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by Hoop77

My niece she came from a broken home and lived with us to the age of 15. She moved to Texas to live with her grandparents. We spoke over the phone several times as the years passed. Out of high school she fell in love with a guy that got her pregnant and left her. She moved back home and moved into her mother's house. Her and my sister in law visited the following spring and I couldn't believe my eyes. My little Gina had grown into a knock out of a girl. Her body was perfect. I found myself thinking erotic thoughts of us together. I couldn't think of her that way, even if she was 18, she was my niece. I raised her for 3 years as my daughter.

The Plan: I had business in the town where Gina lived. I called Gina and ask her if she could pick me up at the Airport. She was pleased to hear I was coming in and would be there. I arrived 2 hours earlier and went to the Hotel to set my plan in action. I rented a room that had an adjoining room. I hid a video camera in room 1 and ran the cable to the next room. I placed a xxx video on the television, with a bag that had some adult toys inside. I went back to the airport and waited for Gina.

She arrived gave me a hug and we proceeded to the Motel. I told her I had been paged and had to make a meeting in 30 minutes, could I drop her off at the hotel and use her car. She said sure Uncle Bob, no problem. As she waited in the car for me to get the room key I stood at the reservation desk making small talk. I gave her the room key and told her to help herself to the wet bar. I would be back in 45 minutes or so. I waited a few minutes and proceeded up the elevator to the floor below. Walking up the fire escape quiet as possible. Opening the door to our floor she was nowhere in site. I entered the room next the one she was in. I turned on the TV and watched. Gina was sitting on the edge of the bed looking in the bag. She put the bag back where it was and proceeded to get a beer from the fridge. Her eye caught the xxx video and put it in the VCR. She watched a young girl sucking a guy's cock while fucking her pussy with her fingers.

Gina got up and placed the chain in the lock on the door, and returned to the bedroom. She started to squirm and move around the bed. I knew she was getting hot. She removed her jeans and started to finger fuck her pussy, I heard soft moans come out of her mouth. She was building for a fast orgasm, I had to stop her. I called her on the phone and watched as she talked to me. Hi! Gina, you OK? Yes, Uncle Bob, OK I will be there in a few minutes. Hanging up she was determined to get her orgasm, she went right to the bed and started to finger her clit and pussy very fast and hard. I had to move fast, I went out of my room and knocked on her door then ran down the hall. She opened the door and looked out, to see no one. She returned to the room, I had hoped she forgot to place the chain on the door. As she removed her jeans and shirt exposing her nice tits, she grabbed the bag and took out the rubber cock I left for her. She then started to fuck her pussy and squeeze her nipples. I knew I had to move and move fast again. I went to the door and opened it, dam the chain was on. She yelled wait a minute, who is it? Uncle Bob honey. I answered. She came to the door, dressed and looking embarrassed. I ask her if she was OK, she said yes.

Honey, I am going to take a shower from the flight then you can take me to the rental car place. OK was her reply. Opening my suitcase I looked around the room I did not see the bag or the tape. I excused myself to the shower, my mind was racing again, knowing she was horny as hell. I was scared to make the next move. Not wanting to take to much time I showered fast and got out. Dressed in a towel, I entered the sofa area of the room and got me a beer. Gina was sitting on the couch and smiled my way. I went in the bedroom and looked for the tape and video. They were under the bed. I knew she wanted them for herself. Dressed I went into the couch area and sat down. Her and I started to make small talk, we drank our beer and then had another. I could smell her scent as she passed me handing me my beer. My cock was straining to get out of my pants. Our conversation turned to her babies father, she told me it had been her first time and she thought she loved the guy. I ask her if she had other lovers she said yes two others. They were both young. I got bold and told her she needed someone that would treat her good, and looked out for her pleasure and needs. Pleasure was the key word "Pleasure she ask? what do you mean by that? I had a shot and wanted to take it. Well Gina, young boys are OK but you need someone mature that will love you for you. Someone that can make love to you till you have tears of joy. Her next reply shocked me. Uncle Bob, remember when I stayed with you and Aunt Susan? Yes, Why? Well I would be in my room and could hear Aunt Susan moaning and talking dirty to you.and sometimes I heard her crying. How did this make you feel? I asked. She turned red and looked away, I told her we were both adults. She replied she would masturbate with her fingers and try and picture what we were doing.

Gina, would you like for me to make love to you like I do to Aunt Susan? She was speechless. I tell ya what, if you do I will find you in the shower when I return. I left the room to go outside and cool off. Did I mess up, was she going to call my wife? Entering the room I heard the shower running. I undressed and walked into the shower. Uncle Bob, this is a one time thing right? Honey are you sure you want to do this? Yes, but I am scared. Scared of what? That I might not please you? Honey, you allowing me to explore every inch of your body will be my pleasure. You just tell me to stop if you feel uncomfortable about anything. OK? OK Uncle Bob.

I pulled her close, and kissed her lips. Open your eyes I want you to look into mine. I want to make love to your soul as well as your body. She looked into my eyes and we kissed, searching for each others tongue. She reached for my hard cock, I stopped her hand and told her to concentrate on her and I. You will have plenty of time to learn how to take care of my cock. Washing every inch of her body I took my time, slowly, teasing her neck, nipples, inner thigh's, pussy. Taking her out of the shower I dried her off with soft easy taps, carrying her to the bedroom I laid her on the bed. Placing her on her stomach I started to massage scented oil from my bag upon her back. Slowly working my hands down across her back. As I rolled her ass in my hands I placed a finger across her asshole. Down her legs to her ankles and back up again.

She raised her ass up, please Uncle Bob, I need something, just a quick one please. Slow down my dear, let all of your feelings come alive. Rolling her over I looked into her eyes and kissed her deeply, she was rubbing her pussy up and down my leg trying to get some friction. I kissed and licked her neck and ear lobes. Slowly I ran my tongue down across her body to her belly button. Stopping there and going back for a kiss. Now tell me Gina, how do you like your nipples sucked? She said she didn't know. So I sucked on them gently and told her I was going to increase the pressure. Tell me when to stop. As I sucked and pinched her nipples her lower body was screaming for attention. Placing myself between her I could feel the wetness of her pussy against my hard cock. Please Uncle Bob, fuck me!!! She was begging for relief, I placed my hard cock at the entrance to her pussy, I felt her legs wrap around me and pull me into her. How wet and hot her pussy was!! Please fuck me she screamed.

Gina, go slow, all good things will come with time. With my cock inside I started to squeeze her nipples, and suck them, she bucked and rode my cock trying to get an orgasm. I kept it up till she was about to explode and pulled out. She let out a whimper. Pulling her legs up over my head I proceeded to lick around the outside of her pussy. Teasing the lips, and hitting the clit. She placed her hands around my head and pulled my face into her pussy. Uncle, please eat my pussy? As I was licking and sucking on her clit, I placed the dildo in her pussy and started to fuck her with it. She was about to loose it, this is my most favorite moment in love making. She didn't know weather to make me stop go on or what. As I kept fucking her and eating her pussy, she was screaming, please don't stop. Fuck me Uncle Bob fuck me!!!

Her voice went from deep wild abandonment to short squeals, I had her now as she was trying to push my away, I pulled out the rubber dildo, and placed my cock into her. Fucking her like a wild animal, she started to just say, yea, yea, etc... Tears formed in her eyes she couldn't talk, I kept fucking her, slamming my cock into her.

As I climaxed, we held each other. Crying she held me tight, I knew the tears were not of anger or pain, but joy. I had seen them before. As we came back to earth holding each other, I ask her if she was OK? Yes, what did you do to make me feel this good? That is what I meant by you need to find someone that will take care of your pleasure was my reply. What about you, you only got one orgasm? Gina, I am a very kinky guy it takes a lot to get my special spot. You don't want to go there.

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