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Fantasy 2 Reality
by PussyCat

The phone finally rings around 11 am. I had been waiting anxiously for this call from my very "special friend". We briefly say our hellos to one another before I am given the directions as to where we will meet, room number 145. My heart begins to race, and within minutes I am in my car and off to be with him, at last! The 30 minute drive seems to take forever. I really had to force myself to focus on keeping my mind on the road, as I tend to have a wandering mind, and it certainly was working lustfully in over-drive at the moment.

This was to be our first meeting in person, although we have become very good friends over the past 9 months in many different and creative ways. We have spent endless hours talking, being sinfully playful, and fantasizing about everything and anything imaginable, and have really gotten to know one another very well. Some of our phone chats tended to turn very explicit and erotic, and would get me so hot at times, as I listened to his sexy voice vividly describing his most sensual thoughts. I would close my eyes and let my imagination (and hands) run wild, it was as if I could almost feel him touching me. I was really looking forward to being with him, even if only for a few precious hours.

I spot the place we are to meet and pull in, locate the room number, slowly walk up to the door and knock lightly. As the door opens slowly, I get my first peek at you. You are talking on the phone, dressed in a white t-shirt and slacks. You smile at me and quickly end your phone call. I am immediately drawn to you, your eyes and smile are so warm and inviting to me, as I approach you and eagerly wrap my arms around your neck and hug you tightly. I have been wanting to do that for such a long time.

You feel so good to me from the moment we first touch. I am not feeling nervous at all, it strangely feels as if I have known you for a very long time. I look up at you and let you know how pleased I am to finally meet you, and within moments I feel your mouth on mine, gently at first, and then with more passion as I feel your long, sensuous tongue dart into my mouth, meeting my waiting tongue. At that moment I feel myself getting a bit woozy and light-headed, between all the excitement and the anticipation I was feeling, and the thought of that lovely tongue of yours eventually feasting on my pussy, I feel my body begin to tremble uncontrollably as you lead me to the bed. You ask me if I'm alright, and I assure you I am, we resume kissing and hugging and getting intimately acquainted.

As the intense passion builds between us, I find myself on top of you, grinding my pussy into your crotch with great force. We are still fully clothed, but I can feel your hardness against me as I grind away. You take your time with me, touching me all over, playfully biting my nipples through my blouse, occasionally slapping my ass and then tenderly rubbing it, kissing my neck, nibbling my ears, and then you finally lift my shirt and tongue my belly button. I am so incredibly turned on by all your actions, you seem to know just what to do to please me and arouse me.

I want you to strip me naked so badly and feel the warmth of your body pressed against mine, but I soon find out you are a very patient and thorough man, in no rush at all, and I must admit I am enjoying every moment of your tantalizing sensual touches, as the anticipation continues to build within me. You slowly remove my blouse, your mouth finally makes contact with my naked breasts, you suck and lick and nibble at my nipples making them hard and sensitive. This is sending tingly feelings to my breasts as well as my pussy, which is still frantically grinding away against you.

I feel my skirt loosen as you unzip it and slide it down my legs, soon to feel your hand find it's way to my now sopping wet pussy which is in dire need to be fucked. As your finger moves gently up and down my moist clit, I find my hand make it's way on top of your hand, pushing your finger deeply inside of me, allowing me to fuck your fingers, your mouth still sucking away on my nipples. My hand soon finds it's way to your crotch, rubbing you, feeling your hardness...

You remove your clothes and we are finally naked together. I spread my legs giving you full view of my shaven, achy, wet, and very needy pussy, as I begin to slide my hand down and touch it for you, knowing how this sight would turn you on. Within moments, your sensuous tongue finally makes contact with my pussy taking long, deliberate, slow licks up and down my clit.

I immediately begin to lose control, the feeling is so erotic and pleasurable as your tongue explores me, probes every place it can. I can feel you kissing, sucking and oh yes, fucking my ravenous little cunt with that long rigid tongue of yours that I have spent so much time fantasizing about. As I raised and thrust my hips higher, I could feel your tongue venturing lower towards my ass, which really turned me on. Every now and then, when I was able to lift my head and open my eyes, I enjoyed watching you very much. You appeared to be as content to be pleasing me, as I was being pleased by you. After a long while, you place your cock near my pussy and tease me with it a bit, you tell me you're not quite ready to fuck me yet, but slowly insert it into me to get it nice and wet for me.

It felt so good sliding into me, I could not wait until you were ready. As we kiss again, I could taste myself all over you as your tongue thrusts into my mouth and you share with me what you have been enjoying. I work my way rather quickly down to your waiting cock and tenderly kiss it, roll my tongue around it, taste you. I love the way it feels as I slide my mouth around it and caress it with my tongue, feeling how aroused you are as I slide my tongue up and down, sucking, kissing, rubbing you, exploring every inch of you. How I want that cock in my pussy...

I climb on top of you and wrap my anxious little pussy tightly around your erect cock, it fits so well, as you allow me to ride you and fuck myself as much as I please. At times I was fucking you, and when I would tire you would be fucking me, sucking my breasts, fingering my ass. I was in total ecstasy. You lift me up and bring me to your waiting mouth, I find myself sitting and grinding my pussy into your face, your tongue eagerly feasting away once again. I can really get a good look at you in this position and enjoy what I see. I lean back to get my hands on your cock again, wishing I could reach it with my mouth, so close it is but not quite within my tongues reach. But I find being in this position very nice, it allows your tongue to roam more freely, from my pussy to my ass...

You tell me you have a surprise for me and ask me to close my eyes. I close them, you position me on the bed to your liking, I let you know I have total trust in you, I always have. We have always been very open and with one another. You have me spread my legs apart for you, I feel something soft pressed lightly against my clit and within moments a gentle vibration begins, as do my moans and purrs of approval. You gently move it about letting me get used to the feeling, I soon feel it entering my hungry pussy slightly.

As you hold it there, my eyes still closed as I wiggle about, you tell me to fuck it as I please as you hold it, and I feel myself doing just that. I feel so comfortable and uninhibited with you. I sense you are watching me, enjoying the view as I am so incredibly hot and horny right now. My eyes peek open, I see your cock, oozing with cum, my eager mouth heads straight for it, as I roll over and lick every bit of it up with my tongue. You taste so yummy...

While I'm busy enjoying your cock, I find my ass is positioned up in the air to you, you take over with the vibrator and begin to fuck me harder and harder, I begin to cum hard, and it seems to last and last, peaking at times, but never subsiding all the way. I feel as if I may pass out any moment as my breathing has become quite rapid. I soon feel myself go obliviously limp as I roll over onto my back. You drape my legs over your shoulders and slowly begin to fuck me with that glorious cock of yours. The moment it enters me I begin to cum again and again, my legs are shaking, as I have seem to lost all control of myself from the extreme feelings of intense pleasure you are giving me. As you fuck me harder and deeper my never ending orgasm only intensifies, and I soon feel your warm cum shooting all over my belly as you collapse upon me and kiss me...

I wish this day would never end, but it does. We both must go back to reality, but these few precious hours alone together were very special. I will always cherish these sweet memories of being with you, and look forward to more in the future, with my very special friend...


To Be Continued...


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