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Fairfax Story
by RescueAnon

(This story was inspired, and is dedicated to the Fairfax County Rescue Squad, in Fairfax, VA. I had the pleasure (and I do mean pleasure) of seeing them in action at the Reston Town Center and was blown away by how gorgeous the entire group of them were! Just so no one gets in trouble, may I say I do not work with FCRS, nor do I know anyone on the squad (pity), and this story is entirely from my imagination!!!)

So, I guess I really needed to get layed! It had been a very long time since my last boyfriend and not being the type for one night stands, I was sufferring. I was laying by the pool watching from behind my sunglasses the muscular, tan, oily bodies that are my lifeguards. Feeling hot and sweaty, my pussy wet and pulsing to my heartbeat, I decided to get up and get a cold drink to hopefully cool everything down before I attacked one of the poor boys! Well, I guess the combination of the heat and the fact that all of the blood in my body was now in my crotch caused me to pass out when I stood up!

So here I was, sprawled out on the ground in my tiny yellow bikini, with our local rescue squad hovering over me trying to figure out what had happened to cause this leggy blonde to faint! I came to with the sounds of husky male voices speaking to one another. The feeling of strong hands and bodies surrounding me was a pleasant sensation to wake up to! I opened my eyes to see striking blue eyes in a strong, masculine, tan face.

"Oh, sleeping beauty is waking up! How are you feeling, miss? Do you know where you are?" His voice was so nice, and that vibe that most women get immediatly kicked in, even in my confused state, and I realized he was very attracted to me (as I was to him). I tried to get my thoughts in order because coming out of a faint and immediatly going back into arousal was a little overwhelming.

"I'm sorry to be any trouble, sir, I think I just need to be cooled down a little and I will be fine. I feel very foolish right now!" Boy, did I! Fear ran through me as I tried to remember if I had just told him to cool me down!

"Well, miss, we will work on that...I just want to get your vitals ok?" His muscular arm reached across my body, his elbow just grazing my pubic area accidently (or was it?). I watched as his arm stopped mid air above me, and realization slowly dawned in his eyes as the heat came off my pussy and washed over his elbow. He cut his gaze quickly and discreetly to my bikini bottoms, where he witnessed the wet material clinging to my swollen pussy lips. He looked up at me while he continued to reach for the blood pressure cuff, and I smiled back at him and winked. His smile back told me he knew my little secret, and that he wanted to really help me out!

After checking me out, Jim (my hero) had the guys lift me into the ambulance. He took them aside out of earshot and had a word with them. I could see them smiling and glancing in at me, I guess they knew my secret too, now! Jim jumped in the back with me and another guy jumped in the drivers seat and we drove off.

"So, miss, what is your name? Would you like a drink of fruit juice, you seem a little dehydrated." His gaze wandered over me boldly and I felt renewed wetness!

"My name is Liz, and I would love a drink!" He reached into a small cooler that they carried with them for personal use and opened a bottle of juice. His large hand reached behind my head and easily lifted me up enough to take a drink (I of course was fine by now but would never admit it!), the cool liquid was wonderful sliding down my hot throat, the wetness on the bottle dripped and ran over my chest causing my nipples to harden through my bathing suit top. Jim's eyes watched this happen with amusement in his blue eyes.

"Looks like you are going to be fine with a little cooling down Liz, do you need me to do anything?" I noticed that we had pulled into the mall parking lot and the driver had left the A.C. going but had left the vehicle. We were alone! I had to take advantage of this!

"Jim, honestly, I feel ok now. The problem is that it has been months since I was last fucked and I can't wait any longer, the heat is unbearable and I need you to help me!" Jim's eyes popped out of his head as I sat up and took his face in my hands, pulling him gently towards me, I kissed him full on the mouth! He was into it, he grabbed the back of my head with one hand and my waist with the other, his tongue met mine with a fierceness that I never thought possible. I let my hands wander over his back, feeling the muscles ripple under his shirt, then down to the hardness between his legs, leaving no room for misunderstanding... or going back! I was still laying on the gurney and he was kneeling next to me, his hands pulled at the top of my suit, pulling the material down under my tits so they bunched up above the material looking pert and firm.

His mouth immediatly sucked my nipples and my back arched into him. I had never been so turned on! My nipples were on fire and my cunt could not get any hotter. I turned and put my legs on either side of him and pushed my wetness into his hard crotch. He ground himself into me then reached down and pulled the material aside so he could finally touch me. His fingers ran over my hair, running through it, around my clit, not quite touching it, slipping into me for a second then withdrawing as I gasped... "please, I need you!" He pulled away long enough to remove his shirt and pants and quickly pulled my soaking wet bottoms off. He was getting rougher and his breathing was getting faster as he threw me back on the gurney and dove between my sweating legs. His tongue ran over me, getting slippery, he slid into me, then pulled me open with his hands and slid two fingers into my aching pussy while his tongue found my clit and circled it in slow steady strokes while his fingers did the same.

I clutched at his head, grinding myself into him. He read me so well, it was as if he read my mind, my orgasm shook me unexpectedly and I moaned in delight as he pumped me with his fingers and tongue, getting every last drop. I pulled his face back up to mine, his body over me, I sucked my juices from his lips and tongue and felt his cock grinding into my pubic bone.

"I really must have you in my mouth Jim, I hope you don't have a problem with that!" I pushed his willing body onto the gurney, and lowered my mouth over his quivering hardness. I blew on it gently to cool him down a little, I love to suck cock and I didn't want him to cum too quickly! I ran my tongue slowly up the underside, swirling it over the head where a slick, salty wetness greeted me. His hands wound into my long blonde hair and he gently pulled my head and mouth onto his cock. I let it go all the way until it hit the back of my throat and started down, my tongue washing all over him, he grunted in time to my bobbing head and his pull became more forceful. I felt a throbbing beginning down at the base of his tool so I pulled away quickly before he could slam me onto his cock again.

"Wait, wait, you must give me proper treatment!" I said as I climbed onto the gurney with him, planting one knee on either side of him I lowered myself down just so his cock head was at the opening of my dripping cunt. "This is what I need, I need you in me, fucking me hard" And with that he pulled me onto him, his hardness shoving straight into me. He watched as I reached down between us and got my fingers all slippery with our juices and brought them into my mouth, I did it again and fed him with it, his eyes watching everything. I slid up on his cock and got more, slid down and while one hand held back my lips, I slid the other over my sensitive clit, letting my hand spread wetness everywhere, then while he pumped into me I stroked my clit, building another orgasm, I felt the heat beginning to rise.."oh, God, you feel so good inside me, your cock is so hard and big, fuck me hard and fast, I need it so bad..." He had my hips in his hands and was ramming into me while I rubbed my clit faster and faster in time with his thrusts...

I'm not sure who started cumming first because we both said it at the same time, I felt my cunt clutching and throbbing on his cock and felt his heat fill me as he pulled at me so I could not move, he threw his head back and moaned loudly as he erupted inside my clutching walls. I collapsed on his chest, sweating, and panting while he pulled me into his arms and held me, still inside of me...feeling aftershocks. "Liz, I think we should keep up with this treatment so you don't have anymore of those fainting spells, don't you think?" I couldn't agree more!
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