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First Time in Porn Shop
by Sage's Bahby

This is a story about a sexual adventure I never thought could or would ever happen. My girlfriend and I have been together for nearly three years, and lately we have been discussing our fantasies. When I play with her in bed sometimes, usually fingering her pussy, I tell her what I would love to see her doing. I remember the night I told her my fantasy about someone watching as she gave me a blowjob. What eventually happened completely blew both of us away.

It all started on a Friday afternoon when I suggested we go out for an evening of shopping and maybe a little fun as well. We were both getting ready for our night out and Sage asked if she were to wear anything special, flashing a devilish grin my way. She knew exactly what I had in mind that evening, not just a trip to the mall and back home. I smiled back at her; I suggested she wear something tight and slutty. I wanted her to be fully prepared for what hopefully was in store for us. She fulfilled my request very nicely, an outfit that would instantly give any man an erection just looking at it. She put on a sexy little silky black bra, her nipples poking through the sheer material. Next she slipped on a pair of silky black thong panties; you could see her bare ass cheeks, a very beautiful sight indeed. To entice me even more she slipped on her sheer black thigh-highs, a tight mini-skirt and a white silk blouse, and the final touch, a pair of slip on high heels. Slowly I was devising how I wanted everything to happen, I wanted to make this as memorable as I possibly could. I wanted her to definitely be noticed when we reached our destination. She was wearing her favorite perfume, a very expensive bottle of Chanel, but I was going to add my own scent to her.

I walked out of our bedroom into the living room; she stood there, a vision of sexual enticement. I made my way over to her, unzipping my pants, pushing them down to expose my bulging hard-on. Her eyes grew wide as she began eagerly licking her lips, anticipating what she was about to receive. I wrapped my hand around my shaft stroking it hard and fast, each stroke making her mouth water for that sweet, creamy cum. I kept stroking harder and faster, feeling my thick, meaty rod filling with my jism, ready to explode. With a final pull I launched my cum on her face and blouse, blowing three full wads of cum all over her. Now she was ready, the smell of my cock covering her, knowing everyone would know what she had been doing.

We made our way to a small porn shop a few miles out of town, the perfect location for us. The store was not overly crowded- a few people here and there, all just browsing. I walked up to the store clerk, who made it known that he was in charge of running things. I told him that we were shopping for something special, my girlfriend wanted to see some dildos, the largest ones they had. He glanced over at Sage, his eyes tracing every sexy curve of her form. I said she needed them for her "night time" job. I could see his eyes grow in wonder, looking even closer at her with deeper intent. I knew what he was imagining, sampling her sweet, slutty taste. He pointed to the back room, saying that there were some special items that would be of certain interest to us. I motioned to Sage to follow; she quickly made her way to the back. The clerk began pointing out some of the larger dildos and vibrators he had in stock, his eyes scanning her body up and down. As he was talking Sage began whispering in my ear, "I want to suck my baby's cock, now," her voice almost commanding me. She told me to undo my jeans, and lay down on the floor. Slowly I unzipped my jeans, pushing them down, I lay down on the floor. The clerk was just watching as Sage knelt to the ground, taking my throbbing prick into her mouth, savoring every inch. The pleasure was overwhelming, her lips and tongue caressing my stiff cock. What happened next made me harder than I had ever been in my life.

The clerk had slipped off his jeans and was kneeling behind Sage, unbuttoning her blouse. He tucked a roll of bills into her bra, momentarily pinching her already hard nipples. He slowly raised her skirt, slipping down her panties. He leaned down to smell her wet cunt, and he could smell my cum on her blouse. He pushed her up a little, allowing him better access to that hot, wet love box. He licked her pussy, sliding his tongue in deep, savoring her sweet juices. Her moaning was uncontrollable, her body trembling with pleasure. I saw him get up, as he stood behind her, he gently slid his cock into her wanting pussy. He drove his dick deeper into her snatch, slow and steady. With each thrust, building more and more pressure. His thrusts were fierce, pounding his pecker harder and deeper into her, her moans of pleasure now turning to cries of ultimate sexual satisfaction. The taste of a cock in her mouth, the feel of another cock planted deep in her bush. I was close to climax; I could feel the pressure building. I was the first to cum, filling Sage's mouth- she swallowed every drop I pumped into her. The clerk moaned that he was going to cum, he pulled his dick out, turning Sage to face him. He gave his dick one final pull, spewing his wad of cum all over her huge tits. He leaned down and licked every drop off her breasts. She moaned softly, a sigh of sweet pleasure. The clerk got up and asked if we were satisfied with what we had found. We told him that we were more than happy and that we would very likely become regular customers. He guaranteed that he would do anything to insure that we would return as often as possible. We walked out, holding our bags, knowing full well we definitely would be coming back, again and again.


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