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Fun with Cousin Beth Pt. III
by Arial566

My cousin Beth and I shared so much together. My brother often joined up in our fuck sessions, but soon it started to become a little boring. One day while I was in my room cleaning, my father walked in, and in somewhat of a confused voice asked me, "Can you tell me what this is"? I turned around to see my strap on in his hand. I stuttered, "I..I..I..Um..It's mine...daddy I'm sorry, please don't tell mommy"! He then asked me what I used it for, and I replied, "Me and Beth...we...we do things together...we use it on each other". Then he asked, "What kind of things do you do to each other with it". I said, "Well, I put it on and put it inside Beth's pussy, or Beth puts it on and sticks it in my ass or pussy". "Oh yeah?" He said. " Have you ever had a real cock in your pussy or ass"? "Yes" I replied, "Matt sometimes joins me and Beth when we do things, he puts his cock in both our pussies and asses".

By now I was very embarrassed and scared, I asked my daddy if he was going to tell mommy on me and Matt, and he said no. Then he said, "I won't tell mommy if you let me do what Matt does to you tonite in your bed, just me and you". "Is that all right honey, daddy thinks you're very pretty and you make daddy very excited when he looks at you". I was surprised, but excited when my daddy told me this, and I wanted to please him badly, so I agreed. Before he left me he came over and gave me a warm kiss. His hands slid up my sides and he cupped my tits in his hands. I moaned into his mouth as he teased my nipples, pinching and twisting them with his fingers. Then he gave me another quick kiss and left.

That night I changed into a little nightgown which barely covered my ass and pussy, which could be seen clearly enough. I laid in my bed for what seemed like forever until I heard a knock on my door, and then daddy came in. My daddy is very handsome, he has wavy light brown hair and green eyes. He came over to my bed and sat down on it near me. I sat up and kissed him on the lips, he returned the kiss passionately, sticking his tongue into my mouth. He stopped kissing me and said, "Daddy will please you better than Matt can. Daddy's cock is bigger, and will make your pussy feel real nice. Will you let daddy put his big cock in your ass too? I'll make sure it feel real good, daddy gets very horny when he thinks about putting his cock in his baby daughter's ass, would you like daddy to do that baby"? I nodded my head in reply, and my daddy pulled my nightgown off.

He got under the blankets with me and rubbed my nipples gently. He lowered his head and put one of them into his mouth, suckling it gently, circling it with his tongue. He removed his pajama shirt, and then the bottoms and lay naked with me in my bed. He continued sucking my nipples and then rolled me on my back. He got between my legs and kissed down my belly until he reached my dripping pussy. He said to me, "daddy is going to lick and suck your pussy now, would you like daddy to do that. Daddy can do it better than Beth and Matt. Can daddy lick you little butt hole too, and put his fingers up it? daddy can make baby feel real nice, do you want daddy to make you come"? I moaned quickly, "Yes daddy, put your tongue on my pussy and butt hole. Put your fingers up my butt too daddy. Please daddy, please"!

He then began licking and sucking my hard, engorged clit. I ground my pussy against his mouth. He ate my pussy better than anyone else had. He pushed his tongue into my pussy as deep as it would go, lapping up my juices. I moaned quietly so no one would hear me as my own daddy ate my pussy. He licked and sucked it just like he said he would. I was about to come when he turned me over onto my stomach. He spread my ass cheeks and rubbed my little puckered butt hole gently. I moaned and pushed back against his finger, which he moved. He lowered his head and kissed my tight bum hole. It felt so nice to have his lips on it. His tongue licked gently at the hole, I could have orgasmed right then and there, but I held it back. He tongue was like heaven on my ass. He spread the hole with his fingers and inserted his tongue into my ass, which I pushed back against. Between licks he said, "You like daddy's tongue in your little butt hole don't you baby. Your ass tastes so good, daddy wants to put his cock up your little butt real soon, but he can wait. Do you want daddy's fingers up your tight bum"?

His fingers rubbed against my ass hole, his middle finger rubbed the circle, and began pushing inside of it. He told me that his big fingers might hurt a little, but he would make it feel real nice. He wiggled his finger inside my butt, which felt amazing. I moaned and pushed hard against his finger, and he pushed another up into my butt. He pumped them in and out, harder and harder. I started coming and my daddy squeezed my tits and his fingers pounded my ass. When I calmed down a bit more, he pulled his fingers out of me and rolled me onto my back.

He started kissing and sucking my nipples, I could see under the blankets enough that his cock was extremely hard and just begging to be touched. I reached my hand down and began rubbing it. He moaned and fucked my hand with his cock. I wanted to suck my daddy's cock, so I scooted down under the blankets and took his cock into my hand. I began licking the head of it, taking it into my mouth. His cock was so big, bigger than Matt's of course. It must have been around 11 1/2 inches long and very, very thick. I couldn't wait to have it in my pussy, in my ass too. I took as much of him as I could into my mouth, his hand rested against the back of my head which pushed and pulled my mouth up and down his prick.

he began moaning low and I worked my mouth on his cock faster and faster. Soon he began shooting his load into my mouth, it was warm and tasted so good. I gulped down every drop. My daddy pulled me back up and kissed me gently, fondling my titties with his hands. He said, "Daddy's baby is such a good cock sucker. Daddy is going to make baby feel real nice, do you want daddy to put his cock into your pussy. tell daddy how you want daddy to fuck you". I replied, "I want you to fuck me hard with you big cock daddy, hard and fast, make me come. And then I want you to put your cock up my ass daddy, and screw my bum until I come. He turned me over and got between my legs. he began rubbing his cock against my slit. He pushed his cock deep into my pussy. he was so huge I thought I would burst. he pumped his cock slowly into my pussy, but I grabbed his ass and pushed him faster and harder into me. he began slamming in and out of my cunt, I moaned louder with every thrust. He covered my mouth with his as his thrusts grew faster and faster. I was in complete bliss with his cock slamming in and out of my pussy, I never knew fucking my daddy could be so much fun. Soon I knew I was going to come, but he just wouldn't stop. faster and faster he went, I felt myself beginning to come, my pussy juices were flowing onto his cock, but he just went faster and harder. I dug my nails deep into his back as my orgasm subsided and I was left in complete orgasmal bliss.

He kissed me gently, his cock still in my pussy. His hands found my breasts and began rubbing and pinching my nipples. He asked me, "Are you ready for daddy's cock in your butt hole now baby"? I said yes, and he pulled my legs up to my chest so that my ass was exposed. he rubbed his cock against my pussy to moisten it, and then rubbed some more juices onto my butt hole. I couldn't wait to get his cock up my ass, it was so big and thick. He pushed the head slowly against my bum, which popped in with no trouble. He stopped his movement carefully so I could get used to his massive size in my ass. After a few moments he pushed a little more inside. I felt like I would burst already, but I had to have all of my daddy's cock inside of me. He asked, "Daddy has always dreamed of putting his cock in his little girl's ass, and now I'm in your ass. You're so tight and sweet. You're daddy's little slut now, my dirty little slut daughter with her dirty little ass filled with her own father's cock". He pushed the rest of his cock up my twitching butt hole, and started fucking it. He pushed deep and hard up my bum, fucking me till I thought I would burst. Nothing so big had ever been up my ass, but this was pure pleasure. I wanted to scream but I would have woke someone up. He slammed my ass full of his cock, I could come any second. Soon I was moaning low as wave after wave of orgasm spread through me as my daddy pumped my butt full of his cock. He started shooting his load up my ass which caused me to orgasm again, feeling the hot, warm liquid shoot into my bowels was too much.

Daddy pulled out of my ass and laid behind me, his cock pressed tightly between my ass cheeks. he told me before he got up and got dressed, "You're going to be daddy's little slut from now on and you'll please daddy and daddy will please you any time you want. You've made me very happy tonight baby, and it'll be our secret. Daddy is going to come in tomorrow morning when everyone is gone shopping and we can do something like this again. Would you like it if daddy to please you again, to make you come. Daddy really liked putting his cock up your butt, and I would like to do it again, maybe more than once tomorrow okay"? He then gave me a quick kiss and left my room.

I knew my dad and I would share many nights and days like that night again very soon. I couldn't wait!

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