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First Night Pt. IV
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

(This is the continuation of the story of Teri, Traci, and Tony begun in, First Night. Their parents left on a second honeymoon cruise, leaving the three alone at home. The story picks up in the late morning of the fourth day. Aunt Sue and Traci have gone out to get their hair done, Tony is over at Ron's, and Teri has remained at home to clean the house and change all the linens.)

"There," she said, smoothing out the last wrinkle in the bed cover, "I'm all done. Now I can get my shower." She took off the T-shirt she was wearing and stood there in just her panties looking around the room. Since she was alone, she hadn't bothered to get dressed to clean house.

Teri surveyed her parent's bedroom; everything looked the way it should. Her parents would be back tomorrow night and she wanted it looking just as they left it. She dropped the shirt on the bed and wandered into the small sitting room just off the master bedroom, the room her father used as an office/study, and checked it. She straighten a few items on her father's desk, but she knew that neither Tony nor Traci had bothered anything in here - it was the one place that had always been off-limits to all three of them.

She tried the desk drawer but it was locked, as always. Wondering what secrets her Dad might be hiding in the locked desk, she couldn't help but be reminded of the pictures that Tony had found. "I wonder what else they might be hiding in there," Teri whispered to herself. She knew her father had not taken his keys with him on the cruise.

Her curiosity aroused, Teri got her father's keys from the dresser in the bedroom and unlocked the desk. The large right-hand drawer contained files and a quick glance showed they were household items, purchases, budget, etc. When she opened the large left-hand drawer, she laughed softly as she reached in and took out a large dildo shaped like a prick. She ran her hand over the fake prick and was amazed at how real the texture of the dildo felt, even to the raised veins standing out on the shaft and the large bulb-like head. "This is the dildo they used in those pictures with Sue," she thought.

The drawer also contained ten videotapes. Teri pulled them out and checked the titles - eight of them were X-rated movies and the other two tapes were obviously either copies or home videos. "Tony would have loved to have found these movies, but I wonder what these other two are," she said, talking to herself. "I wonder....I bet," Teri laughed as it suddenly occurred to her what the tapes might be. She picked up the two tapes, as well as the fake prick, and went downstairs to the den. There was a TV in the bedroom, but she wanted to watch the tapes on the large screen TV in the den.

Teri turned on the TV and stuck the tape labeled number two in the VCR and sat down on the couch to watch it. "I thought so," she exclaimed aloud, laughing softly as the first scene came on - it was her mother sucking her father's prick. The camera kept zooming in for a close shot and then backing out, Teri assumed it was Sue doing the camera work. There had been a date/time stamp on the opening scene but she hadn't paid any attention to it.

Teri adjusted the volume; the picture was excellent, but the sound was too low. She heard the comment, 'move further up on the bed,' and the camera panned to a wider shot as her father, lying on his back, scooted further up on the bed. She heard some more comments but the voices weren't distinct enough to understand what was being said. Her mother crawled up between his legs, and grasping his rigid prick in her hand, she turned her face to the camera, letting it catch her tongue licking the large head of his prick before her lips slipped around the large head and she resumed sucking his prick. She got up on her knees between his legs; her head moving up and down on his prick; her ass elevated in the air. The camera panned around to a shot from the rear, up between her mother's legs and beneath her body, the large moist lips of her pussy clearly visible in the picture.

Teri was confused; the bedroom hadn't looked right in the wider shot; the headboard of the bed didn't look right either. "Geezus......who the hell is that?" muttered Teri as a man materialized behind her mother. She couldn't see his face because the picture had moved in on his huge prick as he positioned himself behind her mother.

The camera zoomed in for an even closer shot. Teri watched as the man rubbed the head of his prick up and down her mom's pussy lips, coating it with her juices. "Damn, he's not circumcised," Teri gasped. Except for pictures on the Internet, she had never seen an erect, uncircumcised prick, the head barely peeking out of the protective folds of its foreskin - the sight of the uncut prick fascinated her - it looked sexy. Teri watched as the guy drew back the foreskin exposing the glistening head of his prick, then pressing it between her mom's pussy lips, he let just the large head of his prick enter her mom's cunt, then pulled out. She watched as her mother turned around and sat on the edge of the bed. Her mom reached out and took the prick in her hands, glancing up she said something to the guy but the mike didn't pick it up.

Teri took a deep breath; she could feel a sensation of warmth in her groin and her own pussy tingling, growing wet, aching to be touched, her nipples hardening and growing taut. She slipped her hand down between her thighs and cupped her vulva in her hand letting her fingers press the panty fabric against her pussy lips - she could feel the moistness of her pussy soaking through the fabric. Grasping the front of the fabric, closing her fist, she pulled up on it making it collapse in a narrow strap, slipping between her moist pussy lips. With her pussy protruding on both sides of the strand of fabric she moved her hand up and down, letting the strand of cloth saw between her engorged pussy lips. She moved her left hand to her breast and fondled it, her fingers gently squeezing and pulling on the taut nipple.

Teri watched as her mother moved her hands up and down on his prick, the action causing the foreskin to withdraw, exposing the head of his prick, then totally covering it when she moved her hands toward the head of the large prick. Pulling the foreskin forward, her mother leaned in and stuck her tongue into the hood caused by the foreskin. She saw her mom's tongue go even further into the fleshy hood making it bulge out on the sides as her mom's tongue circled the hidden head.

"My God," thought Teri, rubbing her cunt harder with the strand of fabric, "I'm creaming in my pants." Her pussy juices were soaking her panties.

She watched as her mother withdrew her tongue, pulled back the foreskin and exposed the large glistening head. The pumping action on his prick had caused a large drop of pre-cum to leak from the slit in the head of his prick. Her mother rubbed the head of his prick over her lips, painting her lips with the pre-cum like it was lip-gloss. Opening her lips, her mother took his prick into her mouth. Teri could see her mom's mouth stretching to accommodate the large head as it slipped past her lips. She heard the guy moan softly, and then tell her mother to get back up on the bed, he was going to fuck the hell out of her.

Her mother scrambled back up on the bed between her father's legs and took her father's prick into her mouth, sucking him vigorously. Teri watched as the guy rubbed the head of his prick against her mother's cunt. Slipping the head between her wet pussy lips, he drove it all the way into her with one hard thrust. She saw her mom raise her head and heard her laugh as she pressed her butt back toward the guy, wanting him even deeper in her pussy. The camera zoomed in closer and Teri could see her mom's pussy lips, glistening with moisture, parting, stretching, surrounding the huge prick, as he pumped it in and out her wet cunt. There were shiny streaks of moisture running down her mother's inner thighs, the large prick literally squeezing her juices out each time the guy drove it into her pussy.

"My God, he's big," muttered Teri, as she slipped the strip of wet fabric to one side and let her fingers slide between her own pussy lips, now slick with her juices. "He's got to be at least nine inches and as thick as my wrist." She laughed softly when it was evident her mother loved the feel of it splitting her pussy. She heard her mother's husky voice, "Oh damn, feel wonderful. Oh God....Fuck me....fuck me good."

"Who the hell is Paul?" wondered Teri. As she watched, the guy gripped her mother's hips and began to pump that huge prick into her mother's pussy even faster. Teri began to stroke her finger into her own pussy, gently dragging her finger over her engorged clit each time she withdrew it. The camera pulled back, widening the picture, just as the guy looked at the camera - it was Mr. Altman. Teri stopped finger fucking herself, amazed, even a little shocked.

She knew the Altmans; she had been a babysitter for their two kids until she turned that job over to Traci. Paul and Beth, his wife, are in their mid-thirties; Teri liked them. She had always thought he was nice looking guy, a couple of inches over six feet with a very athletic build. Beth is a very pretty, statuesque blonde, easily six feet, with such a beautiful figure she could be a Penthouse model. The wider picture showed more of the bedroom and Teri realized it was not her parent's room; the tape must have been made at the Altman home - the person working the camera had to be his wife Beth.

"My God, I thought it was pretty wild with them fucking Sue, but the Altmans too." She knew that the Altmans were on that same cruise with her parents. Her mother had mentioned it, but Teri hadn't thought anything of it at the time. "Some second honeymoon.....I'll bet they got adjoining cabins," she muttered aloud.

She paused - she wanted something larger than her finger in her pussy. Picking up the fake prick, Teri quickly stripped off her panties. Lying back against the arm of the couch, she raised her knees and spread her legs. "God, I'm wet," she whispered to herself as she rubbed the head of the fake prick over her pussy, lubricating it with her own juices. Spreading her legs as wide as she could, she slipped the head of the fake prick between her pussy lips and began to push it into her pussy, thrusting her hips up to meet it, letting it slowly slip deep into her aching cunt. She began to pump it back and forth, thrusting her hips up to meet it as it entered her pussy each time. Watching the TV screen, seeing the large prick driving into her mother's pussy, aroused Teri even more. "Oh God, I wish I had that thing fucking me," she murmured wistfully. "That's the biggest prick I've ever seen."

The picture got shaky, jiggling and jumping around, then settled down on a wide shot of her father, mother and Mr. Altman. "Uh-huh, I thought so," she whispered as she watched another woman enter the scene and crawl up on the bed - it was Mrs. Altman, Beth. Beth straddled her father's head, facing toward her mother and Paul. Teri giggled as she watched Beth sit down on her father's face. "God, his nose must be sticking up her asshole," muttered Teri, working the dildo even faster, pumping it in and out her pussy as she watched the screen.

Teri watched as her father gripped Beth's hips, obviously attacking her pussy with his lips and tongue. Beth leaned forward and stretched out upon her father's body. Lowering her head to his groin, she began tonguing the base of his prick and his balls as Teri's mother continued to suck his prick. Her mother turned her head to one side and let her father's prick escape from her mouth. Beth moved her mouth up and the two began to suck his prick together, their lips and tongues meeting around the shaft and head of his engorged prick like it was a large Popsicle they were sharing.

Teri saw her father's body stiffen and then a shot of cum erupt from his prick, shooting at least two feet in the air, landing in Beth's hair. As she watched the cum pulse from her father's prick, her mother and Beth lapping it up as it ran down the shaft of his prick, Teri rammed the fake prick deep into her pussy, held it there, and thumbed the switch that turned the vibration on.

"Oh God," Teri moaned, closing her legs, squeezing her aching cunt around the vibrating dildo - the small knob atop the base of the dildo pressing and vibrating against her sensitive clit. "Oh.....Ohhhhh......Oh God," she moaned loudly, her body arching upward and shuddering violently, as her orgasm wracked her body. With a low moan, Teri collapsed back onto the couch, her hand searching for the off the switch.

Trying to catch her breath, Teri just lay there, her eyes closed, letting the emotional turmoil in her body fade away - her legs splayed open, the fake prick still buried in her throbbing pussy. "Damn, that felt good," she thought. "Not as good as the real thing." She chuckled weakly, "What I really wanted was that huge prick in me. God, I wonder how that would...." Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of clapping. Opening her eyes, she saw Tony and Ron standing at the end of the couch grinning broadly and clapping their hands.

"Dammit, Tony....what the hell," angrily she started to sit up. The movement caused the dildo to pop out of her pussy, startling her - she fell back against the arm of the couch laughing.

"I'm sorry. We didn't mean to walk in on you," Tony said apologetically. Puzzled by her laughter he asked, "What's so funny."

"I just real....realized how I must....must look." Still laughing, Teri was having a hard time talking. "Lying here this....with that thing in me." Taking a deep breath, she got her laughter under control. "Oh hell, I must look silly. How long have you two been standing there?"

Tony laughed. "Not long. We walked in just as you had your climax." He grinned and shook his head. "You don't look silly - you look sexy. God, it was erotic as hell watching you cum like that."

"Oh yeah." Teri laughed softly; she could see their erections pushing outward against their pants. "Okay, why don't you two get rid of those clothes and show me how arousing it was. I would rather have a real prick that this fake one."

Without a word both of them began stripping their clothes off as rapidly as they could. Teri almost laughed at their haste. She glanced at the TV but it was only showing the static of a blank tape so she clicked it off. Tony was undressed first. She raised her knees, drawing her feet back, giving him room to sit down on the couch by her feet. Tony picked up the dildo and licked it, tasting her cum on it.

"Does it taste good?" she teased.

"Not as good as the real thing." Tony reached over and ran his fingers up between her moist pussy lips, stroking her clit. When his fingertips grazed her clit, Teri's body jerked violently.

"Oh God, wait. I'm a little sensitive right now," she said. Sitting up, she reached for Tony's rigid prick. She stroked him gently and looked at Ron standing by the couch, his hard prick standing out, curving slightly upward, the large bulb-like head a dark purplish shade of red. "I need a few minutes to recover." She laughed softly. "I know what. I want to see one of you suck the other one off." She squeezed Tony's prick gently. "I want to see how a guy gives a blow-job."

Looking up at Ron, she waggled Tony's prick at him. "Come on, Ron. Show me how to really suck a guy's prick." She placed a hand on Tony's chest and pushed him back. "Lie back and enjoy this - I want to watch."

"You're as bad as Jenny," Ron chuckled, spreading Tony's knees and kneeling between them. "She likes to watch us suck each off."

"I know....she told me." She watched as Ron's tongue traced patterns on the head of Tony's prick and around the crown. Ron opened his mouth wider and slipped his mouth over the large head, going down on Tony's prick until his nose was buried in Tony's pubic hair.

"Yep, I can tell - you look like you've done this before," she chuckled. Teri swung her feet up on the couch, stretched out on her side, and placed her head on the juncture of Tony's hip and abdomen. She pressed her lips to Tony's stomach and tongued him.

Sliding his hand under her right arm, Tony reached around her and grasped her breast in his hand, massaging it and gently tweaking her turgid nipple with his fingers. "What the devil are you doing, Teri," he asked.

"I'm getting a 'worm's eye view' of a cocksucker at work," she said, giggling softly. She ran her tongue down the crease between his thigh and his abdomen. She could smell his maleness, a soft, musky aroma, faint but distinct. She could feel her body reacting to it, a warmth growing in her cunt, triggering the moistness that she was feeling in her pussy. She was eye-to-eye with Ron - she would swear that Ron was grinning at her, as much as anyone could grin with a prick as big as Tony's in his mouth.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by AnonSky.

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