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Friday Night With Trish
by Anders

Every Friday night since my parents got divorced, my father goes out with uncle Mark and some friends to play cards, watch movies, complain about girls, drink, and do who-knows-what else. When my sister and I were younger, Aunt Donna would come to our house and watch over us. As we got older, dad learned to trust us enough to let us do our own thing and be on our own. My sister is younger than I am so it's an unwritten rule that I'm responsible if anything goes wrong while dad's out. Things usually go pretty smooth.

Trish and I get along just fine. She had some problems when mom and dad first got divorced, but she's really grown a lot in the last few years. She's two years younger than I am and still in high school. She's a smart girl and has quite a few friends. I'd have to say that Trish's one big problem is that she has very little self-confidence. After the breakup of our parents marriage Trish was in therapy for a while, but it never really seemed to go anywhere so she eventually stopped going. She's a pretty girl, tall, thin, with a really cute baby face, but she thinks she's ugly. I've talked to her about it before, but she gets really embarrassed talking about it and she won't believe me when I tell her that she's beautiful.

On a recent Friday night, dad left after instructing me that he might be home really late, if at all. There was a big heavyweight fight on pay-per-view and the guys had stocked up on alcohol and they were making a night of it. I told him that I would keep an eye on things and make sure that the house didn't burn down. Dad said he had talked to Trish and she had no plans for the evening. It seemed like it was going to be another boring night watching TV and playing Knock Out Kings on my Sony Playstation.

After eating dinner and dessert I settled down in the living room on the floor. Trish was on the couch. She was watching the Food Network on cable. I tried to watch for a while but just couldn't understand the appeal. I asked her if we could change it to a movie or ESPN or something else. She was pretty set on watching some guy cook garlic butter chicken. I didn't argue with her any more, I just heckled the show as it went on. I knew that she would eventually get annoyed with me making fun of the program and she would probably let me change the channel. One of the great things about Trish's self-confidence problem is that it means I can usually get my way. She doesn't like to fight about things and she gives in quite easily. Eventually she grew tired of my running commentary and decided to go to her room. She has a television in her room and, even though it doesn't have cable, she watches tapes of Disney movies and Cindy Crawford specials from MTV and who knows what else.

With Trish gone I was free to spin through the channels at warp speed, trying to find something worth watching. I checked out the news channels. The fight was going into the 10th round, dad was probably so drunk by now he'd never make it home tonight. I flipped over to HBO and found some old Pamela Anderson movie. That girl is so hot. She was painting something - I guess she was supposed to be some sort of artist. I kept it on the channel until the sex scene with her boyfriend was over. My god, the body on her. I was starting to get a little worked up. I kept spinning through channels looking for more cheap nudity. Between Showtime and HBO it's fairly easy to find a good cable-rated porn movie just about anytime of the day or night. After a little while longer of watching Shae Marks and Julie Strain dance around naked in some really bad cop movie, I started to get anxious.

There's only so much one can take of cable rated porn. Basically, it's all tits and ass. And no close-ups of the ass. I'm a young man. I want to see full frontal nudity, insertion, oral, anal, and everything else that I can imagine. I stared at the TV screen and thought for a while. Then it hit me. Dad had been divorced for several years; a lot of his friends were single males. He had to have some hardcore porn somewhere in the house. I quietly walked to dad's room. I knew that Trish was probably sound asleep by now, but I just didn't want to take the chance of waking her and then having to explain what I was doing. I closed the door to dad's room behind me.

I started searching immediately. Under the mattress, under the bed, in his closet. Finally, in the back of his sock drawer, I hit pay dirt. Two blank looking videos. I made sure everything looked right in the room and carried the videos out to the living room. I set them down and then walked down the hall to the door of Trish's room. I listened. Nothing. There was no light or sound coming from under the door. She was asleep. Perfect.

I went back to the living room and put one of the tapes in the VCR. I laid back on the couch and hit play. Exactly what I'd expected, and wanted. Some blond girls were going at it right from the start. No plot to speak of, but I didn't care. A guy came in the room and, before long, he was banging away at one girl while the other sucked on his balls. The girls had big fake tits and made the craziest noises as they fucked and sucked each other. I was in heaven. I unzipped my jeans and started stroking my cock. I moved slowly, though, not wanting to rush something this great. I fast-forwarded the video through scene after scene of full penetration sex.

One thing that I have always been curious about is anal sex. I've fooled around with girls, and even gotten head from a couple, but the idea of anal sex is something that just floors me. It seems so forbidden, so tight. I kept zooming through the video hoping for a close-up of some guy fucking a girl in the ass. I saw lots of good doggy style fucking, but no actual anal penetration. I kept rubbing myself and watching until the video suddenly stopped. Shit.

I stood up, went to the machine and hit eject. Just as I suspected, my dad had dubbed the tape from someone else and he hadn't gotten the whole movie. I grabbed the other tape, hoping that the rest of the movie was on tape #2. I popped it in and walked back to the couch. I hit play on the remote and put my hands back down my pants. The first image that came up was so dark I couldn't make it out. What the hell happened? Did dad get a bad tape? Did someone do a bad copying job? I hit fast forward, hoping for more action. The image lightened up a little as if someone had opened the aperture on the camera some more. I slowed the video down and tried to figure out what was going on. It appeared to be a girl in the shower rubbing herself down. The quality was still pretty crappy but at least I could see her ass and occasionally her tits as she turned back and forth. I waited for a guy to show up, but it just kept zooming in and out on her as she showered. It looked real; she wasn't posing or touching herself. I was starting to fear that I was watching cable again. Then the camera zoomed in on her face. I was stunned. I took a deep breath. The girl in the picture was Trish. My head spun. I looked closely, it was our shower. It was my sister taking a shower. Someone had put a camera above the shower and videotaped my little sister taking a shower. Oh my god.

I wasn't sure what to do. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. I was kind of scared that dad would come home or Trish would catch me. But I also wanted to see more. I looked at the TV. I couldn't believe that the hot girl I was rubbing my dick to was my sister. Shit. As I kept watching, she eventually got out of the shower and the picture turned to static. Then it quickly flashed back on. This time is was Trish in her room. She was changing into her workout wear to go to the gym. Jesus, she was wearing a pair of thong underwear. I was mesmerized. The picture stopped again. Then it was Trish in her bed. The light on her bedside table was on. She was naked, lying on top of the covers. I couldn't believe my eyes. My little sister was rubbing between her legs. The camera must have been somewhere up by her television because it looked like she was staring at the camera while masturbating. She must have been watching a video. She eventually reached into her dresser and pulled out a vibrator and started moving it in and out of her hole. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My own little sister fucking herself with a dildo, and my father had taped it.

Without even thinking about it I had been rubbing away at my cock the whole time I was watching Trish on the TV. I suddenly realized how close to coming I was and I slowed down. I fast-forwarded as she moved the dildo in and out. Eventually she rolled over on her stomach and reached around her back and started rubbing it in and out from behind, as if a man were fucking her doggy style. Even with the low light, I could see every detail of her pussy opened up wide. I blinked as she pulled the toy out of herself and began to rub it back and forth along the crack of her ass. She put the end against her asshole and rocked it. She tried to push it in but she kept grimacing as if it were too big. Eventually she went back to rocking the end back and forth on her asshole. She then rolled back over and went on for a little longer before finishing up with a body shaking, toe curling orgasm. I was still in shock as the tape went to black.

I lay there with my hand still in my pants, stroking my rock hard cock. Up and down the shaft my hand slid slowly. I had never been so horny in all of my life. I needed to get off so bad. I didn't know what to do. I was sure that a quick masturbation right now wasn't going to be enough. I came up with an idea. It was dangerous, but I decided it would be worth it. I wanted to masturbate while looking at Trish sleeping.

I left my pants unbuttoned as I walked quietly toward her room. I listened again at the door, silence. I opened the door, went inside, and closed the door behind me. I waited for a second for my eyes to adjust. There was quite a bit of light coming into the room from the window facing the street. I looked up toward the television. I saw no sign of the camera that had recorded her performance. I looked over at the bed. She was sleeping on her side under the covers. Her sheets and pillows were all so girlie pretty with flowers and bright colors. I walked over to her bed and stood next to it, above her. I pulled out my dick and started rubbing it while I looked down at her hair, spread messily across her pillow. Her skin looked soft and smooth. I held myself over her bed as I kept rubbing. I wanted more. I reached down with my left hand and carefully pulled the covers back from her neck. Then I pulled them further down to where I could see her breasts. I almost came right there. Trish has such nice full tits. I guessed that they were C-cups, young, firm, hard teen C-cups, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of them.

I stopped stroking my cock so that I wouldn't come right then. I wanted to see the rest. Trish was still sound asleep. I pulled at her covers again. This time I pulled them all the way down to the foot of the bed. She was sleeping totally nude. Trish was laying in the fetal position facing away from me. With her covers gone I could look right down at her ass. She was so hot. She had faint tan lines from last summer's bikini. I was harder and hornier than I had ever been in my life. I didn't know what to do. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it again. I couldn't believe how close it was, as I stroked away at it, to Trish's ass. I was right above her. I knelt down a little and moved my dick around in the air near her ass. I knew I needed to stop right now. I knew I should leave the room, get out while I still could. I touched the sensitive head of my dick against her ass cheek. Oh my god, oh my god. I shook. Trish didn't move.

I moved the head of my dick around in little circles against her ass. I was so scared she was going to wake up. I couldn't stop myself. I bent down and put my face right near her ass. I looked carefully at her pussy from behind and at her anus. It was a tiny little wrinkled hole. It looked so amazingly tight and tiny. My dick was a good 7" long and fairly thick, probably even bigger tonight. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, knowing I had lost control.

I licked the palm of my hand and rubbed it against the tip of my cock. Then I climbed into my little sister's bed. I got on the edge of the bed as carefully as I could. I didn't want to wake Trish up, but I knew it wouldn't matter if I did. I laid down next to her and waited. She didn't wake up. I scooted as close to her as I could. I took the tip of my cock and rested it against the opening to her ass. I held it there as it twitched. All at once I reached one arm under Trish and grabbed her and put my other hand over her mouth. Her eyes snapped open. I thrust forward as hard as I could. My cock slid quickly into her ass as she began to struggle. Trish had no idea what was going on. I wrapped my legs around hers as I held myself inside of her. I had her easily overpowered as she tried to fight back. I didn't move. I held her tightly against me with my cock buried deep in her ass. I could feel her anus twitching around my shaft. She kept bucking, slowly moving herself back and forth on my cock and she tried to get away. I lay still, unsure of my next move. I couldn't believe how strong she was, but all of her fighting only served to excite me more and to cause my adrenaline to flow.

I wanted her to know what was happening. Something sick inside of me was excited by the fact that this was my little sister and I her big brother. I spoke. "Trish, it's me, don't worry. I won't hurt you if you're good." She seemed stunned. I took my hand off her mouth and she was crying. She didn't scream, she just kept sobbing. She begged me to let her go but I told her I couldn't. I told her that I knew she wanted to try anal sex and so did I. I hoped she would understand and play along. She didn't. She began to struggle more, trying to get away. Then she turned her head and bit into the hand that I'd been covering her mouth with. I was in pain. I was so excited and so angry. Now I was justified.

I grabbed Trish by the throat with one hand and held her. With my other hand, which was still wrapped around her from underneath, I started pawing at her titties. I started squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples. I pulled my cock all the way out of her ass, then rammed it back in, slamming my body up against hers. As I began pounding my cock into my sister's ass, I could hear my balls slapping against her pussy. I let go of her neck and reached my hand down to her pussy. I started fingering her feverishly. First one finger, then two, then, as she cried out, my whole hand was inside of her. I could feel my cock in her ass with my hand in her pussy. I put my mouth on the back of her neck and sucked on it as I assaulted her from every angle. One hand continued to grope her hard tits, while the other moved in and out of her wet hole and on the other end I blasted away at her super-tight ass. I knew I couldn't keep this up for too long.

I pulled my hand out of her pussy and moved it up to her mouth. I didn't even care if she tried to bite me again as I shoved my finger, wet with her own juices, down her throat. Trish started gagging as I pushed my whole wet hand into her mouth. I knew I was getting really close so I took both of my arms and wrapped them around her small waist. I held on to her as tight as I could and started slamming my cock into her with every bit of strength I had left in my body. I got deeper into her than I ever thought possible. Trish was coughing and crying as I fucked away at her like a mad man. Every time I rammed into her it knocked the air right out of her lungs. I was going at her like a big male Great Dane fucking away at a small female Poodle. I knew that I was about to explode. I banged myself against her rag doll body one last time and then held myself deep inside of my little sister. I rolled my eyes and shook violently. My hot come just kept pumping into her ass, it seemed like gallons. I groaned loudly and it was over.

We both laid there for a while with my softening cock still buried in Trish's ass. She was sobbing. I spoke first. I told her about the video. I told her that I would tell the police about the video if she told anyone what had just happened. If the police knew that dad had a video of her, they would take her away and put her in a home and put dad in jail. She was stunned. Then I apologized. Her self-confidence issues came to my rescue as she promised she wouldn't tell anyone as long as I promised it would never happen again. I promised.

I pulled my shrunken cock out of Trish's ass and gave her a big hug. Before leaving the room, I tucked my little sister in and gave her a kiss on the forehead. I told her it was all just a bad dream and left. I headed for the living room to return dad's videos and then get to bed. I was tired.
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