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Facts of Love
by Hotstuff

Sam short for Samantha had just turned 18, and had started noticing how her body was changing, her hips were wider than they had been plus she was getting pretty nice breast. She was also starting to feel strange feelings inside her body. Lately her father had started leaving the shower curtain open some and Sam could see him from the bathroom door, but he couldn't see her.

Now Sam liked to watch her father in the shower washing his chest, arms, waist, legs, then his butt (which was nice and tight) the last thing he washed was his dick, which he washed for a long time. Now Sam didn't know the reason he washed it so long was to get himself off. Sam would lay in her bed after she knew her father had went to sleep and some of the girls at school told her if she had some funny feelings between her legs to take her fingers and open her opening between her legs and rub the tiny little spot that was sticking up and it would make her feel good.

For about a week she would watch her Daddy and then rub her clit after she was in bed, well one night her daddy just happened to turn around and see her, but she didn't see him. He acted like he didn't see her and turned back around finishing what he was doing knowing she was watching. It made him hotter knowing she was watching him get off, he decided to stop and finish later and turned off the water starting to get out of the shower. Sam runs to her room and hops into bed faking to be asleep when he looks in on her.

Now Sam thinking he was asleep takes off her panties and under the covers starts rubbing her clit. All of a sudden the light comes on and there stands her Father staring at her with her hand still under the covers, with her hand being still but still on her clit. He pulls back her covers and says what are you doing young lady? Nothing daddy, I just had an itch to scratch. Are you telling daddy a lie, you know you will get a spanking, but if you tell the truth I won't spank you as hard as if you lie again. Ok I was rubbing my clit between my legs because I was feeling some weird feelings.

Ok Sam I am going to spank you and after if you want daddy can help you enjoy what you are feeling. I know you like to look at my body, I saw you watching me earlier while I was taking my shower. Now stand up and take your nightgown off so daddy can see all of your body since you have already seen daddies. Sam stands up and pulls the nightgown up over her head. Now her daddy tells her to bend over his lap with her ass up in the air legs spread open some and starts to spank her telling her he doesn't like to hurt his little girl but she lied to him and has to be punished.

By now Sam is crying but her ass and pussy is tingling and she wished he would show her what he said he would show her. I guess he read her mind because he stopped spanking her and started rubbing her ass and ran his fingers down between the opening of her pussy touching the spot she always rubbed, but it felt different when he touched her, OH DADDY SHOW ME HOW MUCH YOU LOVE ME! Daddy told her to lay back on the bed and he started kissing her where he had spanked her turning her from side to side, then he started kissing her where his fingers had just been in her pussy making her gasp.

OH DADDY THAT FEELS GOOD! His kisses turned to sucking and licking around her clit making her come. Sam do you want to kiss Daddy where you had watched me wash so many times? Yes daddy, but I don't know what to do. That's ok daddy will show you what to do, start at the head and kiss all around it and put little kisses all the way down the length of daddy's dick and then go back up to the top and put it in your mouth and just go up and down it using your tongue. Sam bent down and started kissing the head and all over and then opened her mouth real big and stuck it in her mouth, ah baby that feels good, you are doing real good.

She did that for a while and daddy told her to stop, daddy did I do something wrong? Why do you want me to stop? Baby would you like daddy to put his dick into your hole, if you do and you keep it in your mouth any longer daddy will not be able to put it in your hole. Oh yes daddy put your dick into my pussy, make me come. Now Sam was picking up words rather fast and that surprised her daddy, but that didn't stop him. He told her to open her legs real wide and it might hurt a little at first, but it wouldn't last long. He entered her slowly and she let out a gasp but turned into a moan saying OH DADDY THAT FEELS GOOD!

Now he is almost ready to come and by this time she has had quite a few orgasm so he pulls his dick out and put it between her titties and shoots all over them telling her he didn't want to get her pregnant and was going to put her on birth control, so she wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant if she found any boys she wanted to fuck. See this was his way of teaching the facts about sex by showing her. Sam told him she was glad he showed her and wanted to know could she have some more lessons later.
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