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Family Togetherness
by Phyllis

I was a single mother of 2 teenagers trying to do my best supporting them both financially and emotionally. I married at a very young age and had both children very soon thereafter. My husband was a bit older but a gracious and loving husband who was killed in an accident when our children were still in diapers. To get through such a tragedy I focused all my efforts at giving my children all of my attention. It left very little time for any intimate relationships or myself. I had, however, become very friendly with a dildo and masturbation. I would have preferred sex with a man but it would have only distracted me from my children. I was proud of my son Dan and daughter Susan. My husband's insurance money and some wise investments had allowed us to live comfortably in a middle class neighborhood. We had all the makings of a very normal family until last summer.

My name is Phyllis and I am 36 years old. I have always been considered attractive, blessed with a thin body and love of exercise . I am 5'10" with shoulder length black hair and green eyes. If I could change anything about my body it would be my breasts, only 36B's, but at least I won't have to worry about sagging breasts - mine are still firm. My son, Dan, was 18 years old and a high school junior. He is a very handsome young man, looking more and more like his father every day. Dan is the consummate athlete, playing nearly every sport the school has to offer. The summer soccer season had just began when Dan broke his leg rather severely. He was placed in a cast that reached from his hip to his toes. Needless to say Dan was heartbroken - his entire summer was going to be spent in a cast which meant no sports or swimming. Dan was going to need a lot of special attention this summer and I told him we would just have to make the best of it.

The first obstacle we faced once Dan was released from the hospital was how to bath him. The cast needs to be kept dry which meant we had to use large plastic bags around it to keep it dry. Dan was also going to need assistance keeping his balance while showering. Dan decided that he would wear a pair of swim trunks while showering and then either Laura or I could help him. The cast on Dan's leg was too wide at his thigh for any shorts or pants to fit over so I cut the seam out of his swim trunks. This allowed Dan to easily pull them over his cast but they looked more like a short skirt than boys swim trunks. Laura especially had more than her share of fun at Dan's expense - offering him the opportunity to borrow her skirts. Dan handled this teasing a well as could be expected but it was obvious that he really didn't like the modified trunks.

That evening Dan took his first shower at home. "I think I can do it myself", Dan said but I insisted that for his safety I would help him. If he was okay after a week or two then he could shower alone. I waited outside the bathroom until Dan told me he had changed into the special trunks. When I entered I snickered slightly at the site of Dan. He was leaning against the sink for balance with his big cast, funny shorts and holding a plastic bag.

"I am sorry honey but they do look a little silly", I said trying to compose myself.

"Okay, leave the jokes to Laura Mom, let's get this finished - please", he said. Dan steadied himself against the counter while I began pulling the bag over his cast. To do this required teamwork. Dan lifted his leg off the floor and I knelt on the floor pulling the bag up from his foot. As I moved the bag over Dan's knee and looked up towards the top of his cast the site of my son's penis shocked me. With the seams of his shorts removed there was nothing covering his privates. I think Dan realized this at about the same time I did.

The vision was so unexpected that I looked a little longer than I should have. Dan's penis was long and thick looking and even though it was flaccid is young skin seemed smooth and taught. His pubic hair was thick and dark and his balls seemed large and heavy hanging below the tip of his penis. A rush went through my body - this was the first man I had seen since my husband's death. I quickly broke my gaze and nervously pulled the bag to the top of his cast as I stood. My hands were trembling as I fumbled with tucking the top of the bag into the cast. As I did this, I was precariously close to his privates and my hands careless brushed against his young penis. I managed to stammer out an, "I'm sorry honey - first time you know" as I finished tucking in the cover. Dan looked embarrassed and at the same time excited over the fact that his mother, in the last couple of minutes, had both seen and now touched his penis. I could feel my face become flush but I maintained my maternal composure.

I helped Dan into the shower and adjusted the water. Dan balanced on one leg while holding onto the shower rail with his left hand. I stood at the edge of the tub with the shower curtain open and water splashing me. I steadied Dan while he struggled to soap himself and as I watched the water cascade around his lean muscular body I struggled to keep my mind from wandering to the beautiful vision of youthful sexuality I had witnessed just moments ago. Dan was not having any luck washing himself with one hand and the thud of dropping soap jolted me back to reality.

"Here let me help you", as I reached for the soap I was completely soaked wet from the shower. My wet cotton tee shirt was pulled tightly against my skin and clung to my bra-less breasts. I began awkwardly trying to wash Dan while remaining out of the shower but it was not working.

"Dan, I think it would be easier if I got in with you, is that okay?" I asked.

"You might as well, I don't think you can get any wetter", Dan jokingly replied.

I thought to myself, I could get wetter, much wetter. I stepped into the shower with Dan and we both began laughing at this outrageous situation. Dan commented that this could be scene out of some silly sitcom. I began washing Dan's chest and stomach and noticed his eyes fixated on my breasts. The thought of Dan looking at them only added to my earlier excitement. His skin was soft and slippery to the touch but his hard angular muscles were a sharp contrast. I faced Dan with water splashing across my back while I soaped his entire upper body. Dan continued his stare at my bosom but tried to be a little discrete. The warm water ran down my back and into my soaked shorts and panties as I continued to massage the chest of my son. My heart raced as incestuous thoughts streamed through my mind. Yes, this young man in the shower was very handsome and sexy but he was my 17-year-old son, also.

I asked Dan to turn around so that I could wash his back but all this did was give me free reign to look over his hot young body without him knowing. Dan had broad shoulders and a very narrow waistline that ended at his nicely shaped buns. I started at Dan's shoulders and worked my way downward. Dan leaned forward placing both hands on the shower wall with his head hung over in a complete state of relaxation.

"This is the first time since the accident that you seem to feel good and relaxed, honey". I said. "Yes, this feels really good Mom, much better than the stinking sponge baths at the hospital. You never feel really clean after those," Dan sighed.

I knelt behind Dan to wash his legs and that is when I began to lose my inhibitions. I was low enough that I could see upwards towards his rear end. I could see his round sharp curves of his ass and his large balls hanging between his legs. So many thoughts rushed through my head but the overriding emotion was sexuality. I had been without a man far to long and this was an opportunity I NEEDED to cease. I gently soaped Dan's foot and slid my hands up both legs caressing his hard calf muscle.

"Oh man that feels good Mom", he moaned.

I again massaged my way up his thighs. As I neared his beautiful penis I thought I was going to hyperventilate. Taking the soap in one hand I slowly moved it across his buns.

"Uh, uh Mom, I can do that part," he stammered.

"It's okay honey, I want to make you feel clean. I don't mind". I soon found myself caressing and massaging his hard youthful ass. I could feel that familiar feeling in my pussy. I was past stopping now, I moved both hands around his hips and began soaping his cock.

"Oh don't think..."

"Shhh", I said, "just relax and let me make you feel better", I purred. I was rolling his balls in my slender fingers, they were even larger and heavier than I had imagined.

"Mmmmm", Dan moaned as I rubbed his ever-hardening cock against his stomach and my hand. In a matter of seconds I was stroking my hand up and down Dan's incredibly long and hard cock as he rocked his hips. His father was a big man but Dan's cock must have been 8 inches long. I turned Dan around and lifted his trucks over his gorgeous cock. The falling water quickly rinsed the soap from his shaft. I found myself facing my son's beautiful thickly veined cock with a very large mushroom head. Holding the base of Dan's cock I ran my closed lips up and down his long shaft.

"Ohh yes,Mom, ou are so hot", he moaned. When I reached his head I opened my lips and let my tongue slither up and down his cock, completely covering his cock with my saliva. I parted my lips and let Dan slip his cock across my lips and into my warm mouth. The soft rubbery head was mounted on what felt like a steel shaft. I had forgotten how hard a young cock can be. I looked up at Dan as he first penetrated my mouth. And then I started sucking his cock with a passion. I pumped his shaft with my fist as I flicked my tongue on the underside of his dick.

"Oh better," he cried. Hearing this I pulled Dan's cock deeper into my mouth, gently sucking until he started shooting his warm cum into my mouth.

"Mom oh god Mom....that is so good" he moaned in ecstasy. I eagerly swallowed his sweet nectar before standing and kissing him deeply. Our tongues intertwined as I swapped some of his saliva in exchange for his own cum. I pulled my tee shirt over my head and pressed my tits against Dan's chest.

"Mom, you are so hot. My friends are always talking about wanting to fuck you". He confessed.

"Hmmm, that is interesting indeed but I need you to take care of me now baby". We exited the shower as quickly and safely as possible and I helped Dan lay on the floor. I stood over him and slowly removed my soaking shorts and panties. Facing his feet I knelt over Dan pressing my wet pussy into his face.

"Lick my pussy Dan, I need you to make me cum", I pleaded. Dan, the ever aggressive adolescent, quickly licked and sucked my pussy until I came several times in the most intense orgasms I can ever remember. I switched positions and holding my son's awesome cock I lowered my quivering pussy until his cock began to disappear between my thick cunt lips.

"OH MOM", he groaned.

"Oh yes, Dan...oh your so fucking big baby.....ohh I love your cock", I panted. I was soon riding his hard cock, bouncing up and down, my ass slapping his muscular thighs. "Ohh yes....oh ...yes...fuck me baby...fuck me", I begged.

Dan squeezed my tits as my pussy began convulsing in orgasm around his thick cock.

Dan started spurting his hot sperm into my pussy and cried, "Arrrgggggghhhhh, oh Mom I am coming again". I kept riding him until I had milked all the cum from his cock. I collapsed onto Dan and kissed passionately until finally his cock softened and slipped from inside me. This was the beginning of a memorable summer with my son. As he got healthier Dan was able to fuck me in various postions. Our favorite became quickies, doggy style in the kitchen while my daughter was upstairs. More later...


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