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Flight School & Farmer's Daughters?
"That's A Question!!??"

by Long Strongdaily

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

To say that they looked stunning would be an injustice of which I would not want to plead guilty! They both looked like the essence of innocence! However I knew better! A fact that I would have to continually remind myself of before the night was over! They also had some very slow and seductive music playing complimented by dim lighting!

The mood was well established! "Like what you see Guys?" Brenda asked as she eyed each of us!

Elaine reached for Blain's hand and said: "I like mine colored tonight! Do you mind Blaine? There is something about a black man that I find simply alluring!"

"No! No not at all! I don't mind what you call me so long it's not too late for the main course!" Everyone laughed at his comment as Elaine suggested to Blaine that they dance! Likewise Brenda attached herself to Steven, leaving John and I sitting on opposite ends of the living room sofa staring at the scenes before us, dancing slowly! Each of us trying, some what in vain, to hide our obvious emotional state of arousal!

Elaine was the most vivacious and sensuous of the two! Neither of them were exactly anything that you wouldn't be proud of to bring home to mom and dad! They both out classed ninety nine percent of every woman I had ever met, or seen, in my lifetime! The first move that Elaine made on Blaine was to place her arms around his neck and kiss him passionately as she tucked her pelvis tightly to Blain's. Blaine held her around her waist and was lost into the never never land of sexual bliss, oblivious to all around him! Brenda appeared to be well on her way with Steven as we watched her remover his tie, then shirt, as she groped for his belt! The real action that enthralled both John and I however was with Elaine and Blaine! The next move again was made by Elaine as she removed Blain's uniform jacket, shirt and tie, and held him tightly around the ass as she gyrated her pelvis into his!

The next move of hers was to reach into his crotch and with a loud moan cried, "My God! What are you trying to hide from me Blaine! Is this something you bought at the store for me, or is it just because you're glad to see me!", as she went into overdrive and completely removed Blain's belt from his pants and threw it in my direction, intentionally or otherwise! She then commenced to lick his chest and without any waste of time made her way down his torso, onto her knees as she began to unzip his fly! By this time both Brenda and Steven stopped their activity to witness the goings on between Elaine and Blaine! Blaine kicked his shoes to one side as Elaine dropped his pants to the floor as he brushed then aside. She then reached inside in shorts and with some difficulty released his manhood for all to see! This was the very first time that I had witnessed a fully erect black cock! In the dim room light I am sure it appeared much bigger than it might have had been, but huge nonetheless! Elaine bought it to her mouth and with a moan commenced to give Blaine a blow job, right there on the living room floor! After several minutes Blaine moaned as Elaine sucked every last droplet of his precious fluid from his cock! Licking her lips she then motioned him to lay next to her on the floor!

Brenda suddenly seemed to appear from no where! I initially thought that she was going to join them, but rather she placed a blanket on the floor and motioned to Elaine; "Better not make a mess on the carpet! Your mom and dad wouldn't appreciate that, would they!" Elaine looked at her without a word as she spread the blanket for the purpose intended! Blaine had little difficulty in prostrating himself for Elaine to do she pleased!

After all he had just blown a full load of his cum down her throat! Elaine attempted to kiss Blaine, however he resisted, probably because the thought of the aforementioned blow job was still fresh on his mind, however Elaine would have nothing of it! After a futile attempt to do otherwise he surrendered to her lustful talents! She then commenced massaging his cock and balls as he fingered her cunt furiously, not with just one or two fingers as one might have had anticipated, but with his entire hand! This was my first experience in seeing a woman get fisted!

My thoughts were, I recall quiet vividly, "Christ that's no cunt! That's gotta be Grand canyon!" Elaine must have had come several times as we cheered them on! Blaine's cock was now at full mast as he rolled Elaine over on her back, placing himself above and between her legs, he shoved his cock all the way into her boiling hot cunt as she screamed with delight! Blain's staying power was awesome! He fucked her fast and furious for almost thirty minutes, blowing a load into her at least twice without ever stopping or missing a stroke! He was now about to blow his third load as Elaine let out a loud cry, as if in agony, as she reached the orgasm of her life! Elaine tightened her cunt lips around the massive black intrusion imbedded deep within herself and milked every last drop of love juice from it's loins! Blaine screamed with passion and delight at Elaine's pussy acrobatics! Then they both went silent as Blaine lay still atop of Elaine, she holding him tightly to her body and pelvis!

After what seemed to be an eternity, Blaine lifted himself to his elbows, Elaine not yet fully willing to allow him to pull his now almost limp cock from her wet well fed cunt!

"Want more do you?" Blaine said in a low soft voice.

"Lick it out!" Elaine implored!

Blaine, as were we all, was surprised by her suggestion, when out of the silence Brenda interjected, "No! No! Not him! I like doing that!" The guys just looked aghast and didn't say a word! Elaine looked at Brenda and smiled in agreement as Brenda pushed Blaine aside and commenced her happy task at the honey pot! She bought Elaine to three more orgasms before she ceased to lap up Blain's love offering from Elaine's very swollen, satisfied hot cunt! All four of us guys were aghast! I perhaps a little less than the others as I had witnessed a similar instance just some short hours ago!

"Lets go get a quick shower!" Elaine suggested to Blaine. Without an invitation, Brenda joined them! For the following ten minutes or so, Steven, John and I just sat and stared at each other, almost nothing being said, as if it there were anything of consequence to be said! Shortly all three re-entered the room as bare naked as the day they were born! Elaine suggested that there was a bar in an adjoining room and perhaps we would enjoy a cold drink! There were no rejections at that idea! I served as bartender as Elaine, Brenda and Blaine put on their underwear which they had retrieved from the floor. From the look of Blain's manhood, it required some recuperation time! John, Steven and I were in a state of readiness and ready to take off on a moments notice! Brenda was the first to file a flight plan!

"Hey Steven! Put on some more music! Something nice and slow that we can dance too! We didn't finish our dance yet! Remember how we were so rudely interrupted!" she added with a laugh. I went to the stereo with Steven and together we played a song I'll never forget, "Blue Moon"!

Steven was by this time in his stocking feet, no shirt or tie! Brenda only clad in the briefest of panties! I cautiously remarked to Blaine, "Christ, she's put on panties and forgot to include any material! Talk about the Emperors Clothes!" Steven and Brenda each held the other around the waist as they gyrated against each other in a most provocative fashion. It took Steven no time to become fully erect again and Brenda even less time to explore what delights he may have to offer! She was in for a real treat this night!

As she dropped Stevens pants to the floor, she cried, "My God! I don't believe it! What have we here!" as she pulled Stevens boxers to his ankles! Stevens manhood stood almost perpendicular to the floor, reaching half way up his chest! Elaine cried, "Let me see that! I don't believe it! My God my horse isn't endowed like that! I'd be afraid to fuck that! Brenda I'll try after you try it! What do you say!"

"I don't care what you try after I'm through with it because it ain't never going to be as big as this again when I'm finished with it! Not for the next six months anyway!" The girls were not exaggerating, not even a little! Steven's cock, while quiet normal when flaccid, had swollen to such a dimension that poor Blain's black monster look small! Needless to add how inadequate both Blaine and Steven made John and I feel!

Brenda immediately commenced to lick and suck Stevens monstrosity as best she could! Eventually, albeit quickly, getting him into position on the floor! Steven was on his back and Brenda was on her knees between his legs administering her best oral delights to his stiff cock! Her enthusiasm for this monster was as if it were to be the last cock she would ever hold for the remainder of her lifetime! Her passion soon took total control of any fear she may have had of this massive totem pole entering her hot pussy! She commenced to attempt this feat by placing herself over Steven's manhood so as to effect an early and quick penetration of her hot cunt! Holding his cock in one hand, balancing herself on Steven's chest with the other, she looked down so as to observe this huge manhood attempt what we all considered a near impossibility! Brenda squealed with delight as she felt the first contact between the object of her desire and her hot pussy! She let her weight assist her effort as she attempted to have it penetrate her! All we heard was a loud "Oh-h-h-h-h! Ah-a-a-a-a!" as she gyrated herself on Steven's manhood! We all watched with amazement as she and Steven concentrated on the sole object of their immediate attention!

After several minutes, and numerous attempts, Brenda let out a loud cry, "Oh! God! It's in me! It's in me! Oh! It feels so tight! Oh! God it feels so go-o-o-o-o-d!" Steven didn't procrastinate any in driving as much of his mammoth offering into the deepest depths of her hungry cunt as he dare! Steven made several deep thrusts which made Brenda scream, both with the agony produced by the hardness and size of Steven's massive intrusion and the passion it produced deep within her lions! Steven then commenced to pound Brenda's pussy like no other pussy had ever been pounded before! Steven's prowess measured up every bit to that of Blaine! Then, reaching the point of no return, he exploded his entire load within Brenda's hot cunt! Having had several orgasms by this time, Brenda was not about to let this last opportunity pass with a lasting and final climax of her own!

Feeling the hot jism spurt from Steven monster cock, she flexed and tightened her pussy mussels around it as best she could! She fully intended that not one droplet of his precious fluid would ever be emitted into Elaine's hungry hot box, especially not if she could prevent it from happening! Brenda, still impaled upon Steven's manhood lowered herself onto it further! Further even than Steven could have had ever imagined possible! We spectators were of no less an opinion! It seemed impossible that Brenda's cunt, or any cunt for that matter, could engulf such a massive intrusion! Steven screamed again as Brenda forced him once more into a second deposit of hot cum deep within the hot hallways of her almost satisfied cunt! Then, for the moment at least, lowered herself onto Steven's chest where they held tightly to each other for at least half an hour! Steven's cock was restrained by Brenda's passionate cunt all the while! From time to time Brenda would flex her pussy mussels, which was clearly visible from where we all observed the events, such as to bring whimpers from both Steven and herself!

"All right guys! Are you all satisfied just to look at these two in a love embrace all night? Well I'm not! I'm here to have some fun!" Elaine spoke up! We sort of laughed and looked at each other when suddenly Elaine placed herself between the legs of the two prostrated bodies on the floor and commenced massaging Steven balls and Brenda's pussy lips!

Brenda and Steven let out a loud "M-m-m-m-m-m!" as they felt Elaine's first touch against their genitals! It didn't take Steven long to regain most of the erection that he had left inside Brenda's cunt! Brenda took even less time to react to both Elaine's and Steven's response! She now began to slide back and forth on Steven's torso so as to provide further penetration to his massive cock! Elaine acknowledging their revived and heightened state of sexual awareness further assisted the situation by commencing to lick both Steven's balls and cock and never stopped till she reached Brenda's ass hole! Both Steven and Brenda reached the height of passion in record time, greatly assisted without doubt, by the addition of Elaine's attention! Elaine, in her eagerness to taste Steven's manhood, as well as his love juices, literally pulled his cock from Brenda's love nest and eagerly licked it clean!

Brenda in the meantime had rolled off Steven and lay on her back next to him! Both were still prostrated on the floor! She then bought her knees up toward her chest to prevent Steven's generous deposits of cum from being exhaled by her now fully satisfied pussy! It was however also in anticipation of something even better! Elaine, once again, didn't disappoint her! Elaine, still holding Steven's now almost fully limp cock in one hand, placed herself between Brenda's legs and immediately provided mouth to mouth resuscitation to her overly moist, exhausted and still swollen pussy! Brenda screamed with passion and delight! Elaine's tongue reached into Brenda's hot box as far as it could in an exhaustive hunt for every little seaman it could find! Both girls moaned indecorously as she did so! Brenda orgasmed several times as Elaine greatly enjoyed her honey pot's generous offering of seminal fluids!

Having satisfied her lust for every droplet that could be found lingering in Brenda's cunt, both girls maneuvered so that Brenda was now sitting on Elaine's face! Elaine continued to feverishly and eagerly lick, chew and suck Brenda's pussy as they both repositioned themselves. Elaine's mouth never last contact with Brenda's pussy all through this, not even for a split second! Elaine was as determined to get every last droplet of love juice from Brenda's cunt as Brenda and her cunt were eager to let her have it! Eventually Brenda had another orgasm, after which all three still lay on the floor! The only word was a whisper from Steven! Perhaps it was just something he was thinking, but he thought out loud nonetheless. "I fuck'n well don't believe it!" There was no response from anyone! The only disappointed duo in the whole room was John and I! More so John as I had a go at both girls early on! John eventually whispered into my ear, "I don't know that I'd want to fuck either one of them after this! Christ they've had enough cock for a month!" I looked at his evident disappointment and could only provide him a comforting smile!

Neither Blaine nor Steven were of any use to the girls right now, and probably wouldn't be for quiet awhile yet! I did figure however that there still existed an opportunity for John to get laid, and laid real good before the night was over! Insofar as myself was concerned, at this point in time I was ready, and more than willing, to pick up where I had left off earlier that evening if the opportunity lent itself! Well ... why not! I wasn't to be proven wrong! Elaine was the first to regain some life! I would have had anticipated this in any event! She was certainly the horniest of the two! She poked at both Brenda and Steven, "C'mon guys! Lets jump into the shower! There's more work to be done before we can call it a night!" Brenda and Steven, somewhat reluctantly, stirred and slowly began to gather what scant clothing they did have about and followed Elaine to the upstairs shower! Shortly thereafter we heard the water come on in the shower and some laughter from upstairs!

"Christ Chuck! Did you see that girl take all that cock! We've never seen a guy dong like that! Christ he'd put those horses in the barn to shame! I know some guys with longer cocks than his but I never dreamed one could be so thick!" Blaine remarked! Of course, Blaine being black, I thought him as something of an expert on huge cocks at the time, after all he'd would have had plenty of opportunity to see many black cocks and they're supposed to be big even when considered small! I then suggested that we have something cold to drink!

We made small talk while waiting for the other three to come back down stairs, like "Is Steven fucking them upstairs on the bed...!!!!" But that was the least of our concern! At least at the moment. John changed the music on the stereo, which had replayed numerous times during the whole scenario. Nobody paid attention to it anyway for fear of missing something more erstwhile! Like "whose fucking whom"! John's anxiety was irreverently revealed through the huge bulge in his trousers, as was mine! Blaine was also about ready for second treats should it become available! His state of eagerness and anxiety clearly evident through the growing bulge in his pants!

It took Brenda, Elaine and Steven much less time to shower and return to the room than anyone one of us remaining three anticipated. All three were very scantly clad, i.e, if you want to give recognition to a pair of boxer shorts and two very scant pairs of laced panties and nothing else, as clad! We three remaining guys could only attempt to regain our breath as the girls came back into the room! Both girls were as strikingly beautiful as they were the first time we ever met them! This time, however, what we were viewing was what our wildest imagination had deprived us of when we first met them! Both with light auburn hair, five foot nine to ten, curvaceously figured, and weighing about 125 to 130 pound apiece! Both eighteen! Who would dare even thinking about asking the good Lord for anything more, if in fact that more than this had ever existed in the heavens!

"Well who's pouring the drinks?" Elaine asked. Everyone volunteered of course, the guys that is! We were all eager to keep the girls happy and the party going, for a while longer at least!

"O.K guy's! I want to know which one of you knew that Steven was hung like a horse and didn't tell me about it! Who's the party pooper?" Elaine, in a very serious tone of voice, asked!

There was no immediate response as Brenda broke the silence, "Don't be greedy now Elaine! Remember it was you that said you wanted to screw Blaine when you first heard that he was black! You weren't interested in anybody else! You wanted black cock and that's what Blaine gave you! Plenty of it too I might add! Now don't spoil the party because there happened to be a bigger cock at the party and you weren't the first to get it! Besides when you did see it you wanted me to fuck him first! Remember! Then you said that if I could take it you'd try it next! O.K. Steven, think you can fuck the shit out of Elaine's pussy the way that you did mine! I should tell you though, if he fucks you the way he did me, you're going to be sore for a month! My cunt is just aching! It loved every inch of that pussy stretcher thought! God, getting that hammered into your pussy is like getting fucked by a horse! But oh so go-o-o-o-d!"

"You know damn well I can handle anything you can, Brenda! Besides I still have a little virgin boy here yet that I have to look after! After that I'll take both Steven and Blaine on! That's something you didn't even think of! Did you? See, I always have to do the thinking for both of us!" The verbal interaction between the girls certainly raised our eyebrows, nothing like the physical action did though, I noted to myself. "Put some nice music on, Brenda! I see that John has something he's hiding from me in his pocket! It ain't his hand either! Com'on John lets dance!" We all cheered as John was led like a lamb to slaughter by Elaine, not a whimper, just a shy anticipating grin!

It took all of the three chords of the first piece of music for Elaine get John to a point where he was fully ready to jump her bones! She, being somewhat sexually satisfied, was not about to be had! Not just yet anyway! Elaine moved seductively around John as they both gyrated about the floor to the sound of the music! John's clothes were being gently removed, piece by piece, but never at the speed he would have had liked!

At just nineteen he was eager for pussy, nothing more, nothing less, just pure unadulterated hot pussy and let all of this fancy dancing be damned! Elaine quickly had John standing there in his underwear, attempting to retain his composure, as she massaged from his ass to his crotch! She was literally driving him beyond the point where he could retain any level of sanity! His need for sexually relief (pure hot pussy that is) must come soon or his irrational senses might be more than he would ever be able to control! Elaine eventually released John's manhood! We all yelled in unison, "Go! Go! Go! ..."

Elaine didn't miss a beat as she removed his shorts, lowered herself to the floor on her knees as she commenced to give John a splendid blow job! Poor John lasted all of twelve seconds, Elaine gagging with delight as she swallowed every last droplet of his offering! Not yet satisfied she pulled him atop herself on the floor and they immediately commenced screwing! Another twelve second wonder! John wondering whether he had died and went to heaven as Elaine sucked his cock dry again, though this time utilizing her well exercised pussy mussels! John had now expired! He had nothing left to give Elaine further enjoyment!

"Want to lick?" Elaine asked Brenda, as if it were necessary! Brenda had already been moving between Elaine's legs and sucked with such fever that Elaine came in record time!

Afterwards Elaine said to Brenda, "Better go brush your teeth! You know what guys are like! They just love to get us to suck them dry but never want to kiss you afterwards! Even if it their own cum! I've never understood that! Do you guys know why?"

We all just laughed! Brenda left the room as Elaine placed a clean sheet on the chesterfield and sat down with a drink!

"Hey Steven and Blaine! Why don't you get your drinks and come over and sit with me!" Both just looked at each other, smiled and silently made their way to their designated spots as directed by Elaine. "There! How's that? Better than standing by the bar I bet!" They, as well as the rest of us, just gave her a glancing but consenting smile!

"Look at this would you! My poor little pussy is still swollen! She's still hungry for more good stiff cock! Don't worry! Mommy will feed you later!" as she patted her cunt with her left hand, the drink in the other. She then placed her hand on Steven's crotch, who was seated to her left, "Boy that feels good! You need to get him bigger than that though! We can't have Brenda saying she could handle more cock than I could! Can we? Anyway, I'm going to fuck two cocks at once!" in a very matter of fact tone of voice and as if to inform her willing companions that the decision was not theirs to make!

Elaine exchanged the drink between hands and placed her right hand on Blain's now full risen manhood! "My! My! What have we here now! Stiff cock ready and willing have we?" Blaine said nothing but moved his head to rest on the back of the chesterfield and let out a soft moan as Elaine masseused his erect cock!

"Here John! Take my drink please! I have some nursing duties to perform!" We all watched with anticipation as she placed herself on her knees between Blain's legs, removing his stiff black manhood from the restriction of his underwear, and commenced a night cap of oral delight!

After several minutes she looked at Steven! "Over here big boy!" as she motioned him to move closer to Steven! She then repositioned herself and commenced to spread her oral delights to his now more erect member! Bringing Steven's cock to its full state of attention, it was obvious to all of us, that while Steven's manhood was not as long as Blaine's, what it lacked in length it more than amply compensated for in girth! Both were awesome! The sight of these two magnificent instruments of worldly pleasure quickly got Elaine to such a state of passion that waiting longer to get fucked by them was no longer a consideration! She chose Blaine for the first go around! And go around he did! Having had a second wind he was wound up like no mechanical love machine could ever be! He screwed he to climax so often that we all lost count, including Brenda, who cheered her on as much as we guys did! After a full hour of attempting to make Elaine beg to stop, he had but one alternative, stop however involuntarily he might have had wanted too. He could do no better and could last no longer, exhaustion had taken its toll! Elaine had bettered him! Yet! Who complained! Then Blaine, without a word or invitation, entered her as quickly as Steven exited her! If ever Elaine was to beg for mercy it must be now! "Now" never came as Blaine bought her to the heights of passion as often as Steven did! Elaine didn't miss a stroke! She wanted and enjoyed every inch and every stroke each had given her! After Blaine surrendered however, Elaine suggested that enough was enough! And it was!

Brenda's lust was not yet sated however! She immediately went back to Elaine's swollen dripping cunt and began to eagerly lap up every last droplet of human dew she could find! Elaine only lay there this time, almost as if she were passed out! Perhaps she had been this time! After several more minutes Brenda redirected her attention towards us! She was considering who had perhaps a little more to give! She immediately grabbed John and pushed him onto the floor where she greedily removed what little clothing he had on and commenced to suck his cock! After several minutes she turned her attentions to me as John just lay and watched! Her services were duplicated upon my member! She bought both John and I to a state of readiness that only the expertise of her oral delights could have! Becoming somewhat tired of sucking two cocks she now wanted one in her, or so I thought! "One" would never do! Brenda mounted John and quickly impaled herself upon his manhood as she moved and gyrated passionately upon his cock! Within a short few minutes she eagerly suggested that I screw her from behind! Steven and Blaine, who by this time had regained some of their composure, were cheering us on!

I placed my cock against Brenda's asshole and drove it home! She squealed loudly with passionate delight! "Another first!", I thought to myself as Brenda squealed with even greater passion as she orgasamed like never before!! The feel of John's cock through the walls of her inner workings was also new to me, the sensation of it bought both John and I to a climax in less time than it took us to entered her two orifices!

Brenda climaxed again after which we just lay there for several minutes! The very next thing I remember was Brenda saying, "Let me up guys! I'm all fucked out!" We were laying about on the floor and listening to music, totally naked, and must have had eventually dozed off to sleep! The next sense of reality we had was when the sweet smell of coffee enter our nostrils the next morning at about ten a.m.! We still had two full days ahead of us yet though! Two full days in which these girls would measure up to every expectation that even the most wildest and overactive of sexual fantasies could ever dare tread!

That initial introduction to the delights of satisfying two horny country girls has been, in memory, lived and relived many many times since then! The saddest conclusion however, like all other things, they do come and they do pass, but joyfully the memories live forever!


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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