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Fun with Cousin Beth Pt. II
by Arial566

My cousin Beth and I were always trying to find a way to get out of the sight of everyone else and find a way to fuck each other, or eat each other's pussy. Sometimes when people were in the house and we were in the den watching TV. She would lift my shirt up and tongue my nipples or lift my skirt and spread my legs and eat my pussy. We always had the chance of getting caught, but never did. At the dinner table I would put my hand under her skirt and rub her pussy, she would of course get very excited and clumsy and knock things over. She often spent the night like cousin's do and we would stay up all night playing with my dildo.

One night while Beth was staying over, we were in my room. Everyone had already gone to bed and we decided to have a little fun. Beth wanted her ass licked, and I was more than willing. She had such a pretty ass and a very nice ass hole. She got on all fours and I spread her ass cheeks and started rubbing her tight, little hole with my finger. I bent my head and licked around that beautiful little circle, spreading it with my thumbs and sticking my tongue deep inside it. I started rubbing her butt hole with my finger again and inserted it up to the knuckle. She pushed back and the rest of my finger slid in.

All of a sudden we heard a noise at the door and then footsteps going down the hall. Though we couldn't figure out who it was, we had a pretty good idea, my older brother. We had thought for some time that some one was watching us during our love making, and it made us even hotter. We decided that night that we would good to his room and show him what we really like to do to each other.

We changed into our little night gowns and walked down the hall to his room. The light wasn't on but the door was open a crack so we walked right in. He of course was startled and asked what we were doing in his room, and I replied, "Has it been you who has come to my door and watched me and Beth"? He was scared but replied quickly, "yes, you're not going to tell mom are you"? We said no and that we'd be happy to show him up front what we do to each other, and he agreed. We also said that we'd be happy for him to join us.

That night we made sure our parents were asleep and snuck into my older brother's room. My brother is very sexy. His name is Matt. He has blue eyes, light brown hair, and a very nice body.

We started off by undressing each other. I brought all my toys in and laid them on the floor along with a blanket. Beth and I laid on the floor and began kissing , which turned Matt on more than anything. I started feeling Beth's tits, teasing and pinching her taught nipples with my fingers. I bent my head and took one of her beautiful caps into my mouth and sucked on it hungrily while she rubbed and squeezed my breasts. Matt was becoming more and more excited and had taken out his cock. Now his was one beautiful piece of skin. Very big, must have been at least 11 inches long and very thick. It was extremely hard and looked so lonely, so he took it into his hand and began stroking is slowly.

I suckled Beth's nipples for a while she played with mine. I slid my hand down to her auburn muff and began playing with her pussy, she laid down on her back and spread her legs wide for me so I could have better access to her pretty little pussy. I rubbed her slit up and down, covering her with juices. I rubbed around her clit in circles, causing her to moan and grind her pussy against my hand. I lowered my head to her pussy smelt her sweet aroma. I started lapping at her pussy slowly, teasing her relentlessly. I found her clit and teased it with my tongue, slowly at first, then faster and faster. She told me she wanted me to fuck her as hard as I could and make her come, and I agreed.

I put on my strap on dildo and inserted it into her pretty cunt. I pumped it slow at first, then faster and faster. I motioned for Matt to come around back of me and join in. He moved behind me and began playing with my ass, he must have known what I liked the most. He licked his finger and pushed it up into my ass, I nearly screamed because it felt so good. He pushed it in and out, getting my butt hole nice a wet for something bigger, his cock. I was nearly coming just thinking about my brother sticking his cock up my ass while I fucked my girl cousin in the pussy with a strap on. He fingered my ass like a pro. He already had two fingers up my butt and was getting ready to shove some more up there. He inserted two more and pushed them deep inside my bum, I felt like I would burst. Then all of a sudden in went his thumb. He pushed gently and slid half of his hand up my ass. It hurt like hell but felt so amazingly good at the same time. He pushed a little more and in slid his entire hand up my ass.

I moaned low so no one would hear me, and continued to fuck Beth. Matt pulled his hand out and began rubbing his huge cock along my ass, stopping at my tight, little hole. He pushed gently against it, getting half of the head in, then managed to get the head to pop through. He pushed his cock in some more and got most of it in, and then with one final shove I was filled to the brim with his cock. He moved it slowly at first, but I told him to fuck my ass as hard as he could stand it. I was pounding away at Beth while Matt was pounding away at my ass, it was heaven. Beth started moaning and said she was about to come, and I was going to blow any second myself. I knew Will was close too. Beth was the first to come, then Matt, and then Me.

We spent most of the night together afterward, fucking Each other madly of course. Matt could really fuck ass, and Beth was the best cunt eater I knew. I think I had found myself to wonderful lovers.

Stay tuned for the finishing end to "Fun with Cousin Beth".

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