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Fantasy of the Mind
by Dakota Ryan

Ali sat in the dark her mind whirling from the though of meeting her on-line lover of the last 6 months. Over the last six months she had spilled her guts out to him, her fantasy's, dreams and deepest thoughts on love. He knew she wasn't happy with her love life and wanted attention that she just wasn't getting from her husband. It was true he knew her better than her husband of 16 years. He was a good man that worked hard but wasn't a man that thought a lot about passion or anything else that was sexual in nature. How could she go through with this? Did she dare to step outside her marriage after all these years.

Couldn't she just meet him like planned and have a nice meal and leave, after all they were meeting at a local restaurant and people would be everywhere. Her eyes looked over at the computer sitting in the corner, a smile went across her face as she remembered the first time they met. He was so romantic, kind and thoughtful. He instant messaged her on her birthday, with a big hug and a smile Happy Birthday ;-) and that was the start of the best cyber sex she had ever had. She had just a hour before she had to leave and she wasn't even dressed yet. I have to do this for me, she said as she ran to the closet and picked out the sexiest dress she had, it was cut low to show her breast and short so plenty of leg was in clear view.

Ali arrived right on time, she had seen his picture so she knew what he looked like as she scanned the restaurant. May I help you she heard as she came back to reality, yes I am meeting someone, she said while her eyes searched the dimly lit room. She almost dropped to the floor when a hand touched her bare shoulder, her knees buckled when the voice said, well hello there I finally get the chance for a real hug. She turned and there he was, tall dark and handsome just like the picture. Her arms went around his neck on their own, she kissed his lips lightly. He held her close as he whispered in her ear, I have something special for you after we eat. He pointed to the booth in the corner as he led her towards it. She couldn't believe it, he was a doll just like the picture, she had always thought it wasn't his picture, they never send their picture she kept thinking.

Her train of thought was broken as they were seated. She slipped into the booth, he watched as she moved over, she noticed her thigh was showing all the up to her garter belt, she quickly adjusted her dress and he sat down next to her. His hand covered hers on the table, he whispered your more beautiful than I ever imagined! He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it softly, she leaned in close to him. Her hand lay on his thigh, her lips found his and her tongue darted inside his mouth as her hand caressed his thigh, his arms pulled her close as he returned the passionate kiss. Just as they broke from the kiss the waiter approached and took their order. All through the meal she squirmed in her seat, she was so excited to be with him at last. They ate and drank plenty of wine, Ali's head swirled with emotions she hadn't felt since High School. After they finished the meal and another glass of wine, he walked her to her car, he asked if she wanted to go back to his room, which was just across the street form the restaurant. She leaned in close to him, her lips lightly touched his as his hands moved across her back, touching her bare flesh sending chills over her body. Ali thought for a second of what she was going to do, she whispered in his ear take me before I change my mind baby.

Ali walked into the room, looked around before turning to face him, her fingers went to the small straps of her dress, toyed with them for a few seconds before moving them off her shoulder. Her arms were crossed as the dress slipped down her body to the floor. He stood there frozen as she walked towards him, she stopped a few feet away and let him admire his prize. She wore a white thong, white stockings and garter, her hands still covered her breast. He began to move towards her and she stepped back, he stopped and she smiled, wait baby she said. She turned to walk towards the bed, her beautiful ass in clear view, she bent down and picked her dress up tossing it in a chair near by. She lay down on the bed and motioned for him to come closer, he stood by the bed look staring at her body so sexy in the stockings and garter. She took his hand and placed it on her soft breast, she moaned at his touch so gentle. She told him to strip while she watched him, he smiled at the request. He walked over to the radio and turned it on, a slow song sprang from the speaker. He began to walk very slowly towards her, his fingers torn the shirt from his body one button at a time. His chest was covered with hair just like she liked. The shirt fell from him with one quick move, his hands went to his belt, opened it and undid the button. He swayed his hips to the rhythm of the music as he unzipped them slowly, she watched like a cat watches a mouse ready to pounce on her pray. His pants dropped to his feet, she gasped at the size of his organ. He stepped out of them and kicked them across the room, his cock was fully erect, it was begging to be freed. Her eyes glued to it almost in a daze as he removed his shorts. It sprung free and stood up, it was much larger and thicker than her husbands.

Ali wanted it more than anything at that moment, she sat up and motioned for him to come. He moved to the bed, her hands reached for his cock, her mouth watered at the sight of it so close to her. Her hands stroked it, her lips were just a few inches away. The warmth of her breath caressed his manhood right before her lips opened and kissed the tip lightly. He moaned softly, his hands caressed her hair as her lips sucked at the large swollen head of his cock. She moaned from deep inside as she took the organ inside her mouth, her tongue licking around the shaft as her mouth sucked him in deeper. She stroked it as she sucked, with both hands. She was lost in the lust she had dreamed about for so long. She tried to take as much cock in her mouth as she could, the moans grew louder as she sucked. He couldn't stand anymore, he didn't want to cum just yet, he pulled free and laid her back on the bed.

He wanted to please her like she had done him, his tongue licked her breast, from one to the other, sucking the hard nipples as he moved from one to the other. His hands found her wet clit, slipped a single finger inside, and stroked her wanting love box. Her moans were getting louder as her passion began to rise. He moved down licking her firm belly, his finger still working inside her. She heard her voice say suck my clit baby, please suck me hard. His tongue replaced his finger and she went over the edge. The orgasm rushed through her, her legs wrapped around his head holding him tight to her love box. His tongue worked its way deeper, his lips sucked at her clit, the juices flowed as he sucked. The orgasm released its hold on her and he crawled up her body, his tongue licking as he went. He kissed her long and hard, their tongues darted around like swords dueling. His cock touched her clit and her legs opened wide, his cock found its mark and he pushed forward, the head popped inside and she moaned OH YES, his hips moved slowly as he sank more and more of his cock in her. She moved to meet him, she begged for it all, he didn't respond just kept the same pace.

She begged for more again, give me all you have baby, it feels so good, please fuck me hard baby I want you so much. His motion started to quicken as he gave her more of the mighty weapon of lust. She had never felt so full, her love tunnel filled so completely with his cock. He started moving faster, his cock stretched her wanting hole as it went to the very soul of her desire. She was lost in the orgasm's that seemed to come one right after the other, she screamed fuck me harder as she took all of his cock. He fucked her harder, long strokes, his ball slapped her ass cheeks as he slammed it in her, she moaned as another orgasm rocked her. He couldn't wait any longer his cum was building fast inside him. He fucked her hard, slamming his cock inside her, he cried out loud baby I am cuming. He shot his cum deep inside her, she felt it as it shot from his cock. She bucked her hips to meet his, they both moaned as the orgasm's subsided and they relaxed in each other arms. He lay beside her while she cuddled in his arms her hand caressing his cock.

She sighed, as he held her, wishing this moment would never end. She knew it had to, she slipped from the bed and kissed him lightly, she knew she had to leave then, right then or else she couldn't go. She dressed and walked to the door, turned and said to him, good night my love, always remember this night, it will never happen again. She opened the door and left, she walked quickly to the car and went home to the man she loved, leaving the man she lusted for and would for the rest of her life.

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