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First Oral Threesome
by Heather

I had won tickets to the Family Values tour (when Korn was in it). I had asked this guy that I worked with. He was one of my bosses, but he had a footballers body and he was really cute. The night of the concert he had to work so we decided that we would go when he gets out of work. I didn't have a car at the time so I borrowed my cousins for a little while until he was out of work. When I called his house to see if he was home his roommate said that he was not home yet but to go there and wait for him. So I did.

I was wearing a black velvet tanktop and black jeans with a white man's shirt over the tank top. When I got there Rob (the guy that I was going with) had just gotten home. I told him that I needed to get my cousin back her car and so I needed someone to follow me. Well, Rob had to shower so he asked Eric (his roommate) to follow me in his car. When I got into the car after I dropped the other car off, he said that I had amazing breasts and that he wanted to touch them. I of course said no because I was interested in his friend.

But the whole way back to his house he would not let up. He would pull over and ask if he could touch them. Then he would ask me if I knew how to use my tongue ring. Well, to make a long story short after pulling over like ten times I said that he could feel my breasts over the clothes. And he did. He caressed my breasts and squeezed them gently. Then he stared to drive again.

He decided that that was not enough for him. He wanted more from me. So he pulled over again and asked if I would go down on him. If I would should him how good I was claiming to be at using my tongue ring. I said no that I didn't want to miss my concert. Again to make a long story short he must have pulled over at least five more times until I said yes. So he found a dark place that no one would see us. And I leaned over the car and started to suck on his dick. I licked his shaft long and hard......I sucked on his dick until he moaned loudly. He begged for me not to stop. Saying that I really knew how to please a man by sucking on him. Now he was not an easy blow. he just wouldn't cum. I sucked on that dick for forty-five minutes. He came in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. Oh did it taste good. He is the kind of guy that hates to be touched after he cums to so I was teasing him.

But we were also sitting there for forty-five minutes and Rob was waiting for us to get home so that we could go to the concert. When we got back to the house Rob was pissed and he said that he was not going to any concert now. Eric brought me home and said that he would call me. So when he called me he said that Rob wanted a piece of what I gave Eric. Eric had told him what I did to him and know Rob wanted to see if it was true. I got dressed in this small skimpy little dress. It was red and kind of see through. I was not wearing any undies underneath. So when I got back to the house I was sitting in a rocking chair showing them that I had nothing on underneath and pretending that I didn't know what I was doing.

So Eric got up and brought me over to the couch. He spread my legs and started to rub the inner thighs. Rob was kind shy and Eric had to put his hand there but when he did Rob couldn't get enough. I had ten fingers probing me. Five from Rob and five from Eric. That was the most erotic time ever (at that time of my life) One of them would have there fingers inside of me and the other would be playing with the little man in the boat. And they would switch off. I had the longest orgasms ever (and I am the type to have multiples).

I was like a river. Trying to get away from them and not wanting them to ever stop. By now I had taken Rob dick out of his pants and started to get it hard. He asked me to start to suck on him. He wasn't the biggest man I have ever been with but he was ok. I took him in my mouth and started to suck on him like there was no tomorrow. He tried to keep his moaning down but had a hard time doing so. He almost broke a table when he came in my mouth. He is also the type of guy that hates to be touched after orgasm. During the time I was sucking him off Eric was pumping my pussy with his fingers. He must have had four in there because it was starting to hurt.

When I switch off and started to suck off Eric again, Rob fingered my asshole, not the most enjoyable thing at the time but I had my mouth full and I very well couldn't tell him to stop. So I dealt with it. After a while Rob just got up and Sat across from us and watched. I think he fell asleep. It was taking Eric so long to cum that he fucked me from behind until he had to cum then I swallowed it. After that I got dressed and went home.

Two days later Rob left and went back to where he was from. I saw Eric a few more time with different friends of his. They all loved what I could do with my tongue ring. But now it is only a memory.

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