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Flight School & Farmer's Daughters?
"That's A Question!!??"

by Long Strongdaily

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Just eighteen!" as she hastily added, "Since we're old enough to bleed I guess we're old enough to butcher! Don't you think?" she added much to my surprise.

"Yeah! Yeah of course!" I responded while making a vain attempt to conceal my astonishment, as well as my naiveté.

"Hey Brenda! I'd like you to meet Chuck Delahunty! He's probably just graduated from flight school like that bunch that was here last year! Boy that was a smash! You should have had been here! You would have had a ball!" as Brenda approached holding the reins to her horse!

"Hi Chuck! Glad to meet you! I suppose that my cousin has been telling you all the wrong stories about me! Has she?"

"No! Nothing at all! Just that you're her first cousin! That's all!" as I attempted to show some level of maturity! Brenda was every bit as pretty as her cousin Elaine, and both had bodies so well structured that Michelangelo would have had them cast in marble! That would have had happened only after he had tested their fabric of course, I thought to myself. "Well lets get these horses settled in and get you to the garage!" Elaine remarked as Brenda and I followed in that order.

The horses were placed in adjoining stalls after the harness and saddles had been removed! The girls requested that I fill two buckets with water for them as they gathered some oats and hay, which I gladly did! "Well Chuck, are you travelling alone?" Brenda asked.

"No! No I'm not! As a matter of fact there are four of us! The other three are back at the car waiting for me! No need to worry about them though, they can't go anywhere till we get back because I got the car wheel and tire and they don't have a spare!" I replied with some enthusiasm.

"That's not nice Chuck! You all alone here with two pretty country girls and not wanting to share us with them! Some friend you are!" Elaine laughingly replied.

"Share us with them! No way! I'd rather think that he'd want them to share us!" Brenda said in the most sexual way I had ever encountered in my entire life, before or since! "By the way, what's their names!"

"Well there's Steven, John and Blaine. All about my age. Blaine is the black guy amongst us! They've nicked named him 'Dong', I don't know why!" I responded.

"Mm-m-m-m! Did you hear that Brenda? Dong is a black guy and Chuck doesn't know how he got that name! Can you believe that?"

"Never! But I think we'll make it our business to find out why! What do you think Elaine?"

"Couldn't agree more, cousin!"

"I guess we should feed and water the dogs too, Brenda!"

"O.K.!" I followed the girls though the barn and out the back entrance. Behind the barn was a very large chain fenced in area adjoined to the barn, and two rather well bred excited boxer dogs. There was also an opening in the barn with a curtain type closure which allowed the dogs to enter and exit! "These are my very favorite pets!" Elaine remarked.

"The brown and white one is Nick and the brindle one is Nack! You know why we called them that?"

"No I don't!"

"Well then! Nick is so kind that he reminded me of old Saint Nick, so-o-o we called him Nick! We were going to call him Saint Nick but thought that might create problem with the Saint Bernard's of the world! Ha! Ha! We called the other Nack because whenever an opportunity presents itself he has a real knack for getting into trouble! Cute Hey? Nick and Nack!" The girls opened the gate and both dogs were all over them! I pushed the gate close in front of me and stayed outside. Glad to have the wire fencing between us as I was no fan of any dog, let along two rambunctious boxers! The girls played a little with both dogs, getting them to fetch balls etc., and then proceeded to fill their water and food bowls, each dog inspecting the menu of the other!

Brenda was rubbing Nack's back as he ate when she looked my way and for the first time noticed me outside the gate! "Come on in! These guys are gentle giants! Wouldn't hurt a fly! Would they Elaine?"

"No they wouldn't! Come on in!" Elaine reaffirmed. Cautiously I opened the gate and slowly made my way to the safety of the girls, placing them between me and their canine family members. Neither dog even look in my direction as I approached. This was all the more disconcerting as I was somewhat paranoid as to how they would react when they did become aware that there was a stranger in their mists! Suddenly Nack got my scent and without even a murmur leaped upon me, front feet to my chest, as I went ass over kettles onto the ground! Scared was not the adjective I was looking for at that moment! I was too petrified to be scared! The dog began licking my face and nibbling my arm as I quickly attempted to regain my composure! The girls had Nack by the collar and were no sooner in partial control of him when Nick picked up where Nack left off! The thought that Nick and Nack were about to snack on this fallen stranger was first and foremost in my mind! I honestly felt that the doggie odor in the yard was but a trifle to the mess my underwear were about to be in if this fiasco didn't soon come to a fruitful conclusion! The first place Nick stuck his nose, as most dogs will, was right into my crotch! My embarrassment and anxiety bought loud shouts of laughter from the girls! "Maybe the boys are homosexual after all!" one of them remarked! I never knew who because I was too God damned scared to care!

I was still attempting to get my feet beneath me when Nick's efforts at establishing a friendship with this new intruder drove me right back to where I had been when Nack first made his presence known to me! It took only seconds I am sure for the girls to get both dogs under control, but I swear, in my life's clock, it took hours! Regaining my composure, as well as my feet beneath me, Elaine was full of apologizes! I attempted to relay the message that this was all in a days work for me! Yeah! Sure! I never did convince myself that I made any such impression on those two pretty ladies! I did try though!

"Oh! Gosh! Look at the mess they've made of your uniform!" Brenda remarked as she and Elaine led the dogs to the barn entrance and forced them inside.

"Let's brush you off!" Elaine remarked as she and Brenda commenced brushing my uniform with their open hands. I never uttered a word as I was still in a state of aftershock!

Brenda brushed my back as Elaine attempted to clean the front of my uniform. Intentionally or otherwise Elaine's hand brushed against my crotch! Surprised I pulled back as if attempting to protect myself from someone's unwanted attention, which at this point, I assure you, was the furthest thing from my mind! "Still nervous is he, Elaine?" Brenda said jokingly, as she reached between my legs from behind, grabbed my crotch and remarked, "Chuck I wouldn't pull away from me as fast as you pulled away from Elaine because if you do you'll lose it!"

Brenda said laughingly! "Mm-m-m!! Elaine he's got enough here for both of us! Getting excited too I see!" she added, though now in a tone more menacing, rather than play, in her voice!

"Well! We certainly don't want to let anything go to waste now do we Brenda! What about you Chuck? Can you handle two horny country girls! Think you can make your manhood last long enough to satisfy these two hungry horny country pussies? Or should we go get your friends! Of course we're going to do that anyway? Aren't we Brenda?"

"Never considered anything else?" Brenda replied.

It was now my turn to take advantage of the situation as I reached down between Elaine's legs and placed my hand squarely on her snatch! This was the first time I had ever succeeded in doing something like this! From past experiences of having had tried and failed here I was, two beautiful country girls, horny as hell, my life would be in great jeopardy I was sure, if I at least didn't attempt to satisfy their lust! My own cravings were, to say the least, no less demanding! "Girls if we are going to do something, at least let's get comfortable! What do you think?"

"Sure, never wanted it any other way! Did we Elaine?" Brenda responded. They each giggled as they both attached themselves to either side of me and commenced to walk toward the house. Along the way both Elaine and Brenda took turns in feeling my behind as well as my crotch. I was, during the many short moments it took to walk to the house, uncertain that I would make it without blowing my load, right there and then, into my pants!

Once inside, without any question whatsoever, I could have had easily won a legal case of rape in any court in the land! The two girls were all over me! Kissing me, undoing my fly, unbuckling my belt, removing my jacket, shirt and tie, unfortunately there was no order to it! They were so sex starved they attempted to remove every stitch of my clothing all at once, never finishing one item before attempting to remove another! Their sexual anxiety was totally out of their control, not that it mattered to me mind you! To this day, I can honestly say, I have absolutely no recollection of having had entered the living room or getting down upon the carpet! However, I do vividly remember Elaine sitting on my cock as Brenda sat on my face! My virginity was no more! Two firsts happened to me simultaneously! I blew my first load into a scorching hot pussy and chewed its equally hot cousin all at the same time! It took only moments for Elaine to scream that she was coming as her loving cousin promptly joined the joyful chorus! What a vocal duet they made! Although, I must hasten to add, it did fall somewhat short of their delivery of sexual delights! In fact, competition was never a consideration, their sexual exploitation of my prone body was a masterpiece!

Was I proud of my accomplishments or what!! Regaining some sense of reality I attempted to regain my composure and view my surroundings! Astonishingly, and to my absolute astonishment, Brenda, still astride my chest, turned toward Elaine, who was still straddled on my cock, remarked, "We're not going to waste all that juice are we!" All that I have any recollection of hearing was "M-m-m-m-m-m!!", as Brenda, rotating herself while still sitting atop my chest, elevated herself upon her knees so as to face her cousin. Lifting my head I noticed that Elaine was in the process of merely falling backward toward my feet, onto her back upon the floor. She immediately bought her legs up toward her chest as she gave me a gaping view of her hot wet juicy cunt as it lost its grip on my almost totally limp dick! I was speechless to say the least! I never however, lost my concentration of the delightful sexual sights unfolding before me! As a first experience on my part it is vividly etched in my memory forever! While Elaine was positioning herself, Brenda simultaneously made her way, still on her knees, between Elaine's legs! I was flabbergasted! Brenda retained some contact between her moist honey hole and my shortly to be rejuvenated cock as she placed both her hands between Elaine's legs and spread her cunt lips as wide as possible! She then commenced to lick and suck Elaine's pussy like it were her last supper! Elaine went three times, Brenda never permitting her even one opportunity to catch her breath between orgasms! Both girls were in a complete sweat by the end of Elaine's third trip to the outer limits of space!

"Oh! Go-o-o-d! Brenda I always said you were the best pussy pacifier in the entire world! Didn't I! Oh-h-h-h-h! That was so go-o-o-o-d!" Elaine rejoiced!

"No I'm not! You are!" Brenda replied in a matter of fact manner! "Let's show Chuck how you can satisfy my horny hot pussy, Elaine!" as Brenda rolled to her back upon the floor. Elaine's quick response to Brenda's remark would never leave any doubt, even in the most dubious of minds, about Elaine's eagerness to chew and satisfy a hot horny pussy! Anytime and any where! She had Brenda screaming in no time! I just lay on the floor, holding my cock and balls in one hand, as the current happenings totally revived my previous fallen manhood! For the next hour there was absolutely nothing sacred and nothing spared! Everything that could reasonably, or unreasonably, occur sexually between two, excuse me, three human beings, did in fact occur. All three of us eventually exhausted ourselves totally! Perhaps in hindsight though, I should be speaking for myself! We eventually ended up, all three at once, in the shower, after which we dressed and made a renewed effort to commence where we earlier began, that is to get the tire fixed!

When everyone was ready we exited the back door of the house, outside of which was parked a new F-100 Ford half ton! We jumped aboard, Brenda driving, and picked up the tire and wheel from where we had earlier left it at the side of the driveway! Two hours had now passed since I first left my companions at the side of the highway! I was confident that not only were they perhaps somewhat concerned by now, I needed no assurance to know that they would be totally ticked off with me! "Never mind though!" I thought: "These two beauties would soon calm all their anxieties! If not create some!"

I subconsciously laughed aloud! "What are you laughing at, Chuck?" Elaine remarked as she grabbed my crotch once more! "First time you've been screwed like that! Was it? Or is it because it's the first time you saw two girls make out! Any complaints?"

"No! No! Not that at all! I just noticed the time and that my friends have been sitting beside the highway for almost two hours! Here I am with two gorgeous women and enjoying myself! They're probably as mad as hell at me! Perhaps even a little worried! If they only knew! Hey! They wouldn't believe it if I told them what happened either!"

"Oh! They'll believe! Those guys aren't going to go to the city this night! Not unless you want them too! I think we should party at our place! What about you, Brenda!"

"What can I say!! Whoop-e-e-e! We'll really get laid next time!" Brenda eagerly replied. "We'll, I can't be odd man out now can I?"

The garage was a lot closer than I had anticipated. In fact I could have had walked there from where I was first dropped off and been on our way long ago! But hey! Who's complaining! Then I wondered! "What the hell did that old guy know when he dropped me off! Maybe he had also screwed these two at some time or other!" In any event that was of no importance whatsoever right now! At the garage they repaired the tire and within another twenty minutes we were back at our car to the delight of Blaine, John and Steven!

"Where the h-e-e-l .....! Never mind! But where the hell did you find these two gorgeous dolls you lucky bastard?" Blaine enthusiastically inquired.

"Oh! Yes!" as if I were totally oblivious to their presence, "These ladies were kind enough to take me to get our tire repaired! I'd like to introduce Elaine and Brenda to you guys! Elaine! Brenda! This is Steven! Blaine! and John!"

"Hi! Glad to meet you guys!" the girls said in unison as they exchanged hand shakes with all three!

"Listen guys! Elaine and Brenda are alone in a big old farm house for the weekend! They thought that maybe we'd like to stay over and perhaps listen to some music or something! Any takers! All in favor say 'I'." There were no dissenting votes to that question! All three began to put the wheel back on the car with such enthusiasm that they were actually, if not unwittingly, impeding the whole process! However I never missed the many glances that the girls were giving each other as they mused lustfully over the "la derrieres" of my buddies as they attempted to speed the process of getting our car mobile once more!

"Well we're ready to roll!" John said as Steven placed the car jack back into the trunk and closed the lid.

"Come on Chuck! You can get in with us and the others can follow! O.K?" Elaine shouted! Nobody commented as everyone was anxious to get to the desired designation. I placed myself between the two girls, if anything was to be had between here and home I was fully intended to be in the middle of it! My expectations were not without reward! As Elaine began to close the truck door we heard a wild jungle like scream from the car! Both the girls laughed and I did likewise!

"Listen Chuck, whose the best hung guy in that group?" Brenda asked.

Before she could respond, Elaine interjected, "Hell with that Brenda! This is my party and I'm having Blaine! I've never had black cock before and tonight is my night! You can have all other three if you want! If there's anything left of Blaine when I'm through with him you can have what's left over!"

"That's a deal!" Brenda replied laughing. I just sat there speechless at their total inhabitation!

"But we can't leave poor Chuck out of the action can we? That wouldn't be fair! Would it?" Elaine remarked!

"Never mind that! That's going to be the least of his concerns because I'm going to give him a blow job right now!" Brenda replied as she commenced to unzip my fly, placed herself on her knees between my legs and provide the most enthusiastic blow job I had prior to, or since, that time! While she did that I never neglected Elaine's hot spot as I fingered her wet box! She loved it and at one point almost lost control of the truck as she orgasmed! I blew my load down Brenda's hungry gullet as she cherished every droplet! I moaned as the guys following behind must have had become aware that something un-thwart was happening ahead and, perhaps, frustrated by the fact that they weren't yet part of it, as they blew the car horn incessantly!

Reaching the house we all eagerly exited both automobiles! "Chuck you take the guys over to see our horses while Brenda and I freshen up a little! Give us ten or twenty minutes will you?"

"Yeah sure! No problem! C'mon guys follow me!" All three were grateful for the opportunity to get me alone to discuss the gig!

"Listen Chuck! We want the facts! Nothing but the facts so help you God! What the shit are the facts about these two! They seem hornier than two depraved mink! C'mon be honest with us! Did you screw them both or something?" Blaine asked!

I blushed a little as I related all the happenings since I first met them! "Bull shit man! No two strange girls as pretty as they are would act like that! No way!" John added.

Steven interjected, "Listen Chuck! If you're putting us on we'll roll you in all that horse shit in the manure pile before this night is out and from there on in you'll find you own way back to base! Right guys?"

"No way! We'll make him eat all that horse shit and I don't mean maybe!" Blaine added.

"Listen guys, if I'm joking I'll gladly eat all that horse shit! These two are unreal! Listen to me, those two did more tricks on my seven inches than a troop of monkeys could ever do on seventy foot of rope! No kidding! They're the horniest two sluts on two feet!"

"Well it'll be something to see what they can do with Blain's black monster! Hey Blaine how big is that black mother fucker of yours when it's stiff! Ten inches, or better?" Steven remarked!

"Maybe you guys will get a chance to see what a real black cock can do to those two hot white pussies if I get the chance to get at them! They'll have to take a lot more than ten inches to take all that I can give 'em" Blaine replied!

"Hey Chuck the girls are calling! Lets go!" john interjected. Nobody needed a second invitation as we eagerly made our way to the house! As we entered the house the two girls stood there with long negligee on underneath of which they wore a see through bra, panties that suffered greatly from an acute shortage of material content, over which they wore a see through shorty! Elaine's outfit was black and Brenda's a bright red!



This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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