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Fucking Tony
by Jezebel

I am in bed and I am alone. I am sleeping restlessly, dreaming of some imagined erotic encounter with you. A slight grin brightens my sleeping face, while my fingers play between my legs. I'm wet and I want you. With the covers tucked up under my chin, my mind wonders into a place where we are naked, kissing, sucking, and pleasing each other.

I can sense a presence in the room with me. Not a threatening presence but a strong, masculine energy. It wakes me from my slumber. I slowly open my eyes to find you sitting by my bedside, watching me sleep. Have I been talking in my sleep? Moaning, perhaps? Your grin leads me to believe I have done both.

"Sleep well?" you ask, leaning toward me.

"I was dreaming...about you." I reply honestly.

Pulling one arm out from under my covers, I lean toward you, our noses just inches apart. You notice my bare shoulder and realize that I am naked under my covers, something you hadn't really considered before. The blanket sags, dropping just enough for you to glimpse a small, pink nipple. Your eyes no longer meet mine but that's all right. You're looking exactly where I want you to be looking. I want you to want me more than you've ever wanted any woman before. I want you to need me, my body. I want you to take it. Without asking, without pleasantries, without hesitation. I want you to rock my world.

Judging by the bulge in your trousers, I know I can count on you to fulfill that request.

Extending my hand to you, I say, "Give me your hand."

Taking your eyes off my hardening nipple, you put your hand in mine. I slowly pull that strong hand under my covers and place it on my left breast. I have large breasts and you hand doesn't cover the entire surface. My nipple pokes into your palm. You slowly but firmly slide your hand back and forth over it, tightening your fingers around my flesh.

I lay back on my pillow and watch you. Your eyes are glued to the blanket, watching your hand move beneath. You are such a handsome and sexy man, tall and strong. But at this very moment, you have a look of awe on your face, like a child in a candy store. It makes me want you even more to know that my body can affect you like that. You look back up at my face as though you are asking permission to go further. I close my eyes, leaving that option to you.

Within seconds, I feel your other hand under the blanket, on my stomach, then on my hip, softly tracing my womanly curves. All the way down, gliding your rough palm against my smooth leg. I take a breath as your fingers start their ascent. I roll onto my back, ready for your next move.

I've never met anyone like you before. You make me feel so sexy, so alive. Every nerve ending is buzzing with excitement and every touch from you sends jolts of electricity through my body. You aroused me in my sleep and you arouse me now. I can't believe that I've waited this long for you to touch me this way. It seemed like forever. But, now you're here and I never want you to leave my bed again. You could become my sex slave, pleasing me whenever I demanded it. Would you mind that, darling?

Before I have a chance to complete the thought, your right hand is swiftly moving up my inner thigh. I can feel my pussy react to your closeness. Anticipating your sensual touch, I can feel it getting wetter. Your fingers glide softly over my lips, making me gasp for breath. I spread my legs, gladly allowing you access to my most intimate area. But you are a tease. Your fingers continue their light touches.

I try moving my hips to bring you into contact but you anticipate my moves. You just grin, loving my torture.

I whisper your name. It's all I can do to get you touch me.

Suddenly, before I can register the movement, your fingers on me, firmly, roughly. I'm overcome with pleasure. Throwing my head back into the pillow, I let out a yelp of surprise, of ecstasy.

"Look at me", I hear you say. I turn my head to the side, bringing my gaze back to you. You're starting into my eyes, watching me pant as you finger fuck me. I can feel your fingers inside me and your thumb against my clit. Every time your thumb comes into contact with my bud, I feel my orgasm coming faster and faster.

I can't believe that you are starting into my eyes, wanting to watch my face as I cum. I feel comfortable with you though. I find it very erotic and I want to please you. I am breathing faster now. I know I'm about to cum on your hand and I tell you in a soft, gasping voice "I'm cumming."

My body shakes with the force of a mind-blowing orgasm. My inner muscle tense around your fingers and my juices flow onto your hand, my eyes never leaving yours.

While I get my breath back, I can feel you withdraw your hand. It glistens in the dim light of my bedroom. I watch with fascination as each finger disappears into your mouth one by one. You savor the taste of me and I watch.

"Mmmmm..." You slowly lower your fingers to my mouth and I take one in, tasting myself on your skin.

With one finger in my mouth, I let my tongue roam. I lick and suck this finger, giving you an example of what's to come.

"Come here and kiss me." I demand.

Crawling onto the bed next to me, you pull my long, black hair away from my flushed face. I'm waiting for your tongue. I've dreamed of this tongue. Dreamed of it licking every little spot on my body, bringing to me such pleasure. But for now, I want you to kiss me, our tongues dancing together for the first time. Isn't it remarkable that you have given me an orgasm before you've even kissed me? Yes, extraordinary.

And we kiss. Passionately. Fiercely. With an animal need I've never felt before. I can still taste my cunt on your lips. I've never wanted anyone so badly. I claw at your clothing, ripping away the buttons that I cannot undo quickly enough. I can hear them hitting the floor around us. We still have the blanket between us but I can feel your arousal through the covers. I need to have your naked skin against me, inside me.

But I have to slow down. This is our first time together and I want it to last. I push you off me, rolling you over onto the other side of the bed. I roll with you, pulling the covers off me. Now you see that I'm naked. I pull myself up onto my knees on the bed and let your eyes roam over my body.

I have large, firm breast, rounded hips and a narrow waist. I have the body of a woman, curved and voluptuous. Your eyes slowly start their journey down my body, to the hot, wet area between my legs. I am mostly shaved there, and you can see my pussy lips glistening from my recent finger fucking. Your hard cock stirs at the sight.

I reach for your zipper, bending toward you. You watch as I slowly open your trousers, pulling them off. I release your cock. It stands hard in front of my face and I lean in to lick it. Starting from the base, I lick all the way up to the head. In long, firm strokes, my tongue moistens your shaft. Taking your cock into my mouth, I tighten my lips around you and lower my head all the way. I bring you into the back of my throat and back out again. I love doing this and I'm aroused all over again.

I think you must feel my enthusiasm for the act and you reach behind me, intending to finger me again. I part my knees, making sure you can do just that. I feel your fingers enter me again. I continue sucking your cock, bobbing my head up and doing, varying the pressure from my lips. You're moaning my name and I love hearing it.

Your fingers are working furiously in my cunt now and I feel another orgasm starting. Suddenly you withdraw your hand and move it upwards, towards my asshole. We've talked about this before and you know how to please me. You glide one wet hand against my ass, lubricating the area with my own juices. Slowly, gently you push one finger into that tight hole. I moan with my mouth on your cock, the vibration causing you to moan yourself.

With your finger pumping in and out of my wet asshole, I know I'll cum quickly. I reluctantly pull my mouth from its job and say, "Two." You understand without hesitation and add a second finger to the first. I take you into my mouth again, your body language telling me that you can't hold back any longer. I want you to cum in my mouth and you do, thrusting your pelvis up to meet my mouth. Just as I cum for the second time tonight, I continue sucking until every last drop of your cum has been swallowed.

Recovering quickly, I move over to straddle your legs. With a grin, I slowly crawl my way up your body, kissing and licking my way across your stomach. Knowing that I want more and that I want to keep you hard, I start to rub my breasts against your cock and my pussy against your leg. Every part of your body is insanely sexy and just as fuckable. Feeling insatiable, I rub until I feel that familiar tingle of arousal. Your cock is harder than ever between my breasts.

Taking my chin in your hand, you raise my gaze toward you. "Fuck me", you say.

Suddenly wildly excited, I leave your cock and continue my crawl up your body until I'm where I want to be. You place your hands on my hips and lower me slowly onto your waiting cock. Inch by inch, I feel you fill me. Sighing, I stop a minute. Maybe you think I'm teasing but I need time to savor this wonderful sensation of fullness. Just as a woman will never understand the feeling of filling a warm, wet pussy, a man will never understand the feeling of having that pussy filled. That first thrust boggles my mind and numbs the rest of my body. It causes my eyes to roll back into my head and, had I been standing, my knees would have buckled. Working like a powerful and expensive drug, your cock weakens me.

Feeling your hands move on my hips, I come to my senses. I slowly start to ride you, gliding your cock all the way out and all the way back in again. Your strong hands help me keep the rhythm.

You sit up on the bed and kiss me. Our tongues play while we quicken the pace of our lovemaking. Breathing heavily, our kisses become bites and licks.

"Wrap your legs around my waist," you instruct me. Using your hands as leverage, you swing your legs over the side of my bed, wrap your arms around my waist and stand.

"Where are we going?" I ask nervously.

"You'll see. Do you trust me?"

I nod and hold on. You take a step toward the door and I can feel the thrust inside me. Another step. And another. I moan into your neck. I'm in heaven.

Reaching my back door, you reach for the knob.

"We can't go outside!" I panic. "It's only 10 o'clock. People are still up, you know."

You silence me with a kiss, opening the door to my sixth floor balcony and stepping outside. The night is warm and we are as naked as the day we were born. The moon lights up the night enough for me to see your face clearly. You look so intense yet very relaxed. I glance around, looking for any signs of my neighbors. Thank goodness, I think to myself, the coast is clear. But there is a world of people below us. They walk the street unaware that if they looked up, they'd catch site of us fucking wildly.

Pushing a plant pot out of the way, you lower me onto the railing of my balcony. I keep my legs wrapped around your waist, knowing that you won't let me fall but wanting the closeness. Relaxing your grip around my waist, you start to fuck me again, sliding your cock in and out of me. Kissing my lips, my neck, my ears, you fuck me faster and faster.

With one hand around your neck, I let the other slide down my body to my clit. I start to rub it, keeping pace with your thrusts. Even with my fingertips, I can feel your cock moving inside me, slamming into my cunt with such force.

As our moans become louder and our bodies become slick with sweat, the world around me disappears. I no longer care about my neighbors. I no longer care that I am naked outside. All I care about is you. Us. Our frenzied and passionate lovemaking. And cumming.

As I feel your body jerk into orgasm, you let out a loud grunt. You grip me tightly, pulling my body against you in one last thrust. I can feel you cum inside me and I cum just as fiercely as you did. I throw my head back and cry out.

Fuck the neighbors!

Panting like animals, we try to regain our composure. You pull me to you and, cupping my face in your hands, you kiss me again. "You're beautiful."

I smile and reply simply, "Charmer."


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