The Best Erotic Stories.

by Alexa

Long legs clad in tight black spandex and creamy breasts under a small black shirt. Blond hair flying as she is roughly pushed down on that table in the kitchen. It is, after all, meant for eating. Legs parted wide and intertwined around my standing form. Gazing down with a slight smile that knows what my mind is thinking. My little smile that causes those hazel eyes that are staring back at me to cloud with uncertainty for a moment. My hand pushes the soft face aside so that my dark eyes don't scare-not yet at least. A wet mouth softly kisses the neck that is exposed. A soft kiss that makes that sharp bite that follows so very unexpected. In fact it elicits a barely audible gasp as my teeth taste smooth flesh. A gentle sweep of the tongue-no need for marks on something that isn't mine.

My tongue pushes across that neck with force making her rise ever so slightly. Legs that are now pushing against me, pressing me forward. I grab her face and open her mouth with mine and kiss her until those legs lose their feverish grip and begin to rub against mine. I pull out and smile again: those slight smirks that make fear inevitable. A hand exposes her torso while the other touches her thigh, with a scratching motion. Both hands touch that body, that fresh bared skin as her nipples harden. Reaching over, I pour some salt on her. A moist tongue then licks it off as her movements become more rapid and her legs continue to press. Circling her nipple with my tongue as teeth hold it in place, while hands are gliding up her legs-making her moan just enough to make me smile again. The doorbell rings and she makes an agitated noise, dark eyes rise to hers and see a wet mouth open in a silent gasp as my hand presses on her pubic bone. Then reaches up to grab her neck and suck that same place where the first bite mark has left a small trace. The door opens as she pulls her shirt down and we go to greet her mother.

Dressed in tight blue jeans, and black leather jacket, I take my bag as I am about to leave her room but not before slamming her against her wall and kissing her with enough force to make her want to push me away, but being powerless to do so. "Walk me to the elevator?" was the casual remark my mouth made as my eyes played with hers. And so she did. Standing in the elevator entrance, directly in sight of that security camera, we struggled until I won and bit her nipple just to make myself smile. Confining her in the elevator, she kissed me as the doors closed. It went up, along with her hand and finally opened on the tenth floor. I pulled my wet mouth away, and licked my lips as a young couple walked in. I kissed her ear goodbye as she walked out barefoot and without her bra on the fifth floor. Blond hair a mess and lips pink and wet. Again my little sarcastic smile appeared, this time as my dark eyes finally caught those of that young boy in the elevator. That smile that turned into a little laugh as I saw him gazing at me with a sense of wonder and lust.
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