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Fun With Rope Pt. II
by Kip Carson

Julie was so exhausted from her first bondage experience. Mike made her cum so many times that night. She was really hoping that Mike would do this to her again, soon. She had loved the feeling of being tied up, and feeling totally helpless. Her body seemed much more sensitive as she had laid there. Being tied up and blindfolded was the hottest experience she had ever had. The following weekend, Mike led her to the bedroom. Julie was so excited that she was shaking. She watched as Mike began tying her wrists with the velvet ropes. As he spread her legs widely, and began tying her ankles, her pussy began to drip.

"Oh God baby!" she moaned. Mike slowly rubbed her clit, and ran his finger up her wet pussy slit. Julie grunted as his finger slid inside of her wet pussy. Mike began to blindfold her, and she tightly closed her eyes. She didn't know what her husband had planned, but she knew she would love it. She could hear Mike leaving the bedroom, and the anticipation made her pussy even hotter. She could hear rustling in the bedroom, and knew that Mike had returned. Julie softly moaned as she felt his tongue slide across her wet pussy. His mouth rested upon her wet swollen clit, and Julie thrust her hips against him, grinding her pussy against his mouth.

"Oh baby" she moaned. His tongue expertly swirled around her sensitive clit, making her pussy spasm with excitement. She was on the verge of climax, feeling his tongue as it worked on her pussy, when suddenly she felt another mouth. As the tongue moved up and down her wet pussy slit, she felt someone licking her nipples. She was confused, but so hot. She began to climax, her pussy juices began flowing heavily. As the tongue worked her clit, the other person was hungrily sucking her nipples. Julie moaned loudly as she climaxed. Her mouth was open widely as she moaned, and suddenly she felt a thick cock brushing against her mouth.

"God, there must be at least 3 people in this room" she thought to herself, as she felt the cock head slide into her mouth. As she sucked the large thick cock between her lips, she realized it wasn't her husband's. Julie was too horny to care, and she hungrily sucked the tasty thick cock as it slid deeper into her mouth. Julie sucked and licked the massive cock as it pumped into her mouth, she tasted the sweet precum as it oozed from the thick cockhead. Her pussy spasmed with delight as she now felt 2 mouths working on her. As one tongue licked at her clit, she felt another tongue slide between her wet pussy lips. Her body arched and Julie climaxed harder than she ever had in her entire life.

"Mmmmmmff" she grunted. The cock in her mouth was furiously pumping away, fucking her mouth quite roughly. Julie almost gagged as it thrust all the way inside of her mouth. She felt the thick cock pulsate and throb wildly, and heard a man grunt loudly. Julie's climax intensified as she felt the man's cum erupt into her mouth. The hot, thick cum shot into her mouth wildly. Julie hungrily swallowed the tasty cream as it splattered against her throat. The 2 mouths were still working on her pussy, making her climax repeatedly. The man continued to thrust his cock into her mouth shooting the last of his large load into her. Julie greedily swallowed every last drop. She could feel the cock start to soften in her mouth.

The man quickly removed his cock from her mouth, and she could hear some more rustling noises in the room. Julie could feel someone on the bed beside her. She felt it as they began to straddle her face. Julie opened her mouth widely, expecting another thick cock to plunge into her hungry oral cavity. But she was so surprised, when she felt the hot wet pussy as it began to rub against her mouth. Julie wasn't bi, that she knew of, but her tongue slid against that clit like a pro. Julie moved her tongue up and down the wet pussy slit, enjoying the musky taste and smell. Julie focused on the swollen clit, as it rubbed against her mouth. She hungrily licked and sucked on the pussy, making the woman moan loudly. Julie was so lost in this wonderful first time experience, that she almost forgot about there being other people in the room.

She was quickly brought back to reality, as she felt a thick cock head rubbing against her wet pussy slit. She grunted as the cock slid deeply into her hot pussy. Her pussy tightly clamped around the large cock, while her mouth passionately kissed and sucked on the hot tasty pussy. Julie climaxed quickly, and she ate the woman's pussy even faster and harder. The woman began moaning loudly, and grinding her wet pussy against Julie's mouth. As the woman climaxed, Julie could feel her hot pussy juices gushing into her mouth. Julie enjoyed the taste of the woman's pussy very much, and she hungrily swallowed the pussy cum as it gushed into her mouth.

The man between her legs was fucking her hot, tight pussy furiously. Julie climaxed intensely, as his balls slapped against her clit. The woman straddling her face, suddenly climbed off, and Julie secretly wished she would rub that hot pussy against her mouth again. Julie felt the woman as she pressed her mouth over hers. Their tongues met passionately and they french kissed wildly. The man was fucking her pussy so hard and fast. Julie's pussy exploded with pleasure. The woman continued to suck on Julie's tongue with her hot mouth. Julie softly moaned. The woman removed her mouth from Julie's and quickly pressed one of nipples against Julie's mouth. Julie hungrily sucked on the erect nipple as it rubbed against her mouth.

Julie wanted to see this woman so badly, to know who she was making love to, but the blindfold added to the intensity of the situation. Julie's mouth eagerly sucked and nibbled on the tiny nipple. The man between her legs grunted loudly, and Julie almost passed out when she felt his massive load of hot thick cum erupt inside of her. Her body quivered with excitement as she climaxed. His cum continued to splash against the inner walls of her sensitive pussy, filling her with his hot thick cum. The woman quickly placed her mouth over Julie's mouth again, kissing her, this intensified Julie's orgasm. The passionately french kissed.

The man continued to fuck her pussy, his large cock throbbing wildly inside of her. Julie came again, and again. She softly moaned as she felt his cock pull from her pussy. She heard some whispering, and could tell she was now alone in the room. She laid there for what seemed like an eternity, when she heard Mike's voice. He began untying her blindfold, and the ropes on her hands and feet, and she looked around. "Oh, they are gone" he said.

"Who was it?" she asked.

"I'm not going to tell you" he said.

"But," she started.

"No, I think that will make it even hotter, not knowing" Mike said. Julie was so curious, but her body was so exhausted from her many orgasms. She looked at her husband, and he tenderly looked into her eyes. Mike pressed his lips over his sexy wife's and passionately kissed her. Mike climbed on top of his hot wife, and slid his thick cock deep into her pussy.

Julie climaxed quickly as her husband furiously pounded away inside of her pussy. She grunted loudly, her pussy tightly gripping around his cock. She climaxed and her body quivered and shook beneath him. Mike continued to fuck away at her aching pussy, she came over and over as he fucked her wildly. Julie grunted as Mike's hot cum shot into her pussy. "Oh baby, you're the best" she moaned.

"Mmmm, so are you" Mike said. They passionately kissed, and Mike looked at his pretty wife, thinking about what he could surprise her with the next time.

"Honey, Julie started, Don't think badly of me, but that woman tasted so good" she said.

"Mmmm, I thought you would like it" he said.

"Can we do that again?" she said. "I mean with another woman" she added.

"Oh, you can count on it" he said with a smile.

To Be Continued...


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