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Free Show
by Fever

My sister and I have always been close. We are only one year apart in age, and growing up on a farm had only each other to play with more often than not. Until the age of ten we took our daily baths together, and had no problem skinny dipping at the creek even into our early teens.

When we hit puberty things changed. Peggy stopped skinny dipping with me and became a little more modest around the house. For my part her modesty just made puberty all the more interesting. I wanted to see the changes her body was going through. I managed to sneak a few peeks when she went to the creek alone or with her friends from school. The sight of those naked teen bodies gave me many nights of masturbatory pleasure.

At some point Peggy and I even gave in to our own curiosity, she wanted to see me as much as I wanted to see her. We did live on a farm after all , so we knew what the parts were and what they were for. Our system for relieving this curiosity was to give each other "free shows". A free show was when one or the other of us would call "free show" and the other one had to show us a body part. It was harmless voyeurism for us, I would call "free show" when she came from the shower and she would open the towel and let me see her naked. Peggy would call "free show" while I was working in the barn and I would "drop trou" and give her a look at my cock. Whenever our folks were away we always gave each other "free shows", and occasionally would touch each other, but never more than that. The "free shows" came to an end when we both started dating, we had boyfriends and girlfriends to explore sex with then.

The idea of "free shows" had faded into the background by the time we hit our late twenties, and my parents passed away. Peggy and I needed to dispose of the farm since neither of us wanted to live there any longer, so we decided to meet there and come to a decision.

The house was empty except for the two of us, we shared lunch and caught up on what had been going on in our lives. We both had just broken up after long relationships and were feeling the pain, a shared bottle of wine dulled the pain at least a little. That evening after her shower, while I watched TV, Peggy took a shower and prepared for bed. She came into the living room and didn't realize the robe she wore was unbelted. As she sat on the chair opposite me the robe fell away from her left breast. Peggy had gorgeous breasts and it had been a long time since I'd seen one.

"Free show, free show" I laughed as she closed the robe around her.

She smiled and said "been a long time since I heard that"

"I remember the reaction I used to get from you."

"You never know, I might react the same way now" I leered, "want to find out"? Peggy stood up, I thought to leave the room, but instead she turned away from me, and let the robe slide down her bare back, stopping just as it reached her waist.

She turned to look over her shoulder at me, I gave her an appreciative grin and felt myself begin to stir. Peggy let the robe slip slowly now over the curve of her ass, revealing little by little her tight buns to my gaze. "Well, big brother, any reaction"? I shifted in my place and undid the zipper of my shorts to relieve my stress.

"Two can play at this game" I told her, and slipped the shorts off my legs so she could see the bulge in my boxers. Peggy pulled the robe back on and turned to face me, she stared straight at my crotch and took a step toward me, the light from behind her shone between her legs.

With a wicked grin Peggy let the robe begin a slow descent from her shoulders. I couldn't take my eyes off her as the silk fabric slide across the top of her breasts. The hem caught for just a second as it passed her hardened nipples, telling me she was as aroused as I was.

As Peggy's tits came into full view I caught my breath at their beauty. They were full and round, and her areolas were a dark pink, surrounding nipples that stood erect. My cock strained for release, so I pulled my boxers down and removed them. This time it was Peggy who caught her breath as she saw my eight inches standing erect, my balls hanging between my legs full of cum. By now the robe was at Peggy's waist and she lowered it passed the small patch of hair that marked the top of her pussy.

When the robe fell from her hands she stood before me naked and whispered "free show". I stared at her, taking in all her loveliness, her full breasts, slim waist, and her shaved pussy lips which glistened with her own already flowing juices. I pulled my shirt up over my head so that we were both naked, and put my hands out to her. My sister took my hands and moved to me, getting to her knees as she neared the sofa. Her hands stroked the inside of my thighs and I could feel her breath on my legs.

Peggy found my balls and held them in her hand feeling their weight and size, she let her fingernails trace a trail from my knee to my throbbing cock. I couldn't close my eyes, I had to watch as my sister leaned her head into the space between my legs and let her lips come to rest on the tip of my sex. One of Peggy's hands stroked me slowly as her mouth opened to let me in. With the movements of someone who'd done this before Peggy sucked me into her mouth gently, as her saliva made my cock shine.

My hands held my sisters head gently as she bobbed up and down taking all of me deep into her throat. Peggy seemed to enjoy it as much as I was, moaning each time I filled her mouth and squeezing my balls as I touch the roof of her mouth. The pace quickened as my sister used her hand to stroke me faster , her mouth sucking my cock head while her tongue swirled around the crown. I felt my balls tighten and she did too, wrapping her arms around my hips to keep me close. I started to cum with great spurts and my sister swallowed as much as she could, little bits of it escaping from her between her lips.

When I had finished Peggy licked me clean and squeezed the last little bits of cum from my cock. She sat back on her legs, smiled up at me, "I've wanted to do that for some time big brother, now you owe me a free show".

To Be Continued...


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