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Fun with Cousin Beth
by Arial566

It was a hot summer night. My cousin Beth was over spending the night. Everyone had gone out for the evening and wouldn't be back till that morning. Beth was a very sexy girl. She had auburn colored hair down past her shoulders, huge breasts, and a very nice ass. We both decided to watch an X-rated video together since there wasn't anything better to do. As the video started, it showed the girls kissing each other erotically, groping each other breasts. I found myself getting excited. I watched on as they rubbed each other's pussies and one bent to gently suck the other girl's nipples. I looked over at my cousin, and to my surprise I saw that she had her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit.

I watched her for a while until I was unable to stand it. I moved my hand in place of her hand and rubbed her hard clit. A look of surprise came upon her face, which turned into pleasure. We began kissing. Her tongue felt so good in my mouth. I had sex with a girl a few times. My best friend and I had been fooling around after school and began kissing. She ended up eating my pussy. She was an expert cunt eater and I had learned a lot from her.

But I wanted Beth, I wanted her hot little clit in my mouth, I wanted to taste her juice. I slipped her underwear off so I could finger her pussy. She moaned from the good finger fuck I was giving her and in turn began to pinch my nipples. She took my little nightgown off and began sucking my nipples, teasing me with her tongue. I just had to eat her pussy, so I moved her so that she was lying on the couch and kissed my way down her belly until I reached her auburn muff. I tongued my way to her hard clit and began to flick my tongue against it and suck it. She ground her pussy against my face, telling me it was the best cunt eating she had ever gotten in her life. I pushed my tongue into her pussy hole, fucking her with my tongue. She moaned she was going to come any second. I began sucking her hot bud. She soon cried out she was coming as her juices covered my face.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her up, telling her to walk with me to my bedroom. We took the remainder of our clothes off and I told her I had a surprise for her. I took a box out from under my bed, opened it, and pulled out a strap on dildo. Which had two big cocks on it, one to go in the person fucking, and one to go in the person getting fucked. Both cocks were around 10 1/2 inches long and very thick.

I told Beth that I wanted her to fuck him with the strap on. I helped her into it, first by inserting the dildo into her pussy, gently fucking her wet cunt with it, and the strapping it on. I then got on my hands and knees and told her to push the cock into my pussy. She grabbed hold of the end and shoved the cock all the way in. I moaned and she pumped it in and out, having my cousin fuck my pussy felt so good! She moaned also and the dildo inside her pumped in and out.

I knew I was close to coming, and needed that cock up my ass before we were done. I told Beth to take the cock out of my pussy and fuck me up the ass with it. She pulled out and gently rubbed the big head against my puckered opening, slowly pushing half, then all of it into my twitching ass. She moved slowly as I moaned from the intense feeling of having a girl fuck my ass hole. I told her to fuck me as hard as she could, and that I was going to come soon. She slammed in and out of me, moaning with me and the dildos fucked our dripping pussies.

I moaned that I was coming and she slammed that cock as hard as she could. We came at the same time, she screamed as her pussy exploded from the intense feeling of it all. She pulled out and took the strap on off. And we got into bed to snuggle up to each other. I told her what a wonderful lover she was, and that no one could fuck me better than she could, she agreed and returned the compliment. I snuggled closer to my beautiful cousin, and soon we were fast asleep in each other's arms.

Little did I know that some one had been watching our love making...Stay tuned to find out who it was and what happens...

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