?"

"No. He's leaving, thank God," replied Sue. "He's taking a department head job at a college in San Francisco. I didn't even know about it until I had served him with the divorce papers. I don't know when he planned on telling me - maybe after he had left."

Teri watched Sue limp to the sink. "You're walking a lot better, Sue. You aren't using the crutch either."

"I know, soaking in the bath seems to really help my knee, makes it more flexible."

"Rather than sit around here and chat, why don't we do it in the hot tub," said Jenny.

"Sounds okay to me," said Teri. "You want to soak it some more, for about an hour, Sue?"

"I didn't bring a swim suit or anything like that with me," replied Sue.

Teri laughed, "It's just us girls, tonight the house rule will be 'no clothes' in the hot tub. Okay?"

Sue laughed, "Why not...okay."

"Jenny, if you'll help her get undressed and in the tub, I'll get us a plate of cheese and crackers, and another bottle of wine."

Sue and Jenny were already in the tub when Teri brought the snacks and wine out, and had just started to undress when the phone rang. It was Tony. They had stopped to eat at a burger joint, and when they were ready to go, found that Ron had locked the keys in the car. Teri told Jenny and Sue what the problem was.

"There's an extra key on my key chain, I'll run it up to them," said Jenny.

"You're already in the tub and I'm still dressed. Let me have the key and I'll do it," said Teri. "It'll only take me about 25-30 minutes or so. It'll give you two a chance to get better acquainted."

After Teri left, they chatted for a few minutes, and Jenny noticed that Sue kept squirming around like she couldn't get comfortable. "Is something wrong, Sue? Is your leg hurting you?"

"I'm sorry, Jenny. You'll just have to excuse me," said Sue, blushing furiously. "But the itching is driving me nuts, and I can't put these casts under the water to scratch it."

"What itching?" asked Jenny as she watched Sue stand up and sit on the side of the tub and begin to dry her crotch. "Oh, you mean your bush. You must trim it."

Sue still blushing, chuckled, "Yes, I do, and when it starts growing out, it itches like crazy. When I was in the hospital I tried to do it myself and cut myself twice. A nurse got a young nursing aide to do it for me....I don't know who was embarrassed more, me or her, but I haven't been able to shave it since then."

"I know what you mean, but the only thing that will get rid of the itch is either to shave or wait for it to grow out." Jenny touched Sue on the thigh as she glided through the water over to where Sue was sitting. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about, I trim mine and I can do it for you."

"Oh no Jenny, I couldn't...."

"Nonsense, it's no big deal. Let me get Teri's razor and soap and we'll do it right here."

Jenny was back in a moment but before getting back in the tub she put a cushion on the floor behind Sue. The top of the hot tub was almost level with the built up floor around it. "You can lie back on this and won't have to lean back on your arms," said Jenny. "I put a new razor in just to be sure we had a fresh one."

As Jenny got back in the tub, Sue started blushing again. "Really Jenny, you don't have to do this. It's aggravating, but I can live with it."

Jenny patted Sue's thigh. "I know that, but I also know how bad that itching can be. Quit blushing so much and lie back," said Jenny, chuckling softly. "It'll only take a few minutes."

Sue lay back and felt Jenny spread her legs and then wet her pubic hair. When Jenny started rubbing the shaving lather onto Sue's mons, her body jerked.

"Sorry, the lather must feel a little cold to you," said Jenny as she lathered up Sue's mons and down between her thighs beside her pussy lips. As Jenny spread the lather between Sue's pussy lips and her thighs, she let her fingers gently stroke Sue's large wrinkled labia. The wrinkled, puckered lips reminded Jenny of the mouth of a large deflated balloon.

"Jesus, Sue - you've got the largest pussy lips I've ever seen." Jenny realized what she had said and started blushing. "I mean...I haven't seen any....they're much bigger and longer than mine."

Sue laughed, "I know. It looks like I have something hanging out of me sometimes, especially when I'm excited."

"Oh, I didn't mean anything by that. It's just that they look, I don't know, sort of sexy. Mine don't stick out nearly as much."

Sue could feel her pussy responding to Jenny's touch, getting wet, her pussy lips swelling with blood. She tried to ignore it, but all she could think of was; 'This was the girl that Teri had made love to.' The more she tried to block it out, the more sensitive her body became to Jenny's touch.

As Jenny shaved carefully around the Sue's bush, she was thinking of what Teri had told her. "The only other girl she had made love to was an older girl." Jenny looked up Sue's body at her face. Sue had her eyes closed. "It was Sue, Teri and Sue," thought Jenny. Sue had talked about sharing a room with Teri on the summer breaks from college. Jenny looked at Sue's pussy only inches from her face and she could see the pussy lips glistening in the light, looking so inviting.

As she thought about Sue and Teri, imagined Teri's tongue and mouth on those large pussy lips, Jenny could feel her own cunt beginning to respond to her thoughts. Even in the warm water of the hot tub, she felt the familiar tingling in her pussy and the wetness permeating her pussy. "Dammit, if I'm not careful I'll cut her," thought Jenny, struggling to keep her hands steady, the heavy musky fragrance of Sue's pussy arousing her even more.

Jenny had finished on the lower stomach and now began to carefully shave between Sue's thighs and her pussy lips. Jenny used her fingers to pull the large pussy lips to one side so she could shave the area more safely. As she pulled them to one side with tips of her fingers, she deliberately let her thumb slip between the thick lips and into Sue's pussy. She could feel the moistness on the pussy lips, feel them growing even more moist as she gently move her fingers about holding the lips away from the razor.

"How....How is it going," asked Sue in a husky, strained voice.

"Almost....nearly done. I've got to do...shave the other side," Jenny replied in a choked voice.

Jenny carefully pulled Sue's pussy lips to the other side and shaved there. Her fingers were wet with Sue's pussy juices. She brought her hand up to her mouth and licked her finger, tasting Sue's pussy juice. Finished, Jenny splashed water on Sue's pussy, rinsing the lather off.

"Let me see if I missed anything," said Jenny in a low husky voice. Jenny pulled Sue's pussy lips to one side, then the other, letting her fingers gently massage the wet swollen lips of Sue's pussy. Jenny noticed Sue's clit engorged and sticking out from under its hood. Without any hesitation, Jenny moved her mouth to Sue's pussy, sucked the flesh into her mouth and began to tongue Sue's glistening clit vigorously.

Sue had felt herself becoming more and more aroused at the touch of Jenny's fingers on her pussy, until she wanted to yell out..."Stick them in me..stick them in my pussy." When she felt Jenny's mouth and tongue close on her clitoris, it was like an electric shock to her system, except instead of pulling away, she pushed her pussy against the invading tongue.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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