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First Threesome
by Jason X

We have been talking about a threesome for some time now, you always had assumed I would want to have 2 women, However, I tell you I want to try it with 2 men. We have been married for 5yrs now and we have always had an open marriage. We have had other sexual experience but never brought another man into the bedroom. In fact you have never experienced 2 men. Just the thought of it sends a shiver down your spine. Two men devouring your body - you think of the different possible situations, different positions and fantasies that can be fulfilled. This time you get to have another sexual experience while your husband watches and joins in. You readily agree to my suggestion.

I have a friend I met on line whose fantasy has always been to have a 3 some with a husband and wife. I invite him over on Saturday night.

Saturday night comes - the anticipation has been building up all weekend. By Saturday afternoon we are both so horny we fucked 4 times!! Finally the doorbell rings - we have seen a picture of him on line but he is much better looking than we thought. He has brown hair, brown eyes, short hair, athletic build, and a short beard. I can tell you are getting excited as he walks into the house.

We start to talk - breaking the ice and you suggest we go upstairs to the bedroom for "inspection." I am quite surprised how eager you are but a little apprehensive. We all proceed upstairs.

In the bedroom we sit on the end of the bed - you take control and tell our "guest" James to strip. James takes of his shirt - it's obvious that he works out regularly. Then his pants, and boxer shorts. You gasp at his cock as it begins to get hard. You watch in shock as it gets bigger and bigger. Finally it reaches its full 9 inches. You look to me for approval - I nod my head and you kneel down in front of him and begin to lick the head of his dick! I watch you suck another mans dick, it is weird at first but I see how much you are into it and I want to share the experience with you. I strip and walk next to you. You look up at me and start concentrating on my cock. You take me into your mouth as far as possible and clamp down your lips. You slowly pull back stoking my shaft with your tongue as you move - incredible! I pull out and whisper to James.

We both pick you up and take you to the bed. We both undress you slowly down to your bra and panties. The feeling of 2 men working on your body is amazing, you feel yourself getting wet. You are very turned on!! I nod to James as I remove your bra revealing your firm breasts. I start to caress one as James does the other. We both in unison circle your nipples with our tongues, They immediately become erect. This new sensation is outstanding, 2 men sucking your tits!!

I can feel you close to orgasm as your back is arching and you are already sighing. James says "we haven't started yet sweetie" and moves to your legs. I in turn move to your head pulling you to the end of the bed so your head is hanging of the edge. As James slowly removes your panties I place the tip of my cock in your mouth. "My god" you sigh, the thought runs through your head - another man taking off my panties as I deep throat my husband. You suck hard on my cock as James spreads your wet juices over your clit. He massages up and down and you move in rhythm on my cock. What a great picture - 3 people enjoying sex together.

James moves his head down on your pussy, you can't see as my balls are blocking your view but you feel his tongue move inside you. You gasp as his tongue explores your inner most regions. You move harder on my cock and you feel the pre-cum oozing onto your tongue. I am ready to explode - the sight of James licking your pussy and my cock disappearing into your mouth over and over is too much for me. I explode into your mouth. As you feel your mouth fill up with my cum you also start to orgasm. Your back arches - you try to scream but cant. I pull out of your mouth and ooze the remaining cum onto your breast. I massage your nipples as James continues working on your clit as you cum in his mouth.

Finally you rest - James lies on the bed - his dick fully erect, You turn over and stand up off the bed. I kneel down and continue licking your pussy as James watches. I taste your cum. Then I move up to your mouth and share the taste with you.

I turn you around to admire James dick. You crawl onto the bed and sit on James face pushing yourself in his mouth. You bury his nose in your pussy and stretch over to grab his dick. This stretches your stomach and pushes your breast out. I join in and suck on your nipples as you slowly start to jerk him off. His face is moving around inside you buried in your mound. You lift off and move to me. You push me on the bed and lower yourself onto me. You start to ride me - enjoying the sensation of me inside you. I pull on your breasts and gently tug them towards me pulling you down. This exposes your ass and pushes it up in the air. James moves and tongues your ass hole as you ride me. What a sensation. Suddenly he stops and places the tip of his huge dick on your ass. You shudder at the though you have never experienced both your holes being filled at the same time - you stop in anticipation. He pushes himself into your ass - it hurts at first the pain rushes through your body - then you only feel pleasure as he pushes further into you. A wave of pleasure rushes through your body. Finally his full 9 inches penetrates deep inside you and we all move in unison. This is too much for your body to handle and you start to shudder swinging your head back as James grabs your nipples. I move deeper into your pussy and James into your ass and you cum again and again. We keep going until we all climax. You cum 4 more times hard and strong as we both explode inside you. Finally we pull out, you lay back exhausted on the bed as you caress your body. James starts to get dressed he has to leave. We say our good-byes and lay back on the bed.

What a night. That night we made love all night long to the early hours of the morning still horny from our sexual encounter.

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