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Female Persuasion
by CaroleS31

Let me begin by saying a little about myself. First, I am a 32 year old
recently divorced woman, but at the time this story took place I was 30 and
still married. I had never had a lesbian experience, and quite honestly I
had never even consciously entertained the idea. I am 5'6" tall with short
brown hair and green eyes. I try and keep myself in good shape but I could
probably stand to loose about 15 pounds, my breasts are rather cumbersome at
a 38D, my waist narrow, my tummy nearly flat, and my hips nicely flared. At
the time this story took place my husband Jerry and I had been having some
troubles, and he had moved out for a "trial separation." We never got back
together and this story should shed some light on the reason why.

It was May and I was set to attend a Jack and Jill party for a close friend
of mine. I got my sister in law to watch my daughter for the entire night,
so if I had too much to drink I wouldn't have to drive home. It had been a
long time since I had gone out with out Jerry or Brianna so I was ready to
have a good time.

The party started out pretty tame, with every one standing around talking and
drinking. Some of the guys started a card game and we all seemed to be
having a good time.

By 10:00 most of the older people had gone home, and the rest of us were
feeling little pain. About this time the entertainment arrived and started
setting things up. The entertainment consisted of two strippers, one guy
with a fabulous body and a short blonde woman who was every bit his equal.
They arranged the chairs in the room in a large oval that took up nearly the
entire dance floor of the banquet hall. Everyone began to sit down, with all
the men at one end of the oval, and all the woman on the other side, and as
luck would have it I was in the middle, sitting next to my friend Gail to my
left and one of the guys at the party, I think his name was Roger. The
strippers started out by doing a little erotic dance on the middle of the
floor and as they bumped and ground their bodies together they began to
remove each others clothes. It wasn't long before they were both down to a
g-string and then they started working the room. Dan, the male dancer
started with me, and as he walked up to me he took my hands and placed them
on his chest, which was hard and muscular with out an ounce of fat. He was
smooth shaven and his hips were gyrating to the beat of a top 40 dance song.
My hands were sliding all over his muscular body going from his chest to his
arms, then down to his hard ass. When my hands reached his ass he climbed up
onto the chair with me, the bulge from his manhood just a foot away from my
face. By this time I was clearly flushed, and his hips began pumping closer
to my face. In a moment of sanity I reached into my pocket and pulled out a
10 dollar bill and slid it into his g-string. Satisfied, he thanked me and
climbed down moving over to dance for Gail.

Slowly as my pulse slowed, and my breathing returned to normal I was able to
look around the room. All of the men and women had money in their hands
eagerly awaiting their turn with the dancers. The men sat in their chairs
quietly as Amber, the woman dancer, worked her way around the room. The
women were much more animated, yelling and hollering with every lewd
insidious movement by Dan the man, as they were calling him. This spectacle
continued for nearly an hour, with each dancer spending extra time with the
guests of honor, until finally they were at their last dances. Amber, who
stood no more than five feet tall was just starting her dance for Roger when
she looked at me, and for a split second our eyes met. She smiled
seductively, and then looked back at Roger and started moving her slender now
completely naked body for him. Since she was just two feet away from me I
continued to watch her dance, partly out of curiosity, but mostly in awe of
her beauty and the way she could move her body. Every movement was
seductive, and her tan body glistened with a layer of oil and sweat. Her
breasts were not overly large, but matched her lithe body to a tee. In a
word she was perfection, and for some reason I found myself drawn to her.

The entire time she danced for Roger my eyes never left her. I was devouring
her with my eyes when the song ended. She stood up straight, ran her fingers
through her long blonde hair, stretched and sat down on my lap. Every one
laughed for a moment but another song began and amber stood in front of me
and asked if I would like a dance. I couldn't speak, so I just nodded my
head slowly. She smiled and began running her hands over her body. She was
swaying to the sensual sounds coming out of the speakers, and our eyes were
locked onto each other. With a big smile she moved closer until her legs
were touching my now widely spread thighs. Her tongue licked her lips ever
so slowly, and her hands took mine and placed them on her hips. I shuddered
for a moment as she climbed onto my outstretched legs our bodies slowly
becoming one. I was completely unaware of my surroundings. The only things
that existed in the entire universe Amber and me. My hands started to
explore her body, running up from her slender hips, to the gentle curve of
her breasts, and then back down to the soft valley of her tummy. She let out
a soft moan and she began to move her hips, slowly rocking back and forth.
She reached down and slid her hands inside my blouse as she bent down to kiss
me. I swooned as our lips first touched. I could taste her lipstick and the
room started to spin. My hands moved to her back and I pulled her close.
Our lips parting and our tongues entwined we began to loose control. Her
hands moved lower and pulled my shirt up over my head causing our kiss to
break for just a moment, and then we kissed again with even more passion.
Her fingers moved to my large breasts and expertly rubbed, caressed, and
pinched my engorged nipples. I moaned loudly into her mouth as a small
tremor shook my body. I needed more, I wanted to feel every inch of her soft
flesh, to taste the sweat from her body. I wanted to cum, to make her climax
with me. I wanted to climb the mountain, reach the summit, and never come
back, and just drift off into eternal bliss.

The music had ended long before, and the room was dead silent. The lack of
noise startled us back to reality. When we broke our embrace the room
erupted in cheers and laughter from the men. I was mortified. I stood up
and scrambled to the ladies room to escape my embarrassment, and Amber
followed me.

"I am so sorry, I just got carried away," she pleaded. I started to cry and
she took my head in her hands. She wiped the tears from my face and we
kissed again. This time much softer, and lovingly and suddenly everything
seemed all right. We talked in the ladies room for a long time, and kissed
some more. In the end I agreed to go home with her, not that it was a
difficult decision.

We rode together in her car, a little Mazda Miata convertible. Her fingers
rested on my thigh as we drove, lightly caressing my trembling flesh. At the
front door she stopped before opening it to kiss me lightly, and told me I
looked beautiful with the light of a full moon shining on my face. I told
her she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen. With that said, the
door opened and she led me inside her condo. It was small and cozy,
tastefully decorated in cream colors and pastels. We first went into the
living room and I sat on the over stuffed couch as Amber went into the
kitchen to get us something to drink. She walked back into the room with two
glasses of lemonade, set them on the table and sat next to me on the sofa.
We were talking, getting to know about one another and once again her fingers
were lightly stroking my knee and thigh. We turned to face each other and
again out lips met. I kissed her hard, my tongue diving through her lips
seeking out hers. My hands shook as they ran excitedly over her body, under
her shirt, pulling her close to me. Her fingers pushed my skirt up around my
waist and for the first time she made contact with my womanhood. We kissed
on the couch, removing clothes until we were both only wearing out panties.
Hers were a fresh pair of black satin french cut panties, and mine a simple
pair with white lace in front. Her kisses moved from my mouth to my neck and
ears and I moaned out load. The smell of sex hung in the air as we
passionately kissed and fondled each other our excitement ever rising. Amber
kissed her way down my body, stopping at my swollen nipples to bite and tease
them. My hands went to her hair and I slowly stroked her scalp as she made
love to my breasts. She started to move lower, and I moaned my approval when
she reached my mons. Her brown eyes looking up at mine as she parted my lips
and lowered her mouth to my wet, swollen sex. I gasped when her tongue
penetrated me and she devoured me, trying to consume my every drop. I began
to quake and shudder until I exploded in the most powerful orgasm I had ever
experienced. My body still hypersensitive, Amber slid herself up on top of
me, and kissed me again, allowing me to taste myself on her lips.

"Thank you, thank you so much," I said as we lay there enjoying the feel of
our bodies pressing together. Soon after I slipped off to sleep, but I was
awakened by the feel of her hands stroking my body once more. We stood up
and she led me into the bedroom where we climbed under the sheets and kissed
some more. I told her I wanted to make her feel good, and she told me I
already had. I started to kiss her and explore her body, a little unsure of
myself, but learning as I went. My passion built as I was allowed to touch,
and caress this beautiful woman beneath me. I made love to her breasts for a
long, long time and then moved down to her sex. I looked at it, studied it,
never having seen this sight up close. It was a thing of beauty, like a
flower ready to bloom. I inhaled her scent, a sweet smell if ever there was,
and then I lowered my mouth to her. The taste was a wonderful combination of
sweet and tart and I found I could not get enough. I lost myself in her,
trying to touch every part of her swollen womanhood. She climaxed
repeatedly, and I still did not want to come up. She finally had to pull me
away because she could not take anymore. We lay next to each other our legs
entwined, kissing and whispering our thoughts to each other, until we drifted
off to sleep again.

I woke up the next morning to the sound of music, and the smell of fresh
coffee. I smiled as I climbed out of bed and twinkled into the kitchen,
still naked. Amber was just cutting up some fresh fruit, and pouring a cup
of coffee when I walked in. She looked up, and seeing my naked form grinned
widely showing her bright white teeth. We embraced and a flood of emotions
overwhelmed me. I was happier than I had been in years, but scared of what
uncertainties lay ahead. One thing was sure, I wanted to be with Amber. I
told her this, and she told me she felt the same way, then she asked me to
move in with her. We were like kindred spirits, meant to be together.

We still are.


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