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Football Party
by Jenny C.

Every Monday night for as long as I can remember, my father had friends over for football. After the game they would play pool and darts in our finished basement. My mother always made food for the guys, then went to play cards with her friends, letting "the boys be boys". When I was younger, I would stay in my room or at least upstairs in the living room watching TV. As I got older, I would be out doing things myself.

But that was years ago, I am 27 now. I don't live at home anymore, but I do live close by. My mother called me last night and asked if I could fill in for her Monday night duties of preparing the night for Dad. All it really entailed was making some food, and making sure the boys had some beer good and cold. I wasn't doing anything, so I agreed to help her out. She was stuck at work and was going straight to her friend's house from there. I actually liked the idea of hanging out with the guys, especially my father.

I stopped by the liquor store on the way and picked up a small bottle of champagne for myself. I just felt like partying a little too, I guess. I arrived at my parent's house around 7pm. Dad welcomed me with a hug and told me the guys would be there in about an hour. He went up to shower and I started cooking. An hour later his friends started arriving.

The first to show was one of my father's closest friends Chris. He was a little older than my father's 47 and not quite as in good shape. His nose was permanently rosey from years of drinking. But he was always one of my favorite people growing up. He could always make me laugh.

Next to arrive was Daryl and Mark. These two were also long time friends of Dad's but not quite as old as he is. I think Daryl is 43 and Mark 40. Both are good looking guys who worked out and were much more active than alot of men their ages.

I sat everybody down in the living room and handed them each a beer. They commented on how 'pretty of a woman' I had become. Chris even went so far as to say that I weren't my father's little girl he'd have to try to take me home with him. "Yeah, right!" I thought to myself.

I was busy in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. My father answered it, I heard him say, "JEREMY!" in a loud, 'Hey, drinking buddy' way. I had never met Jeremy. I stuck my head out of the kitchen to take a peek and I froze. My eyes met with one of the most amazing specimens of a man I have ever seen. Jeremy and I both stayed motionless for several seconds as we stared at each other. My father noticed our recations to one another and finally brought us out of our spells by introducing us to each other.

"Jeremy, I don't believe you've met my daughter Jennifer. Jenny, this is Jeremy. He works for one of my crews." I could easily tell that this man was A) too young to work in the office with my father and B) far too built to be sitting at board meetings with a bunch of engineers.

"Nice to meet you, " he said. His voice smooth and masculine.

"You too, " I managed to get out. I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I hadn't been this attracted to any man before in my life.

Apparently my father picked up on that too... "Jen, do you need some water?" he asked with a huge grin. I just stuck my tongue out at him and handed Jeremy a beer. I made my way back to the kitchen, the whole time thinking about the Adonis in the other room.

Halftime finally came. I called the guys into the kitchen and got them started, then excused myself upstairs to take a nice, long bath. I lit candles and poured myself a glass of champagne. I sat and sipped it, all the while thinking about what I'd like to be doing with my father's young worker. My free hand slid up to my breasts and lighlty caressed them and I brushed the nipples with my fingernails. I imagined Jeremy coming in and taking me forcefully as I pretended to fight him off. I was getting very excited. I stopped my caresses long enough to pour another glass of champagne. I laid back and closed my eyes, my hand now sliding down my torso and underneath the bubbles. I pulled my knees up slightly as I spread my thighs. My fingers slowly sought out my clitoris. No rushing at all, I was going to enjoy my new dream.

I was dreaming up so many different scenarios about Jeremy and I. My favorite was the first though. I knew a gorgeous man like him must have very few ladies telling him "No." The thought of making him believe that I didn't want him turned me on. 'Playing hard to get' I guess. I was moving my fingers faster now, rolling my clit around. Finally, as I pictured him pushing me against the wall and taking me, I inserted two fingers into my burning womanhood. I dropped my glass as my body convulsed in a very satisfying orgasm.

I dried off, cleaned up the glass and went to my mother's closet. I found a nice little skirt and blouse combination. It was probably a little too dressy for Monday night football, but as I said, I felt like celebrating too. I put on a pair of conservative black flats. As I did my hair, thoughts of Jeremy floated back into my head, making my nipples perk up.

I went downstairs to find Chris (the guy with the rosey nose) passed out on the couch.The rest of them had moved to the basement to shoot pool and play darts. Champagne in hand, I went to join the party. I walked down the stairs and was greeted with wolf whistles and lots of ogling. I smiled and did a little twirl for everyone to get a good look. I sat and watched as my father and Mark shot pool. Jeremy and Daryl were playing darts.

I exchanged a few glances with Jeremy. Despite my fantasy, I didn't want to play hard to get. I wanted him to know I wanted him to fuck me and soon. After his dart game, (and my fifth glass of champagne) I called him over to sit with me. I sat on his lap and put my arm around him. I could tell by looking at his eyes that he was feeling pretty good himself. I could also tell that he was thinking the same thing I was. I squirmed in his lap as the others played a three-way game of pool. I pulled his hand up my thigh and let it rest inches from my pussy. I leaned over adn whispered in his ear that I wanted him. I asked him if he'd like to leave and go to my place. I was licking his ear and pushing his hand against my warmth when my father looked over at us.

"Did you bring enough bubble gum for the whole class Jennifer?" he asked. A silly metaphor, but I knew what he meant.

"You old geezers couldn't handle me!" I said.

"Think not, huh?" my father answered. "I think its you who couldn't handle it."

I am not one to back down from any dare, especially one from my father. I got my pigheadedness from him. It was the way we always were, constantly being defiant to each other. "Besides, " I thought to myself, "he'd never go through with it."

"I don't think, I know! Besides, you don't have the grapes!" I used one if his favorite sayings to call his bluff. By now, Jeremy had removed his hand and I was getting angry with my father for his timing in testing my resolve.

Dad walked right in front of my face, his crotch at eye level. I knew he'd never do anything. "C'mon tough guy....let's see it, " I said.

To my amazement, he began unzipping his pants. I stared directly at his hand as I glided down with the zipper. I felt my mouth and throat go dry. He reached inside his pants. I gulped. I saw his hand moving around. I was still thinking he would never do it. Especially with all the guys around. Well, he did... My father pulled out his semi-hard cock, right there in front of my face, right there in front of his friends. I stared at it for a second before regaining my senses.

"You sick old man! You want your own daughter to give you a blow job?" My father just laughed and turned away.

"See? I knew you couldn't handle it!" he cheered, having won his little battle, or so he thought.

"Okay, come here" He kept walking. "Come here Dad. If you really want your own daughter to suck your cock I will." The room got deathly quietly (at least in my mind.) My father stopped and looked at me. It was his turn to call my bluff now. He walked right back up to me and once again fished his cock out. This time however, it was getting harder and longer by the second.

"There ya go!" he said.

I was so aroused at that point, I guess by the taboo. Maybe it was the fact that I was going to prove my father wrong, I don't know. But I leaned forward and put my father's cock in my mouth. It was getting harder as I sucked and licked it. Soon it was at full mast, and I was giving my father the blowjob of a lifetime... me, his only daughter. His hands went to my head to try to admit defeat but I continued to fellate him. I was very wet by then. I grabbed Jeremy's hand and put it back , sliding my panties to the side. His fingers sought out my pussy and dove inside. I looked up at my father as I scuked his throbbing erection. My eyes boasting my victory.

Mark and Daryl had come closer now. They both watched and rubbed their bulging crotches. I recall Daryl exclaiming, "Holy Shit! She's really sucking her father's cock!!"

Jeremy lifted me off of his lap long enough to pull his own cock out and then just as quickly sat me back down on it, impaling me. I had no problem getting all of him in me, I was wet and wouldn't you know it? He was hung like a schoolboy! Figures!

I fucked myself on his cock as I continued working on my father. Daddy just kept saying my name over and over. "Oh Jenny. Oh Jenny. That's so nice!" I could feel him getting close, I pulled his cock out long enough to stroke it and say a few little words of encouragement.

"Are you ready to cum for me Dad? Didn't think your little girl would suck her daddy's cock, did you? Do you like it? Did I do it good Daddy? Are you ready to shoot your load down your Jenny's throat? Is that what you want Daddy? You want to cum in your daughter's hot little mouth?"

My father grunted and forced my mouth back on his cock, exploding in my mouth seconds later. He pulled out and slumped against the pool table. Jeremy stood me up and bent me over it. My father lay there trying to catch his breath as he watched his only offspring get fucked by one of his employees. I looked to the side to see Daryl and Mark still rubbing themselves.

"What are you waiting for?" I asked. "I still have a two hands and a mouth!" I guess Jeremy didn't picture me as such a slut and all my dirty talk drove him over the edge. He pulled out and came all over the back of my mother's dress. He breathed against the back of my neck as he fought to keep his balance. Daryl rushed over and practically through Jeremy out of the way as he got behind and tried to enter me. I pushed him back and removed all my clothes. I walked over to the couch and got on my hands and knees. "This way I can take the two of you at once," I grinned.

Mark and Daryl both ran over the couch. Mark fed his cock to my mouth while Daryl filled my cunt. And boy did he ever! He wasn't the longest I've felt, but he was thick! He stretched me out like few have done before. I wish I sould say that the last two lasted for a while, but I guess that having to watch for as long as they did kinda drove them crazy. Mark came in my mouth in the time it took half a song to finish on the radio in the background and Daryl wasn't too far behind. He pulled out and shot his hot and rather large load on my ass. I felt it oozing between my cheeks as I collapsed face first on the couch.

My father cleared his throat as he looked down at me. "You guys had better split before the Missus gets here and finds us all with our dicks in our hands!" "And your little girl with cum all over her!" Jeremy chided.

"He's not a stud, he's a dork," I thought as I felt myself fading off to sleep. My father hurried the group out the door, making Jeremy carry Chris to his car (Which I found very funny!) And then he himself hurried back downstairs.

"Jenny? Are you awake?"

"Barely Dad... Why? I'll go up to my room before Mom gets home, its early."

"Thats not what I was thinking about. I know its early."

"Then what Dad?" I asked, feeling a little scared of what would come next.

"He turned me over on my back and climbed on top of me. "Can I? Please? Just this once Jennifer?"

"Can you what? Fuck me?"

"Please? Just this once?"

"I've already sucked you off Dad, wasn't that enough?" I was arguing, but at that same time, I felt the juices flowing in my pussy.

"Please Jen! I have always wanted to!"

His confession of having sexual thoughts about me prior to that night made my clit harden. "You're sick Dad, you know that right?" I was saying one thing but, doing the opposite. I reached between us and grabbed his cock, aiming it at my entrance. "Just this once Dad."

He positioned himself so that he could begin to thrust into me. I felt my body betraying even more as I began to match his timing. Rising as he pushed and falling as he withdrew. Every time he pumped into me my clit got pinched between our bodies.

"Oh God Jenny... Oh sweet Jesus!" I spread my legs wider and eventually pulled one up to sit on his shoulder. I was staring him in the eyes as he fucked me... very well.

I could feel an orgasm building up steam. I remember looking at him determinedly as I spoke. "You'd better not cum until I do."

"I'll wait for you I promise," he replied as he slowed his thrusting down. He leaned in and kissed me, our first passionate kiss. His hands mauled my nipples and mine were spreading my labia as I rubbed my clit at a hundred miles an hour. I felt the familiar beginnings of my orgasm. I open my eyes and took a good look. I was getting fucked by my own father and I was loving it. It felt strange though, a weird feeling in my stomach. I started bucking my hips up at him as the first wave of the orgasm hit. "I'm cumming Dad! Cum with me!" I felt him start to withdraw, "NO! CUM INSIDE ME!! DONT WORRY, JUST DO IT!" I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him tightly to me as my muscles all contracted and locked up. I milked my father's cock with my vaginal muscles and he shot inside me. Feeling his cum squirting inside me brought on a whole new string of explosions inside my pussy.

Several minutes later, we came down from our orgasmic plateaus and stared at each other. I could see in his eyes that he was feeling guilty. "I'm so sorry Jennifer," he whimpered.

"Don't be, Daddy, if I didn't want you to do it, you wouldn't have." It was right then that I realized, I played hard to get with my father. I guess that I do it with all the men I really want (at least the first time.) But would it work next Monday?


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