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Football Season
by AXLaws

Well folks it is football season again, time for a predator such as myself to put my boy in the local little league. While he is learning to hit in his game, I will be on the sidelines doing some hitting of my own.

During the third practice the team mom (Titillating Tina) was asking for volunteers to work the concession stand. Trying to seem as though I am not interested in working the stand, but not wanting this beauty to move on, I relent and set my time and day hoping to work along side this Goddess. She is 28 to 30 years old with a body that says I LOVE SEX! Her hair is a dirty blonde and well styled. Glowing green eyes, that stare straight into your soul. She is wearing a thin cotton t-shirt, her ample breasts not restricted by a bra, her beautiful nipples visible through the thin material, the shorts she has on are of the Daisy Duke type and not leaving much to the imagination, except imagining them hitting the floor. Her voice carries a certain authority in it, she has been down this road before.

I asked who would be helping me during my incarceration in the concession stand, she informed me to my dismay it would be another mother. I was sick to my stomach when she introduced me to her. Her name says it all - Fran, grossly overweight, pimpled face, hair almost totally gray, thank God she was wearing a very large smock, to cover her rolls of fat.

When Saturday came, my boy excited to play his game was ready to go, I reluctantly took him to the game, knowing what company I would be stuck with. When we arrived at the ball park, Tina came walking up to my truck, informed me FRAN was ill and would not be there, talk about relief, but then it sunk in I may have to work the stand alone.

I entered the stand and began setting it up, the front door opens, reinforcements have arrived I hear. Turning quickly my eyes meeting Tina's, a smile appears on my face. Tina asks, "glad to see me"?

My reply, "the relief is indescribable"!

As the day progressed, we talked about her divorce, our kids, every topic a person could think of, she is very easy to talk to, that is if you are able to concentrate on the conversation and not her sweet smell or curvaceous body.

Looking at the clock, I realized it was 4:30 p.m., the last game ended at 3:15. We hadn't had a customer in over an hour. We agreed it was time to finish up and get out of there. As we walked around cleaning and putting the candy up, I brushed up against her tight ass as often as possible. We began to horseplay like a couple of kids, I threw some water on her, gluing her shirt to her bra-less tits. My what a sight! In retaliation she grabbed a spoonful of Nacho Cheese sauce and flipped it at me, hitting me in the face and neck, I said alright now you have to clean this mess off me. Stepping up toe to toe with me in a very seductive voice, "My Pleasure" she stated.

Tina began to kiss me, I had waited for this since last practice. I quickly became the aggressor, I thrust my tongue in her mouth, she sucked on it like there was no tomorrow. I removed her wet tee shirt, her breasts were perfect, nipples erect, taking one in my mouth, she moaned "Oh yes". Circling around this delicious morsel, I moved to the other, her hands held my head like a vise. Unsnapping her shorts, letting them fall to the floor with a soft thud, I removed her lacy underwear to envision a pussy of perfection. I lifted her up on the table, placed one leg on each shoulder, I continued my assault on her breasts, moving slowly down to her mound, kissing the inside of each thigh I felt her body quiver, my tongue gently touched her sweetness, wow she tastes fantastic, was my instant thought. My tongue began darting in and out of her honey hole and she came in a heap, convulsing and clamping down on my head, I lapped up every drop I could muster.

After a few seconds she composed herself, grabbing my manhood, stroking me every so gently, she said "I need you, please fuck me". With that I entered her and trying to hold back as much as possible, I slowly began to slide in and out of her passion, she grabbed my ass and said FUCK ME NOW. I began to slam it as hard as I could, her beauty beyond comprehension brought me to an orgasm quickly. She was so tight my penis softening actually made a light pop when it fell out of her.

We relaxed in each others arms for a few minutes before getting dressed. My comment brought a laugh to both of us as I said, "I will never look at nachos the same again"!

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